OLTL Update Thursday 10/16/08

One Life to Live Update Thursday 10/16/08


Written By Jennifer S.
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita

Cole finds Starr outside of Dorian’s house and asks her if Langston’s uncle is really planning on taking her from Dorian. Starr admits she does not know but it looks that way. Inside, Markko is helping Langston move her luggage down the stairs. They are both very sad and afraid they will never see each other again. Outside the house, Dorian is talking to Jack McNaughton, frantically asking for his “Help” in preventing Ray from taking Langston. He asks her, again, if she is planning on using illegal means. She tells him it really doesn’t matter. She doesn’t want to hear him asking any more questions. She reminds him that her daughter’s life is on the line. So he better do whatever she needs him to do.

In the locked room, Natalie and Jared are still wondering how they can alert Viki and be able to get out of the locked room. Upstairs, in the kitchen, Viki is making calls about finding her daughter. Bo enters to greet her. He asks her how her trip to Africa was and how she was missed.. She tells him that she had to rush back when she head that Natalie was missing. She informs Bo that she called Jared. But they got cut off. She tells Bo she has also heard that Rex is in the hospital. He tells her yes. And nobody knows if he will pull through or not or not. Hearing that, she tells Bo that she cannot believe that Natalie would not be there for Rex. She informs him that she has contacted everybody who might know where Natalie would be and has heard nothing. In response to that, Bo tells Viki he finds it very odd that Jessica would have no clue where her sister is. Meanwhile, right outside, Tess has a “private meeting” with Tina to make certain that Tina does not reveal her secret.

At the hospital, Gigi and Shane enter. Realizing that even if she has no “legal right” to see Rex, Shane does since he is Rex’s son. But when they get there, Adriana, once again, guards the door. She informs them that Rex is “gone”. They ask her what that means. She informs them that Rex is where they won’t be able to see him.

At Dorian’s home, Markko asks Langston why she has no hope about returning to him or any of the people that love her. She tells him that her life is ruined. He tells her that she needs to know that whatever happens and wherever she goes, there is a guy out there who loves her and who would do anything for her. Inside the living room, Blair and Addie are wondering how they are going to say their “farewells” to Langston and let her know how much they love her. Meanwhile, Dorian is on the phone with Jack McNaughton.

Ray is returning to Clint’s home. He knows that Dorian and whoever she is working for is willing to stop at nothing to prevent him from going through with his plan. And he notices a guy who appears to be sneaking up behind him. And Ray instinctively tackles him..

Inside, Clint tells Nora that maybe she just does not understand who he is or what his motives are for doing what he has to do. And he reminds her that he could judge her. He happens to remember that she “threw Todd Manning” under a bus years ago. He is not a saint but neither is she.

Outside Viki’s home, Tess reminds Tina that since Cain has apparently awoken and escaped, and he has the means to “motivate” Tina to hand over the jewels. And he probably could care less about what Tess is doing to Natalie or Jared or to Tina for that matter.

In the locked room, Jared informs Natalie that he contacted Bo about the situation. She tells him she has her doubts that Bo would believe a word he said. Bo would never suspect Jessica nor know that Tess is back.. But Jared tells her that BO has to believe him and know that something is “not right”. Bo is a cop.

Upstairs, Viki tells Bo that she still finds it very “odd” that Natalie would have suddenly disappeared and left Jared a “Dear John” letter. She tells him that maybe she and Clint are partly responsible for what happened. They both appeared like they would never forgive Natalie. Bo informs VIki that not long ago, Jared came by and saw him at the station. And the reason was because Jared did not buy what was written in the letter. He did not believe that Natalie wrote it. And he had a ‘theory” about Jessica. Hearing that, Viki asks Bo just what he would mean by that. He then asks her if she thinks that Tess might be back.

After Ray corners the guy whom he believes is following him into Clint and Nora’s home, he tells him he’s going to be sorry if he does not tell him where he came from and who sent him. He knocks him down and puts him in the strangle hold. At that point, Nigel enters and informs Ray that the guy is from the cable company. At first, Ray does not believe him and holds him on the ground in a choke hold. He tells Ray that he can get in trouble for assaulting him.

In response to Clint reminding Nora that she double-crossed Todd Manning when he was supposed to be her client, she protests that she put a convicted rapist away. He reminds her that as her client, Todd had rights under the law and she did not uphold the law. She asks how what she did in regard to Todd could compare to what he is doing to Langston. She wanted to protect more women from being raped by Todd. Clint is not helping anybody by using Langston just to take back Dorian’s company.

At Dorian’s home, Blair and Addie acknowledge that Dorian has come to know and love Langston as her own daughter.

At the hospital, Adriana confronts Gigi and Shane. She reminds Gigi that she was responsible for what happened to Rex. She lied to him all these years and didn’t even want her son to know that Rex was his father. Gigi protests that regardless of any of that, Shane has the right to see his father. Observing Shane and his “attitude” of not caring about Rex, Adriana remarks that Shane does not seem like he’s too eager to see his father.

After Bo suggests to Viki the possibility that Jessica has turned into Tess, Viki protests that she knows her daughter has been integrated. She knows that it won’t’ happen again. And plus, she knows that if Tina has been living in the same house with Jessica all this while, Tina would certainly know if something like this was happening to her niece. And she would have told Viki.

Meanwhile, Tina and Tess are outside talking. Tina urges Tess to know that what she is doing is not good for her either of her children When Bree and the new baby are old enough to know what is going on, they will be impacted by what Tess is doing to her family. Tess tells Tina she is a fine one to talk about being a mother and having “regard” for her family. Tina tells Tess she realizes that she has not been great as a mother nor in regard to her family. But she wants Tess not to make the mistakes that she made

At the hospital, in response to Adriana remarking to Gigi that Shane has a “funny way” of showing that he loves his “father, with his cavalier attitude about what’s happened to Rex, Gigi replies that all people have different was of “grieving”. And she tells Adriana that it’s insecure, sick people who deal with it by being controlling and spiteful to others.. Adriana tells Gigi that it might not be good for Rex to have a little kid in his room wandering around his bed. Shane could have a germ. He could yank one of Rex’s tubes. He could really hurt Rex more than he already has. At that point, Gigi asks Shane to let her talk to Adriana alone. She then demands that Adriana tells her just where Rex is.. Adriana tells her there is no way in hell she’s going to tell her. She tells Gigi if she wants to “visit somebody”, maybe she should go and see her “crazy commando” in the psychiatric hospital. And she tells Gigi she bets that he’d “love to see her”. At that point, Gigi hauls off and smacks Adriana and knocks her down. And she remarks to Adriana now they are “even”

At Dorian's, everybody wants to “keep up their spirits” in seeing Langston off. Addie comes out with a banner that says they will love her and miss her., Blair declares that they are all the Langston Wilde Cramer fan club. And they cheer her on.

Ray enters Clint and Nora’s home. He tells them that he is going to leave Llanview, sooner than expected. He is obviously angry when he sarcastically tells them that he has really appreciated their hospitality. He tells Nora that she sent him to jail. Clint tells Ray that his lawyers are working on helping him so that he does not get in trouble and doesn’t have to go back to prison. Ray leaves. Clint and Nora argue, again, about their conflicting values.

After Viki tells Bo that she believes that Tina would know if Jessica turned into Tess. Bo tells her that Tina has not been around Jessica in a long time and does no know Tess. And maybe they should not rely on Tina to know or to take appropriate action in regard to what might be going on with Jessica or Tess or Natalie.

Downstairs in the locked room, Jared encourages Natalie to know that people will catch on and find them. Viki and Bo and others will put it together. He tells her that she must know what her family takes care of it’s own. Just like he knew from the moment that Tess sent that fake letter, he didn’t buy it and he never stopped believing in Natalie.

Bo tells Viki that he knows that there is no way that Natalie would have disappeared without a trace. And there’s no way she would not be there for her brother Rex. Viki asks what that has to do with Jessica or Tess. She then asks Bo if he is implying that it is Jessica or Tess who is responsible for Natalie’s disappearance. Right then, Tess listens at the door. Bo tells Viki that all they know for sure is that Natalie is MIA. And, for all they know, Jared might be too. He admits to her that he did not want to tell her about this until he talked to Jared. She tells him that she wishes that she could have gotten through to Jared on the phone. Jared first answered his phone when she called him the other day. But then she lost him. And she has not seen hide nor hair of Jared since that time. It’s kind of strange. And she is going to have to find out from Jessica what is going on. Again, Tess overhears their conversation.

After Gigi confronts Adriana and knocks her down, Shane observes what his mother did and he tells her “way to go, Mom”. But she asks him what she has always told him about hitting. He tells her he knows that she’s told him that hitting is wrong. She tells him that she made a mistake, should not be praised. And she does not get any dessert for a week.

When Clint and Nora are “debating” their conflicting values, Nigel enters. She asks Nigel about a “hypothetical situation”. She asks what he would do if the person he loved played “dirty pool” the way Clint did. Not far away, in the other room, the “cable guy” calls Jack McNaughton to confirm that he is merely falsifying to everybody that he is the cable guy. He is working for Jack to do the “deed” that Dorian is asking of him in regard to Ray Montez.

Before Langston is ready to leave, Dorian tells her that she will always be in their hearts. Starr, Cole, Markko, Blair and Addie all gather around. Blair gives her a “one way ticket back”. Starr then suggests that they give Langston and Markko some time alone. They leave Langston tells Markko they need to talk. She tells him she does not know how to say this. She cries. He asks her just what she is about to tell him. She tells him that they need to break up.

Nora and Clint argue about just why the company is so important to him. He tells her he’d like to be able to enjoy his life again. And he reminds her that she has a “Benefit” of living in his father’s home. She reminds him that this house is her property. He asks her if she plans to kick him out. She replies that she has thought about that. But he draws her close to him and kisses her.. Not far away, in the other room, Nigel approaches the “cable guy” asking him what is up with the cable service. The guy is obviously cornered not knowing what to tell him.

Starr and Cole talk about what is going to happen now that their friend Langston is gone and they are about to bring a child into the world. He tells her hat he wants her baby to have a family. But he realizes that maybe the McBains would be a good family for a child. He really wants to be able to support her in what she intends to do for their child.. She cries and tells Cole that means so much to her. Langston and Markko talk alone in the other room. Right then, the doorbell rings. Dorian gets it. It’s Ray. They eye him coldly. He informs them that “it’s time”.

At Viki’s home, Tina is crawling around on the floor calling out for David Vickers. At that point she notices Viki and Bo. Viki asks her sister why she assumes she’d find David Vickers (the person) under a chair or table in Viki’s home. Tina then explains to her sister that she was not calling for David Vickers the man. She was calling for her shiatsu dog. Viki then tells her sister she wants to talk to her about something. She asks Tina if she’s noticed something “not normal” about Jessica’s behavior. In response to that, Tina obviously does not know how to answer that question.

At the hospital, Adriana tells Gigi that she and Shane better get out of the hospital. Shane reminds his mother that Adriana cannot “make them” do anything. She tells her son that is true. But there is nothing they can do when they haven’t a clue where Rex is. She tells her son that they will not go down believing they have lost. They are Morasco’s. And she will always know if Rex were to decide who matters more in his life, then Adriana would lose.

Clint tells Nora that she must know that Langston will not be hurt. Dorian will not lose her daughter. And Ray will soon be out of their hair.

Meanwhile, the “cable guy” talks on the phone to Jack McNaughton about “the package” and how and when it will be sent, delivered and received.

Markko gives Langston a necklace to remember him by. They cry and admit that they cannot bear to part. He tells her he loves her and he knows that it may sound lame. She tells him she loves him too and always will. She kisses him.

In the other room, Starr tells Ray that she can see that he is “early”. He tells her he wanted to make certain he has enough time. Blair and Addie ask him if letting them have more time with Langston is “too much to ask”. He replies that it is. Meanwhile, Dorian is on the phone with Jack McNaughton. She is a little afraid to “go along” with his plan. But he assures her that if she really “wants the kid” then she must trust him.

After Viki and Bo ask Tina if she notices something “not right” about Jessica, Tina attempts to explain that she’s noticed that Jessica has changed. Knowing Tess is nowhere nearby, she acts as though she might want to reveal to them what is going on. But right then, she gets a knock at the door. A messenger has an envelope for “her highness”. Tina opens it and notices a picture of her dog and a newspaper from where Cain may have taken him. At that point, she knows that she better act out of fear and not dare to defy Tess or Cain.

While Natalie and Jared remain locked in the room without knowing what to do, Tess is holding Bree in the kitchen and encouraging her infant daughter to come with her to where she wants to go and leave Llanview. They go out the door. Tess knows there is nothing more for her there.

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