OLTL Update Wednesday 10/22/08

One Life to Live Update Wednesday 10/22/08


Written By Jeannie
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita

At Dorian’s, Rex is being taken care of by the nurse as Cole reads to him. Starr smiles. Cole asks her why she’s looking at him funny. She tells him he will be an awesome dad.

Marcie comes to the front door and tells Adriana she wants to see Starr but Adriana thinks she’s here to plead Gigi’s case.

At the police station, Bo gets the message that Adriana had Rex moved. He tells John about how she’s been acting. Bo tells John about Jessica possibly being Tess.

Tess talks to Marty and asks why she’s looking at Bree like she’s seen a ghost. Marty says she may have.

Tina visits Todd for help.

Charlie goes to Llanfair and sees Viki. She asks him about Jared. Charlie hasn’t seen him. Viki is worried. She tells him Natalie and Jared may both be missing.

In the basement, Natalie and Jared wonder where Tess is. Natalie wonders if she’ll ever come back. Jared says they will figure something out.

Charlie and Viki talk about the last time he’s seen Jared. Viki tells him what happened last time she talked to him. She says he never came home last night. Charlie starts to get nervous. Viki says she has to tell him something.

Marty tells Tess when she held Bree she remembered another baby. She asks Tess about a little boy that may have been in her life.

Tina asks Todd for help. She tells him not to be such a hard ass. She asks him about Jessica/Tess.

Bo tells John about Jared’s suspicions. Bo says Rex is like a brother to Natalie. It doesn’t sound like Natalie to stay away. He says he talked to Viki about Jessica maybe being Tess. They think Tess has something to do with Natalie and Jared being missing.

Natalie’s ankle is swollen. Jared rips a pillowcase to wrap her ankle. Natalie says she has to get out of here right now.

John and Bo discuss the letters from Natalie. They think Tess forced Natalie to write it. John wonders what she knows about Natalie and Manning.

Tina asks Viki for the combination to Viki’s safe. Todd says no and get the hell out of my house.

Tess is ready to leave with Bree but sees Tina. She stops and turns back to Marty. She says she might remember a little boy.

Cole says he won’t be reading to their child, Marcie will. Starr says she means he will be a great father some day.

Marcie tries to talk about Starr and Adriana says Starr isn’t here. Gigi sneaks around back and sees Rex through the window.

Marcie tells Adriana it’s really late, is she sure Starr isn’t home? Adriana says she isn’t her baby sitter. Marcie says she’ll leave her a note. She asks for a pen. Her phone buzzes. Gigi texts her that Starr is in the living room. Marcie calls Starr and she tells her she’s in the living room with Rex. Starr and Cole go out to see Marcie. Gigi starts to go in but Sean stops her.

Tess asks if Marty could be thinking of Todd and Blair’s son. Marty asks if someone is out there with Todd, is it John? Tess says yes.

Bo and John talk about Natalie and the possibility of Tess protecting Manning.

Todd shoves Tina out the door. Todd threatens to call the cops and Tina laughs. The cops hate Todd. She tells him she needs his help with the safe. She says whatever is in that safe was hers. Todd says the only way to open the safe is to blow it up. Tina says it’s a matter of life or death. Someone near and dear to her will die.

Natalie asks if Jared knows how to get them out of here and he says, trust me.

Bo and John talk about getting back in Manning’s house. Bo says the mayor told him to stop harassing Manning. John says they should get over to Todd’s and find out what’s going on. John says if something happened to Natalie they have to find out what’s going on. Bo asks who he thinks Manning is hiding.

At Todd’s, Marty is afraid and wants to leave. Tess tells her to relax and to say in the room. Marty touches Bree’s hand and has a flashback.

Tina pleads with Todd to help David Vickers. Todd slams the door in her face.

Todd comes back into the living room, Marty asks if Todd was talking to John. Todd says it wasn’t her. Tess tells Todd Marty had a memory about a baby.

Charlie and Viki talk about Tess. She says Jared figured it out. She tells Charlie Tess is the reason Jared went to prison. Viki blames herself for Tess existing.

Natalie and Jared talk about escaping. Jared tells her to close her eyes and imagine they are somewhere else. He talks her through an imaginary place. He tells her to open her eyes and they are near the fire pit at the ranch in Texas. They talk about the first time he told her he loved her. They kiss.

Marty tells Todd about her memories. She remembers holding a baby and reading to him.

Starr asks Adriana why she told Marcie she wasn’t here. Adriana says she’s worried about her pal Gigi.

Gigi tells Sean she stepped out for a cigarette. Gigi asks for a light. Sean says it’s bad for her health. Gigi says she’s the night nurse. Sean leaves. Gig tries the door but it’s locked.

Todd says everyone knows someone with kids. Marty says it’s more than that and guesses what the memory is about. Todd says she’s a natural mother. Marty remembers she loved the baby. She says she still feels it. Todd says it means she’s one of the most caring individuals he ever met and she’ll be a great mom. Marty wonders if all her memories will come back now. Todd goes into the hall. Tess is coming down stairs. She used Todd’s baby stuff to put Bree to bed.

Charlie and Viki talk about Tess. Viki wants to find her because she has Bree. Viki thinks she’s a danger to everyone.

In the basement, Jared asks Natalie to dance. They hear music and start dancing. They are back in the basement room dancing.

Marcie tells Adriana she’s not her enemy. She says she’s still her friend. Starr walks Cole to his car. Marcie tells Adriana she’s a mess. She says if Rex wakes up she should look her best. Like the woman he fell in love with. Gigi texts Marcie that the door is locked. Adriana says she guesses she could use a couple minutes to herself and they go upstairs. Marcie texts her; front door now.

Viki and Charlie worry about Natalie and Jared. Charlie asks what he can do. Viki doesn’t know. He suggests poking around their room. Viki stops and thanks him. She is grateful he’s here now. They go up to Natalie and Jared’s room. Tina comes home. She goes into the living room and shuts the door. Checking to make sure there is no one around she pats the bag in her hand and says thanks Todd.

Todd says Tess can stay one night but Bree can stay as long as she needs to. Tess asks what Tina told him. Todd asks if she did something to Natalie and Jared that would get her put in jail. Tess says don’t worry, Natalie and Jared are together. Tess tells him to go check on Marty. What’s going to happen to her memories when she’s bouncing her own grandchild on her knee. Tess goes to get something to eat. Todd goes back to Marty. She keeps thinking of the little boy from her memories.

Cole and Starr talk. Gigi is trying to sneak around the house and sees them.

Tina looks at David Vickers picture and pulls dynamite out of her bag.

Charlie and Viki come down stairs after finding nothing upstairs. Viki is very worried and Charlie tries to comfort her. He says the only thing that matters is that they find their kids. They hug.

Natalie and Jared lay on the couch and talk. Natalie says she gets scared every time she thinks about what’s going to happen to them. Jared tells her not to worry.

John and Bo talk. John says he can’t tell him what he’s thinking about because too many people could get hurt. He says Bo will be the first to know when he has evidence. Bo wants to find Tess.

Todd tries to reassure Marty. Marty says she’s going to go to bed. She’s sick of not knowing who she is. Todd says she’s about to be a mother to a real baby. They say goodnight.

Gigi watches Cole and Starr talk. Cole talks about Marty. They talk about Rex. Gigi listens.

Tess talks to Todd. She wants to know how he’s going to steal Starr’s baby.

Cole and Starr walk to his car and Gigi comes to the front door. She sneaks in and goes into the living room. Adriana is on the stairs and calls out to stop her.

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