OLTL Update Wednesday 11/5/08

One Life to Live Update Wednesday 11/5/08


Written By Suzanne
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita

Proofread by Melanie

Rex is in a wheelchair and has been visiting Brody in the hospital. As he leaves, Shane and Mimi are there to visit Brody as well. Shane asks Rex to wait before he goes so they can talk. Rex looks hopeful. Gigi goes in to see Brody, in order to give them time alone. Brody is surprised to see her, thinking that she hates him. She tells him that he is wrong. He doesn't know how she could not hate him after what he did to Marcie, Shane, and Rex. Gigi admits that he scared her, but she knows that it wasn't really him doing those things. She states that what happened to him in the wars put him over the edge. He doesn't think that's a good enough excuse and points out that lots of people go to war without going nuts. He apologizes. Gigi accepts his apology and says that she is sorry, too. Brody is very grateful that she left Shane to come see him. Gigi worries that Shane may need some professional help. Brody knows that she will do whatever is needed for Shane. Gigi thanks him for taking care of Shane for her when she couldn't. Brody is mad at himself for getting the fake DNA test. Gigi knows he has done plenty of wrong things, but she won't abandon him now that he needs help.

Shane is glad to hear from Rex that he's not going to be stuck in the wheelchair forever. Shane says, "So, you're my dad". Rex replies, "Yeah, lucky me." and smiles. Rex tells Shane that he's sorry for not being there for him and Gigi when he was growing up. Shane recalls that Rex didn't know about him. Rex agrees but says that he shouldn't have just taken off without even saying goodbye to Gigi. He tells Shane that he used to "suck" as a human being. Shane wonders why he says that. Rex doesn't want him to blame Gigi for any of this. He assures Shane that it is okay to still feel connected to Brody. He also says that Shane is tough, and the most amazing kid he's ever known. Shane asks how many kids he's known besides him. Rex says he's known a few, but none of them are his son. He's never felt more proud or lucky to have him as his son. Shane wonders what they should do now. Rex tells him that he's always known that he's a great kid, and he credits Gigi for that. Shane is sorry about the times he wasn't so nice to Rex. They discuss what happened after Brody arrived. Rex tells him that he loves him already and that it doesn't matter. He knows Shane might not feel the same way for a while. He just asks him to give him a chance to be his dad. Shane shows Rex the silver star that Brody gave him. Rex asks what it's for. Shane shares that Brody told him it was for valor, which means courage. Rex knows that Brody gave it to the right man (meaning Shane). Rex thanks Shane for talking to him and tells him that he and Gigi wanted this to be on his schedule, not theirs. Rex suggests they go out for hot dogs sometime. Shane exclaims that he loves hot dogs. They shake hands on it as Gigi watches with a smile.

Tina is annoyed at Cain for taking her to this cheap motel room. She demands to see her dog, David Vickers, whom he has kidnapped. He keeps telling her that he is on his way. She is desperate to get back to Llanfair and help Jared and Natalie get out of the basement (not realizing that Tess has a bomb there, ready to go off). A man arrives to see Cain. Cain introduces himself as Neil Silver, a jewelry appraiser. Neil makes some lame jokes about his name. Tina pretends to get insulted that Cain wouldn't trust that the diamonds are real. Cain demands that she fork over the jewels and adds that they'd better be real this time. Tina gives Neil the one diamond that Tess gave her, and he says that it's real. Neil is a very strange guy that talks to the jewel like it's a woman he's trying to pick up. Tina wants to leave with her dog, but Cain insists that Neil checks the rest of the jewels, too. Tina gets annoyed and yells at Cain that the rest of the jewels are fake. He gets confused by her ranting and raving about how bad things have been for her lately. She goes to pick up David Vickers but suddenly asks Cain what he did to her dog. Tina exclaims that her dog has gotten very fat. Neil interrupts their arguing to tell them that he thinks the dog is in labor. Tina and Cain are both shocked. Tina is so stunned that it doesn't seem to sink in at first. Cain tells her jovially that "David Vickers is a bitch."

In the basement of Llanfair, Natalie and Jared strain to see the bomb's timer, but they can't no matter how hard they try. They have no idea how much time they have left. Natalie is very depressed, so Jared tries to make her more hopeful. She knows they are doomed. Jared thinks that as long as they are alive, there's hope. She asks him what he would have wanted if they could live a long, happy life. He replies that he would want exactly what they have right there. Natalie scoffs that he would not rather be there with the bomb. Even still, Jared would rather be there with her. Natalie smiles despite herself and tells him to keep going. They kiss after agreeing that they will die in each other's arms. Natalie wonders what they can do, like trying to mess with the bomb's wires, but he doesn't think that's a good idea. Jared comes up with a better way to pass their last moments. Things turn romantic. Jared doesn't waste any time left with Natalie. They start to make love, even though they know that someone could rescue them and that it would be embarrassing.

In the kitchen at Llanfair, Viki watches over baby Bree, who makes baby sounds at her. Clint arrives, apparently having been called and briefed by Viki. She tells him that there is still no word on Tess (Jess) or Natalie and Jared. Charlie is out looking for Tess. Clint blames himself for not knowing what was going on while she was away. Viki puts Bree to bed and then returns. She is worried about Bree, who is unhappy and tired. Clint keeps blaming himself for the situation. He worries that their children are not alive, but Viki thinks that they are alive and need them. Clint gets a phone call on his cell from Bo, who is looking into Tess, Natalie, and Jared's disappearances. Clint learns that Tess tampered with Natalie's breaks, and he tells Viki about it. Viki is very upset to learn that Tess was trying to kill her own sister. Clint points out that Tess almost killed her (Viki), instead. Viki knows that Tess already blames her for what happened to her when she was a child. Clint reminds her that was Niki Smith, not her, but Viki sighs that it makes no difference now. She keeps beating herself up for things in the past, like letting Mitch Lawrence take Natalie. After some more discussion, they agree that once they get the girls back, they will tell them they love them every single day. Clint wishes he could tell Natalie how sorry he was for how he treated her for falling for Jared. Clint feels very helpless about not being able to do anything to help the girls. Viki is most worried about Tess and what she might do.

Viki gets a phone call from Addie to let her know that Starr is going into labor. Clint suggests that he watch over things there while she goes. She agrees to just go check in the ER to see how Starr is doing. She is still very worried, so he reminds her that they will be okay, just like she said. Viki leaves.

Tess goes to the old house that she shared with Nash, at the winery. She looks around, hoping to see him again, but instead she sees Niki Smith. Niki tells her that Nash is history. Tess tries to wish her away, but it doesn't work. Niki drinks wine and suggests that Tess have some. Tess reminds her angrily that she is pregnant, plus she had Hep C and a liver replacement. Tess worries that it's too soon for her baby to arrive. Niki thinks that it's not up to Tess and remarks that kids have a mind of their own, just like Tess did. Tess wonders suspiciously what she means by that. They argue about what happened when Tess was a child, when Niki would take her to the bar and she would get molested. Tess doesn't want to hear it when Niki tries to tell her that she didn't mean for that to happen to her. Niki insists on making her listen. She wants to make it right with Tess. Tess just wants to see Nash, but Niki tells her that Nash is gone now. Niki is the one she needs to see, to face the painful truth. Tess yells at Niki for all of the things she did to her. When Tess wonders what kind of person would take her little girl to a bar and leave her alone so that the pervert next door can rape her, Niki counters with, "Same kind of person who tries to kill her own sister?" Tess and Niki argue about whether Jared and Natalie deserve to die or not. Niki points out that Tess really wants to blow up Niki, not Natalie and Jared. Niki gradually gets Tess to see that Natalie and Jared don't deserve to die and that what happened to Nash was an accident. Niki says she will help her, and then Tess can lock her in the basement and blow her up. She suggests that Tess do it for her babies and promises that she won't let her down again.

At home, Todd's breath is taken away when Marty models a pretty dress that he bought for her. She asks him if it is too much, so he agrees that it is, meaning it in a different way. She wonders if she should go up and change, but he assures her that she looks great. He tells her that she should stop feeling about him the way she is right now. Todd looks like he's feeling guilty and a bit miserable for taking advantage of her (it's about time). Marty wonders if he is saying that because she turned down his proposal, but he assures her that it has nothing to do with that. She wonders why she should let him go when they are about to leave town with a baby to raise. Todd says that they won't do that now, so she gets a little angry at him for changing the plans without consulting her. Todd can see in her eyes that she is falling for him, but he knows that he doesn't deserve her. He tells her that she can have anyone she wants in the world. She protests that she wants him. Todd tells her to just leave now and not look back. Marty can't figure out why he's acting this way, so she keeps questioning him. He says that it's about him, not her. He says that he's been keeping her from the world, and it's not fair. She gets angry again that he is telling her how to feel. She points out that she could have left weeks ago but chose to stay. She demands to know why he is not choosing her the way she chose him. He tells her again to leave, but she won't. She insists on staying and says that she loves him. She won't leave unless he tells her that he doesn't love her, too. Todd agrees that he loves her, but he is clearly very agonized about it. They kiss and start to make love. 

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