OLTL Update Tuesday 10/28/08

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 10/28/08


Written By Jennifer S.
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita

Rex affirms to Bo that all he wants is to be back with the woman he loves.

When Dorian returns home, Langston asks her how things went. She assures her daughter that everything is going to be alright.

Gigi and Bo wheel Rex home. Roxy is there to greet them with glitter. They smile.

Natalie is sleeping in Jared’s arms while they are locked in the room. She is very worried that maybe Tess will never return. They are at her mercy for whether they can eat. She’s afraid they will die there.

Meanwhile, Tess pours the jewels into her hands ad says: “Thank you, Aunt Tina.

Todd is interacting with Bree and asking her if she remembers the “fun” they had at grandma Viki’s with the Oreos. Bree smiles at her uncle. He laughs and tells her that it’s a real bummer that she is now stuck with “the bitch from hell”. And he’s lost his kids forever. But he wants to be able to “save” her from Tess after he’s saved his grandchild.

Meanwhile, Viki is looking at pictures of her kids and worried that she will never see them again. Right then, Charlie enters and asks her if she’s heard any news. She tells him that she is very afraid that Jessica has turned into Tess. She admits to him that she has not told him much about “her illness”. But she’s worried that one of her “alters” is responsible for what happened to Jessica.. She explains to him that Nikki Smith is one of her alters. And last night she had a dream that Nikki warned her that Tess is out making trouble. She warns Charlie that Tess is very cunning, not unlike Nikki is. And she’s worried about what would happen if she’s anything like Nikki was.

After Nora informs Clint that she has “negotiated” with Dorian so that she’d sign over Clint’s company to him, he asks her just how she pulled it off. Dorian blames Nora for taking Clint away from her. So how would she agree to let Nora, of all people give him back his company?

When Dorian returns, she runs into Adriana and asks her daughter why it is that she moved in without telling anybody and moved Rex in with her. Adriana replies to her mother that she was not about to tell her what she did in involving Rex. She knows that Dorian did not care for Rex. She did everything she could in order to prevent her daughter from marrying Rex. And she bets that Dorian would not have agreed to let Rex move into the house to get medical care. She’d probably want Rex to remain in a coma. Dorian attempts to “atone” to Adriana telling her that she knows she(Adriana) loves Rex. Adriana cries and admits to her mother that everybody told her she was cruel and selfish to be keeping Rex away from the people who loved him when he was in the hospital. And she concluded that she doesn’t want to be “That person” again. She only did what she did because she wanted to be Rex’s wife at any cost.

When Rex returns home, Roxy shows her “emotional” side to Rex, GIgi and Bo. She has balloons, Champaign and festivities. But Rex asks if they should not wait until Natalie comes home. At that point, nobody can answer that question. He then demands to know where his sister is. He tells them he realizes that Natalie “left town” before he got shot> But he asks if she never came back. Nobody knows how to answer that question.

Meanwhile, Natalie tells Jared that she must find a way to get out. She has to see Rex.

Tess is not far away “holding all the cards”.

Bo tells Rex that nobody has seen or heard from Natalie and they really don’t know the details. Roxy informs him that she has left a million messages for her daughter and nobody has seen nor heard from Natalie. Rex is obviously not ok with that and seems to know that something is up

Tess talks to Bree alone and tells her that she knows how to protect them both from all of the people who made the serious mistake of messing with them.

Clint asks Nora just what she did in order to “pull string” with Dorian. He asks her if she did not have a case. Couldn’t’ she have gotten Dorian convicted? She tells him she certainly could have. But it would have involved a lot of time and work to find the witnesses. And maybe, she did not have a case and merely convinced Dorian that she did. Hearing that, Clint tells her that she was brilliant to have “bluffed” Dorian into believing she had a case against her and managed to convince Dorian to give in.

When Adriana talks to her mother, she admits that she realized that Rex loves only GIgi and not her. But Dorian tells her daughter that since “That woman” has been back in town, she’s been nothing but trouble. Adriana admits that she realized that Rex loves Gigi and she had no business keeping them apart. Hearing that, Dorian admits to her daughter that she is so brave and wise and she is so proud of what she has done. Adriana admits that she is going back to Paris very shortly. There’ nothing for her here. She admits that she was so afraid of losing Rex that she ruined whatever they had. Dorian tells her that she was merely in love with Rex. But Adriana admits that she knew, deep down, that she and Rex had no future. But she just wanted to hurt Gigi and refuse to let her win. Hearing that, Dorian tells her daughter, she knows how she feels. She wanted to keep Adriana and Rex apart because she thought it was the “best thing”. But she lost her daughter in the process. She also realizes that she and Langston have been through a very difficult situation And she was willing to stop at nothing to prevent Clint from winning, at any cost, very much the way Adriana was not going to let Gigi win. Adriana concludes that maybe they both “go to extremes” to get what they want. But they both went too far and did the wrong thing.

At Rex’s home, after finding out that Natalie is missing, Roxy attempts to sound positive for her son and tells him that she has lit some candles and the spirits will bring back Natalie. Bo informs Rex that Jared is gone also.

Right then, Natalie and Jared are attempting to find ways to get out of the room, by putting chairs on top of each other and seeing if they can get out through the ceiling. Jared discovers that there is a smoke alarm. And maybe they can make it go off by starting a fire.

Upstairs, in the kitchen, Viki admits to Charlie what Tess is capable of. She wanted revenge upon Natalie and Jared for what happened to Nash. And that is the reason why she(herself) almost died when she drove Natalie’s car. Tess cut the brakes. Hearing that, Charlie asks Viki if Tess really wanted to kill Natalie and Jared.

Tess talks to Todd about her “plan”. She will keep his secret for him. She won’t breathe a word to Marty or the cops what he is doing. But he has to “help” her by keeping his mouth shut. And he needs to help both her and Bree get passports out of the country. He asks her if she has killed Natalie. She asks him why he’d care. He tells her he may not care about Natalie. But he is not going to let Tess hurt a child. She is not fit to have Bree in her custody. She asks him if he is fit to have Starr’s child or any child in his custody.

Rex tells Bo that what happened to him might have been a motivator for him to be a better dad and a better person. Bo tells Rex that he had similar motivators in regard to his own son. Bo then tells the three of them that he has some business to attend to. He leaves. Alone with Rex and Gigi, Roxy blindfolds her son and asks him to “take a whack’ at the piñata. But he won’t do it. He tells them both he does not want any more secrets. He wants to see Shane before doing anything else.

Hearing about the “accident” that Viki had while driving Natalie’s car, Charlie tells her it’s entirely possible that it was all a coincidence. But Viki tells him she does not think so. She is worried that her “little Jessie” is locked up and Tess is in control. She failed to protect Jessica when she was a child. Something terrible happened to her due to Nikki’s negligence. And that is why Tess is in control now. And she shutters to think of what could happen to those two children due to Tess’s negligence.

Rex tells Gigi and Roxy that he’s worried that something could have happened to Shane. But they assure him that Shane is fine.. He’s worried that his son might not accept him. But they tell him that he just needs time. Roxy has some “activities” for her son. And she convinces him to break the piñata.

After Adriana tells Dorian she has to leave, Dorian tells her daughter she needs to stay there. This is her home. She is a Cramer woman. Hearing that, Adriana replies by telling her that she realized that is true. And that is why she’s so screwed up. She tells her mother that she is not implying that it’s a ‘bad thing” Dorian admits to her daughter that “Nel” has been trying to “change” her. And today, she listened to her “moral compass” and gave up her fight.

Clint admits to Nora that she did something for him that nobody else has ever done to him. He admits to her that he’s not certain what the rest of the family will say or do when they find out that Nora has given him back the company. But he knows what Asa would say. He knows his deceased father would tell Clint that he must “never let this filly get away”.

Rex, Gigi and Roxy are having their “festivities” and their plans to unite him with Shane.

Bo goes to see Viki and greets Charlie. She admits to him that she is very certain that Tess has come back and she’s responsible for the brakes getting cut on Natalie’s car. And now that Natalie and Jared are both gone, she and Charlie are very worried. Bo tells her that he suspects that Tess did cut Natalie’s brakes.

Tess asks Todd if he will get her a fake passport. And given that he could care less about Natalie, why doesn’t he just do what he needs to do? She will help him and Marty “escape” and get out of town with Starr’s baby. But he has to help her with her plan.

Adriana tells Dorian she has not “lost” her. She will be living in Dorian’s favorite city, Paris. And she knows that Dorian would have never accepted Rex in her life. And she realizes that it was her own fault and nobody else’s that she was so insecure she had to lie in order to hang on to him. Dorian tells her daughter she will always have a home there. Adriana tells her she knows and she will always miss it. At that point, Langston enters. Adriana turns to face her and tells her she is “so happy” for her. She hugs Dorian and tells her she loves her. Dorian tells Adriana she loves her more.

Bo informs Viki about what he observed when “Jessica” was visiting Todd. IT looked kind of odd, since Todd has not “invited” anybody else there. When John and the cops went to search Todd’s home, it looked as though “Jessica’ distracted and prevented them from investigating Todd by faking labor pains. They both know that Jessica would never do something like that. But Tess would. Viki asks Bo why Tess would be motivated to help Todd. Bo admits he is not exactly certain. But he would not put anything past Todd Manning.

Tess leaves Todd’s home and tells him that they must have a “deal”.

Bo asks Viki if she’s gone and talked to Todd. He reminds her that she “knows” Manning better than anybody else and she has the best chance of getting through to him and knowing when he is lying.

Meanwhile, Jared and Natalie are finding ways to get out of the locked room. He lights some papers on fire in order to activate the smoke alarm

Bo faces Charlie realizing his son is also missing and promises he will find Jared.

Right then, Charlie and Viki walk out the door in “search” of their kids. But it’s right before the smoke from the basement activates the smoke alarm.

Adriana asks her mother what happened involving that “guy in the airport” who got shot over Langston. Dorian tells her daughter she doesn’t want to talk about that right now. But she wants to let her know that Clint Buchanan got his company back. And she’s not going to fight it anymore.

Langston asks Dorian now that she’s gotten her daughter back and no longer has Cramer Enterprises, what is her next plan? Dorian smiles at her daughter and tells her she need not worry about her. She will always find something.

Rex and Gigi lie in bed to together. He holds her and assures her that they will all be o.k. But, he admits, he just wishes he knew where Natalie was.

After Natalie and Jared have started the fire and hear the smoke alarm going off, they wonder why nobody has done anything.

Alone in his home, Todd wonders what is up with Tess. If only he didn’t have Marcie McBain to contend with. He talks to Bree and tells her that he is concerned about what could happen to her if she is dependent upon Tess to take care of her. He assures his infant niece that he will get her family back for her as soon as he gets his.

Natalie and Jared notice the door open. But they just see Tess. She tells them that she has not forgotten about them.

Meanwhile, Todd gets a knock on his door. It’s Viki.

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