OLTL Update Wednesday 10/8/08

One Life to Live Update Wednesday 10/8/08


Written By Jeannie
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita

John is at home and answers the door to Blair.

Natalie is in the basement. She asks Tess about Rex. Tess says Rex is dead

Roxy is putting makeup on and crying as Tina comes in. Roxy says it’s about Rex.

Gigi goes to work and the boss says she’s late. Gigi says fire me. The boss apologizes and thinks she’s upset because of Brody shooting someone.

Bo sets up a therapist for Brody and tells him he’s facing murder charges.

Layla comforts Adriana.

John invites Blair in. She has groceries to make dinner.

Todd and Marty share a meal in the park. Marty asks about Todd’s wedding ring. Todd says he can’t take his wedding ring off because it’s stuck.

Tess says Rex passed away before breakfast. Natalie says she’s lying. Tess says the funeral’s on Friday. Tess says Rex asked for Natalie. Natalie cries. Then Tess says, “Got ya”.

Brody asks about Rex. Bo says he’s in critical condition and isn’t responding.

Jared barges in and insists on talking to Bo. Brody has a flash back about the little boy in Iraq.

Gigi talks to her boss about Brody and Rex. She tells him about Shane’s real father and Adriana preventing her from seeing him.

Adriana tells Layla she still loves Rex and hopes he’ll wake up and love her too.

Marcie comes in. She says Shane wouldn’t talk about Brody and Rex but went to school. Gigi talks about how she lied to Shane his whole life. Marcie tries to reassure her. She talks about Adriana keeping her out of ICU and Marcie says she’ll handle it.

Adriana worries that what if Rex needs to hear Gigi’s voice. She blames herself for bringing Brody to Llanview and getting Rex shot.

At the station Brody eyes the cop’s gun.

Jared asks Bo about Natalie. He says no one has heard from her.

Roxy looks for her lucky rabbit’s foot. Tina helps. Roxy hand her a box of hair color to do it herself. Tina says she’ll wait. She says Rex will be better soon. Roxy asks Tina to find Natalie. She’s upset Natalie isn’t with them.

Natalie asks if Rex was alive. Tess laughs at her grief. Natalie says how can Tess do this to her. Natalie asks how long it will take for everyone to figure it out that she’s locked up somewhere.

Jared says him and Natalie were doing fine before he left. He lays everything out as to why he thinks Natalie is in trouble.

Natalie tells Tess Jared is on to her scheme.

Jared tells Bo there is something not quite right about Jessica.

Brody stares at the gun on the policeman’s belt as the policemen turns his back to answer the phone

Todd tells her his ring is stuck. Marty says it’s psychosomatic. They talk about Todd not being ready to leave his wife and kids.

John tells Blair he missed her too. Blair says it caught her off guard. They talk about their relationship. John says he feels it too but has something he needs to say to her.

Roxy talks to Tina about Natalie. Tina says if Natalie were to break up with Natalie and Roxy catches the word “if”. Tina says she would tell her if she could and Roxy says she doesn’t think so.

Natalie tells Tess Tina will crack and tell someone. Tess gives Natalie a letter to copy. Natalie reads it and tells Tess she is getting a bit worried. Tess says to copy the letter or Jared will be saying goodbye for good.

Jared talks to Bo about Jessica’s strange behavior. Jared says he think’s Tess is back.

Brody keeps having flashbacks. He starts saying no

Gigi thanks Marcie for all she’s done for her. Marcie says they need to think about Rex and she has a plan. She thinks she can talk to Adriana.

Adriana tells Layla that Rex asked her for a divorce and he’s in love with Gigi. Layla asks if she still loves him because that’s the only question she needs to answer.

Bo and Jared discuss the possibility of Tess being back. Bo remembers his conversation with John about Natalie.

Brody attacks the cop. Bo rushes in.

Natalie writes the letter and gives it to Tess. Tess rips it up. She says Natalie made the J look like a T. She needs to rewrite the letter.

Roxy asks Tina about living at Vikki’s house. Tina says that Natalie and Jared might feel guilty. Tina tells Roxy Natalie is underfoot and closer then she thinks. Roxy runs out telling Tina to lock up.

Brody freaks out and Bo tries to calm him down. He tells him he knows what he’s going through and it will be okay. Brody says no, its not.

Tess texts Jared to meet her. He runs from the police station.

Adriana tells Layla about the toothbrush and lying to Rex. Layla says it’s Gigi’s fault for not telling the truth. Adriana says no, she unleashed Brody so it’s her fault. If she lets Gigi in to see him it’s like saying its over for her and Rex. If she doesn’t, Rex may die. Layla says it comes down to the same question, how much does she love him? Marcie comes up and hugs Adriana.

Layla goes to get coffee. Marcie talks to Adriana. Adriana says she got so jealous and panicky when she found out about Gigi that she drove him back to her. She still loves Rex. Roxy comes up and is upset Rex was left alone. She snaps at Adriana and goes in to see Rex. Adriana asks when she became the bad guy, she doesn’t want to be that person.

Jared goes to Rodi’s. Tess shows up. She tells Jared she got another letter from Natalie. He asks where the envelope is, Tess threw it out. Jared says the letter would have a stamp on it from where it was mailed from. Tess tells him it was mailed from Llanview. Tess reads the letter. It says Natalie wishes she could see Rex but can’t risk seeing Jared.

Todd and Marty share a glass of wine and talk about Todd’s feelings. Todd talks about his kids. Marty asks if he misses Blair. Todd says what’s there to miss. Todd says it’s over. He’s ready to move on with her and the grand kid.

Blair asks if this is the it’s not you its me speech. John says he’s not in the position to make promises. Blair says she doesn’t want promises. She just got out of a bear trap of a marriage and likes her freedom. John warns her he’s a little gloomy by nature. He says he’s not too sure about the flowers she brought him. She says he deserves them. They kiss.

Tess keeps reading the letter from Natalie. Jared flashes back to where he first met Tess. Some of the words in Natalie’s letter are words Tess said to him when they first met in Atlantic City.

Marty puts hand cream on Todd’s ring and gets it off.

Blair and John got to the bedroom.

Marty gives Todd his ring. He throws it into the woods.

John and Blair undress.

Todd says they are both letting go of their past. Todd asks Marty to make it official and get married.

Natalie reads the letter Tess made her write and says Jared will know.

Tess thinks Jared is upset. He says she was right. Natalie is a heartless bitch.

Natalie keeps saying Jared will come. The door opens and Tina comes in.

Jared tells Tess Natalie can go to hell.

Adriana says she doesn’t know if she has it in her to do the right thing.

Gigi messes up orders at work as she worries about Rex.

Marcie talks to Adriana about letting go of someone she loves. Maybe Rex needs to hear Gigi’s voice. Marcie asks if she loves him enough to give him back to his family.

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