OLTL Update Thursday 10/23/08

One Life to Live Update Thursday 10/23/08


Written By Jennifer S.
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita

Tess is making herself at home in Todd’s new place. She asks him to tell her how he plans to steal Starr’s baby. After all of that pushing, won’t she know whether there is a screaming brat there or not? He asks her how she can hide herself and prevent Viki form knowing where she is and that she has made Natalie and Jared disappeared if he tells them what she is doing. She tells him that that if does not keep his mouth shut about what she’s doing, she will tell Marty everything. She leaves. Right then, Dr. Joplin calls and asks Todd if he’s planned to save his soul or if he still plans on telling Starr that her baby is dead.

Shane and Matthew are playing video games. Matthew tells Shane that he heard about his “dad” and hopes he gets better. Shane tells Matthew he hopes that both of his dads are ok.

Right then, Brody awakens in the mental hospital and sees fellow SEAL, Wes Granger at the door. Brody sits up but discovers that his wrists are tied to the bed.

Gigi enters Dorian’s home after wearing her disguise and getting help from Marcie and Roxy. Adriana notices that her back is turned. She tells her that she does not look like a familiar nurse. And she demands that the “nurse” turns to show her face. At that point, Gigi does not know what to do.

Tina is bound and determined to find a way to accomplish her mission. So she attaches explosives to the safe. But when she lights the match, they don’t seem to go off. IT only looks like the room might go up in smoke with her in it. She then smothers the fire with a pillow but realizes she does not know how to “do this” without blowing herself up.

Tess goes to find Bree and notices she is still awake. She gives her infant daughter her stuffed animal and reminds her that they got to find a way to get Uncle Todd’s “cooperation”. And they got to figure something out before Viki and Uncle Bo find them. She finds Bree another toy and attempts to get her to go to sleep. She tells her that she can sleep and dream about her daddy as mommy does every night. On the phone with Dr. Joplin, Todd tells her she need not worry about his soul. She need only worry about her son’s drug habit. It’s very easy what she needs to do. She attempts to deliver Starr’s baby. But she tells Starr, Blair, Marcie and whomever else that the baby died. She tells him there’s no way she will pull that off. They will know that the baby did not die. But he reminds her that she is a nurse and can figure it out.

At Dorian’s, when Gigi refuses to turn her head so that Adriana can see her face, Marcie attempts to distract Adriana by telling her she’s sure that this nurse is very qualified. But Adriana demands that she turns around to show some ID.

In Brody’s hospital room, his friend, Wes tells him that he wishes he could have prevented what happened. But it looks like Brody is in trouble. Brody tells Wes that he was right on the mountain. Shane was with him. He had to save him. But he now realizes that he shot Rex Balsam.

Michael rings the doorbell at Dorian’s’. Adriana gets the door and asks him what he is doing there. Marcie informs her that he just came there to help with Rex since she realizes that Adriana is tired. Adriana tells them that she hopes she can rely on both of them not to breathe a word to Gigi about where Rex is. She knows that they are both Gigi’s friends. And she is worried that if Rex sees Gigi., it could set back his recovery. Again, Marcie attempts to distract Adriana. Michael turns to face Gigi and helps her turn her back to Adriana.

Tina attempts to find way to blow up the safe from a website that says Llannet.

Dr. Joplin tells Todd that there is no way that she can pull off his plan about having Starr believing that her baby died. She tells him she doesn’t really care about the consequences. But she would need the “help” of somebody else. She tells him she knows of no “nurse” who would stoop so low as to go through with something like this. And she asks Todd if he does. At that point, Janet appears. Todd replies to Dr. Joplin that, as a matter of fact, yes he does know of a nurse who would “help” them.. She tells him that this is immoral. He tells her she must get over this and asks if they have a deal. He hangs up the phone. He then asks Janet if she could “help” him and Marty with “something”. Right then, Tess and Bree enter. Tess introduces herself to Janet as Todd’s niece, Jessica. She asks who Janet is. Janet introduces herself as the nurse whom Todd hired for Marty.

Shane admits to Matthew that he found out for the first time that “somebody else” is his real dad. Matthew informs Shane that he found out, a few years ago, for the first time, that Bo was his dad. Prior to that, he believed that a man named Sam was his dad. Now he knows that Bo is his real father. Shane informs Matthew that he has only known Brody as his dad.

At Dorian’s, after Gigi refuses to turn her face so that Adriana can see her and only faces Marcie and Michael, they attempt to distract Adriana. Adriana concludes that she will call and get a nurse who is more qualified. But Michael faces Gigi and turns her to face him.. He tells Adriana that he knows all about his excellent nurse. He has highly recommended her.

Tess is upstairs with Bree. And she hears (from the recorder) the conversation between Todd and Janet about how he expects her to “help with a plan”.

Alone in the room, Tina goes through a bunch of stuff she got from the home improvement store. And it’s all so that she can rescue her dog from Cain.

Tess holds Bree on her lap and becomes fascinated by the “entertainment” she is hearing from the recorder with Janet telling Todd that he wonders what will happen when Marty finds out that he raped her. And they get to the part where Janet asks Todd just how he plans to adopt his daughter’s baby when she clearly does not want him to. And how is he going to use “help” of both Janet and Dr. Joplin?

At Dorian’s, Michael and Marcie make certain that Gigi can get into the room to see Rex. Michael “vouches” for this “nurse” whom he tells Adriana is named Nancy. When Adriana wants to follow “Nancy” into Rex’s room, Michael asks her not to do that. He tells her the reason is he needs to meet with his nurse privately. Gigi goes in and introduces herself to the real nurse on duty. But she cannot answer the nurses’ questions. The other nurse leaves. Michael tells Gigi that he wishes he could do more for Rex. But he’s not certain anybody can. Gigi cries and asks Michael just how bad Rex is.

Shane tells Matthew that he remembers when Brody showed up at Rex’s wedding. Rex declared that he is going to marry another woman. And Brody declared that he is his father and the right man for his mother. At that point, he ended his relationship with Rex and believed that Brody was his real father.

In Brody’s hospital room, he urges Wes to find out if Shane and Gigi are ok. And he also needs to know what will happen if Balsam does not make it.

Michael tells Gigi that he hates to tell her this. But Rex is barely hanging in there. And unless something changes very drastically and very soon, this may be the last time anybody sees him. She cries and asks Michael if there is anything he can do. He tells her he will give her a few minutes alone with Rex. But he can only distract Adriana and keep her out of the room for so long. He leaves the room. Gigi then takes off her glasses and goes to Rex. She tells him it’s her. He is still unconscious. She asks him what is up and asks him if he knows how much trouble she went through in order to get into this place. With this “get up” and this wig. She thought he’d have more of a reaction than that. She tells him that she’s known that things never come easy for either one of them. They’ve had to work hard and struggle every step of the way. But they made it. They are now together. She tells him when they first met, they were kids. And she tells him the 4th of July when they made love and conceived Shane, she thought she’d never see him again. But then many years in the future, she runs into him at the Bon Jour Café. And what was he doing? He was buying an engagement ring for Adriana. And at that point, she concluded that that was it. She gave up on him again. But then after they’d seen each other a few more times, he kissed her and she believed that maybe they had a future. Then, Rex postponed his wedding to save Shane’s life. And at that point, she was ready to fight for Rex at any cost.

In Brody’s hospital room, Wes protests to him that it was not his fault what happened to the kid. They were at war. Brody tells Wes that is no excuse. The shrinks tell him that but they won’t convince him of that either. He just wanted to make it right with Shane. But he realizes that although he wishes Shane was his son, Shane deserves a better dad than him.

Shane shares with Matthew that Brody was a great dad. He showed him all kinds of things like Marshall Arts and all the things he learned as a Navy SEAL. Matthew acknowledges that Shane found out that Brody is not Shane’s real dad. And he tells him that his dad, Bo also fought in the war in Viet Nam. And the guy whom he mistakenly believed was his dad, in the past is dead now. His name was Sam Rappaport.

When Gigi is with unconscious Rex, she tells him that he saved her life many times. He saved Shane many times. And all she is asking is for him to let hr save his life.

Tess is relishing listening to Todd’s conversation with Janet the nurse where he asks her to “help” him birth Starr’s baby. She asks him why he’d want her to help him. He tells her he needs her “help” just in case something “goes wrong”. She asks him what he foresees as going wrong when Starr gives birth. He then answers that he wants her to tell Starr and all the others that the baby was a stillbirth. As Tess listens, she remarks that Todd makes her look like Mother Theresa. She hears Janet tell Todd she hopes he is not “planning” to do what she thinks he is. Is he going to make his daughter believe that her baby is dead? He asks her why not? She plans on giving up her kid. There’s no way that Marcie McBain is raising his grandchild. And having the baby will make Marty happy. And he asks her if she would prefer that he goes to the people in Llanview whom she scammed? Tess hears him tell Janet that he finds it odd that he’s concerned about taking a baby from Todd’s daughter even though she doesn’t even know Todd’s daughter. Why would she care? Yet she’s willing to take it away from Marty who is supposedly her friend and who she is hired to care for? She then reminds Todd that she is not a delivery room nurse. While listening to Todd, Tess tells Bree that maybe they should think a little more like Todd.

Tina is alone in the room plotting her scheme to blow up the safe. She summarizes how she will no longer let Cain nor Carlo Hesser not Tess be a threat to her. Then she plans to save Natalie and Jessica. And she (herself) will get to be everybody’s hero.

Tess tells Bree that they need some sort of “leverage” just like Todd has. Maybe they can hold the crown jewels over all of the people who are a threat to them. She then puts Bree to bed and goes out the door. At that point, she runs into Janet and asks in a courteous manner if Janet can do her a favor and check on her little one while she goes and runs some errands. She reminds Janet that it will be “practice” for her for when she helps to birth Todd and Marty’s baby. At that point, Janet does what “Jessica” asks her but appears worried that now everybody knows what she might be up to. Tess goes and finds Todd and implies to him that she knows what he and Janet are up to.

Shane admits to Matthew that he is worried about Rex. When he first heard what happened to him, he didn’t care. He believed that Rex betrayed him and his mom.. But he does care what happens to Rex. He knows that Rex really is his dad. And he remembers when they were bonding not long ago.. Matthew admits to Shane that he could not live without Bo in his life even though he just found out that Bo was his dad not long ago.

In Brody’s hospital room, he tells Wes he cannot believe that he shot a guy. Can Wes find out what happened to Balsam? Wes does not seem like he wants to answer. But Brody demands that Wes tells him what happened to Rex.

Gigi pleads to an unconscious Rex that he has to come back to her.

Matthew tells Shane that it’s ok for him to forget about Brody now that he knows that Brody is not his real dad. He came to the realization that Sam was not his dead. And at least Brody is alive. Shane tells Matthew he knows that. But he’s worried that Rex might not make it.

Gigi tells Rex that they could not have gone through all they went through just to lose each other.

Brody asks Wes how Balsam is. Wes tells Brody he’s sorry but it does not look good. He does not know if Rex is going to make it.

Gigi leans over Rex and tells him wherever he is, she will go there and bring him back. Even if she has to get struck by lightening and taken back to another time and place. No matter what she needs to do or where she needs to go, she will do it. She will go there.

Todd sits alone and hears all of the voices in his head of all the people telling him how sick he is. He hears Dr. Joplin and Janet telling him how evil his plan is. And he hears Tess taunting him about being a sick bastard in regard to Marty and the whole situation..

Tina is right then plotting her plan with the explosives when Tess returns home.

Wes tells Brody that it might take him (Brody) some time. But he knows that Brody will get though it.

Matthew and Shane go to sleep. And Shane relieves the history that he has had with both Rex and with Brody. He remembers telling Brody that the best thing that ever happened was having Brody coming back into his life. And Brody told him no matter what happens, even if his mom gets back with Rex, he will still be a part of Shane’s life.

While Gigi is in the room alone with Rex, Michael stands outside the door. Adriana comes by and asks Michael why he is not in the room with Rex. Gigi leans over Rex and cries and tells him that now that she’s finally gotten him back, he cannot leave her now. Right then, Rex suddenly opens his eyes and turns his head to face Gigi.

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