OLTL Update Friday 10/17/08

One Life to Live Update Friday 10/17/08


Written By Jennifer S.
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita

Antonio, Talia and Sarah are at the airport ready to book a flight to South America in search of Cristian. At that point, they find out that their flight has been delayed. Sarah is very worried about being prevented form finding him. Talia attempts to assure her that everything will be okay. But Sarah reminds her that when Cristian called her, they got cut off. She has no clue where he is or what is going on with him.

Meanwhile, Cristian is flying to Llanview with Ray’s wife, Vanessa and his daughter, Lola. He reminds her that she promised to tell the whole story about her “husband”. He reminds her that she was married to a murderer. But she informs Cristian that Ray Montez could be very charming and very convincing.

Meanwhile, Ray calls Clint and tells him that he really doesn’t want to go through with putting that girl on a plane. And he knows that Clint doesn’t want that either. Clint tells Ray he must trust him. He won’t have to. There is no way that Dorian will let that happen. But Ray seems to know that she is not about to give up her company. And she is not preventing him from taking Langston. He seems to somehow know that something is “up”. Not far away, Dorian, Langston, Starr, Markko and Cole are nearby. Dorian approaches Ray and attempts to stall him. Not far away, the guy whom Jack McNaughton hired is plotting his plan. It looks like he’s in a locked room assembling a pistol.

John goes to see Blair and tells her that he knows that Clint had a “plan” to take Langston from Dorian. And he wanted to let her know what is up and he promised to check things out. She admits that everybody was shocked that Ray won the custody case. And she knows that Dorian has a “plan” that she is not about to share with anybody. John asks Blair if she knows what is up with her aunt. Blair admits that all she knows is that Dorian went off on the judge and then he threw her in jail for contempt. The next day, surprisingly, however, she apologized and appeared much calmer. They both know that she found out that the reason Ray came out of nowhere to adopt Langston is because Clint Buchanan put him up to that. Blair tells John that Dorian did reveal that she had some sort of “plan”. Yet, nobody had heard what that is.

At the airport, Dorian and Langston urge Ray to give them a few more minutes. He then tells them he will give them some time. But the line could be very long in the security check out. And he wants to get home soon. Langston then returns to her friends and tells them that she can stay with them a while longer. Star hugs her. And Starr turns to Dorian and asks her if this is the way “Cramer women” do things in order to stick together. She believes that her aunt is not doing much to prevent Langston from being taken form them. But Dorian firmly tells Starr that she must know that she is doing everything she can.

Nora overhears Clint’s phone conversation with Ray and asks just what his plan is, now. He tells her that it seems Dorian needs “a little nudge”. She tells him that he always knows how to work things out. And they kiss. He promises her that things will all be over soon. From upstairs. Dallas watches them. When Clint is gone, she comes down the stairs and informs Nora that it appears they have “worked things out”. Nora then asks Dallas just how she’d know anything about Nora and Clint’s relationship. Dallas informs Nora that she and Clint talk about many personal things at breakfast.

In the plane, Vanessa informs Christian that she has been taking care of Lola throughout her life. Ray killed Lola’s mother. He thought that she was cheating on him. She tells Cristian that Ray thinks he can take whatever he wants. Lola sleeps beside them.

While Dorian, Ray, Langston and the others are waiting at the airport, Jack McNaughton makes certain that his “hired guy” is going to do what Dorian has hired him to do. It looks like the guy is going to get dressed in a uniform to look like a pilot or security guard.

Antonio and Talia inform Sarah that they traced Cristian’s call to somewhere near Bogotá. But she questions how reliable that would be. They explain to her that when they get closer to the area, the phone company should be able to pinpoint the area better. Talia assures Sarah that at least they know that he is alive. Sarah tells them that it appeared that Cristian would still be alive since he called her the previous day. But why, if he’s ok, has he not called her again?

On the flight to Llanview, Cristian asks Vanessa just what happened in regard to getting Lola away from Ray. And he remarks that when she appeared to be so afraid of him, she did not act accordingly. The flight attendant then announces that they are ready to land in Llanview very shortly. Vanessa smiles.

After Dallas informs Nora that she and Clint talk about his and Nora’s business, she tells Nora that she and Clint have a few things in common that he does not have with Nora. She knows that since Nora is a lawyer and prosecutor, she sees things all black and white. But she (Dallas) and Clint both see things differently than Nora does. Nora then turns coldly away and tells Dallas she does not need “help” or advice from her regarding her relationship with Clint.

Right when Langston is ready to board her flight, she and Starr relive all of the times they’ve had together, all the fun the four of them have had together. They remember how they became foster cousins and sisters and they will always be best friends. They hug and cry. At that point, Clint appears and faces Dorian.

In regard to John’s asking Blair what is up with the “plan” that Dorian has, she tells him that she doubts that whatever it was, that Dorian went through with it. John asks her why she believes that Dorian did not go through with her plan. Blair replies because Dorian took Langston to the airport and Ray came along. Right then, Addie appears. John informs her that he heard that Jack McNaughton came to visit Dorian when she was in jail. And he found out that it was Addie who called him. Addie admits that Dorian asked her to call Jack. She thought that her sister merely needed a lawyer.. But, hearing that, Blair puts two and two together in figuring out what Dorian’s association with Jack McNaughton might be about.

Sarah tells Antonio and Talia that she is very worried about Cristian. She did not have a chance to talk to him nor have a clue what he intended to tell her. Maybe Carlo Hesser got to him. Maybe any number of other things could have happened. Antonio tells her she mustn’t drive herself insane with all the: “what ifs”. But right then, when they least expect it, Cristian enters from the boarding gate. Sarah rushes to him and holds him. Vanessa and Lola are standing behind Cristian not looking very “enthused” to see the attention that his girlfriend has given him.

While Nora and Dallas are having their “discussion”, Renee enters and tells Dallas that she doesn’t want her to feel “cramped” in this place. She can let her stay at the Palace at a reduced rate. Dallas does not seem too thrilled about that. But Nora tells Renee that would be most gracious of her. Dallas leaves. Nora tells Renee that her timing was impeccable. Renee tells Nora she could see that Nora doesn’t much care for Dallas. Nora reminds Renee that Dallas is Clint’s “ex”. Renee smiles and laughs and tells Nora she need not consider that Dallas could come between her and Clint. But Nora informs Renee that she and Clint have had some “fundamental differences about ethics”. And she asks Renee if she believes she and Clint can get past it. Renee tells Nora that depends upon how much Nora wants to get past it.

Clint appears before Dorian, Langston, Starr, Cole and Markko. And he announces that he informed Dorian that he would be more than willing to drop the whole thing about Ray adopting Langston. Ray was going to cooperate and go away. But Dorian did not accept the offer. All he asked for, in return, was that Dorian give him back the company that is rightfully his that she stole from him. Yet, she refused his offer. So it appears that Dorian cares more about the company than she does about Langston. Hearing that, Starr turns to Dorian and asks her aunt if what Mr. Buchanan says is true. Dorian protests that Clint is the crooked one. He went out of his way to find Mr. Montez in a South American prison, used illegal means to release him and bring him to Llanview, had him falsify his “desire” to adopt his niece. He was going to put Langston in danger by sending her off to South America with a convicted murderer. And he had the gall to ask her to sign over the company to him. Starr asks her aunt, why, then, didn’t she? Dorian replies that Clint is a low life and a man of his level of existence would never live up to any agreement. He would stoop to doing business with the likes of Mr. Montez. They must all know that Clint is the no good spoiled rich, corrupt, money hungry jerk.. And she informs them all that Mr. Montez is a convicted murderer. She obviously does not realize how she just put her foot in her mouth revealing that to them and not telling them of her “plan” to take Clint’s company without having to give Langston up. Markko and Starr, then, protest to Dorian that she must give Mr. Buchanan what he wants. Isn’t Langston more important to Dorian than some stupid company? Dorian replies to them, of course. Starr then tells her aunt, in that case, she cannot let Langston go off with that creep.

At Dorian’s home, after John asks Addie what the situation involving Jack McNaughton and Dorian was about, she informs him that her sister told her that she had to hire a cockroach exterminator. And she saw this other guy enter the house. At that point, John puts two and two together by concluding that Dorian must have hired a hit man to kill Ray Montez. Blair protests to John that she knows that her aunt would not go that far. But John gets on his phone to find out what is going on.

At that point, at the airport, we see the “hired man” coming out of the locked room wearing a uniform and carrying a pistol.

At the airport, before Langston is ready to go off, she reminds Dorian that Mr. Buchanan was so spiteful, he was ready to hand her over to a murderer. And Dorian needs to realize that if he could do that, then what is to stop him from blackmailing Dorian as well. So, for that reason, Dorian has to end her fight with Clint. She reminds Dorian that once the blackmail starts, it never stops. She asks Dorian not to stoop to Clint’s level. She tells her she is so proud that a woman of Dorian’s caliber would adopt her. And she doesn’t’ want anything or anybody keep her away from the family she loves. Yet, she knows they have no choice if Ray has been awarded legal custody of her.

Not far away at the airport, Vanessa and Lola come forward and introduce themselves to Sarah. Cristian introduces them to his brother, Detective Antonio Vega, and Antonio’s girlfriend, Officer Talia Sahib. And he informs the three of them that Carlo Hesser left him to die in a prison cell. But Vanessa saved his life.

Langston somehow “accepts” the fact that Ray has gotten custody of her. She appears not to be angry at Dorian. She tells her she knows that they will be together again soon. But the others tell Langston they cannot believe that Dorian will not just give Clint Buchanan what he wants if Langston is really more important to her than anything. But Langston doesn’t want to argue. Dorian then tells them she needs to get some magazines at the news stand. But she runs into “Mel” who appears to be her “conscience” or guardian angel. They cry and reminisce all of their memories together.

Cristian tells Vanessa and Lola that he will find them a local hotel to stay in that they will like. And he is going home with Sarah.

Not far away, Mel asks Dorian if she is going to “spend her money” on something about guns and vengeance. She shows Dorian a magazine at the news stand about guns and vengeance. Dorian tells her no. Assuming that Mel knows nothing about the hired hitman, she tells her she was just going to pick out some fashion magazines for her daughter, Langston. But Mel knows that Dorian has something else “on her mind”. And she asks her if she really wants guns and vengeance to be the last thing that Langston remembers about her. She reminds Dorian that it is all up to her.

At Nora and Clint’s home, Renee encourages Nora to know that she and Clint can work things out. Clint returns to see Dallas coming down the stairs carrying suitcases. She informs him that Renee told her there was a place for her to stay. She tells him that she does not want him to be a stranger and asks him to thank Nora and Renee for “putting up” with him. He enters not looking happy. Renee tells Nora and Clint she will leave them alone to talk. Nora tells Clint she will get him a drink. He asks her if that is all she has to say. Is that it? No cross examination. She tells him that she only wants to support him in what he believes is right. He then concludes that maybe he should do the same with her.

At the airport, it seems as though “Mel” might have gotten through to Dorian. She admits that maybe she made a mistake. She then gets on her phone to ask Jack to call it off. He asks her if she is really serious. He reminds her the last time she called, she was not going to take no for an answer and demanded he go through with it when he tried to talk her out of it. And she should know that it’s too late to call it off. She has paid to contract with this “deal” and is going to get what she paid for. She tells him she doesn’t care. But he tells her it’s too late. She made her decision and must now live with the outcome. She tells Jack that she will find the guy herself if it’s too much trouble for him. What does he look like? Jack asks her if she really thinks he’d have a clue. He’s never met the guy. And there’s nothing that can be done at this point.

Clint informs Nora that he is not ok. Dorian will not give in. She appears to be ready to hand Langston over to a murderer. And he feels responsible. He protests that he never intended for that girl to get hurt. Nora then asks him if he really has to. He then replies to Nora no. He does not have to. At that point, he gets on the phone to call Ray and inform him that he is calling it off. But Ray does not hear a word he says. Ray is stunned and paying no attention when he comes face to face with his daughter, Lola. All the others gather around shocked. Vanessa eyes Ray coldly and demands he stays away form Lola. But before anybody can process anything, the hired gunman comes out of nowhere and fires a shot at Ray. John appears and shoots him. But it looks like the gunman has gotten Ray and Ray falls to the floor.

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