OLTL Update Friday 10/31/08

One Life to Live Update Friday 10/31/08


Written By Jennifer S.
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita

Many people know that Jessica (and Tess) are missing. And right when Tess is “talking” to Natalie and Jared, she looks like she’s going into labor. Natalie tells her that she knows she needs a doctor. Jared acts concerned. But she only wants to let them know that she is “in control” and not afraid of anything.

Tina is alone in the kitchen talking to the jewels as though it’s a person. She affirms that she has to “return” the jewels to Cain in order to save Jared and Natalie. And for once in her life, she gets to be the one to “save the day”. At that point, Charlie enters, greets her and tells her she must be Tina.

Starr goes to find Cole near his mother’s gravesite. He asks her how she has found him. She replies that she called and Nora said he was “away” and she figured out where. He asks her if she has read his essay about his mom.

Meanwhile, Marty is talking to Bree and envisioning the baby whom she took care of many years ago. She asks the baby his name, knowing he is a boy and that he was in her care a long time ago. Yet she has no clue that he is Cole Thornhart, her son.

In the other room, when Viki tells Todd that she is looking for Tess, he makes it clear that he does not want his sister to find out what is really going on. She asks her brother why. He admits to her that it’s “difficult” to know that Viki has her kids and so does Jessica. But Blair has taken out a restraining order and prevented him from coming within 100 feet of his kids. Hearing that, Viki tells her brother she is so sorry and wishes there was something she could do. He reminds her that she was warned him about being “such a son of a bitch”. But he did not listen. Maybe it’s his fault. And he tells her that maybe it’s her fault to have taken off to Africa and not been there for Jessica. Tess came back and endangered Natalie’s and Jared’s lives. And maybe Viki is responsible for that.

Right then, Tess is leaning over and having labor pains. She falls over. Natalie and Jared are locked inside the room and obviously cannot do anything to help her.

When Charlie appears in Viki’s kitchen and sees Tina, she first assumes that he is somebody whom Cain has sent for her. She picks up a rolling pin ready to defend herself. But he assures her he does not even know anybody named Cain. His name is Charlie Banks. Hearing that, she concludes that he’s Viki’s friend. He asks if she has seen Jessica or Natalie or Jared. She admits she has not seen any of them.

While Tess is leaning on the floor, she screams to Natalie and to Jared that she will give life and end theirs. And she continues to act tough. But they tell her that she needs their help more than she needs them dead.

Tina tells Charlie that she can sense that he is a decent man who cares about people and who can be trusted. She admits to him that she once had a man like him. But she fell by the wayside and got caught up with many who are not good. She admits to him that her sister, Viki has been known to be the “more sensible” one and has attracted men of better quality than the ones she has met. And when she finds out that he is Jared’s father, she seems like she might want to help him find his son.

After Todd tells Viki that maybe she is responsible for Tess coming out, she does not argue. But she asks him just how he is involved in the situation. In the other room, Marty talks to the imaginary baby with the “vision” of the baby she had many years ago. And she believes if she holds the baby, the “memory” might come back to her. She holds him and sings a lullaby.

While Cole is at his mother’s gravesite, he talks to Starr about his situation involving losing his mother and all that has happened in his life throughout the last year.. She tells him that it took a lot of guts for him to share all of his thoughts and feelings about losing his mother. But he tells her that maybe he “spilled his guts” and made everything all about him.

Marty continues to interact with the baby and envisions her bonding with “somebody” many years ago.

In the other room, Todd attempts to talk to Viki about how he may have “found somebody”. She tells him that’s great. Maybe it just didn’t work between him and Blair and it’s perfectly ok to be moving on. But he doesn’t want to tell her any of the “details”. Right then, she gets a call from Charlie. She tells him that she is at Todd’s waiting for Tess. She knows that Tess has been staying at Todd’s home. But he suggests that she comes back home. Maybe they can wait together. She then tells Todd if Tess comes back there, she’d like his “help” although she cannot finish her sentence in telling him what she’d like him to do in regard to Tess . He then finishes her sentence for her by telling her if Tess comes back, he will be waiting with a straight jacket.

Meanwhile, Tess is going into labor and refusing to accept help from Natalie and Jared. Natalie tells her sister she is just like Uncle Todd. She might turn out just like him, all alone in the big house with nobody who cares about him. She asks Tess if she really wants to put her life and her baby’s life at risk, there. Just so that she can say that she “won”? She asks her if she wants to do to her child what Nikki Smith did to her

Viki takes Bree out of Todd’s home. They both wonder why Tess is not with her daughter. Todd then goes into the other room and notices that Marty is staring at an empty crib where there is no baby. He asks her what she is doing. She does not know how to answer that.

Natalie and Jared urge Tess to let them out of the locked room so that they can save her and her baby. At that point, she cries and apologizes to her baby. She tells the baby she is so sorry. She tried so hard. She cannot lose the baby. She crawls toward Natalie and Jared and tells them if they screw anything up, she will make them pay if it’s the last thing she does. She then pushes the buttons to let them out of the room.

Viki and Charlie return home and have no clue what is going on in her basement. She tells him that she has not seen Tess anywhere. He asks her what happened when she asked Todd about his “niece”. She replies that her brother has always had a “very casual relationship” with the truth and might very well be lying to cover for Tess. Charlie asks Viki why Todd would do something like that.

After Todd asks Marty what was “up” with her envisioning a baby, he tells her that it’s probably because she enjoyed being with Bree and is awaiting their new baby. But she tells him she knows that it was not about Bree nor their future baby. IT was somebody else.

Cole admits to Starr that he has been applying to several colleges far away. She turns away, indicating that she might not want him to move so far away. But she encourages him to consider schools that might be of interest of him. But he tells her that maybe it’s not the thing to do to accept this “honor” when he’s spent the last year mourning his mother and feeling alone even though he has not been alone. And he indirectly indicates that he is having a “vision” about his mom as though he knows she is not far away.

At the same time, at Todd’s home, Marty tells Todd that she felt as though a baby boy was “right there” in a crib. Hearing that, he tells her that maybe her mind is playing tricks on her. She tells him she realizes that the unconscious mind can have an effect on people But she knows that something was profoundly real. She knows that this baby boy means something very significant to her. He protests to her that he thought that they agreed to leave the past behind. But she tells him she knows that this is different. And she absolutely has to find out what is going on. Otherwise this is going to eat away at her for the rest of her life. This baby boy is going to come back to her in some shape or form. She knows that she cannot leave this “presence” behind. She asks him if he understands what is going on when you might try everything you possibly can to put something to rest but you know you cannot dismiss it.

At the same time, Cole indicates to Starr that he feels his mother’s presence ever near. She seems to understand that he is serious about something. And she senses that she is very close to giving birth.

Marty tells Todd that she cannot leave this “baby” behind. She cannot go anywhere until she finds out what is going on and what her connections is to this baby.

Right then, Tess is going into labor, ready to give birth. She yells at Natalie and Jared and resists any thought to be dependent or vulnerable. They encourage her to do what Nash would want. And they almost get through to her that she needs to let Jessica out. Her kids need her and so does the memory of Nash

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