OLTL Update Wednesday 10/29/08

One Life to Live Update Wednesday 10/29/08


Written By Kim
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita

Fish tells John that he filed a complaint with the mayor's office in order to get his laptop back.

Marty asks Janet if she is ok because she noticed that Janet has been upset since Janet went out the other night to the pharmacy. She asks Janet if she would like to talk.

Nora interrupts Cole as he struggles to complete a creative writing essay for college application. The topic of the essay is the “person who has had the greatest impact on your life." Cole states that that person would be his soon to be born child.

Langston tells Starr that she will be staying in Llanview. Starr is joyous.

Viki goes to visit Todd. Todd asks Viki about her trip to Africa. Viki sidesteps the question and tells Todd that she is looking for Jessica.

Tess asks Jared and Natalie if they thought she wouldn’t return. Natalie says that Viki and Bo are on to Tess. Tess says that might be true but no one knows where Nat and Jared are located. Tess says that she brought them lunch. Nat thinks the food maybe poison and to prove her wrong, Tess takes a bite. Jared urges Natalie to eat since they don’t know when Tess will come back again. Tess tells Natalie to listen to her boyfriend.

Viki asks Todd if he has seen or heard from Jessica. Todd says no and Viki calls him a liar.

Janet tells Marty that she is fine. Marty asks Janet who was on the phone and Janet responds that it was a telemarketer. Marty asks Janet if she can handle the task of caring for her and a baby. Janet reassures Marty that she will be able to handle taking care of Marty and the new baby. Marty makes a remark that holding Bree and the baby smell is very familiar to her. Marty tells Janet of her memory of a little boy.

Fish tells John that the laptop had the hard drive ripped out. John becomes frustrated and starts to babble about corrupt politicians and useless witnesses. John states that this woman has a face and a name. Fish asks John f he knows the woman’s identity.

Janet asks Marty about her memory of the little boy. Marty states that the little boy must have been the son of a friend. Janet asks her what if it isn’t.

Langston sees Starr packing a bag and freaks out. Starr tells her that she is just packing her hospital bag. Starr asks Langston how is it that she will be staying in Llanview. Langston tells Starr that her uncle has been extradited to Colombia to serve out the rest of his sentence. Starr asks Langston about the welfare of Lola and Vanessa. Langston states that Lola's staying with Cristian, and Vanessa might be getting out on bail. Langston helps Starr pack.

Nora tells Cole that she came to apologize for her preoccupation with Buchanan Enterprises. She tells him that she is there for him if he needs her. Cole states that his feelings for his mom and baby are all mixed up together and that a baby will not bring his mother back.

Marty asks Janet what her last comment meant. Janet says that maybe this is just the start of Marty’s memory coming back. Marty states that she is scared of remembering more because it might diminish her future with Todd and the new baby. Janet asks her if she is happy. Marty states that she is happy thinking about Todd and the baby.

John admits that he think he knows the identity of the woman. Fish asks for a name but John will not tell until he can prove that Todd is hiding her but first he needs enough information to get a warrant to search Todd’s house.

Janet asks Marty if this is what she really wants. Marty responds that she is looking forward to going away with Todd so they don't have to keep looking over our shoulders and worrying about  John and what he's going to do if he finds then. Marty claims that Todd is what she wants.

Todd tells Viki that he has not seen Tess. Viki states that John say Jessica at Todd’s place. Viki asks Todd if John has a right to his suspicions. Todd states that John wants to blame him for everything.

Jared asks Tess why she is serving them a meal. Tess says that it is their last supper.

Todd tells Viki that John made such a scene that Jessica got all upset and thought she was having contractions. Viki replies that John thinks she was deliberately trying to cause a distraction. Todd claims that Jess would never do that. Viki says that jess wouldn’t but Tess would.

Fish pesters john to be clued into John’s investigation. John says that Fish can help but he will not disclose the ID of the woman. John says that they need to find Todd’s old bodyguard, Keyshawn Riddick.

Marty states that moving away with Todd is about starting a new life. Marty asks Janet about her life, profession as a nurse and Janet’s family. Janet clarifies that she was not always a nurse and that she has a daughter but doesn’t see her anymore.

Cole states that he misses his mother. Nora says she misses Marty too and goes on to tell Cole that they became friends after Marty’s rape trial.

Starr tells Langston that she tries to think about that moment the baby will be taken away from her. Langston tells Starr that she is brave. Starr disagrees and says that she doesn’t feel brave but she is happy that the baby is going to be with Marcie.

Todd asks Viki if she thinks that Tess is back. Viki says yes and that Nash's death may have been enough to bring Tess back. Todd asks Viki if she thinks that he knew about Tess during John’s visit.

Natalie asks Tess if she is threatening her life. Natalie states that she is not going down quietly. Tess agrees.

Viki asks Todd if he is covering for Tess. She begs Todd to give her any information because Tess could be behind Natalie and Jared’s disappearance. Viki notices Bree’s toy and tells Todd that she gave Bree that toy after she came back from Africa. Now Viki knows that Jessica was visiting Todd.

Marty is glad to be given a second chance. She says she sees sadness in Todd’s eyes. Janet says that maybe Todd will open up to Marty and tell her what makes him so sad.

John says he knows that Fish thinks he is inventing this scenario because he want he woman to be alive but he has a gut instinct that his suspicions are right. Fish asks John where does he want him to start.

Todd tells Viki that Jess was there last night and that she just needed time to think. Todd says that he doesn’t know where Jess is now.

Tess tells Natalie to say her last words. Natalie reminds Tess that Nash’s death was an accident. Natalie goads Tess by saying that Tess does not have a life and is a pathetic, vengeful, psychotic nobody. She tells Tess that Nash and Bree are Jessica’s family and that Tess has no one. Nat calls Tess a murderer for taking Jess away from her family.

Marty offers to watch Bree if Janet is tired. Janet continues to ask Marty if she is happy. Marty says she is finally happy. Janet says that she is glad.

Nora commends Cole for building up his relationship with Starr. Cole states that he wishes he was stronger like his mom. He wishes that his mom was happier and he hope that she would find happiness with John.

Fish asks John why Todd would invest so much time with this mystery woman.

Starr tells Langston that her dad isn't even a part of her life any more.

Starr states that the last time she saw Todd was when he walked in on her childbirth class and decided to tell her in front of the whole room of people that he accepted my decision about the baby. Starr wishes that there was someone out there that could help Todd be the man that he's capable of being.

Marty holds a crying Bree.

Todd tells Viki that he doesn’t have any more information. Viki wants to see where Jess slept. Todd says that she is gone and didn’t leave anything behind. Viki says that he is still lying and has been conning people for years. She then asks for a glass of water. Todd says ok.

Bree continues to cry.

Jared tells Tess that she murdered Jessica, and now Tess is angry. Jared says that he wishes Nash was still alive.

Tess calls Jared a murdering bastard. Natalie, in turn, calls Tess a psychotic, sadistic bitch.

Langston gets ready to go to her room and unpack. Langston tells Starr she loves her and Starr says the same to Langston. Starr thanks Langston for everything and Langston tells Starr that Starr is her best friend and sister.

Nora says she is sad that Marty didn’t find happiness until the end.

Cole says that his mother’s memory helps him cope with Starr, the baby and school. Nora gives Cole a new subject for his essay: a letter to his mother.

John states that Todd’s old bodyguard is his best hope of finding someone who can I.D. the woman who's in Manning's house. John asks Fish if he can track down the ex-bodyguard.

Viki hears Bree crying and goes to look for her.

Todd returns with a glass of water and wonders were Viki went.

Marty tries to soothe a crying Bree.

Natalie asks Tess what’s in the bag. Tess says just desserts and states that she is going to blow them to kingdom come.

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