OLTL Update Monday 10/20/08

One Life to Live Update Monday 10/20/08


Written By Jennifer S.
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita

Marcie comes down to the hospital when Gigi tells her she does not know who else to turn to.. Gigi tells her that she has no way to see Rex and Adriana is preventing her from being with the man she loves merely because she wants “Revenge”

At the airport, it looks like Dorian is “too late” to call off the shooter. He comes out of hiding and shoots Ray. John arrives and fires a shot at the guy. But he’s already gotten Ray and Ray falls to the floor. And they discover that not only did Dorian’s “hitman” intend to shoot Ray. Vanessa was ready to shoot him on sight even though she had no clue that she’d run into him.

At Todd’s, he shows Marty some pictures of Starr’s sonogram. She still has no clue what Todd is going to do. She tells Todd that she has many “ideas” for baby names. One of which is Patrick if it’s a boy -- the name of her deceased husband. At that point, Janet enters and tells them she has an “idea”. She suggests what about Cole. Todd eyes her coldly.

At the hospital, after both Ray and the gunman have been shot, John calls to have them both hauled to the hospital. Everybody stands around them. Dorian looks at Ray and asks if he is dead. Talia goes to see if Ray has a pulse and notices that he does. Dorian responds by saying that is “too bad”. Talia tells her that maybe she should not be so “coy”. The police could charge “somebody” with murder. John then corners the gunman and has the security and cops take him away.. John rushes to see if John is ok. He tells her that he knows that Dorian is behind what happened to Ray. They both stare at Dorian and she does not deny what they believe about her.

At the hospital, Gigi tells Marcie that she had and “idea”. Since Marcie volunteers at the hospital. maybe she could get access to Rex’s medical records and find out where Adriana may have taken him. Marcie is not certain she can help Gigi. Michael, then enters and they realize that he might very well know where Rex is. He replies that he does.

At the airport, after Ray has been shot, Langston expresses to Cole that she had no clue that Ray had a wife. And she wonders why Vanessa would shoot her own husband. He asks her why she would care. She tells him that regardless of circumstances, Ray is still her uncle and she does not want him to die.

At Todd’s home, after Marty has left Todd and Janet alone, Janet tells him that she knows that Todd is up to some “pretty sick plan” regarding Marty. She tells Todd that she has found out that Marty is not the only person who suffers from “memory loss”. She did some “research” and has found out that the life of Marty Saybrooke is not at all like what Todd has told her. She happens to know that Marty has a son named Cole who goes to Llanview High and she’s found out many things that Todd did not want anybody to know.

At the airport, John asks Vanessa what her name is. She informs him that she is Vanessa Montez and this is her stepdaughter, Lola. He asks her if she has traveled all this distance just to put a bullet in Ray. Cristian steps in and tells John no. She carried the gun for her safety. And she shot Ray in order to protect her daughter from him. John then asks Vanessa why she believed that Ray would hurt his own daughter. Not far away, Blair tells Dorian she knows that she was up to something pretty “shady”. And she asks her aunt if this has benefited Langston. The ambulance comes and hauls Ray away in the stretcher. Antonio tells Vanessa and Lola that he will take them with him and Talia. Cristian and Sara rejoice to see each other. After watching what has just happened, Dorian tells Langston that she is “sorry” that this had to happen. But why don’t we all go home now? At that point John tells her not so fast. He knows that she is responsible for what happened to Ray. And she’s going down to the station with him.

At the hospital, after Gigi and Marcie suggest to Michael that he helps Gigi to find Rex, he tells them that he cannot do that. When Rex is unconscious and cannot tell anybody what he wants, Adriana has the legal power of attorney over him since she is his wife. But Gigi tells Michael he must make an exception and realize that she cannot accept never being able to see the love of her life again.

Janet cries to Todd and tells him that she thinks it’s abhorrent that he is keeping the secret from Marty that she has a son who believes that she is dead. He asks her why she has the ‘moral” high ground. She sure didn’t mind taking Ramsey’s money and now his to be lying to Marty. She then remembers what John found out about her. And she realizes that she better not do anything that could motivate Todd to be her “enemy” with the goods they have on her.

At the airport, after John tells Dorian he needs to take her down to the station for some questioning, she tells Langston that no matter what happens, she must know that Ray is not fit to be her legal guardian. So she needs to go to court and petition. She leaves. Starr hugs her and tells her she is so happy that this nightmare is over and Langston does not have to go on any plane with Ray. But Langston is concerned about how it is that Ray’s wife had a plan to kill him long before she knew when or if she’d ever see him again. And she needs to know what all was involved in that.

John takes Dorian to the station and gets a statement from her. He asks her if she is refusing legal counsel. She replies yes. He asks her what she saw. She informs him that she saw a man come out of nowhere at the airport, wearing a security officer uniform. And he shot Ray Montez. John then tells Dorian he happens to know that the guy was a hired “contracted” hit man. So, the question he has is just how much she wants to keep Langston away from Ray. In the lobby of the station, Cristian and Sara go with Antonio, Talia, Vanessa and Lola. Antonio and Talia ask Cristian just what he knows about Vanessa’s motives. Cristian tells them that she told him that she was terrified of Montez. He murdered Lola’s real mother. Antonio tells his brother and Sara that he happens to know that Montez is not only the ex husband of Vanessa and father of Lola, he is uncle to Langston Wilde who happens to be Dorian Lord’s foster daughter.

Cole and Starr talk alone. He tells her he’s been concerned about her and what is going on. He wants to make certain that she is ok. He asks her about the baby. She admits to him that she had contractions just yesterday. But everything is fine. The doctor did, however, tell her that she might be having the baby sooner than previously expected

Janet tells Todd that Marty needs to know that she has a son who loves her and wants to protect her. He tells her that Marty has no memory nor feelings about Cole. She believes rightfully, that Todd cares about her and she is choosing to be with him. Janet then cries and tells Todd that she found out that he raped Marty. He tells her that that is not an issue with Marty. Janet cries and tells Todd that this is despicable what he is doing. Marty is falling in love with him. He tells her that he is also falling in love with Marty.

Adriana has taken Rex to a “private facility” that just happens to be Dorian’s living room. Blair then enters and asks her just what has happened. Adriana tells her cousin that she believed that this is the best place for her “husband”. The doctors told her that he’d have to go to a long term care facility. If he wakes up, she wants him to do so on his own.. And whatever happens, she does not want to send him to a place like this. Blair then asks Adriana if this is “really” what this is all about.

At the hospital, Michael informs Gigi and Marcie that Adriana has taken Rex to her mother’s mansion. Gigi asks how she could possibly see him when he’s there. With all of the security and obstacles to get into the house, she does not know what to do.

At the station, Antonio and Talia admit their suspicions about Vanessa Montez. But Cristian tells them he believes that she is for real. She is only protecting Lola from a murderer.

Langston tells Markko that she does not want to go to Columbia with Ray. But she also does not want her uncle to die. And she tells him that she has to find out what is up with Dorian right now.

At the station, Dorian tells John that she does not know what exactly he is “implying” by telling her that he knows she would stop at nothing in order to keep Langston. She asks him why, if she wanted to have Ray shot, would she have rushed to try to prevent the hit man from shooting him?. At that point, John asks a detective to find Jack McNaughton and bring him in for questioning. She appears to know all about Dorian and Jack’s plan. He tells Dorian it should not take long to find McNaughton and find out from him what Dorian is not telling. Dorian smiles and tells John that Jack will corroborate her story. She tells hit that everybody in the airport saw that woman ready to shoot Montez. Maybe she just wanted to prevent a criminal from taking Langston away from her family.. So as far as she is concerned, Vanessa is her personal hero. In the other room, Antonio puts Vanessa in handcuffs and is going to let her spend the night in jail. Lola is worried what will happen to her. But Vanessa tells her step daughter she will be fine. And Cristian will take care of Lola tonight.

At the hospital, Gigi tells Marcie she does not like having Rex stuck in Dorian’s home. Marcie tells Gigi she does not agree with what Adriana has done. But Dorian can afford all of the round-the-clock medical care and Rex will be ok.

After Blair discovers what Adriana has done with Rex in Dorian’s living room, Adriana asks Blair if she hates her and Rex so much that she would not care of Rex dies. Blair tells her no. She has had her differences with both of them but she does not want any harm to come to Rex. Blair does ask her cousin, however, if she is really certain that this is what is best for Rex. Adriana tells Blair that these nurses can give him all the care that he would need. And she herself can be there for him. Blair tells Adriana she just does not want her to get her hopes up. Even if Rex recovers, she needs to know that he has divorced her and they will not get back together.

Janet tells Todd that he raped Marty and now he thinks that the two of them can have a “relationship” and that he will be able to “fall in love” with her. He reminds Janet that all Marty knows and cares about is him. And he reminds her that he knows all about her past. He then writes her a check and tells her that unless she wants to experience some “repercussions” for her actions, he suggests she keeps her mouth shut. He gives her the check and asks if they understand each other. She answers yes. They understand each other.

Cole tells Starr that it won’t be long before their baby will no longer be “in there" in her belly. It will soon be a part of this world. He then tells her that he really hopes that things work out for Langston. She is his friend just like she’s Starr’s. And he will never forget all that she and Langston and Markko have all done for him. He doesn’t know how he could have gotten through his mom’s death without all of them.

Adriana tells Blair that all she cares about is her husband getting better. Blair tells her she will accept that as an answer. But she realizes what will happen if and when Rex wakes up and can make his own decisions.

Cole tells Starr that he cannot believe how it is that Ray Montez got shot. She tells him she does not either. They care about Langston first and foremost and about each other. She then suggests that he stays in Dorian’s home with her, as a friend.

Todd and Marty are going over a list of names for the baby. In the other room, Janet is remembering being interrogated by John and hearing all that he found out about her.

John tapes everything in his conversation with Dorian and tells her that he’s going to let her spend the night in the cell. Right then, he gets a call from Janet. But she hangs up, apparently chickening out from telling him what she was tempted to tell him about Todd and Marty.

At the station, Langston and Cole approach Lola while she’s waiting for her step mother. Langston introduces herself to Lola as her cousin and shakes her hand.

Marcie tells Gigi that it’s all a question of just how bad she wants to get into Dorian’s house so that she can see Rex.

In the house, Adriana touches unconscious Rex’s hand and tells him they can start over, have a real marriage and nobody and nothing can ever come between them again.

Marcie tells Gigi she has a plan. It may be crazy. But she will go through with it to get Gigi into the Cramer house so that she can be with Rex.

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