OLTL Update Monday 10/27/08

One Life to Live Update Monday 10/27/08


Written By Jennifer S.
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita

Sarah and Cristian awaken together. They are on a mattress on the floor after he’s let Lola sleep in his bed. She jokes with him about how he turns her on for caring about people and going to bat for them. And right when they are kissing and ready to have an intimate moment, it looks like Lola is up. He tells her that as soon as they can get Lola back to Vanessa, then they can have all the time together that they need.

Vanessa is in a jail cell right near where Dorian is. Dorian stares at her and smiles and tells her that she knows all about Vanessa that she needs to know. She is the woman who shot Ray Montez.

Nora is in her office on the phone investigating Ray Montez. Clint enters and she tells him that she thinks it’s reprehensible that he would “do business” with a convicted murderer.

Markko goes to see Langston and appears very happy that they won’t have to be separated. But she tells him maybe he should not get his hopes up. Ray is in the hospital. He still has legal custody of her. And Dorian is in jail. But he tells her he is not worried and tells her they have to go somewhere together.

Rex awakens to see Gigi, Bo and Adriana. He makes it very clear that Gigi is the love of his life and Bo is his father in spirit. But Adriana stands by the door realizing that she is no longer important in his life, married or not. Gigi assures Rex that they’ve talked to Michael and he’s informed them that Rex will be ok. Adriana smiles and tells them she’s very happy that he will be ok. She tells them she will let the three of them catch up and there is a breakfast in the other room. But Rex tells her he does not want her to go. He asks Gigi and Bo if they can give him and Adriana a minute so that they can talk alone.

At Cristian’s apartment, he tells Lola that he has orange juice and cocoa for breakfast . She tells them she’s not primarily concerned about that. She just wants to make certain that her mother is ok. And she admits that she is still concerned about her “father”. Cristian informs her that Ray is still in the hospital. He assures her that his brother and his brother’s girlfriend are both cops and will make certain that even if Ray gets better, he will lever hurt Lola again.

At that point, Markko and Langston go to the hospital and run into Antonio and Talia, assuming that they will not let Ray near Langston. But Antonio and Talia inform them that they realize that Ray has gotten legal custody of her.

Clint admits to Nora that he made a serious mistake for asking Ray to come to town and use a “scare tactic” to Dorian that involved Langston. He tells her that she must know that apologies are not his strong suit. But he affirms to her that she has motivated him to get on track. Nora may be the only reason why Langston did not have to get on that plane. And he is determined to “make things right”. He leaves her office. She gets on the phone and calls the prison.

Dorian talks to Vanessa about how she prevented Ray from endangering many lives. She tells Vanessa she applauds her. But she warns her not to talk too loudly about “shooting” somebody. Vanessa asks Dorian if she plans to “inform” anybody what Vanessa just told her about intentionally wanting to kill Ray. Dorian tells her no way. She will cover for her and keep her out of trouble. She would have done the same thing herself. In fact, there is something she might want to “share” with somebody who thinks the same way she does. At that point, Dorian’s “conscience”, Mel appears and lets her out of her jail cell. She informs her that D.A., Nora Hanen walks to talk to Dorian.

Cristian informs Lola that Vanessa is going to be “arraigned”. But Lola is worried. She does not want her “mother” to be alone and scared and not able to see her. But he tells her not to worry. She can write a letter to her mother and he will bring it to her. Sarah takes him aside and asks just how far he plans to go in order to help these two people.

At he hospital. Langston and Markko ask Antonio and Talia what will happen in regard to Ray and Dorian and the whole situation. Talia assures them that they need not worry. Clint appears and affirms that he will “make sure” that nobody can take Langston away from Dorian.

Dorian’s “conscience”, Mel takes her to Nora’s office. Dorian asks her why they are there and that she prefers an answer without riddles. Mel is dressed like a prison guard. She sits on the bench while Nora invites Dorian into her office. Dorian reminds Nora that she does not have her lawyer. Nora tells Dorian they may wait until he gets there. And in the meantime, everything Dorian tells Nora is “off the record”. Dorian asks Nora if they should trade recipes. Nora tells Dorian they may have total silence. Nora then goes through a pile of papers and tells Dorian that she has massive evidence against Dorian. She reminds Dorian that she could be charged with conspiracy to commit murder. And she tells her that they have the shooter and he is “dying to deal”. Dorian reminds Nora that she heard that Nora wanted to “negotiate” something. So she asks Nora just what they are negotiating.

Rex asks to talk to Adriana alone. She asks what he wants to talk about. He tells her he realizes that she took care of him. She reminds him that she has also kept him away from Gigi. He tells her that he realizes that she was doing what she thought was right in trying to protect him. He realizes that she thought that when Gigi and Shane came into his life, it might not be the right thing for him. She tells him that she needs to let him know that she wants a divorce.

While waiting outside the door, Gigi asks Bo how long he thinks she should “wait” before going in there.

Rex tells Adriana he is kind of surprised that this would be the primary thing she’d want to talk about. She tells him that she is finally realizing that getting married was a big mistake that they made. She should have known how he felt about Gigi. She informs him that the whole time she was in Paris, she felt like a failure. She kept telling herself that she many times believed she should have stayed with him. But she now knows that that would not have worked. She then concludes that she will have her lawyer draw up the papers.

Cristian knows the only way he can get into the jail cell to see Vanessa is to get himself arrested. The guard puts him in hand cuffs and puts him in a cell beside her. He tells her that he poured tequila upon himself and got arrested because he wanted to see her.

When Langston and Markko run into Clint, she asks Clint how it is that anybody can prevent her from being forced to move to Columbia with Ray. Clint tells her that whatever happens, she will be going home with Dorian. He informs her that he just found out that Ray escaped illegally from the prison. So there’s no way she’ll have to live with him. As soon as he gets out of the hospital, Ray is going back to prison.

In Nora’s office, she tells Dorian that all she wants is for Langston Wilde to feel safe. She wants to put things back to the way they were before Ray appeared out of nowhere. Dorian asks her if she means before Clint “hired” a murderer to take her daughter from her. Nora replies what she means is even before Dorian broke the law in order to steal Clint’s company from him and get Nash Brennan killed. She tells Dorian she wants to wipe the slate completely clean regarding everybody’s wrong doings. If Dorian signs Clint’s company back to him, The DA's office will drop all charges against Dorian, everything will be forgotten, Dorian will be absolved of all wrong doings. Langston will live with only her and everybody will live happily ever after.

Gigi tells Bo that this whole thing is not just about herself and Rex and getting Adriana out of his life. She wants Shane to know his real father just like Matthew knows Bo. Bo assures her that it will all happen in time.

Inside the other room, Adriana takes off her wedding and engagement ring. He tells her she may keep it to remember what they had. She tells him she does not need a ring to remember them. He tells her neither does he.

While Sarah and Lola are waiting for Cristian, Lola asks if Cristian is really going to “help” her mother. Sarah assures her that Cristian always takes care of people he cares about.

In the jail cell, Vanessa tells Cristian he really did not have to go through with all of this. He tells her that he wanted to. He cares about Lola and about her. She tells him that she believes that she had no choice except to shoot Ray. He was an animal. He would have stopped at nothing to get what he wanted. Even if that meant getting his own child killed.

After Nora informs Dorian that she can “absolve” her of all legal consequences, Dorian asks Nora if she really wants to risk her own career and getting disbarred. She reminds Nora that she has no proof and is only scaring her. But Nora tells Dorian that John McBain and the cops have proof that Dorian hired the hit man to murder Ray. Dorian tells Nora that she tried to prevent it from happening. Nora reminds Dorian that she also has proof that Dorian had her two meetings with Jack McNaughton. Dorian reminds Nora that nobody can find Jack. Nora tells Dorian that there are ways to find him and get to the bottom of what Dorian did. She then tells Dorian that the bottom line is she thinks that Dorian “did something terrible”. But she changed her mind and attempted to stop it. She tells Dorian she does not care about her (Dorian). She agrees that there is no excuse for what Clint did that forced Dorian’s hand to take such drastic measures and she’s not concerned about him either. But she does care about Langston. And for that reason, she is going to make a “one time offer” for Dorian to take her up on so that this whole thing can go away.

Rex tells Adriana that she “was” the best “girlfriend” a guy could ever have. She admits that she was for a while but that ended. At that point, Gigi tells Adriana that plans are in order for Rex to be moved out of the house. She tells Adriana, alone, that she wants to thank her for letting her stay in her mother’s house, with Rex for the night. Adriana tells Gigi she did what she thought was best for Rex. And she tells Gigi that she (Gigi) better treat Rex right. Or else she (Adriana) will fly all the way back from Paris and go after Gigi.

Bo and Rex talk alone about what they are going to do now. Rex asks Bo if he has any “pointers” about how to be Shane’s father.

In the jail cell, Cristian tells Vanessa that he does not care if or why she shot Montez. She reminds him that the judge and cops and DA all do. She asks him what will happen regarding whether Ray lives or dies. If he dies, does she go to prison for murder? And if he lives, does that mean that he will endanger her daughter and be able to get legal custody of his niece?

After Clint has gone to find Langston and Markko to assure them that he will make certain that Dorian gets to take Langston home and Ray won’t have anything more to do with her, Markko encourages Langston to know that it’s “finally over’. Langston tells Markko that it’s not over until she knows that Dorian is ok.

While Dorian is alone in Nora’s office, Mel comes into the room and talks to Dorian about how “moral and ethical” people have to follow rules or else there are consequences. They don’t get to “slide” and maneuver and get away with what Dorian wants to get away with. Dorian asks her if that means that she should take Nora’s deal. Mel tells Dorian that only she (Dorian) can make that call. But she (Mel) does believe that it’s a lot better to do it and have her freedom and have her daughter than being stuck in a jail cell.

Antonio and Talia go to Ray’s hospital room and ask him what he remembers. He informs them that he went to the airport with Langston and Dorian and the family. Antonio asks him if he remembers who shot him. Ray tells Antonio he really doesn’t but he bets it was Carlo Hesser. Ray tells Antonio that he needs to see Lola. Antonio tells Ray he does not see that happening. Lola does not feel safe around him. She says that he shot her mother. Ray tells Antonio that his not true. It was Vanessa who lied and told her that.

While Cristian and Vanessa are in adjoining jail cells, she tells him that maybe he needs to make certain he does not get himself into more trouble. But he tells her that he is not worried about that. He is determined to help her and help Lola.

Gigi takes Rex in a wheelchair out of Dorian’s home. Adriana tells them that she hopes that Rex will be ok and she wants what is best for him. Rex tells her he wants only the best for her also. Gigi says nothing. And she wheels Rex out the door.

Clint goes to see Nora. She informs him that she talked to Dorian. He informs her that he went to the hospital to talk to Langston. And now he realizes that he did hurt an innocent kid. She acknowledges that maybe it was good for Clint to be “motivated” to see the error of his ways. And at that point, she presents Clint with a “document”. He asks her what this is. She tells him it’s C.E. Or more accurately, it’s. B.E. She looks at him but neither of them smile. She says to him you’re welcome.

Langston and Markko talk alone in Dorian’s home. Dorian comes though the door. Langston hugs her. Markko tells them he will let them talk alone. Langston asks her foster mother if she is free and clear. Dorian tells Langston yes she is. Nora realized she did not have a case against her. And she’s realized that when her girls need her, nothing and nobody will prevent her from coming back to them.

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