OLTL Update Tuesday 10/14/08

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 10/14/08


Written By Jennifer S.
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita

While Natalie and Jared are stuck in the rum in the basement, they are able to see Viki from the video. Natalie rejoices telling Jared that it’s “over”. And Tess will get what she deserves.

In the “study”, Cain Rogan eats the poisonous chips and dip that Tess prepared for Tina and passes out. While he lies on the floor, Tina assumes that he’s dead and that Tess will get in trouble for what she did to him (which she intended to do to Tina). But Tess smugly informs Tina that she should be able to tell that Cain is not dead. Just take his pulse. He will awaken and “spill the beans” about Tina and the crown jewels. The “potion” she put in the dip was merely “knock out” drops. She just couldn’t stand to listen to Tina yapping. The drug does not kill anybody.

John is at the station, in the interrogation room demanding that Janet comes clean with him and stop lying.

Meanwhile, Tess is writing her “diary” about her mysterious life and her possible “future” with Todd. In the front entrance of Todd’s home, Dr. Joplin tells Todd that she is not about to go along with their “original plan” to make Starr think that her baby is dead. She notices that Todd has some sort of “partner” whom he is not telling her about. Dr. Joplin then asks Todd how he plans to pull off having Starr falsely believing that he baby died and keeping that secret form his “partner”. He asks her if this person whom Todd plans to raise his baby with is blind or stupid or what?

Right after the birthing class, it looks like Starr is going into labor. Blair is with her. And Marcie appears. Starr is very worried. She tells them that it’s too early for this. Blair asks Marcie to call the “doctor”. And she tells her daughter that it’s only a contraction and may not mean she’s ready to give birth quite yet.

While Natalie and Jared are stuck in the locked room, they bang on the window attempting to get Viki’s attention.

Upstairs, Tina asks Tess what she plans to do when her “mother” walks into this room and sees an unconscious body lying on the ground. Tess answers that Viki knows all about Tina’s “shady history” and Cain will tell Viki all about her sister’s “secret”. Tina tells Tess that she (Tess) is going to lose sooner or later.

Jared and Natalie can see, from the video that Viki is right outside the door. They bang on the glass. She hears something but doesn’t have a clue that they are nearby.

While Starr is having her contractions, she tells her mother and Marcie that maybe they should call Dr. Joplin right now.

At Todd’s home, Dr. Joplin tells Todd that even if he exposes her son and her illegal involvement in “helping” him, he must know that his “partner” will eventually see what a piece of trash he is for what he did to his daughter and her baby. Todd is pathetic to play on another person’s grief. She tells Todd he is going to lose, no matter how he threatens her. And right then, she gets a call about a “girl going into labor”. But she does not tell Todd whom it is. She tells him she must go. A “girl” is going into labor. Todd then asks if that girl might be Starr. Dr. Joplin tells him maybe. And she asks him if it were Starr, what is he going to do? Is he going to ruin this for her? Todd says nothing when Dr. Joplin goes out the door.

John tells Janet that working for Todd Manning must “mean a lot” to her. She asks him what he means. She tells him that she could be “losing everything”. She asks if he is threatening her. He tells her that he is going to find all the people that she scammed and help them get their money back. He knows that she is hiding a woman in Todd’s home. She has two choices, he tells her. She can come clean about what is going on in that house. Or he can make her life a living hell.

After Dr. Joplin has left the house after informing Todd she will not “help” with his plan and then indicating that she might be going to deliver Starr’s baby, Marty enters to see that Todd is not happy. She asks him what is wrong. He tells her “it’s Starr”.

While Starr is having her contractions, Blair and Marcie sit by her and help her to breathe. They are all considering that she might be ready to deliver right now.

Right then, after Todd informs Marty that Starr might be ready to deliver her baby, Marty reminds him that it would be “too early”. But she encourages him to go. And she does not ask to come with him. He goes out the door.

Tess tells Tina that she is calling the shots. But Tina tells her she mustn’t believe that she is “in the driver’s seat”. She asks Tina what she thought would happen. Did she think that Jared would tell Viki and all concerned parties what happened to Natalie? She reminds Tina that Jared went to be the “hero” and rescue the “fair maiden”. But now he has no power to do anything. He is locked in the room with Natalie. Right then, they can both see that Viki is about to enter the room at any minute. Cain continues to lie on the floor. Natalie and Jared are still stuck in the room. Viki has no clue that they are there. And Tess tells Tina that she might want to “make up her mind” as to what she plans to do in regard to the situation.

Jared and Natalie still struggle to get out and let Viki know what has happened. Right then, Viki enters the room and notices that “Jessica” is talking to somebody. She and Tina have apparently removed Cain Rogan. Viki enters the room and Tina appears out of nowhere. Viki asks her sister what she’s doing there. Tina explains that while she’s been gone, she (herself) wanted to come by and provide some “stability” to the household.. Hearing that, Viki tells her sister that “stability” is the last thing that she’d expect to happen with Tina there. Tina tells Viki she just wanted to see her family. She hugs her sister and tells her that hopefully everything will be “much better”. And she notices Tess facing her. Tina knows she cannot get up the courage to inform Viki what has happened to Natalie.

Starr, Blair and Marcie all rush to the hospital.

John continues to interrogate Janet about Todd Manning, Lee Ramsey and the mysterious woman who is staying in Todd’s home.

After Todd leaves to go to the hospital, and Marty is alone in the house, she writes her “diary” about the passion she feels for Todd and how she thinks about holding that baby in her arms with Todd. She admits she does not fully understand but it feels right. She acknowledges that Todd wants them to leave there for a new life and to be a new family. She wants that too. She should feel complete. So why does she feel as though she’d be leaving something behind?

Dr. Joplin rushes to the hospital when she hears that Starr could be going into labor. But they inform her that it was a false alarm. Blair and Marcie stand by her and tell Dr. Joplin they wanted to make certain that Starr was prepared. Starr tells Dr. Joplin that she does have a concern. She wants to make certain that she is “ready” for this baby. Right then, Todd appears and stands outside the door, spying and overhearing unseen. Dr. Joplin concludes that everything is ok. Not to worry. Starr is not ready to give birth. But, she tells the three of them, she predicts that they can expect the due date to be sooner than previously expected. When Dr. Joplin goes out into the other room, Todd asks her if she had the baby and if it’s ok. Dr. Joplin tells him that Starr and the baby are fine but she is not ready to give birth yet. She tells him that she has to go because she cannot be seen talking to him. He then asks her if she “invited” Marcie McBain to be there and he reminds her that she “works for him”. In response to that, Dr. Joplin replies that Marcie was there when she got there. Starr and Blair apparently invited her to be there. And she tells Todd he is despicable. He doesn’t even grasp the concept that Starr believes that Marcie would be a better parent for her child than he could ever be.

At the station, John admits to Janet the nurse that he believes that Marty Saybrooke is staying in Todd’s home. And that would mean that she is there with the man who raped her. This would certainly not be a “choice” that Marty would make. So he has to get to the bottom of this and find out what Janet knows about it. Janet does not answer John’s question and asks him if she is free to go. He tells her she can go. But he will not give up in solving this mystery.

Viki tells “Jessica” and Tina that she does not believe for a minute that Natalie would have just disappeared without telling anybody. Tess then “rationalizes” that Natalie is probably just out of town and distracted. And she doesn’t want to encourage her mother to ask more questions. Viki notices that her “daughter” and her sister are both wanting her to go to bed. She asks them what is up and why they both want her out of there. She then goes out the door but before she’s out, she grabs the chips and dip. At that point, Tina shouts out that she can’t eat that and rushes to prevent Viki from putting it in her mouth. Viki turns to her sister, angrily, demanding to know what her problem is with her eating chips and dip in her own home. At first, Tina does not know how to answer that. She then tells Viki that it’s “poison”. Viki asks her what is going on with that. Tess attempts to “corroborate” what Tina just said about it being poison. But she tells them both that she is getting really annoyed. She then concludes that she’s going to call Jared on his cell. They both do not want her to do that. But she tells them she’s going to call him whether they like it or not. She calls. Jared apparently has his cell phone in the locked room. He tells her that they may only have a few seconds before they lose their connection, but he and Natalie desperately need her help. He tells Viki that Tess is back. She has drugged Natalie and has them both trapped behind a shelf in the basement in a locked room. He has “told” Viki everything. Tess then runs downstairs to look at Natalie and Jared still stuck in the room and gloats at them.

Janet returns home and talks to Marty about the “plan” Todd has to raise Starr’s baby with Marty. Janet does not know what to say to Marty when Marty tells her that she is really excited (in a positive way) about raising the baby. And she can clearly see that Janet is not ok with “something”. She asks Janet what is up. Janet does not know what to tell her.

In Dr. Joplin’s examination room, she tells Starr, Blair and Marcie that she is going to be there when Starr is ready to deliver. They are all very positive and confident that she will be a part of the birthing process. She then goes out the door and tells them (unheard) that nothing and nobody will prevent her from doing just that.

Todd returns home to Marty and Janet. He knows he better lie and tell them that Starr “invited” him to be a part of her situation. And the baby is coming soon. He then informs Janet that before too long, he and Marty are going to be “moving” so they won’t need her “services” any longer. Janet is obviously “lost in thought”. She leaves. Alone with Marty, Todd asks what is “up with her”. Marty replies she does not know. Marty then asks Todd how it went with his daughter. Did she really believe that she was going to give birth right now and at her young age? She must be scared? And what did the doctor say? Todd obviously does not want to answer that question. He tells her that he is having a hard time believing that this “baby is for real”. She tells him that she is feeling that way also. And she then tells him that maybe they should start thinking about names for the baby.

Right then, Starr, Blair and Marcie are talking about the very same thing. Marcie suggests the name, Eric, if it’s a boy, after her brother. She recalls that her brother helped her when she was “on the run”. But she then remembers that what Eric helped her with and what she was “on the run” from was something that both Starr and Marcie were at odds with her about (kidnapping Sam). Hearing that, Blair tells Marcie she needn’t worry. That was long ago. They can all let bygones be bygones.

Tess taunts Jared and Natalie through the glass. Upstairs Viki asks Tina why it would be that Jared is not answering his calls. . Viki can sense that Tina is keeping a secret and feels guilt about “something” But she cannot figure out what that would be.

Tess tells Jared that he better hand over the phone or she will kill everybody upstairs. He refuses. But Natalie reminds Jared that she will do it. And she urges him to please give Tess the phone. He hands it over to Tess through the “bank vault drawer”. Tess laughs and smirks. Natalie is distraught. Jared holds her and attempts to console her.

Right then, Todd is alone in his house wondering what to do. Marty is nearby writing her diary. John is alone at the station, with his cold case file and a picture of Marty. Marcie looks at a book of baby names with Starr and Blair. Todd goes over and observes pictures of his kids when they were young.

Natalie and Jared are alone in the locked room in each other’s arms snuggling.

Tess returns upstairs with Jared’s phone in her hands. Viki informs her that she tried and failed to get through the Jared. The message she’s left for him keeps going to his voice mail. She still has no clue what has “happened to Jessica’. She agrees to go and get some rest. Alone in the room with Tina, Tess tells her she thought that Viki would never leave. And she encourages Tina to go “check on her unconscious friend”. They go outside to wear they moved Cain. But they notice he has disappeared.

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