OLTL Update Tuesday 11/4/08

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 11/4/08


Written By Jennifer S.
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita

Proofread by Melanie

Ray Montez awakens in his hospital room and protests to Antonio and Talia that he did not kill anybody, and Vanessa is lying. They do not believe a word he says.

In the courtroom, Nora is prosecuting Vanessa Montez for the shooting of Ray. Cristian is right by her side. The judge asks Vanessa how she pleads. She replies not guilty. Dorian sits in the back of the courtroom and smirks in satisfaction.

Gigi and Shane go to the hospital where Brody is staying. They tell a guard that they are there to see Brody. The guard tells them they cannot go in. Lieutenant Lovett already has “a visitor.” Rex is in Brody’s room and tells him they need to talk.

Starr is in her hospital room apparently having a nightmare about somebody taking her baby. Addie stands by her bedside and wants to console her.

At Todd’s home, he tells Janet he will pay her for the “job” she is going to do for him.

John hauls Todd’s former bodyguard, Keyes, into court. Blair notices them and asks what is up.

After Todd “dismisses” Janet, Marty appears and asks Todd what is going on.

After Gigi and Shane are told that Brody already has another visitor, she tells her son that maybe they should leave if Brody is “busy.”  Shane urges his mother to wait until Brody is done “with the other person.”

Rex goes to see Brody. He is still in a wheelchair. He tells Brody that he is lucky to be alive. Brody tells him he did not mean to shoot anybody. Rex tells Brody that he owes Brody some “gratitude.”

Addie is sitting by Starr’s hospital bed and tells her she was only having a nightmare, and everything is going to be okay. Starr tells her grandmother that she had a dream that she “did something wrong” and somebody took her baby form her. She tells her that very soon she will no longer have her baby. There will be no more kicks. The baby will go with Marcie and it will just be her. She will be all alone. She cries.

Todd has some clothing for Marty. She asks him how he knew her size. She is fascinated by the fact that he really picked out all these things. He tells her that he knew not to get her any frills or ruffles as she is very high class and sophisticated. The salesperson knew the perfect things for Marty to wear. He “romances” her by telling Marty that he knew all these things about her. He then shows her a picture of their new house on the laptop.

When John is taking Keyes into the courtroom, Blair tells him she remembers that he was Todd’s bodyguard, and she knows that he was keeping a secret. Keyes reminds Blair that he remembers her trying to “entice” him by wearing the nightgown that Todd got for his “lady friend.” At that point, John shouts at Keyes to shut up. He faces Blair realizing she is going through a real challenge involving her daughter. She tells John that she is no longer going to get in Todd’s way or demand to “know his business.” As long as he is leaving her and Starr and the baby alone. At that point, John knows he cannot tell Blair what he believes he may have found out about Todd.

Todd is right then showing Marty pictures of the lovely home they are going to live in in Hawaii.

In Ray’s hospital room Antonio asks him, if he is really innocent, why was it that his own daughter testifies that he killed her mother. Ray replies that Vanessa “brainwashed” Lola. Antonio looks at Ray smugly and asks if his own daughter would lie under oath. Ray replies that he is not accusing Lola of knowingly lying. He reminds him that there is no evidence except for Lola and Vanessa testifying against him. He tells Antonio that Vanessa is the most persuasive woman and can make anybody believe anything.

Blair enters the courtroom to sit beside Dorian and Langston at Vanessa’s trial. Dorian tells her niece that she is not going to let Vanessa get in trouble. She only regrets that Vanessa did not kill Ray. Now, even if Ray lives, there will be enough time to get charges against him for murder so that he cannot take Langston anywhere.

John goes to see the judge and tells him that he needs to get another warrant to search Todd Manning’s home. Keyes is with John. The judge firmly tells John that he won’t issue another warrant unless John has a good reason.

Todd and Marty look at the new place where they are going to live. She asks him if he has spent a lot of time there. He tells her when he was a kid, he imagined it. Now he has been able to make it happen.

Addie sits by Starr’s bed and tells her it must be very difficult for her. She tells her she is so sorry that things did not work out between her and Cole. Starr asks her grandmother if she should really let Marcie adopt her baby. She asks if she made the right decision shutting her dad out of her life and believing he could never change.

Marty is happily with Todd.

Gigi tells Shane that she is really proud of him for putting “somebody else’s” needs before his own. Shane asks his mother if that is not what Brody did.

Rex tells Brody that he does owe him gratitude for being a father to Shane for all of these months. He guesses that Brody has been the very same type of father to Shane that Bo Buchanan has been to Rex. Brody reminds Rex that he is married to Adriana. Rex clarifies to Brody that he and Adriana have divorced. He hopes that he can be as good a father to Shane as Brody has been to him. He sincerely hopes that things work out okay for Brody. Brody then informs Rex that Shane loves hot dogs. Rex replies that that is “good to know.” Right then, Rex leaves in his wheelchair, and he runs into Gigi and Shane unexpectedly. They are surprised to find out that he has gone to visit Brody.

In the courtroom, the prosecution protests that Vanessa might be a “flight risk.”  Cristian speaks up and tells them that he will let her stay with him and accept responsible for the situation.

Addie consoles Starr about how she has done the right thing regardless of what anybody says or does. She leaves to get her granddaughter some water. At that point, Janet and Dr. Joplin run into each other. Janet asks Dr. Joplin just what her plans are.

Right then, when Todd is alone with Marty, he gets an unexpected call from Starr.

John informs the judge that Keyes helped Todd Manning move a woman from Lee Ramsey's’ home to Todd’s home after Ramsey was killed.  Keyes is willing to tell all. Keyes is silent until the judge demands that he speaks up. Keyes then admits that the woman was Marty Saybrooke.

Ray keeps protesting to Antonio that he needs to see his daughter. He is innocent. He needs them to believe him. Vanessa set him up. He tells Antonio that he knows that he (Antonio) also has a little girl. He knows that Antonio must love her more than anything. What would Antonio do if somebody came and tried to take her from him? Antonio replies, that he did not murder his daughter’s mother. Ray protests that Vanessa is a spider. She plays and uses people and sets them up. Antonio replies by asking Ray why Vanessa would be motivated to make up a story that he killed his daughter’s mother if he did not.

In the courtroom, Cristian protests to the judge that he believes that Mrs. Montez is not a threat or a flight risk. He will vouch for her. The judge asks Nora if she has any objections. Nora replies that she does not. The judge then rules that Vanessa can stay with Cristian. Everybody is happy. Right then, Langston finds Lola and tells her that she sees her as family since they are cousins, and if she needs anything, she should not hesitate to ask. Marko tells Lola she can count on both Langston and himself.

After running into Rex at Brody’s hospital, Shane demands that his mother lets him go and see Brody. She accompanies him. He asks her if he can talk to Brody alone. Gigi then leaves. Alone with Shane, Brody tells him he is so sorry for what he put him through. Shane tells Brody that he knows that he did not mean to hurt anybody. Brody tells Shane regardless, he did. Outside the room, Gigi tells Rex that he should not be out and about yet. He needs to stay home and rest.  Rex tells her he had to come there.

After Starr calls Todd, Marty is standing right beside Todd, and he finds himself dumbfounded. He tells his daughter that he knows that she will be okay. He misses her and wishes he could see her again. She sounds like she still cares for her father. She admits to him that it is very “weird” that he has nothing to do with what she is going through. Throughout her life, he has always been there for everything going on in her life. She tells him that, maybe some day when she has a baby that she wants to keep, maybe he can be a part of that baby’s life. He tells her he wants that, and he will always love her. Everything he has done has been because he loves her. She cries and admits that she loves her father.

After Keyes has admitted to the judge that Todd Manning has been hiding Marty Saybrooke in his home, the judge asks how that could be if Marty Saybrooke died almost a year ago. John tells the judge that somehow Marty survived. He has been doing enough forensics investigation to find out that Marty is still alive. She is now living in the house with the man who raped her. She is in danger, and the judge must issue a warrant. The judge tells John he doesn’t “have to” do anything.

Outside Brody’s room, Gigi and Rex talk while waiting for Shane and Brody. They conclude that they will be in it together whatever happens in regard to Shane. Inside Brody’s room, Shane tells Brody he is not certain what is going to happen. He really doesn’t want to move with his mom to Rex’s home. Brody tells Shane that his mom knows what is best, and sometimes we all have to do things we don’t want to do. He then asks Shane to open a case that is right by his bedside. Shane opens it to see the stars and medals that Brody has won in the Navy.  Shane knows which one was awarded to him for courage. Brody then pins it on Shane’s jacket. He tells Shane that he is the bravest kid that Brody knows. He knows that Shane will do what is right.  Shane tells Brody that he cannot leave him. Brody is his dad, and that is how he will always see him. Brody tells Shane that he better start thinking of him as his “really good friend.” He promises Shane that he will always have his back. But Shane has a father. His name is Rex. Shane then hugs Brody.

Blair, Dorian, and Langston enter Starr’s room and tells her what she needs in her room. She asks them how Vanessa’s trial went. They inform her that Vanessa pleaded not guilty.

Right then, Todd gets a call from Janet after she’s gone to the hospital. It looks as though Janet is going to go through with Todd’s plan.

In the courtroom, the judge tells John and Keyes that there is no way he is going to issue a search warrant to search for a woman who is legally dead. The only “witness” John has is Keyes who has no credibility. John then screams at the judge that he cannot accept his decision to allow a convicted rapist to harbor a woman in his home. If this is the judge’s decision, John tells him, he (John) will take matters into his own hands.

Shane tells Brody that he promises he will see him again soon. Brody tells Shane he needs to be brave. At that point, Rex and Gigi assume that Rex should leave, but Shane catches Rex and asks him to wait.

Dorian goes to the hospital and gloats to Ray that he has lost his “fight.” He is going to prison and will never be able to take Langston away again. Alone with Antonio, Ray tells him that he needs to know that Vanessa will use and destroy anything that gets in her way. He hopes that Antonio does not have to learn that the hard way. He might want to be concerned about what could happen to his brother if he trusts Vanessa.

In the courtroom, Cristian is ready to help Vanessa and let her stay in his home with Sara and himself.

Janet and Dr. Joplin talk outside Starr’s room about how neither are comfortable with what Todd has put them up to doing. Janet is going through with it regardless.

In Starr’s room, her family and friends are gathering around, and Starr is going to have her baby very soon.

Dr. Joplin asks Janet what good will come of them going through with Todd’s plan. Janet sounds like she is ready to help Todd and Marty adopt Starr’s baby.

Right then, Marty puts on a formal dress and heels. Todd looks at her and smiles.

John has a tantrum in the courtroom after the judge has denied his motion to “rescue” Marty out of Todd’s home. In the process, guards physically remove John from the courtroom.

Right then, it looks like Starr is ready to give birth. 

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