OLTL Update Monday 10/13/08

One Life to Live Update Monday 10/13/08


Written By Jennifer S.
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita

Tess is walking around Viki’s home when Viki returns unexpectedly. Not completely prepared to “Play Jessica” without a warning, she asks her “mother” what she is doing there. Viki reminds her ‘daughter” that she lives there. At that point, Tess knows she better act gracious and grateful that her mother returned. Viki tells her that she has returned home early because she is very worried about Natalie.

In the basement, Jared finally finds Natalie from inside the locked room. But he cannot unlock the door. She tells him that he must know that “Jessica” is now Tess. Upstairs in the kitchen, Tina is ready to break Natalie out of the locked room. But before she can do that, she gets an unexpected visit from Cain Rogan. He tells her that he knows that she has the jewels and he will get them back from her if it’s the last thing he does.

At the hospital, while alone and waiting with Starr outside her birthing class, Blair is having fantasies about John. Starr enters and can tell that her mother is lost in thought and she has some idea about just what it is in regard to.

Right then, John calls Janet the nurse that Todd hired for Marty. He tells her that he needs her to come down to the station to answer some questions. And she better not tell Todd Manning.

After Tess hears that Viki has returned because of Natalie, she knows she better find an “excuse” for why she is “discontented”. And she tells her that she was hoping that her mother had returned because of her. Viki tells her daughter that of course she is also there for Jessica. She wants to be there until the baby is born.

While Blair and Starr are at the hospital, Blair tells her daughter that she hopes that there is a way for Dorian to “fix” the situation involving Langston’s uncle Ray wanting to take her away. Starr informs her mother that when they were all in school, Langston’s uncle came by to talk to her. And right then, shortly thereafter, Nora, Antonio Vega and Officer Talia Sahib found him and demanded that he comes with them to the station. Hearing that, Blair inquires why it was that John McBain was not involved in that. Hearing that, Starr tells her mother that she knows Blair has been day-dreaming about John McBain.

While John is on the phone to Janet the nurse, Todd and Marty enter the room. She knows she better not tell them that she is talking to John nor tell John that they have both entered the room.

John is in his office with his “cold case” file and a picture of Marty Saybrooke.

Blair replies to Starr that “maybe” she was daydreaming about John. But she is not going to share it with her teenager daughter. And she tells Starr that they have to get in the room. The birthing class is starting. Starr asks about Marcie. Blair informs her that Marcie called to inform them that she can’t make it today. She is very worried about Rex and has to be there for him. At that point, Starr reminds her mother that Rex screwed them over and Adriana helped him. But Blair reminds her daughter that although they have had their difference with Adriana, she is Dorian’s daughter and maybe they can get over their issues with her. Maybe she and Rex had a “good reason” for what they did after all. Starr cannot argue with that, given all that has happened in regard to Todd and Sam and everything. Starr tells her mother that she is having her issues involving her dad and Cole. And knowing that they both do not want her to give her baby up for adoption. Blair tells her daughter that she has made a very courageous decision and she is proud of her.

Tess is careful to “play Jessica” and makes certain that Viki only hears her talk graciously about how she has missed her. Viki tells her that she cannot believe that Natalie would have suddenly disappeared. Tess sounds “sensitive” and tells her that she realizes that. And it’s a real hardship for the family. Viki tells her that she does not believe that there is any credibility regarding Natalie suddenly vanishing and writing letters. And she tells “Jessica” that she needs to talk to Jared. But Tess informs Viki that nobody has seen or heard form Jared either. She must make certain that he is not able to tell Viki what he knows about Natalie.

Downstairs, Jared tries but fails to get Natalie out of the locked room. She is very worried that he cannot leave her.

Viki tells Tess that she knows that something is “up” with Natalie’s disappearance. While “playing Jessica”, Tess reveals that she is not ok with her mother defending the person who is indirectly responsible for having her husband killed.

In the kitchen, Tina protests to Cain that she cannot give him the jewels. But he’s determined to do whatever he needs to do.

Jared and Natalie attempt to find out what type of “password” Tess might have chosen for the locked door. And they conclude that it might be “Nash”.

At Todd’s home, Marty tells him that she could imagine herself talking to her “Girlfriends” about what it is like to be living with him.

John gets Janet to go to the police station. He tells her that he knows she has used many different names and identities and has had a history of shady dealing and breaking the law. He tells her that he’s spent a lot of time and energy getting “the goods” on her. But maybe she can tell him more.

Starr admits to her mother that she is worried she won’t know what to do when labor starts. But Blair encourages her to know that Dr. Joplin has only encouraged them to know that everything is ok. They enter the room to do the birthing class. The instructor greets them and tells them she hopes that there won’t be any more “interruptions” this time. They tell her no. Starr’s father probably wont’ be there today. Starr concludes that he has “other things” and “other people” to harass. They both note that they have not seen nor heard from Todd in a long time and realize something is obviously taking up his time and attention.

Meanwhile, Marty tells Todd that she looks forward to being able to take care of herself and not dependent on him. But he tells her he doesn’t want her to be “too independent”. She tells him that she is looking forward to a new life. But she wants to know about the history they have had in both of their lives. And at that point, Todd is not receptive. Marty asks Todd if there is anything he does not want her to know.

John asks Janet why she has changed her name so many times and had this history. Did she have some sort of “partnership” with Lee Ramsey?. She tells him that he has the wrong person. But he tells her that he can contact many people whom they both know such as Max Holden, Cain Rogan and maybe Tina Roberts.

Cain tells Tina she better show him to the jewels. He leads him to the other room to find them.

IN the other room, Tess “plays Jessica” for her mother. Viki tells her daughter she has to go upstairs and see Bree. She has many gifts for her from Africa. When they are unseen, Tina and Cain enter the room alone. She tells him that the jewels are in the safe. But it’s a combination lock. She finds excuses not to open it.

Jared cannot find the password or combination to unlock the door where Natalie is locked behind. But Natalie finally finds a way, remembering what type of passwords Tess might have had and remembering Nash and his favorite sports programs. At that point, Jared unlocks it and gets Natalie out of the room. Little does Tess know what they are up to. She stands upstairs smirking. She then overhears their conversation and tells Jared that she knows that he was lying when he told her that he thought that Natalie betrayed and dumped him and was a no good bitch. They both stand behind the locked door and it appears that Jared is locked in there with Natalie. He tells her that they may be locked in this room. But they are not the only people who are “onto” Tess. She reminds them yes. She knows that Aunt Tina knows what she is up to. But Tina won’t dare to “help” them.

In another part of the house, Viki is gathering her presents for her family without a clue as to what is going on in her house.

At the birthing class, Blair and Star talk alone about how her situation is so different than that of the other pregnant women. Blair seems confident that her daughter can get through her situation.

Right then, when Todd is alone in his home appearing confident that everything is ok, Dr. Joplin appears at his door. He asks her if something is wrong. She replies, bleakly, that yes. Something is very “wrong”.

At Viki’s, Cain demands that Tina hurries up and finds the combination to get the jewels. But she cannot get it opened. She knows that Tess is the only one who knows the combination. And while her back is turned and he noticed the “chips and did” that Tess prepared, he helps himself, not knowing what is in them.

At the station, John continues to interrogate Janet.

Marty sits alone in the house, writing an “autobiography”. She writes an “enchanted” story about how the beginning of her life was a “mystery”. But then she remembers this part of her life leading up to Todd Manning proposing marriage to her.

Todd asks Dr. Joplin if Starr and the baby are ok. She tells them they are both fine. It’s not about that. The problem she has is that she cannot go through with what he wants. She has no clue how he’s going to raise his grandchild nor with whom. And he cannot ruin Starr’s or Blair’s lives by lying to them telling them the baby died.

In Viki's home, Jared and Natalie are stuck inside the room. But at least, they are together.

Blair and Starr leave the birthing class overhearing all of the other “class member’s” conversations about their situations being married adult parents. Starr tells her mother they must call Marcie and tells her how it went. But as soon as Starr is alone in a room, it looks like she is startled and worried. The baby might be coming.

Tina realizes she cannot unlock the safe. So she tells Cain, he may kill her. But as she stands over him, it is he who falls over and looks like he might have died. And it was right form eating the poisonous dip that Tess has intended for Tina. Tess walks in and demands to know who that is and what has happened. Tina replies that is Cain Rogan. He died from her poisonous dip.

Marty continues to write about her thoughts and feelings for Todd. She tells him that when she first met him, she felt gratitude. Now, she feels something more like love.

In the other room, Dr. Joplin tells Todd that the only reason she considered going through with his plans was because he threatened her son. She tells him that she is not going to respond to his threat. If she goes through with what he wants, she will rot in hell. And he will regret what he has done to his daughter and grandchild. So she urges him to call this off.

After noticing that Cain has been poisoned by her dip, Tess tells Tina that she might want to be a little careful gloating about what has happened. She might have some difficulty “explaining this one” when Viki enters and sees it. Hearing that, Tina asks when and where Viki came from.

Natalie and Jared are alone in the room in the basement struggling to get out.

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