OLTL Update Tuesday 10/21/08

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 10/21/08


Written By Jennifer S.
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita

Todd and Marty are going through a list of different names for the baby. She makes it clear that she remembers the names he chose for his: Starr, Jack and Sam. Right then, Tess comes through the door and pays her “uncle Todd” a visit. While looking at the baby book, Marty concludes that the name Sarah sounds nice.

At the station, Sarah and Cristian talk about what has happened involving Carlo Hesser and her mother and now Vanessa and Ray Montez and Dorian Lord. Outside in the other room, Langston and her friends are wondering what to do after all that has happened.

At Dorian’s home, Adriana sits beside unconscious Rex while the tubes and machines are hooked up to him. She reminisces about all of the times they’ve had together and how she is determined to have a future with him.

Meanwhile, Marcie takes Gigi to the Angel Square motel and tells her that she is determined to find a way to help her get into La Boulaie so that she can see Rex.

At Viki’s home, Viki tells Bo that maybe Tina just didn’t realize what might be going on with Jessica. Bo tells her that what he believes is that Tina only thinks about Tina. Viki tells Bo she realizes that her sister has not had a good track record with being responsible. But she has grown up. In the other room, Tina is panicking after she’s gotten the “hard copy” envelope that indicates that Cain Rogan has kidnapped her dog. And at that point, she notices a message on her cell. And somebody has sent her a picture of the dog. She tells them how dare they do that to “her baby”

At Todd’s, he asks Tess what is up. She tells him that she and Bree and the new baby are moving in.

Roxy returns to the angel square motel and appears angry and frustrated. Charlie asks her what is up. She tells him that she went to the hospital to see her son. And she found out that Adriana has taken him “somewhere” and nobody has any way of even finding out where she’s taken him. She is his mother and she has no rights. All of the people who love him and care for him cannot even see him. Rex is all alone and sick and helpless and needs them. Yet there’s nothing anybody can do because of Adriana.

Cole goes to see Starr at Dorian’s house. He tells her that even if Ray Montez has legal custody of Langston, there are ways he could get deported since he is a convicted criminal. At that point, Adriana opens the door and demands that they keep their voices down. She is “taking care” of somebody. They stare inside the room and cannot believe what they see.

Viki asks Bo if he really believes that “Tess” is responsible for Natalie and Jared’s disappearance. He tells her he has to consider that possibility.

Todd tells Tess that he does not have any “vacancies” in his home. She tells him yes he does. And she asks Bree to ask “unckie Todd” to move his brain-damaged girlfriend to another room. He gets on the phone to call Viki and get Tess out of his house. But she tells him he better not. Or else she will give Marty a “history lesson”. At that point, Marty calls to Todd and notices that “Jessica” has come to visit her uncle. She smiles and happily greets her “boyfriend’s niece”. Tess acts friendly and warm to Marty and introduces her to Bree. Marty observes that Tess looks like she is expecting another one. Tess tells Marty yes. She is so happily excited to be a mom for the second time. At that point, Marty tells Tess that she and Todd are going to have their own “joyous celebration” soon. They can’t wait to have their baby. Hearing that, Tess is fascinated to hear more about the “baby” that Todd and Marty will have that she’s never before heard about..

Tina gets text messages form Cain where he tells her she better hand over the jewels or Carlo Hesser will get her and get Sarah. She better hand them over within 24 hours, or “David Vickers”, (the dog) will meet “Davie Jones”.

Viki and Bo are brainstorming about whether they should expect Tina to help them with how it is that Natalie and Jared disappeared.

Gigi greets Roxy and Charlie and notices that Roxy is very upset and depressed about what has happened to her son and the fact that she is helpless to see him. She asks Roxy if she wants to give up and feel sorry for herself or if she wants to take action. Charlie asks her not to say that to Roxy. Gigi tells them that she does not want Shane to be around his grandmother if she has given up on his dad. And she and Marcie have a plan.

After Adriana notices Starr and Cole talking in the other room and she asks them to keep their voices down, she apologizes for snapping at them. She notices that they are “curious” about the fact that Rex is lying in a bed with tubes and machines, unconscious, in Dorian’s living room. Starr asks Adriana if she really thinks this is a good idea. She asks her cousin if she and Rex have not broken up. Adriana tells Starr that she knows what she is doing. No. She does not want to follow in Dorian’s footsteps. But she is going to have a future with her husband. And she knows that Dorian has her own issues to deal with, right now, involving Langston.

At the station, Langston talks to Lola and asks her about her father, Langston’s uncle Ray. Markko tells her that maybe they can go to the hospital and check on her dad. Lola asks Langston why she would want to do that. Having absolutely no clue why it is that Lola is not in favor of that idea, Langston tells her she realizes that she (Lola) and her father must be “very close”. Lola must really love him and be devastated by what has happened to him. She realizes that they just met and maybe Lola does not want two strangers to get in the way of her relationship with her beloved father and all. But Lola sets Langston straight by telling her that she must be crazy to think she could care less if Ray lives or dies. He murdered her mother. And he can rot in hell for all she cares.

In response to Gigi’s and Marcie’s “pep talk” to Roxie, she tells them she is going to get off the pity pot. Gigi tells her she would be great. Marcie tells Roxie she completely understands how she is upset given the situation and she is more than welcome to “vent” to them about her thoughts and feelings.. Roxie tells them that she hates Adriana’s worthless guts. They tell her that’s fine with them. She tells them that she wants to make that worthless little twit pay for what she has done to Rex and to everybody who loves him. They tell her they are completely on board with that. And they have a way to put Adriana in her place. And that would involve having Gigi being Rex’s own private nurse.

At Dorian’s, after Starr and Cole observe what Adriana is doing, she tells them that she has to leave for a while. And she asks them if maybe they can stay with him for a while. Starr then suggests that maybe she reads to Rex something that she reads to the baby. Adriana leaves Starr and Cole alone with Rex. They stare at him. And noticing that he is hanging between life and death, they conclude that sometimes life is too short to let situations prevent people who love each other from being together.

After Lola has informed Langston that her father and Langston’s uncle murdered Lola’s mother, Langston tells them she cannot believe that.

Bo tells Viki he needs to return to the station. Viki then enters the study and is shocked to notice Tina trying to unlock the safe.

After Marty has revealed to Tess that she and Todd are “having a baby”, Tess assumes that Marty is pregnant. She remarks that Marty does not appear to be “showing”. She stares at both of them in awe of the possibility that they might have had sex and conceived a child together. Marty then clarifies to Tess that no. She is not pregnant. She and Todd are going to adopt Starr’s baby. She smiles and assumes that everything is great with that and has no clue of what Tess knows regarding Starr’s baby.

After Viki catches Tina attempting to break into the safe and Tina gives no explanation, she notices that her sister is crying and asks why. Tina tells her sister that she is concerned that her dog is missing. Viki tells her that she is certain that nobody took or would want to hurt her dog. Maybe she should ask the gardener or somebody if they have seen him. She notices that Tina has a gun and tells her there is no reason to threaten anybody or assume that they would hurt her dog.

At Todd’s, Tess privately asks Marty how it is that she and Todd would be adopting Starr’s baby. She tells her that Todd told her that Starr decided that she was too young to be a mom and she wanted her father and his new friend to raise the baby. Tess asks Marty if she has discussed the matter with Starr. Has she even met Todd’s daughter? Marty admits that she has not and is merely “taking Todd’s word” that things have happened as he has said. Tess then asks Marty if she knows the name of the father of Starr’s baby and what he might think or feel about the “arrangement”. She notices that Marty has absolutely no clue that it is her own son. In response to that, Todd turns away appearing frustrated and tells them that none of that matters.

Gigi and Marcie tell Roxy and Charlie that they know how to bust into Dorian’s home so that they can all see Rex. But Roxy has her doubts about how Gigi can disguise herself and be unnoticed dressed as a nurse. And she suggests the “foxy Roxy” touch.

At the station, Lola tells Langston and Markko that all she wants is for her “father” to go back to prison and for Vanessa to be free.

Bo asks Cristian just what is the deal with Vanessa. Cristian tells BO that Vanessa acted to protect Lola from Ray. He is a murderer. He killed her mother. Vanessa is not a threat to society. Bo asks what they will do with Lola. She’s a minor. She has no “legal guardian”. So maybe he should call child protective services. But Cristian tells Bo no. He does not want that to happen. She can stay with him. Sarah stands beside Cristian.

Roxy is ready to find clothing and disguises for herself and Charlie and Gigi and Marcie and all of Rex’s friends. He remarks that he is happy to see her now looking so happy and positive when she was distraught for so long. She tells him that Jared is very lucky to have him for a father. She runs up the stairs. At that point, Charlie gets on the phone and leaves another message for his son. He urges Jared to call him and tells him he really misses him. But the message, yet again, goes to voice mail and he cannot get through to Jared.

Viki asks Tina what is up. Tina gets another text with the picture of her dog. She tells her sister that she has to leave and try to find her dog. And she doesn’t want to burden Viki with her problems. She knows that Viki cannot find her two daughters. They’ve now discovered that not only has Natalie disappeared. “Jessica” has now gone and they don’t’ know where she is.

Cristian tells Bo that he met Vanessa when he was being tortured in prison by Carlo Hesser and his goons. Vanessa has been taking care of Lola. She explained the whole situation involving Ray. She saved his life when Carlo was going to kill him. And he promised her if something were to happen to her that he would take care of Lola. Sarah tells Bo that Cristian merely wanted to do what is right.

While Starr and Cole sit in Dorian’s living room while Rex is there, they talk about all of the books to read to a baby and remember what their moms and dads read to them when they were children. Cole recalls his mom (Marty) reading him a certain literary poem. And he recites it.

At Todd’s, he asks Marty if he and Jessica can “discuss some family business together”. She tells them sure. She interacts with Bree, alone in the room and seems to adore her. Todd pushes Tess out the door. He tells her that his daughter loves him and wants him to take care of her child. She tells him she does not buy that for a minute. What does he plan to do? Is he going to steal Starr’s baby? And just how does he plan to pull that off and get away with it and have Marty believing the lie that he’s telling her?

After Cristian and Sarah explain to Bo what he is willing to do for Vanessa and Lola, she tells him that she is more than willing to cooperate with the arrangement. She realizes were it not for Vanessa, she might never be able to see the man she loves again. Alone in his office, Bo gets a message from Gigi informing him that she has found out that Adriana has “moved” Rex into Dorian’s living room. But not to worry, she tells him. She has a plan.

At that point, Marcie, Roxy and Gigi all gather outside Dorian’s. Gigi is wearing a long blond wig in a pony tail and glasses and Roxy has a disguise. Only Marcie is dressed like herself. She rings the doorbell. Gigi and Roxy hide behind the bushes. Adriana gets the door and asks Marcie what she is doing there.

In the living room, beside Rex, Cole recites the story that his mother read to him when he was a little child.

Marty is reciting stories to Bree. And she seems to have a flashback of another infant whom she read stories to, many years ago. And she knows that it happened, at some time, in her life. But she cannot figure out how and with whom.

Outside the door, Tess tells Todd that there are many things she will need, at his expense. And if he is not willing to do what she wants, she will announce to everybody that Marty Saybrooke is alive and well and Todd is going to take her away. She runs inside. And Tina is at the door. She greets Todd and asks him what is up. Todd does not know what to say to his sister.

Viki gets her door and is stunned by whom she sees is there.

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