OLTL Update Friday 10/24/08

One Life to Live Update Friday 10/24/08


Written By Jennifer S.
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita

John calls Janet the nurse and leaves a message for her telling her that all he needs from her is a confirmation that the woman in Todd Manning’s home is Marty Saybrooke. He hears the phone ring. But it’s not Janet. It’s Blair. She informs him that she is alone in her bedroom sipping wine and asks him what he is doing. He looks at the photo of Marty that he has attached to his cold case file. And he replies that he’s doing nothing.

Tess returns to Viki’s home and notices that Tina is up to something.

Viki and Charlie meet Roxy at the Angel Square Motel. She sees them and assumes they are “back together’. They tell her no. They are there to find Natalie and Jared. She admits that she has not seen either one of them for a long time. Viki asks Roxy if she might have seen or heard from Jessica. Roxy admits that she has not seen Jessica either. And she tells Viki that they have something in common. They both have two kids who are “missing”.

At Dorian’s home, Michael attempts to prevent Adriana from going into the room to see Rex. But she tells him that regardless of what anybody thinks, she is going into the room to be with Rex.

Tess asks Tina what is going on involving the safe. Tina explains that she needs to save her dog. He’s been kidnapped. She shows her the picture of David Vickers, the dog. Tess scoffs and tells Tina she cannot believe how anybody’d want to kidnap him when he pees all over everywhere he goes. But Tina pleads with Tess, as one mother to another, to save her dog.

Marty is stunned by having a vision of a baby. It is obviously Cole. Todd notices her and asks her what is going on.

While John is on the phone with Blair, Cole comes in and talks to him. He tells John he wants to talk about his mother.

At Dorian’s, Michael distracts Adriana and prevents her from going inside the room to see Rex where she will catch Gigi. He enters the room. Gigi informs him that there is a miracle. Rex has opened his eyes and regained consciousness.

In Blair’s room, after she’s done talking to John on the phone, Starr enters. She tells her mother that she is glad that Langston did not have to go with her uncle to Columbia. But, she asks her mother, what Adriana is doing with Rex in the middle of Dorian’s living room. Blair replies that it sounds like Adriana wants to “stake her claim” while she still has the legal right to her husband and it looks like he might be at death’s door.

In the room, Michael talks to Gigi about the “miracle”. She goes over and tells Rex he’s going to make it. She tells him he looks like hell. He tells her that she is the most beautiful sight he’s ever seen.

In the other room, Adriana cries and tells Marcie that all she wants is for Rex to get better. Rex means everything to her. Marcie tells her that sometimes when you love somebody, you have to “do what is right” for him. In response to that, Adriana asks Marcie if she has not noticed that she has turned her mother’s house into a damn hospital. She is doing everything to make certain he is well cared for. She would do anything for Rex.

Inside the room, Michael and Gigi talk to Rex. He tells her that the last thing he remembered was being on a mountain. Brody was there with Shane. Michael informs them that Adriana is outside and really worried. Rex asks why she is there. Gigi pleads with Michael to see if he can give them some more time. Rex turns to Gigi and tells her he can tell that this is not a hospital. She tells him no. This is Dorian’s home. Adriana has brought him there. But she does not care as long as he is going to be ok. And she kisses him.

At Roxy’s, she asks Viki if she believes that something happened to both Natalie and Jessica. She tells Viki that it looked like Jessica is going to have her baby soon.

Tina asks Tess if she will help her and reminds her that she has to turn the home improvement tools into the store the next day.. Tina protests that she needs to get her hands on the jewels soon. Otherwise, Cain will murder David Vickers the dog.

Meanwhile, Starr and Blair talk about Starr’s pregnancy. Blair remarks to her daughter that she noticed her talking to Cole and asks if they are “getting back together”. Starr tells her mother no. They are not “getting back together”. But they are talking and realize they can still be friends. Blair tells her daughter that’s good. She’s glad that Starr and Cole are at least reconciling their differences.

At John’s, Cole tells him that he has been having “visions” of his mother. He remembers a bedtime story that she told him when he was a child.

At the same time, Marty asks Todd why it is that she is having this “Vision” of a baby. And she asks Todd if, when she was away, she had a baby. Todd does not know how to answer that.

Michael informs Adriana and Marcie that he would like to “report a miracle”. Rex has regained consciousness. They are both rejoicing. But Michael has to make more excuses for Adriana not to see him again.

Inside the room, Rex asks Gigi what happened to Brody. She tells him that she’d rather not talk about him right now. But Brody snapped and is now in custody. Rex tells her that he had a dream. She asks what it was about. He tells her that there was a game show in which he was a contestant and had to “win” something in order to get back to her. She asks exactly what he had to win. He tells her that he had to prove that he was worthy of being Shane’s father.

Tess attempts to open the safe. But Tina tells her she better be careful. If she gets her hands on those jewels, she will be responsible for the death of a sweet little animal. And she won’t hesitate to blow the whistle on Tess.

Marty asks Todd about the “baby”. And he knows he better find a way to explain her association with the baby without telling her the truth.

Cole tells John that he had a vision of his mom when he was a baby. And he somehow got this idea in his head that his mother is watching him from wherever she is. And he went to find John and let him know that wherever his mom is, they are thinking about her. He has this thing in his head that keeps telling him that she “needs” them to be there for her.

Marty talks to Todd about “babies”. She tells him that she certainly hopes that she did not miss out on the birth of a baby if she actually had one. She assumes that Todd never missed out on the birthing of any of his. But he has to admit, honestly, that he has.

Adriana tells Marcie and Michael that she demands that they let her go in and see Rex. She will not wait another second. She goes in there. And she is stunned at what she sees. She enters to see Rex telling “somebody” with her backed turned to Adriana, that he wants to have the life that he has always wanted with her and Shane. Adriana hides unseen to overhear Rex tell Gigi that he came back “for her”. Out in the other room, Marcie tells Michael that he must be a miracle worker. He tells her that his job is to save lives. They both realize that Adriana’s “love” for Rex may not be enough. They realize that their love for each other was not adequate given their circumstances.

Blair and Starr talk about Starr’s baby. They realize that her father has not been around for a long time. Starr tells her mother she hopes it’s because Todd is changing. Blair tells her daughter that she falsely believed “all those times” that Todd changed and she took him back and believed in him. Starr remembers that she always wanted her mother to give her father another chance and was angry at her when she did not. But she now realizes that Todd may want “a family”. Yet he ends up destroying everybody he supposedly loves.

Todd attempts to explain to Marty what happened when Blair had Jack. And it sounds to her as though he was “a hero”. He admits to her that he was not with Sam when he was born And he feels bad for that. She asks him if he is carrying around a bit of guilt. She concludes to Todd that he will not have to worry about that “this time”. They will both be there for their baby.

Tess reminds Tina that she bets Cain wishes he had those jewels and has threatened Sara. She has not seen her daughter. And Tess concludes to Tina that she can see that Tina cares about the dog more than she cares about her own daughter. Tina yells at Tess to shut up and tells her she cannot wait to tell everybody what kind of an “ugly little beast” Tess is. Tess fake-cries as if her feelings are hurt. And she tells Tina she could care less. She’s found her own place to live.

Roxy tells Viki and Charlie that she has discovered “the thing” to bring back Natalie, Jared, Jessica and Rex. It’s the “fire ritual” that she got from a fortune teller. She goes to light some candles.

Gigi and Rex talk privately, unaware that Adriana can overhear them. She tells him that she loved him 10 years ago. She loves him now. And she will always love him. He tells her that 10 years ago, he was a damn fool. But he will never be that fool again. He was an idiot to think that Adriana was the one for him. And he will never forgive himself for marrying her. He declares to Gigi that she (Gigi) is the love of his life. At that point, Adriana makes herself seen by them and reveals she’s overheard their entire conversation.

Roxy tells Viki and Charlie that she has a “ritual” involving the power of fire. And she hopes that it will bring back their kids: Viki says a prayer for Natalie, Jared, Jessica and Rex.

Tina asks Tess if she wants to be responsible for the death of a sweet innocent dog. Tess acts like she could care less. Tina tells her she knows that deep down, she does not mean anything she says. She is really Jessica and she has a heart. Tess tells Tina she has a heart. But she could care less about the people who have hurt her. Tess leaves. Alone, Tina tells Tess that she will save Natalie and Jared.

Marty tells Todd that maybe the flashes of the memory she had was just her way of preparing herself for their baby. Todd affirms that he bets that what it was.

Cole gives John the picture of his mother. He tells him he wants to create a memory website. He wants to post it in a few more months. He wants John to write something. And he wants to have it up by the anniversary of her death. John admits that he has had some “police matters” recently. Cole tells John that when Ray Montez got shot, it was a real experience for Langston. He and all of her friends are glad she can stay in Llanview. John asks Cole about Starr and the baby. Cole admits that he talked to Starr. And it will be very soon when she gives birth.

Starr tells her mother that it’s really amazing that she cannot have her dad in her baby’s life. And she is giving her baby to a woman whom Todd hates. She asks her mother if Cole might be the “Right man” for her. Blair tells her daughter that the right man for any woman is somebody who stands by her and respects her. And until Starr finds that man, she will be there for her daughter.. She wants to be there for everything that goes on in Starr’s life. Like the Senior prom. And maybe some day, Starr will get married and she will give her away. She tells her daughter she loves her so much. And whatever she “gets into”, Blair will be right there beside her.

Marcie tells Michael that sometimes when you love somebody more than anything, letting go in the most generous thing you can do. At that point, she decides that maybe she should go. He tells her that he knows that having a baby is the most important thing in her life. She tells him that it’s not the only thing she wants. But they both realize that the dream of having the “perfect romance” may only come true for “some people”.

Adriana makes her presence known to Rex and to Gigi. She tells them that she knows she screwed up their marriage. She knows she was a complete fool and that it will never work if Rex really wants somebody else. But she loves him so much.. And she will not stand in the way of his having the person he loves. She tells Gigi she does not like her and will always believe that she and Rex would have stayed together if Gigi had not come along. But she realizes that Gigi brought Rex back to them. SO she needs to now say goodbye to Rex.

Starr falls asleep in Blair’s bed.

Cole leaves John’s home and stares at the picture of his “deceased” mother.

Todd and Marty get ready to welcome their new baby.

Alone in his apartment, John looks at his “plan” with the pictures of Marty and all the other people whom he believes will bring him the answers to the mystery of what’s secretly going on in Todd’s home.

Marcie leaves Dorian’s house but realizes she still loves Michael. He is distracted realizing he still loves her.

Adriana says her last goodbye to Rex realizing he is not the one for her. He loves Gigi. She cries. Gigi sits by Rex.

Roxy prays with her candles to bring back Rex, Natalie, Jared and Jessica.

Tess returns to Todd’s home and tells Bree that she got her a “present”. It’s the jewels that Tina is supposed to have. She tells her that it will “Take care” of her and her baby brother or sister. She also pulls Tina’s fire crackers out of her purse. And she tells Bree that this is for Natalie and Jared.

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