OLTL Update Friday 10/10/08

One Life to Live Update Friday 10/10/08


Written By Jennifer S.
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita

At the hospital, the doctor announces to Adriana and the other people in Rex’s life that they have done everything they can do for him. And he cannot guarantee that Rex will live. Adriana then demands to know why that would be. Hearing that, Roxy tells Adriana that she better wake up the “smell the garlic”. The reason why Rex is slipping away is because he wants and needs Gigi. She is his will to live.

Right when Tina enters the kitchen with an axe that she intends to use to break Natalie out of the locked room in the basement, Jessica catches her. Natalie is able to see from the video camera as they struggle. And she wishes she could do something yet obviously she cannot.

Meanwhile, at Rodi’s, Leo the contractor decides to reveal to Jared just what his “project” was that Tess paid him to do in the basement of the “Lord Mansion”. And not far away, in the bar, Gigi and Charlie discuss how she must get in to see Rex. She goes to see Bo to find out if he can help her.

At the hospital, in response to the argument between Adriana and Rex, the doctor tells them that he really doesn’t know exactly why it is that Rex woke up temporarily. He needs a ventilator but does not appear to be unconscious. Adriana asks just what their options are. The doctor tells them he is not really certain what is up. But if Rex does come out of it, then somebody might want to consider authorizing for him to be in “long term care”. Hearing that, Adriana tells him in that case, he needs to remove the ventilator tubes. But Roxy tells him that she does not want him to proceed with making any such decision regarding her son until consulting with Gigi and with Bo.

At that point, Gigi talks to Bo in his office about how or if she can get the legal right to see Rex.. He tells her that unfortunately since Adriana is still legally married to him, she calls the shots. But now that it’s been confirmed that Gigi is the mother of his child, she might have some leverage. And he tells her if and when Rex awakens and declares that he only wants to see Gigi, then they can do something about it. Gigi tells Bo that she cannot understand what Adriana’s problem is. She understands that she is upset. But if she were the “wife’ and she loved her husband, she would let him see the person he really loved if that would help him. But Adriana is being spiteful and nasty. And she cannot understand what is going on. She tells him that she is really in a big mess. Even if Rex awakens, Shane does not want Rex to be his father. And then there is the situation involving Brody. Bo then informs her that Brody has been taken to a psychiatric facility. Hearing that, she realizes that Shane will not be ok with finding out that he cannot see his “father” nor in finding out that something like that would have happened to him.

Jared is determined to find out what “Jessica” is up to. But Leo is not about to tell him what he wants. He is ready to physically force it out of the Leo..

Natalie helplessly watches, from the video camera when Tess and Tina struggle. Tina tells Tess that she has to save Natalie from her. But Tess reminds Tina that she needs to know that Carlo Hesser is going to come after her and after Sarah when he finds out that she has the jewels. And she reminds Tina that it will “suck to be her” if she does not cooperate with Tess’s plan to keep Natalie locked up. And at that point, Natalie notices that it appears that maybe Tina is more concerned about the jewels than about saving her.

At the hospital, Adriana instructs the medical staff to remove Rex’s ventilator tubes. But Roxy tells her that she is going to call Gigi before this is done. Adriana tells her she can do whatever she wants. But Gigi Morasco is not coming within 100 feet of Rex. Roxy asks her if she would rather let Rex die than let the one person who could bring him back be able to do so. Adriana tells Roxy that she heard what the doctor said. Rex will be ok once he starts breathing on his own. Roxy then tells her that if her plan does not work and her son dies, then it will be on Adriana. Adriana asks Roxy if she believes that it is not “on” Gigi. It’s her fault that Rex is stuck there. Roxy tells Adriana that she is going to call Bo. She calls him to inform him that Rex has not made any changes. But she needs to find out from him and from Gigi if they are ok with removing the ventilator. Bo then informs her that Gigi is right there. Roxy informs Bo that Adrian, unfortunately is not going to let Gigi make any decisions. But Bo tells Roxy that he can’t let Adriana do that. He then gets off the phone and tells Gigi that he will go to the hospital. He wishes he could take her with him. And he will find a way for her to be with the man she loves. Gigi cries and asks Bo to please tell Rex that she loves him. He promises her he will tell Rex that.

Tess goes to find the safe where Tina has kept the jewels. Tina asks her if she really thinks that keeping her sister locked up like a caged animal is going to work. Right outside, Jared is on his phone making calls. He can somehow sense that Natalie is not far away. He runs into the house and knows that something is going on. Natalie watches them and urges Tina to tell Jared the truth right now. Jared knows he better stick to the “plan” he previously had where he has Tess believing that he is accepting her dinner invitation and has not clue that she is not really Jessica.

At the hospital, Roxy asks the doctor if he’s certain that it’s not too soon to remove the ventilator tubes from her son. He tells her that he does not believe that it really is. The tests and blood work they’ve done has indicated that Rex is right where he should be. And prolonged incubation can lead to further damage. Roxy then urges the doctor to take care of him. BO appears behind Roxy and Adriana. Adriana asks the doctor if she can be in there with him. He tells her that this won’t take too long. She tells him that she wants to be with her husband. He tells her ok. But she has to stay out of his way. Roxy turns to see Bo and thanks him for coming. She tells him that she knows that Gigi loves her son and wishes she could be there. Layla then tells Roxy she must know that Adrian loves Rex also. Roxy tells Layla she does not buy that Adriana cares about what is right for her son. Adriana only cares about Adriana. Right then, Adriana enters Rex’s hospital room. The doctors remove the tubes but discover that he is not breathing. She asks what is going on and why this is happening. She asks if he will be alright. They tell her she needs to go. They seem to know that Rex does not want her there and it is not beneficial for his well being.

At the station, Gigi paces the floor alone and gets some water. And right then, she notices military police manhandling Brody. He stares at her. And she drops her glass of water, startled.

When Jared enters the house to see Tina and “Jessica” arguing and overhears Tina calls “Jessica” crazy, he knows the “role” he must play. He lashes out at Tina and tells her she is way out of line to be talking to Jessica like that. Tess smiles in smug satisfaction. Tina asks him why he is suddenly angry at her and trusting of “Jessica”. As soon as Tess leaves, Jared reveals to Tina that he is “playing along”. He tells her he needs her help. He informs her that he does not think that this is Jessica. He is worried that something has happened to her. And he believes that this “person” whom is appearing at Jessica knows where Natalie is. From the video camera, Natalie is elated that Jared is onto Tess.

Meanwhile, Tess is preparing a meal with the same drug she gave to Natalie, which she plans to serve to Tina and Jared.

Jared tells Tina that he knows something is “off” about Jessica. And he just found out from a contractor that she hired him to “build something” down in the basement. He seems to know that Tina knows something. And he demands that she answers him. Tina turns her head around so she cannot face him. She tells him that she knows that “Jessica” is not herself. But Jared tells Tina he knows that she knows more than that. He heard that the contractor built a sound-proof room down in the basement. And it had a “purpose”. And it’s a little too “coincidental” that right at the same time that that happened, Natalie has disappeared into thin air and nobody has seen or heard from her. But Tina warns Jared that Tess is dangerous. He goes out the door. Tess enters. Tess asks Tina what they were talking about when she was gone. And she “warns” Tina that if she discloses the information to Jared about the locked room or about Natalie, then she will have to kill them both. She is holding the plate with the food she prepared in her hands. And Tina can sense that that might be the very way Tess intends to kill them.

At the hospital, the doctors come and announce that right when they removed the tubes, Rex did not make it. And it was very coincidentally right when Adriana was in the room. Roxy lashes out at Adriana. She freaks and tells her that she is a worthless selfish bitch and she has killed Roxy's son. She knows that only Gigi can save him and give him a reason to live.

At the station, when Gigi observes military cops taking Brody away, she admits that she is not certain what is going to happen if the man whom her son recognizes as his father gets locked up. But she admits she is furious at him for what he did to Rex.

At the hospital, Adriana protests to Roxy that the last time Gigi was with Rex, he got shot. Does Roxy want to take that chance with her son’s life? Roxy cries and pushes Adriana to look inside the window of Rex’s room. And she tells her that the doctors cannot save him. Rex is fighting for his life. Adriana does not know what is right for him. And she demands that Adriana looks at what she has done to him. At that point, everybody walks away from Adriana except for Layla. She tells Adriana she realizes that Adriana loves Rex with all of her heart and believes that what she is doing is right. Adriana admits that she does not know what to do. Layla tells her that nobody does. Adriana tells Layla that before Rex ran into Gigi down in Texas, he never mentioned Gigi. She heard about Rex’s history and the other girls in his life like Jen and many others. But Rex and Gigi run into each other. And she always thinks that if they had not run into each other that one day, Gigi would have never come back into his life. And then she and Rex would have never have split. And this entire mess would have never happened. She keeps considering that.

At Viki’s home, Tess is ready to serve the Hors d'oeurves to Tina. But Tina knows she better not trust eating anything tat Tess prepares.. Tess reminds Tina of the consequences she will face if she tells Jared what she knows. Tina reminds Tess that Jared is a very smart boy and might very well figure out what has happened to Natalie all on his own without any help.

Meanwhile, Jared rushes to attempt to unlock the basement door. But it won’t unlock. Natalie watches him from the video in the locked room and attempts to kick the door down. But she hurts her foot, falls and appears to be in pain.

Tina reminds Tess that all she’s saying is that Jared is a smart guy and might be able to figure out what is going on. So maybe Tess can trust her to “distract” him. Tess realizes that that might very well happen so she does not argue with Tina. Tina then finds a way to prevent Jared from unlocking the door. He goes away. Tina then picks up a knife and tells Tess if she wants to prevent Jared from getting into the basement, Tess will have to get past her. But Tess is not really there. Tina is only “rehearing” her confrontation with Tess. Natalie watches from the floor of the locked room.

While Gigi is alone in Bo’s office waiting for him to return from seeing Rex, she remembers the two of them together on the day they declared their love and the fact that Shane is “their” son. She cries.

At the hospital, (after Adriana is out of the room), the doctor announces that Rex is doing better. But they cannot assume that he will be able to breathe or to live without the ventilator.

Gigi relives the times when Shane and Rex really bonded, before Brody came back and before Rex married Adriana.

The doctor tells them that he has no easy answers nor guarantee that Rex will live.

Gigi remembers reliving with Rex the way things were when they were together in Michigan many years ago.

The doctor explains to Adriana, Roxy and Bo what the “options” are. Roxy then asks the doctor to cut through the chase and tells him what the worst case scenario is for what her son has to look forward to.

Gigi relives being with Rex and reliving all of their old memories.

The doctors tell them he is not going to lie to them. If Rex does not regain consciousness and cannot breathe without the ventilator, there’s a chance that he will remain this way.

Gigi, again relives all those year ago when she and Rex were lovers. She remember when they reunited recently and when he declared (even though he was going to marry Adriana) that he felt better with Gigi than he’s felt in a long time. And he kissed Gigi.

The doctor tells Adriana, Roxy and Bo that it’s entirely possible that no matter what they do, Rex will never be the same. They must all prepare themselves for that.

Right then, Gigi gets a call from Bo. He admits to her that Rex could not breathe without the respirator. And he must be honest with her. Even if Rex does wake up, he might not be the same guy. He tells Gigi he is so sorry. She cries.

Right then, Tina stands with a knife by the basement door, Knowing that Natalie can see and hear her, she apologizes and tells her that she hopes that she can do the right thing. She wants to help. She asks God if maybe he can allow her to protect her daughter and Natalie. He may not care about her nor about the crown jewels of Mendorra. But he cares about them. Yet, right at that moment, Cain Rogan appears in the kitchen.

In the other room, Tess waits for Jared and for Tina to reappear. She apparently does not know that they are onto her. Again, Jared goes down into the basement. He calls to Natalie, somehow knowing right where to find her. He pushes upon the door where Tess has kept her hidden behind her. And they find each other.

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