OLTL Update Tuesday 10/7/08

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 10/7/08


Written By Jennifer S.
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita

At the hospital, John goes to talk to Michael about his medical opinion of whether “somebody” could have survived a vehicle accident. Michael asks his brother if the “fire” that killed “the woman in question” burned the entire vehicle. John replies yes. Michael replies that if that happened, there’s no way the “mysterious woman” could have survived. The fire would have incinerated her entire body and she’d never have made it.

Addie probes Blair about her “relationship” with John. She knows that her daughter wishes there could be “more” than what is currently going on between the two of them and that Blair is not willing to admit to what she is really feeling.

Dorian calls Jacky McNaughton for legal advice and tells him how she needs to nail Ray Montez for his threat. And she intends to bring down Clint Buchanan with him. She makes it clear that she is not willing to “roll over” and give Clint back his company. But Jacky tells her that she should be very grateful that she’s finally gotten to the bottom of the mystery involving how Ray came to town to take Langston away. And now she can finally do something about it. And he tells her that she should take Clint Buchanan up on his offer. Give him back his company and Ray will be out of their lives.

Meanwhile, after Nora, Antonio and Talia take Ray down to the station for questioning about Cristian Vega and he admits that he’s never heard of Cristian, he asks if he can make one private phone call. They leave the room so he can get on his cell. He calls Clint and informs him that these “three people” at the police station are interrogating him about some guy named Cristian Vega. Clint does not exactly know what is up with that. But at that point, Ray talks about this: “lady DA” who seems really tough. And at that point, Clint knows that Nora has gotten to Ray.

Cristian, Vanessa and Lola rush into the house after the rain storm knowing that they cannot start the vehicle He tells them that all he wants is to go home. Vanessa tells him that maybe tomorrow they can try again. There is nothing they can do at this point except wait and get out of these “wet clothes:

John does not reveal the identity of this woman to Michael whom he is asking about the accident that supposedly killed her. At that point, Michael asks his brother why he is asking so many questions about this hypothetical situation and why he’s obsessed about it. John then admits to his brother that it’s about Marty Saybrooke. He believes that she may still be alive.

Meanwhile, Todd and Marty are together having a picnic on the grass in the sunlight and really enjoying being together.

While taking shelter from the rain, Vanessa admits to Cristian that she is “very grateful” to him. And he begins to feel the same way about her

When Nora is questioning Ray Montez at the station, Clint calls her and demands to know what she is up to. He informs her that Ray informed him that she and the others are interrogating him about Cristian Vega. What is up with that? She tells him in a very indignant way that she has the right to detain Ray Montez. He is a convicted murderer. And she believes that Ray might very well have something to do with Cristian disappearing. It’s a little too coincidental that Ray just happened to show up out of nowhere at the very same time that Cristian disappeared. Clint is not just preventing Dorian from taking over his company. He could be responsible for endangering Langston and for what could have happened to Cristian

Dorian firmly states to Jack McNaughton that Clint “said” that she “has his word” that he will make Ray go away and give up his rights to Langston. But he said he could not guarantee that. And in the meantime, the courts have still awarded Ray legal guardianship of Langston. And she cannot accept that. Ray still wants to take her out of the country. He may still want to blackmail her. And she is not going to let that happen. Hearing that, he tells her that he believes that this thing that is going on with her is about something else. He knows she has some sort of ulterior motives regarding Clint.

In the other room, Addie tells Blair that she knows that she is denying what is in her heart about John.

At the hospital, John tells Michael that the mayor has not allowed him to pursue the investigation. So it is still off the record. He’s doing this privately and doesn’t want Michael or anybody to reveal what he is doing. For one thing, the last thing he wants to do is get Cole’s hopes up. Michael then responds to that by asking John just what he would do if he found out that Marty was still alive.

Michael tells John that there is no way that Ramsey could have secretly “salvaged” Marty and kept her hidden in his home. But John tells his brother that it’s a little too coincidental that he happens to know that Ramsey did have this mysterious invalid woman in his home. Now he can clearly see that Todd is hiding something or somebody in his home. And it’s a little too coincidental that both Ramsay and Todd hired the same nurse. Michael asks John just what motive or incentive Todd would have to “keep” Marty in his home. He asks if John assumes Todd could use her against somebody. John replies yes. He might want to use her against himself (John) or Blair or Michael.

At that point, Todd and Marty are sitting in the park talking about where they want to move to. She tells him she’s glad that he’s encouraged her to get over her past. But maybe he needs to do the same in his own life. He spends a lot of time talking about his family.

Addie tells Blair that if she wants to be more than just casual with John, she needs to do something about it. She reminds her daughter of what Dorian says: that a Cramer woman never settles for less than she deserves.

In the other room, while Dorian is urging Jack McNaughton to “help” her, he tells her he gets the feeling that she has some real personal issues with Clint. He happens to know that she has been doing underhanded dirty dealings to get Clint in trouble in his business before she did the hostile takeover. She has done everything she can possibly do in order to get what she wants including having a guy falling through a skylight to his death. At that point, Dorian protests that she did not mean for Nash Brennan to die. Jack then tells her that he is not judging. He realizes that in order to make an omelet, you might have to break a few eggs. She tells him yes. He understands. And the “egg” that must be cracked is Clint Buchanan. She protests that she is not just going to sit back and let Clint get everything that he wants. Why should he always have his way? She has worked hard to achieve everything with her new company Cramer Enterprises and she’s not going to roll over and give it all to Clint.. Hearing that, Jack admits that he believes that Dorian is his kind of woman.

In the other room, Addie tells Blair that throughout life people have to take chances. There is always a risk. She worries that if she went off her medication she might go back to being the helpless emotionally disturbed Addie stuck at St. Anne’s. And she encourages Blair not to be afraid the same way she is not going to be.

Michael tells John that if his theory is correct that Marty is still alive and if she is living with Todd Manning, maybe John wants to think before acting. Todd could ruin him and he might regret it. He warns his brother not to set himself up for disappointments and consequences.

Alone in the interrogation room, Nora informs Ray that she happens to know that when Cristian Vega was last seen, he was wearing a prison jumpsuit with Ray’s name on it. And she bets that Ray has some sort of association with Carlo Hesser. Antonio and Talia asks Ray more about that. He tells them that the reason he is in Llanview has nothing to do with Carlo. He came there due to a business deal with Clint Buchanan. Talia asks him why it is that he just came out of nowhere to join forces with Clint. And then, he so conveniently finds his “niece” wants to get custody of Langston Wilde and take her away from Dorian Lord. She remarks that all of that is pretty coincidental.

In the rain, Cristian talks to Lola. He tells her that she will like living in Llanview even though she remarks that she’s only lived in Columbia. At that point, Vanessa remarks that Lola has led a very sheltered life. And they both smile at Cristian indicating that they trust him..

At the high school. Langston cries and tells her friends she is afraid that Ray can take her away and she will never see them again. But Cole tells her she must know that that will not happen. He knows what is going on. Starr and Markko join in and tell her that they won’t let anybody take her from her friends and family. But she tells them it’s not that simple. Ray has been awarded legal custody of her. And there is nothing anybody can do to stop him from doing what he intends to do.

While Dorian talks alone to Jack McNaughton, she give him a secret document that he stuffs in his suit jacket pocket. And they confirm that once he goes through with what she is asking him, there is “no going back”. When he leaves, Addie remarks to Dorian that “the man who was there” looked just like the man whom she contacted to get Dorian out of jail. Dorian tells her sister she was mistaken. The man who came to see her who just left now was the exterminator. She obviously has a secret which she does not want Addie or anybody to know.

Right then, Markko assures Langston that they have something special that nobody can take from them.

Right then, Clint gets a call from Dorian. He tells her he knows she is bluffing. She will never let Langston go. She tells him there is no way she is handing over her company to him. And he may tell Ray Montez if he wants Langston, he may come and get her.

At the station, Nora, Antonio and Talia are all wondering if or when Ray will changes his story about Carlo Hesser and Cristian. And they are not about to give up.

While they are inside taking shelter from the rain, Cristian talks to Vanessa about how he can take care of her in Llanview and of Lola, help her find a job and Lola get settled in school. She smiles at him and remarks that he is a very kind and generous man. And she also tells him that she cannot believe that her evil husband’s identity could have gotten switched with his.

John gets on the phone to ask his “lead” for information about Janet the nurse and the body guard who both worked for Todd Manning. And he’s determined to get to the bottom of the investigation. And he looks at a picture of himself and Marty that he still keeps in his bedside drawer.

While at the picnic, Todd tells Marty that he wants to move on and leave Llanview behind. She asks him if that is so, then he is still wearing his wedding ring. He observes it still on his finger and is ready to take it off.

John is still determined to crack open his case. He seems to still have Marty on the brain. He then hears a knock on the door. He opens to see that it’s Blair, with flowers, after Addie has encouraged her to “go and get” John.

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