OLTL Update Thursday 11/6/08

One Life to Live Update Thursday 11/6/08


Written By Jennifer S.
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita

Proofread by Melanie

After John has gotten thrown in jail for contempt, he urges that the guards let him out and help him do what he is determined to do. He tells them he happens to know that Todd Manning is harboring Marty Saybrooke in his home. He is very worried that Marty is in danger, but they don’t seem to want to help, nor believe him.

Todd is with Marty but having his doubts that they should go through with their plan. She tells him she loves him and asks him if he does not feel the same. He tells her of course he feels the same. He loves her and that is the very reason why there is an issue. At that point, she kisses him. He does not stop her, nor raise objections.

Meanwhile, Starr is ready to give birth. Janet the nurse and Dr. Joplin are wondering what to do. Janet plans to follow Todd’s plan.  Dr. Joplin asks her if she really thinks she can go through with telling Starr and her family that the baby died so that Todd can kidnap it. In the other room, Starr is in her hospital bed surrounded by Blair, Dorian, Marcie, and Langston.

Cain and his hired men tell Tina that she needs to know that David Vickers is a “bitch.”  She does not believe that. She knows he is a male dog, but he tells her that sometimes breeders lie, and now the female dog is pregnant. The hired man asks how Tina could not know the gender of the dog, nor that she “conceived” with male dogs. Cain tells him that Tina has had hired people taking care of all of her dog’s “issues” for her, so she wouldn’t know anything about it.

Viki rushes to join Starr and the family in her hospital room. She apologizes to her niece for not being there for her. Starr tells her aunt, "It’s totally okay." She knows that Viki has had enough stuff going on with Jessica. She recalls that Jessica is about to have her baby very soon.

Meanwhile, Tess is being “visited” by Niki Smith before she (Tess) is ready to give birth. It looks as though Niki has some valuable insights about how this whole situation happened in the first place.

Marty kisses Todd and encourages him to believe that everything will be okay for them to run away together and raise his grandchild. She asks him to come up the stairs with her. He stays downstairs, but at that point it seems as though he realizes he must tell her something.

Cain and his “agent” tell Tina that she must realize that her dog is a slut, but she defends “her.” He leaves. She tells Cain she knows he is mad at her. But it is not her fault. It’s her crazy niece’s fault. What is important is that they are going to bring “new life” into the world. She pleads with him to help her with her “best friend” having puppies. He then tells her okay. He will help with the situation.

Viki tells Starr that she knows Starr will get through this with “flying colors." She reflects to Marcie that she is a very lucky woman. Marcie then tells Viki that if she could be half the mother that Viki is, then the baby will be lucky. At that point, Viki turns away as if she realizes that is not entirely true -- that she’s such a great mother.

Right then, after Niki has “visited” Tess and then disappears, Tess falls over and is all alone and ready to give birth.

Dorian tells Starr that she apologizes that she might not have been very supportive in her niece’s decision. She thought that was not what Cramer women do. She is very happy to know that Marcie is going to raise Starr’s baby and knows she will make a great mother. She thinks it’s really great that Marcie is not going to be intimidated by Todd.

Outside, Dr. Joplin and Janet are dressed in their scrubs ready to birth the baby. They are debating just what it will mean to give the baby to Todd Manning.

Todd is, yet again, happily with Marty. It looks like one or both of them are having a nightmare reliving the rape.

While John is stuck in the jail cell, he tells a uniformed cop, named George, that he must be able to make just one call. He pleads with George to let him call Bo. George tells him that he will call the commissioner first thing in the morning. George tells John that he has to play by the rules. George walks off. John screams at George about how long he wants to wait before taking action and Marty winds up dead. George has no response

Todd reveals to Marty that he is definitely having second thoughts about “committing” to having a relationship with her and raising Starr’s baby together.

Starr is getting ready to be wheeled into the delivery room. Blair goes to get changed into surgical scrubs. Cole enters and tells them that he is not going to miss the birthing of his child. In the hospital hallway, Viki leaves a message on Jessica’s voice mail and admits she cannot believe nor understand that her daughter would not be there when Starr is about to have a baby. She knows it’s very soon that Jessica will have her own baby. She urges her daughter to call her. This is apparently not the first time she has left a message on Jessica’s voice mail. Dorian finds Viki and informs her that she gave Clint back his company. Clint almost got Dorian’s daughter shipped off to South America with a murderer. She asks Viki if she is satisfied and ready to end her grudge and stop blaming Dorian for everything.. Viki tells Dorian that she is sorry. She has been having some personal and family problems of her own. She is worried about both of her daughters.

Right then, it looks like Tess is helplessly lying on the ground ready to give birth. She grabs her phone, calls Tina and leaves a message pleading her “aunt” to get there, and help her, and do something. It looks like Tina is not answering her phone. She is more worried about “somebody else” giving birth. Tess cries and screams and pleads that Tina dos something before the dynamite goes off in Viki’s home. She falls over on the floor. Niki appears and tells her that this baby is about to make its entrance on its own time frame. Tess then pleads to Niki that she cannot do this on her own.

At the hospital, Dorian asks Viki exactly what is going on involving her family. She remarks that it is odd that Jessica has not come to the hospital to be with Starr during the birth. Viki then confides in Dorian that she knew that something was “not right” with Jessica. Ever since she lost Nash, she has, “not been herself.” She admits to Dorian that she blames herself for not being there for her daughter.

Starr is again in the hospital ready to have her baby and she is with Blair, Marcie, Langston Dr. Joplin and Nurse Janet. The two medical professionals are alone hesitating to face Starr’s family and friends.

Todd is with Marty. She knows he is a million miles away in thought. She asks him what is going on. He admits to her that he realizes she does not remember what happened to her many years ago in that frat house. But he does. She then assures him that it does not make any difference. She is not living with that nor does she see him as having anything to do with that. What they have is love. She reflects to him that if she could not trust him, she could not trust anybody. He then tells her that there is something she needs to know about him. Everything he touches, he ruins. She tells him, "That’s not true."  He tells her it is. At that point, he admits to her that John McBain did not “steal” Blair from him. She chose to be with him. He tells her that he really hurt his children and turned them away from him, and he concludes that he is afraid he will hurt her.

Starr is about to give birth. Marcie and Blair are on both sides of her  encouraging her to push. She cries and protests that she cannot do that, and if they tell her that one more time, she will hit them. She tells them she does not want to go through with this. All she wants is to go home.

Outside in the other room, Viki admits to Dorian that she had no idea what happened when she was in Africa. She knows that Tess “forced” Natalie to write a letter to Jared telling him it was through and that she left, and everybody knows that is not true. And now they are both gone. She knows that Tess might have killed them both. Dorian tells Viki she is sorry. But she admits that Tess is not unlike her “mother." She reminds Viki that she falsified a letter that she wanted people to believe that Dorian wrote. Viki protests to Dorian that that was not herself. That was one of her alters, Jean Randolph. Dorian leaves. Alone, Viki envisions Jean Randolph.

Right then, when Tess is all alone, in labor and ready to have her baby, she only sees Niki Smith and asks her if she is going to depend on Niki to be her “midwife.”

“Jean Randolph” tells Viki she needs to realize that Dorian knows what she is talking about. She needs to know that Tess is taking her cues from her mother. Jean tells Viki she does not believe in “random coincidence.” She believes in deductive reasoning. Viki sounds like she might want to listen to her alter, Jean.

While Tess is in pain, Niki tells her come on. She can take the pain for her. She knows that maybe Tess needs her help.

Todd tells Marty that he realizes his father was a sick and sadistic man. She tells him that she realizes that having a troubled childhood is enough to mess up anybody’s head, but Todd should realize how much he’s grown. His daughter is entrusting him to raise her baby. He tells Marty that maybe she needs to know that he is not a changed man after all. He tells her that he does not behave like normal people have when they have “disagreements” with people. Whenever somebody has an issue with him, they end up getting hurt. He is afraid that he will hurt her if they are together. She tells him that she is a woman with no memory, and she knows they might have some obstacles to overcome. She wants to be with him and knows he wants to be with her. He rescued her and saved her. But hearing that, Todd is feeling uneasy. He then recalls seeing her standing before him before he raped her.

Right then, George the uniform cop notices that it looks as though John has hung himself, so he rushes to unlock the jail cell. It appears that John has only done that in order to “motivate” George. He is determined to stop at nothing to get out of the jail and rescue Marty.

Todd tells Marty that he wishes he could be the man she believes he is, but he is not. She tells him that she does not believe that he is the same man who got mixed up with Blair. He has been nothing but good to her. All he needs is to believe that he is that man and he has changed. He can be what he wants.

Starr is in the hospital with Blair, Langston and Marcie coaching her to believe that she is “the great one” and can do anything. They motivate her to push. Dr. Joplin and Janet stand by on the sidelines looking very uncomfortable and not certain what to do.

Marty tells Todd if she can start over, so can he. She asks him if he really believes that she is now the same woman she was before. He replies, "No."  She tells him that he is not the same man. Even though she does not remember who he used to be. She sees all the great things he has done for her, all he has sacrificed for her, and how he has cared about her. She tells him that she hears the front door open every afternoon, and her heart would start pounding looking forward to seeing him, and it’s because of who he is. He tells her if he is half of what she believes, it is because of her. While she talks, Todd again sees her the way she was when she stood before him, many years ago, before she got raped by him and the “gang.” He cannot face her. She tells him that she believes there is nothing more to say. She asks him to look at her and when he does, she asks him what he sees. He replies that he sees her, and he hugs her and kisses her. It leads to a “romantic moment.”  They sleep together, and Todd is happy to be with Marty.

Right then, Starr is giving birth. Marcie, Blair and Langston stand beside her in their hospital scrubs and coach her.

Tess gives birth and feels Niki holding her and delivering her baby

Right then, we see Starr’s baby coming out. They wrap the baby in a towel.

Tina and Cain are together taking care of their pregnant dog.

Niki delivers Tess’s baby and it looks like Tess has relied upon her to take care of her.

They discover that Starr has had a boy.

Niki informs Tess that she had a girl.

Cain helps to deliver the dog’s puppies, and he notices that some are boys and some are girls. 

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