OLTL Update Wednesday 10/15/08

One Life to Live Update Wednesday 10/15/08


Written By Jeannie
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita

In his apartment, Antonio and Talia talk about Cristian. He thinks Carlo may be torturing Cris. Talia blames herself. She asks Antonio if he blames her.

Cris is sleeping on Vanessa’s couch and she strokes his hair. Cris says Sarah, then wakes up.

Antonio blames Carlo. Talia feels helpless. Antonio tells her she needs patience.

At Nora’s, Clint talks to Ray.

Dorian talks to Markko. He asks how she’s going to stop Ray.

Gigi tries to call the ICU about Rex. There is no change. Shane asks to go see his father. Gigi is happy. She says she’s proud of him but Adriana won’t let them see Rex. Shane says he meant Brody.

At the hospital, Adriana talks to the unconscious Rex. She says he settled for Gigi because she left. She tells him she loves him. Out in the hall Roxy shows up with coffee. They talk about Adriana. Bo says the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Adriana comes out and Roxy gives her the coffee. Adriana says there is no change. Bo asks about a Rex making any provisions about situations like this, living will, etc. Adriana doesn’t want to think about it. Roxy says if he did Rex might have left her in charge and she would have kept Adriana away and given Rex what he wanted, like Gigi. She tells Adriana that Rex might think that Brody blew Gigi away and Rex needs to know he’s okay. Adriana doesn’t agree with her and won’t listen. Bo responds by saying the decision is Adriana’s to make. Roxy asks if he wants to pull the plug. Bo says he wants to know what Rex would want. To stay alive with machines or let go.

Shane and Gigi talk about Brody and Rex. Gigi hoped Shane would think of Rex as a father. Shane asks again about seeing Brody. Gigi tells him Brody is in a hospital because he thinks he’s back in Iraq. That they think something happened in Iraq that was really bad and it messed him up. She tells Shane its better that Brody be there so he can get help.

Sarah comes to Antonio’s to ask if there is any information on Cris. They tell her they released Ray Montez. Sarah tells she had a nightmare about Cris being dead. Talia tries to comfort her.

Cris gets up and Vanessa tells him the storm is passed and the airport is open. They will be on the last flight to the USA.

At Nora’s, Ray tells Clint he didn’t come all this way to get locked up again. Ray argues with Clint. Clint says his attorney’s worked all night to set him free. Ray says he did what he wanted and he has personal business in Columbia that requires his attention. He wants his money so he can leave. Clint says Dorian didn’t go for the bait so it looks like Langston will be going home with Ray.

Dorian tells Markko she has a whole team of lawyers working night and day to find a loophole. Markko says when that doesn’t work and she goes to plan B he wants in on it. Markko tells Dorian how hard it’s been on Langston. He thinks Ray is enjoying her pain. He says he loves Langston and will do anything for her. Dorian says if Langston had to fall in love at such a young again with a punk, she’s glad that punk was him. Markko says if Langston had to have a stuck up mom he’s glad it was her. Dorian says if she has anything to say about it, Langston isn’t going anywhere. Langston walks in and says she knows she’s screwed if these two have bonded.

Ray says he’s not taking Langston. Clint says Dorian won’t let that girl get on the plane. He tells Ray to go tell Dorian they are leaving tonight. He gives Ray two plane tickets. Nora walks in and Ray asks if she has more questions.

Vanessa tells Cris Ray will try to kill them. She says they have to leave as soon as possible. She goes to get Lola but tells Cris it’s a good thing he’s doing here. Cris tries the phone again. He says Vanessa is a friggin’ liar and starts dialing.

Talia and Sarah discuss Carlos. Talia feels guilty. Sarah’s phone rings. It’s Cris. They try to talk but it’s a bad connection. Talia runs to get Antonio but by the time he comes out the connection ends.

In Columbia, Vanessa comes out and says she thought they had an agreement. Cris says he thought the phones were dead and asks what else has she lied about.

Ray leaves and Nora talks to Clint about what he’s doing. They argue. Clint says he hasn’t broken any rules. Nora asks who he is and if this is the way he wants to run his life.

Langston and Markko talk to Dorian about Ray taking her to Columbia. Dorian says things are not always what they appear to be. She says Clint is using Langston to get revenge on her. Markko asks how far will Dorian go to stop it. Dorian says Kramer’s fight to the bitter end.

Adriana talks to Bo and Roxy about Rex’s condition. Roxy says let him see Gigi. Adriana says why, so she can wave her magic wand? Roxy says why? When he wakes up he can see she kept him away from his family. Adriana yells that she is his family, not Gigi.

Gigi and Shane talk about Rex and Brody. Shane is afraid Rex will die. Gigi says she doesn’t know how he is. She wishes she can talk to him. Shane wishes he can see Rex now to say he’s sorry. Gigi says she is glad he knows the truth now. Then she gets an idea. She says she doesn’t have any rights to see Rex but Shane if family. They talk about going to see Rex. Shane agrees to go.

Adriana talks to Roxy and Bo about how Rex usually is so animated. She says she can’t let him go. Bo says he’s not pushing her to do anything but should do what Rex wants. He says they know Rex asked her for a divorce. He says if she respects her husband she should honor his wishes. Adriana says it won’t make a difference. Roxy tells her she had rights too and she will get a lawyer. Adriana says do what you have to do. Roxy says enjoy your coffee, control freak. Adriana pleads her case to Bo. She says he’s unconscious, someone has to take charge. Bo says you’re not his jailer. You know he wants to see Gigi. He says this is the Buchanan wing of the hospital. If he has to, he will pull strings to get Gigi into see Rex.

Cris confronts Vanessa about the phone and she says they must have just repaired the lines. She asks who he was talking too. She says it’s not safe for anyone to know where he is.

Antonio says they traced the call to a residential area nearby. Antonio is taking the first flight out to bring Cris home.

Nora and Clint have a big fight about Ray and what he’s doing with Langston’s life.

Ray shows up at Dorian’s. He tells her they are leaving for Columbia tonight.

Vanessa says they are leaving for the airport. Cris goes to start the car as Vanessa says she trusts him. Cris stops and says trust is earned.

Adriana watches Rex. She cries.

Clint tells Nora Asa left the company in his hands and he will get the company back. Nora says no matter who gets hurt. She asks what he was handing Ray when she walked in before. Clint says two tickets to be used as a bluff. Nora doesn’t believe it. She tells him his plan is a bust and Langston is caught in the middle. They yell and Nora starts to cry. She says she can’t do it anymore. It goes against every oath that she’s taken. She asks why are they pretending they are still together.

Ray gives Langston her ticket. Markko tries to change his mind. Ray tells her to pack. Langston begs him to leave her alone. He says no and leaves. Langston, Markko and Dorian go back into the living room. Dorian steps out on the patio and calls Jackie about taking care of business tonight. Langston and Markko talk about their relationship and he says in two years she’ll be free. He can wait two years.

Gigi and Shane come to the hospital. They talk to Adriana. Gigi says she can’t keep Shane from seeing his father. Adriana says too late, he’s gone.

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