OLTL Update Thursday 10/9/08

One Life to Live Update Thursday 10/9/08


Written By Jennifer S.
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita

Todd surprises Marty by proposing marriage to her. She tells him that it sounds as though he couldn’t be serious. He tells her that they will raise a family together. She tells him that there is no reason to have the legal contract on a piece of paper. Maybe they should have an “at will” relationship. And the situation with raising Starr’s baby together can fall into place that way. And it sounds as though she knows he has some sort of “unfinished business” which he is not telling her about.

Meanwhile, Blair and John wake up together and want to keep having intimate contact.

At the hospital, Roxy goes in Rex’s room and attempts to “entertain” her comatose son. While outside in the waiting room, Adriana admits to Marcie that she does not want to be this person that she has become who loves a man who is in love with somebody else. But she cannot give up on Rex.

At Rodi’s, Gigi is distracted and unable to think about work. At a table not far away, Tess sees Jared and sits down beside him. And she’s very “excited” to hear what he has decided about Natalie. He concludes to her that he is done with Natalie. If she is going to stay away from him and not even call or answer his messages, then she can go to hell. He’s done with her.

Back at the house, Tina goes to talk to Natalie knowing that Tess is out. Natalie urges her aunt to help her get out of this room. But Tina admits that she has a real “dilemma” regarding the crown jewels. Natalie asks her if the jewels are more important to her than Natalie’s life. Natalie tells Tina that she must know who Tess is. She is the same thing to Jessica that Nikki Smith is to Viki. Tina must know that Tess is dangerous. And she tells Tina that she must make a decision as to what is more important to her; Her family? Or this situation involving the jewels that Tina is not ready to tell her all bout quite yet.

At Rodi’s, Jared concludes to Tess (believing she is Jessica) that he is done with Natalie. She’s a coward to not even face him to tell him what she has to tell him. If he means that little to her, then why should she mean anything to him? And Natalie is not the courageous woman whom he fell in love with and mistakenly thought she is. At the bar, Gigi cannot concentrate on work. She is too obsessed about Rex and the fact that Adriana is preventing her from seeing him. Her employer tells her she may go home. She is not fired. She just needs to go home because she’s a mess today. But she cannot tear herself out of there so that she can sit around knowing that she is prevented from seeing Rex.

Adriana tells Marcie and Layla that she does blame Gigi for what happened to Rex. Marcie tells her that Brody is at fault for what happened to Rex. Gigi is not. But Adriana tells her that if Gigi had not stood up at their (Adriana and Rex’s wedding) and declared her “love” for Rex, then they would have a chance. Rex would not want to divorce her. Gigi would not be in his life. And this whole mess would not have happened. And why is everybody seeing her as the “bad guy”? Marcie tells Adriana she does not want to vilify her. But Adriana needs to know that Gigi is not in Rex’s life and she is not.

At John’s apartment, after they’ve had sex, Blair is wondering what she can find and how to discover new clues about him from what he has in his place.

After Todd asks Marty to marry him, she cannot say yes. She tells him that she wishes he would communicate with her and tell her what is going on with him. He asks her what there is to communicate. All he wants to know is if she will marry him. He tells her that he’s given this a lot of thought. And he knows that he really does want to marry her. She asks him why. He tells her hat he believes that marriage would make everything simple and real. They won’t have to explain themselves when they go out in public with a child. He’ll just tell people she is his wife. She can tell them he is her husband. And this is their kid. She tells him that he’s been really good to her. But she cannot say yes.

At John’s, he gets a call from his lead who investigated Janice the nurse and her previous connection to Ramsey. And it looks like he might have a lead.

At Rodi’s, Tess is careful to play Jessica when talking to Jared about Natalie’s disappearance. She tells him she blames herself for Natalie’s leaving. She made Natalie feel responsible for Nash’s death. But he tells her that she mustn’t’ blame herself. Natalie took off and that was her own doing and not “Jessica’s” fault. He then concludes to her that it’s time for him to move on and find somebody else.

Tina is not certain whether she should let Natalie out of the locked room. Natalie asks her what is stopping her from doing it. Tina then answers that Carlo Hesser is the reason why she cannot. He threatened to kill Sarah if she doesn’t hand over the jewels. And Tess can turn him on her if she does not do what Tess wants. Natalie asks Tina why, then she came down there. Tina tells Natalie she just wanted to come down and see if Natalie was alright or needed something to eat. Natalie tells her bull. She knows that Tina has some sort of “ulterior motives” with something.

Outside of Rodi’s, Gigi runs into Charlie. He wants to console her and remembers that this is the place where he passed out drunk a while back and still has no clue how or why he got there. He asks her if she wants to talk about her thoughts and feelings about Rex and what has happened. But she tells him no. She doesn’t know what to say or do.

Adriana tells Marcie and Layla that she doesn’t know what to say or do. She needs to be there for Rex. Right then, Roxy is asking unconscious Rex what happened to that “nice girl” whom he married and who used to be so great but has now turned into such a jerk.. Adriana walks in to answer that question by replying that what “happened” to the nice person she used to be is that she got tired of being walked on. And she tells Roxy if she has anything to say to her, she can say it to her to her face and not behind her back.

Tess plays Jessica and tells Jared he does not deserve to be treated like this. He tells her neither does Rex. Natalie not only has no regard for him. She doesn’t even care about her own brother. And he asks her to play pool with him. She tells him she has to rush off. But maybe he can come by later and have dinner with her. He smiles and tells her he would like that. And they agree that they will both forget about Natalie as she has forgotten about them. After Tess is gone, Jared observes a guy who might “know” Tess. And the guy tips him off about her.

Natalie tells Tina that she must know that Tess is nuts. She shot heroine with a shared needle. Hearing that, Tina seemed shocked. Natalie then tells her that Tess is the reason why Viki almost died after the brake lines were cut. Tina asks her if Tess was going to kill her own mother by cutting Viki’s brake lines. Natalie replies no. It was her (Natalie's) car. Tess intended to kill Natalie and Jared. Tina must know that this is more than just Tess being angry at her Natalie) and Jared for Nash’s death and wanting to break them up. Tina has the means to do something about this but is enabling Tess to endanger many people. So, Natalie urges her, she must do something.

Marty asks Todd why he would want to marry her. He tells her it’s because she is beautiful and funny and smart and sometimes annoying. And he admits to her that he hates Blair and hates John McBain. He wants to forget all about them. He wants to be with her because of how she makes him feel. And he admits to her that she is the last person he thought he’d want to be with but he does. And he does not want to lose her. She tells him that he means a lot to her but she cannot marry him.

After Adriana confronts Roxy, Roxy tells Adriana that she better listen to her. She is Rex’s mother. Adriana lied to him and betrayed him. And she won’t let Adriana hurt her son anymore. Adriana tells Roxy she is a fine one to “play the mother card” with her son. She has never been a real mother to Rex. And she better watch her mouth. Roxy asks Adriana what if she does not. Will Adriana throw her out?

Outside of Rodi’s, Charlie tells a distraught Gigi that she must trust that Rex will come back to her. Gigi looks at him with hope.

Blair tells John that she is ok even though he can see that she might still be a bit “incomplete”. But she tells him he needs to get to work. She knows that he is the “good cop who wants to make everything right”.

Todd asks Marty if she wants to marry him. She tells him she cannot make a commitment that huge when she hasn’t even figured out whom she is and when she is dependent upon him 24/7. He concludes that she must want to keep her options open. He tells her that this is not a “prison” for her. He doesn’t want her to feel trapped if she doesn’t want to be with him. She tells him she does not want to be helplessly dependent on him and feel that without him, she has nothing. He tells her that maybe he feels that way also. She is all he has. She tells him that he does not have to put a ring on her finger in order to insure that they have a connection. He needs to trust her. At that point, Todd walks away.

Natalie tells Tina that they cannot live in fear of Tess. They can contact Viki and she can come and put a stop to what Tess is doing. Natalie might even be able to help Tina to keep her jewels. Tina then agrees to unlock the door but then realizes that she does not have access to unlock it. She asks Natalie if she knows how to pick a remote locked door.

The crooked contractor whom Tess hired to build the “room” down in the basement notices Tess at Rodi’s. And Jared asks him just what he knows about her. The guy does not reveal to Jared if he knows Jessica or if he knows Tess. He indicates to Jared that he is a contractor who does carpentry and home improvement and cannot “reveal any secrets”. Hearing that he is a “contractor”, Jared informs him that so is his dad. He might be able to get Charlie to find him some work if he can give him some information about “Jessica Buchanan”. At that point, the guy is ready to reveal his secrets to Jared.

Tina tells Natalie she promises to get her out of there. Natalie has to trust her, she tells her.

Roxy tells Adriana that she better not dare to kick her out of her own son’s room. Adriana tells Roxy she will do whatever it takes. The doctor then enters and tells the two of them that he can only allow one visitor at a time. Adriana responds that she needs to spend time with “her husband”. But Roxy is not willing to leave Adriana alone in the room with Rex.

John is out investigating and Blair wonders what his secret is.

Todd tells Marty that he knows that marriage to Blair did not work. But he knows that it could be different with her. She tells him she hopes that it stays that way. But they would be making a huge mistake if they jumped into something they were not ready for. However, she reveals that she might be in love with him even if she’s not ready to marry him.

Adriana tells the doctor she does not understand why it is that Rex woke up and then went back into a coma. Roxy suggests that maybe it’s because he needs different visitors besides her and wants Adriana out. The doctor explains that he is still having Rex on a respirator because he’s not yet out of the woods. At that point, Marcie calls Gigi to ask her how she’s holding up. Gigi admits not good. Marcie tells her that she’s done everything she could to get through to Adriana. But Adriana will not “budge”. Gigi gets off her phone and tells Charlie that she cannot accept the fact that neither she nor Shane can see Rex. And she tells him that this is all her fault. If she had not lied to him, then none of this would have happened.

Todd and Marty agree that maybe they can “postpone” any wedding plans for now.. She smiles at him revealing that she does still like him. And he kisses her.

At Rodi’s, Tess’s contractor reveals to Jared that “Jessica” hired him to build a “secret room” at Llanfair. Jared asks him just where this secret room is. The contractor replies it was in the basement.

Right then, Tess returns home but notices, from the video that Tina has broken Natalie out of the locked room. Tina and Natalie rush up the stairs and are startled to see that Tess has “caught” them.

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