OLTL Update Monday 11/3/08

One Life to Live Update Monday 11/3/08


Written By Jennifer S.
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita

John is out to investigate Todd Manning’s secrets. He goes and finds Todd’s bodyguard, Keyes, while Keyes is “on vacation”. Keyes notices John and asks him what brings him to paradise. John replies to Keyes’ question by showing him a photo of Marty.

Right then, Todd shows Marty a picture of Starr and Cole, after she has grilled him and it seems that she might be regaining her memory about the mysterious “baby” from her past. But she looks at the photo of his daughter and her son and hasn’t a clue who they are nor why Todd is showing her the picture.

Right then, Starr looks like she is ready to give birth in the hospital. Cole is rushing with her to get in the door before it’s too late.

Tina goes to secretly meet Cain in the park after he’s agreed to “settle”. He has agreed to bring her dog back. He brings a dog in a carrier. Not seeing the dog, she is delighted that “David Vickers” is back. But when she opens the cage, she notices that it’s not her dog. She then demands to know what Cain’s problem is and how dare he scam her.

At Viki’s home, Tees runs into Charlie. She is careful to “play Jessica’ so that he does not catch on. But he is clearly “onto” her. He asks her if she is “alright”. She smiles and replies of course. She tells him before she talks to her mom, she “needs his help”. She admits to him that she has been “having blackouts” and losing time. He replies that he knows all about her “situation”. Her mother told him all about it. Knowing that he probably knows exactly what is up with her, she acts all polite and as though she is entrusting him to “help” her. But she looks upward at the kitchen pans, grabs one and knocks him out when he least expects it. She then “apologizes” to Charlie, telling him that the dynamite took control of her. He lies on the floor unconscious. But at that point, she has another contraction and falls over.

In the park, Tina demands to know how Cain dare scam her after she gave him back the jewels. He reminds her that she now knows what it is like to falsely believe that he’s found “the real thing”. She tells him that it is not her fault that she did not do what he asked.. It was the fault of “Tess”. Hearing that, he asks her just whom “Tess” is. She replies that Jess under stress equals Tess.

After John has gone and found Keyes vacationing by the pool, he tells him that he’s on to him. He knows that Todd is “bankrolling” him to help him with something. Keyes smirks and tells John what can he say. The man “likes his work”. John reminds Keyes that aiding and abetting a kidnapping is going to get him put away for a long time. Keyes reminds John that he has nothing on him. So without a warrant, John must get off his property. But at that point, John tackles him and tells him that he better tell him whatever he knows or there will be consequences.

After Marty reveals to Todd that she has no “recollection” of Starr or of Cole when he shows her the picture of the two of them, she asks him who they are. HE tells her that this is his daughter and her “friend”, Cole. Hearing that and remembering only what Todd has told her about Cole, she asks him why he would keep a picture of his daughter with the young man whom Todd told her was “rough” with his daughter.

When Cole gets Starr to the hospital, Michael treats her and tells her she is not ready, quite yet to give birth. But she needs to stay there. Cole then tells Starr that he will stay with her. She asks him if he really wants to.

After Marty asks Todd why he would keep a picture of his daughter and the boy whom he did not approve of, he replies that he’s concluded that maybe Cole was “not such a bad guy after all.” And at that point, he is having flashbacks of the many interactions he’s had with Marty and the questions she’s asked him throughout the time since he’s “met” her this time around. She tells him she remembers that when he talked about Cole in the past, he had a lot of anger in his voice. And she asks him just what has “changed his mind”. He replies to her that she has.

Right then, Starr appears to be going into labor with Cole nearby her hospital bed.

Viki comes down the stairs to her kitchen assuming that Charlie is there and ready to talk to her. But she notices that he is passed out on the floor. And she freaks, knowing that there must be foul play.

At that point, Tess is in the car with Bree and she assures her infant child and new baby that very soon everything will be ok. But she cannot control the contractions. It looks like she is ready to give birth very soon.

After Marty has “grilled” Todd, he admits that her that she has brought out a “whole new side” in him. He is no longer paranoid and negative since he’s been with her. She replies that that is great. But what specifically made him turn around about Starr’s boyfriend? He replies that he’s concluded that maybe Cole is “not such a bad guy after all”. He tells her there’s another thing she needs to know about “this kid”. He did everything he could in order to “scare the hell out of him” But Cole was not about to dump Starr even though they had a “disagreement”. She asks Todd exactly what type of disagreement Starr and Cole had. Todd then replies that they disagreed about whether to give the baby up for adoption or not.

While Starr is in the hospital, Cole asks her if she really wants him to stay with her or not. He will leave if she wants. But she tells him that she wants him with her. Even if they’ve had their “disagreements”. She knows that he is her father’s baby and wants him there.

After Todd has revealed to Marty that his daughter and “Cole” had a disagreement about whether to give the baby up for adoption, she reminds him that this would be a “pretty serious issue”. But Todd seems to somehow convince Marty that he convinced his daughter that he would “see to it” that everything would be ok. Hearing that, Marty concludes to Todd that it sounds as though his daughter “loves him very much”. Hearing that, Todd tells her that he’s not sure about that. He knows that she “loves him”. Marty asks if he means that his daughter loves Cole. Todd replies yes.

While Cole sits by Starr in the hospital, she tells him just so that “they are clear”, he’s not going to be with her in the delivery room. He replies by telling her that “guys may not want to do that” but he won’t bail on her. She replies that “guys have a choice” yet she does not. And before they are ready to continue their conversation, Blair enters. Then Marcie. Then Dr. Joplin. Dr. Joplin notices Cole and asks if she’s ever met him. He then introduces himself to her as the baby’s father. She admits to Cole that she does not often see teenage boyfriends of pregnant girls’ show up for the delivery. He clarifies to the doctor that he is not her “boyfriend”. But he is her “friend”. She then replies to Cole that she is getting ready to examine Starr. So if Cole wants to wait in the lounge... At that point, he exists. Dr. Joplin then continues her examination with Starr, Blair and Marcie in the room.

Marty has more questions for Todd about Starr and the baby she is having with Cole.

John tackles Keyes and puts him in the stranglehold demanding that he tells him what his secret involving Todd Manning is about.

Tina tells Cain that whatever he thinks of her, he is a no good piece of trash and he’s mean and sadistic to animals. He asks her if she is not just as dishonorable as he is. She tells him that she is in agony worrying about her dog. He asks her if she cares more about her dog than about him. She tells him that her dog is a loving little animal. He asks her if she can be trusted. She tells him that he cannot be trusted any more than she can. He tells her that he can clearly see that she only trusts Cord.

Marty tells Todd that she does not understand how it is that when she asked him about this “baby boy” whom she is seeing visions of and wanted to “know”, he had no answer about that. But he gave her a picture of his daughter and this “Cole”. Todd obviously does not know how to answer her question but wants to see if Marty has “regained” her memory.

Starr is having contractions. Dr. Joplin tells her that everything is ok. She just needs some liquids. Blair and Marcie are in the room with her. Starr may be ok, physically, regarding the pregnancy. But there are some other “issues”, she tells him..

Outside the room, while Cole waits, he runs into Michael. He asks Michael “what is up”. Michael doesn’t want to discuss with him “the issue”. But he assures Cole that Starr and the baby will “be fine”.

While Tess is driving and having contractions, she calls Todd on her cell. She asks him to take care of Bree while she’s “out”.

Right then, while Charlie is passed out on Viki’s kitchen floor, she attempts to make certain he is ok or call an ambulance if he is not. He tells her that believes he’s run into Tess. But she ran off.

After Todd has gotten the call from Tess, he tells Marty that “Jessica” just called and asked if they could “watch Bree” while she’s out. Marty tells Todd of course they can do that. But, she’d like some information about the mysterious baby she keeps having “visions” about.

Right then, John has the bodyguard, Keyes, in a stranglehold, demanding that he tells him what is up. Keyes then breaks down by telling John that the “mysterious woman” is staying in Todd Manning’s home.

After noticing that Charlie has been knocked unconscious, Viki rushes to get him an icepack and tells him he really needs to see a doctor since he was unconscious. But he protests to her that he is o.k. He tells her that the main thing is to find out where Jessica/Tess is. She tells him she is so sorry that her “daughter” did this to him. He then tells her that Jessica “played him” and conned him by telling her about needing his help by telling him about her “blackouts”. Viki then tells Charlie that she knows that Tess is really good at “playing Jessica’.

Right then, Tess is driving and attempting to act confident. But she notices that her contractions are very intense, more so than what she remembered with Bree. And she concludes that they need to “go somewhere safe”.

While Starr is in the hospital room, Marcie admits to her that she is not entirely ok. She feels bad that she is “happy” at what may be the expense of Starr and Cole. But Starr and Blair both assure Marcie that they are happy with the fact that they are giving Starr’s baby to the perfect mother. Marcie then tells Starr she will go outside and get Starr something to drink. Alone with her mother, Starr tells Blair that she can see that Marcie is not entirely “comfortable”. But Blair assures her daughter that everything will be ok. Marcie is just excited and nervous about being a mother. Right then, outside the room, Marcie runs into Cole. He greets her and seems courteous knowing what her plan is.

Right then, Todd gets a call on his phone when he is with Marty.

When John tackles Todd’s bodyguard, Keyes admits to Todd that he used to “carry her around”. John asks if this mysterious woman was “trapped” or unconscious. Keyes replies no. She had a very bad accident and was bed ridden. He didn’t believe that anybody hurt her or anything. Manning asked him to take her to his new place.

In the park, Tina remarks that she has notice Cain appearing “hurt” or affected that she indicated that she still has Cole on the brain.

Tina tells Cain that he can see that she is still in love with Cord. And he could, very easily go away, bonk her over the head, take the jewels and she’ll never see David Vickers again. He tells her he doesn’t believe a word she says. But she tells him he either gives her her dog back or he will have to bonk her over the head.

Tess returns to Jessica and Nash’s old house. She cries and asks “Nash” what they did to their home.

At the hospital, Michael runs into Marcie and wishes her “good luck” in birthing Starr’s baby. At that point, Dr. Joplin calls Todd. He asks her how it’s going. She tells him everything is working out. And the baby’s father is there with them.

Marcie tells Michael she so wishes that she could “share” this moment with him. She wishes he would come back home.

Dr. Joplin pleads with Todd to please not ask her to tell them all that the baby died so that he can steal the baby.

Right then, John demands that Keyes tells him exactly what is going on in regard to Todd and all of his schemes.

Todd does not listen to what Dr. Joplin is asking of him. He just wants to know how he can pull of the scheme he wants to pull off.

Marcie and Michael continue to talk about how he cannot join her but he is in support of her plan..

Dr. Joplin tells Todd he needs to think about what he is doing and “what kind of a man” that makes him. While on the phone, he turns to see Marty recalling that she does not think anything ill of him. And at that point, he knows he better lie to Marty and tell her that Starr has just called him to inform him that the baby has not come yet but will be born soon. Marty smiles and hugs him.

Tina urges Cain to please let her see her dog because there are people she needs to get back to and who “need” her. Hearing that, he tells her he really feels sorry for anybody who ‘needs” her. But he tells her he will take her to see David Vickers, the dog. If those jewels are fake, however, she will never see him again.

John calls the cops to find Keyes, Todd’s bodyguard. He tells him that he can make certain that it won’t be worth his while to lie for Todd.

Back at Todd’s home, Marty rejoices when she hears him tell her that Starr is ready to give birth and give them her baby. She asks him about the “picture” of Starr and Cole. And at that point, Todd remembers Tess taunting him about what will happen when Marty gets out into the world and discovers what is really going on. SO he knows he better not tell Marty more than he wants her to know.

Right then, at the hospital, Starr is resting in her hospital bed. Dr. Joplin runs into Blair. And Blair can see that Dr. Joplin is “not ok” about something.

Michael tells Marcie that he cannot bring himself to fall in love with another child and have it taken from him. And he cannot live in fear of Todd Manning.

Viki calls Todd and asks if he has seen Tess. He admits that he has not.

Tess returns to Jessica and Nash’s home. She tells all of the other people that they can all go to hell. And they just have to wait for the baby’s dad to show up. She calls out to Nash as if she believes he will appear. But he does not. And she has another contraction and falls to the floor.

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