OLTL Update Monday 10/6/08

One Life to Live Update Monday 10/6/08


Written By Jennifer S.
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita

Vanessa (Ray Montez’s wife” informs Cristian Vega that she and her step daughter have to get out of anywhere that Ray can find them. Ray is dangerous. She has been taking care of Ray’s daughter, Lola as if Lola was her own. And she introduces him to Lola. She is a teenager, about Langston’s age.

At the police station, Sarah and Antonio show Talia the information that they have found out about Ray Montez. It’s very coincidental that he happens to be the person whom Cristian Vega has “replaced” in the prison cell. And they notice that Ray Montez has an issue that is going on right now, locally in Llanview, with Dorian Lord.

Right then, Dorian goes to Clint’s home and tells him that she knows that he is behind Ray Montez being able to take her daughter away from her. He tells her that he had nothing to do with the decision that the judge made. He cannot do anything about it. And he reminds her that neither can she. Right then, Nora witnesses their conversation. And they both seem like they are not ok with what has happened.

At the high school, Langston talks to Starr and Markko about what is going to happen. And at that point, Ray Montez enters. They notice him and demand to know what he is there for. Langston concludes that Ray is there to take her away.

Right then, Marty gets on the computer determined to find out the information about the man who raped her. Todd notices what she is doing. And he tells her that it is up to her whether she wants s to rehash what has happened and relive the rape. He reminds her it’s “up to her”. She then clicks on the button. He turns his back on her and assesses that “now she knows”. And he asks her what she plans to do about it. He appears afraid and guilty about what happened all those years ago.

At the station, Cole goes to talk to John McBain. He tells him that he is there to support Langston. She is Starr’s best friend, his friend and Dorian’s foster daughter. And he needs to discuss what happened in the courtroom. This guy named Ray Montez came out of nowhere claiming to be Langston’s uncle. And he challenged and won custody over Dr. Lord. Dr. Lord went nuts. The judge threw her in jail for contempt. But when he returned home, he witnessed a conversation between Clint Buchanan and Ray. And it looks like Clint is “Striking a deal” with Ray in order to take Langston away form Dorian so that she will be forced to give him back his company. Hearing that, John assesses that what Clint is doing is unethical but not illegal. But Cole is not going to rest with what has just happened.

Dorian rips into Clint, telling him what a despicable person he is to use a young girl in order to get his company back from her. Nora then leaves the room. He reminds Dorian he will fight for his company and his family. She then asks if this means “an eye for an eye”. She asks if because she took his company, he intends to take her daughter from her. He answers pretty much.

At the high school. Ray tells Langston and her friends that he wanted to look around this place and observe the type of education that she was receiving in this place. And he wanted to make certain that she will not be “dissatisfied” with what he will provide for her in South America. But, he concludes that maybe he should be going. Yet she tells him she’d like for him to stay. He tells her that he thinks he understands. But she tells him no. He could not possibly understand what is going on in her life unless he had a daughter like her.

While Cristian is talking to Ray’s wife, Vanessa, he asks her how they can protect anybody from Ray. She introduces him to Ray’s daughter, Lola who expresses that she also needs Cristian's help to get away from Ray.

Marty assesses to Todd that there is only one thing she can do now; get on with her life. She tells him that one thing she remembered was that emotional scars and loss and the pain associated with a trauma can come right back with just one photo. She tells him she realizes that something hideous happened to her at the hands of these guys. And she can either choose to walk away and not give them the satisfaction of hurting her again. OR she can dig up the entire event and relive it again. And she tells Todd that instead of reading the entire story, she hit exit. She tells him she hopes that the nightmares will go away now. She is choosing the future and not the past. And she concludes that the past nightmares can no longer hurt her now. Todd looks at her and smiles.

Clint reminds Dorian that she “co-opted” his grandchildren’s inheritance. His son in law, Nash Brennan is dead because of her. And she only did it for revenge and spite because he “dumped” her for Nora. She reminds him that he enabled a criminal and pervert to take her daughter out of the country so that she will never see the people who love her again. Hearing that, he assures her that he will not let anything happen to Langston. She will get her foster daughter back IF he can get his company back.

At the police station, Antonio assesses that he knows that the reason Cristian is missing is because Carlo Hesser got to him. And Talia wonders if Montez has any connection to her father. Sarah adds that, more importantly, she wants and needs to find out how Cristian got stuck in the prison and how they can get him out.

Vanessa and Lola explain to Cristian that they both testified against Ray at his trial with the intent of having him put away. But he somehow got out. And they are afraid of what he might do.

At Llanview High, Ray attempts to explain to Langston that he is concerned that maybe students at the school might not have “full supervision” with their activities and choices. Starr is there with her and assumes Ray is saying that because he can see that she is pregnant. And she asks if that is the reason why he is taking Langston to Columbia.

Cole tells John that he is worried that Montez will take Langston away from Dr. Lord. And maybe John should go and see what is going on at her house. Cole also admits that he realizes that John is “seeing” Mrs. Manning. John does not want to talk about that, assuming that Cole disapproves of his forgetting Cole’s mother and taking up with Starr’s mother. But Cole tells John that he really does think highly of Blair when she went to the school with Starr and put that principal in her place when she judged Starr for being pregnant. He tells John he is ok with John “seeing” Blair. But he doesn’t want John to forget Cole's mother. John is careful not to reveal to Cole that he just concluded that very possibly Cole’s mother is not far away and is with Todd Manning.

At Todd’s, Marty tells him she’s glad that she was able to walk downstairs and see that she was regaining her strength. He asks her how she felt when she researched the article about the rape. She admits to Todd that at first, she was horrified and angry. But she has concluded that she need not let those men “take her life” away from her again.

At the station, Antonio searches the files that say that Ray Montez was falsely accused of murder then released. Sarah asks if that would mean that after Cristian is in Ray’s place, he will also get released. Talia assesses that maybe her father wanted to convict a murderer named Ray Montez. And right, at that moment, Nora enters to overhear their conversation and asks if she heard correctly that they were speaking of a “murderer” named Ray Montez. She remembers the name.

At that moment, Clint tells Dorian that under the “right circumstances”, he can arrange for Ray Montez to go back to South America so that he will never be able to be a threat to her nor take Langston away from her. But that will only happen if Dorian meets his terms.

At the high school, Langston tells Ray that her entire life and history has been at this school, with her friends, her boyfriend, her family and all the people she loves. She asks Ray if he really believes that he will “show her the world”. She realizes that the judge ruled in his favor. She knows he may have good intentions. But she urges Ray not to take away her life.

Cole talks to John reminding him that he and Langston became really close after his mom died. He honestly believed that Langston was the only person who really understood what he was feeling to have lost both of his parents. And then a wonderful thing happened when Dr. Lord adopted Langston. He knows that it gave Langston a new life. And he knew how it devastated Langston when the courts wanted to take her away from her family, yet again. He knows that it would be a tragic and terrible thing to happen to Langston if she lost her home with Dorian Lord.

Marty tells Todd that she does want to see the world. In response to that, he reminds her that this is not a “prison”. And this time, she “did get out”. Hearing that, she indicates that she may not know what he is talking about. He then asks her how she’d like to go for a ride with him. She reminds him that she is not “dressed” She’s still in a nightgown. He tells her that she looks “dressed” to him. He can go and get her sweater for her. And he takes her hand to encourage her to go with him. She smiles.

Vanessa asks Cristian if she can let them talk alone. She tells Cristian that this girl is like her own. He asks her what makes her think that Ray will not follow her to the US. She admits that she has “considered” that.. She has some passports. And she has planned the trip for the three of them to travel. But Ray will not know that his daughter is on the flight. He then asks her if Ray is so smart, then why does she assume that he will not find out where his daughter is. She tells him that she ahs made certain that she knows what to do. And she can help Cristian get back to Llanview and all of his people if she helps him.

Nora overhears Antonio, Talia and Sarah speaking of Ray Montez. And she tells them she happens to know that Ray is Langston’s uncle and plans to take her from Dorian. She tells them she realizes this is not cool. And this is the first time she will admit that she feels sorry for Dorian.

Clint tells Dorian that he is ready to “draw up an agreement” between the two of them. He has made certain that there are no “legal loopholes” to prevent what he intends. When it is signed, Buchanan Enterprises will be returned to him. Langston will be returned to Dorian. And Ray Montez will be forced to go back to South America.

Cole tells John that he remembers how he really loves his mother. He remembers seeing how happy Marty was to ride in a convertible

At that point, we see Todd and Marty in Todd’s convertible. She seems to be happy and exhilarated with the wind blowing in her hair, just as her son remembers her.

At the station, John assesses to Cole that he realizes all that Cole has been through in the last year. And he asks Cole how it is between him and Starr. Cole replies that he is still not ok with Starr wanting to give his kid up for adoption. John tells Cole that if Langston has to be sent away, Starr will really miss her best friend. And she will need a friend to be there for her such as Cole.

At the high school, Langston, Markko and Starr all protest to Ray that Langston’s life is there, in that place with all of them. And he could not possibly understand. He listens and says nothing.

Clint then assesses to Dorian that he’s certain that she is not about to lose custody of her daughter over this. So he assumes that they have a deal. But she sounds as though she is not entirely certain she wants to agree to his deal. He then asks her if she is really willing to give up all that that girl means to her by simply telling him she will “think about it”. She replies to Clint that she cannot just give up a multi-million dollar company and all that she has worked hard to develop it. He then reminds her that if she does not give him back his company, Ray will take her daughter with him to South America. And he asks her if she really wants to make that happen just so that she can steal his company from him.

John concludes to Cole that he will stop by Dorian’s later. Cole thanks John for taking the time and he assesses that he knows that nobody knew his mom the way John did. Cole then calls Starr at school to inform her that John McBain is on their side. She responds to him that that is great. And she tells Cole that he is a great friend to care about Langston. He tells her that he wants to be a friend to all of them. Right at that point, Nora, Antonio and Talia enter the high school wearing their uniforms. Nora asks Ray if he is Ray Montez. He asks why they want to know. She tells them that she and the police department have some questions to ask him down at the station and they are in regard to Cristian Vega.

Clint asks Dorian if they have a deal or not. She replies that she already told him that she needs time to think about this. He asks her what she believes she has to think about. She goes out the door. Clint assesses that he believes that she would never give up Langston. Right then, Dorian gets on her cell to call her lawyer and inform her that there are things to discuss immediately.

Todd and Marty go walking in a park together. She has a cane but walks pretty well. She tells him she is so happy to be with him and forgetting the past. And she believes it’s like a whole new beginning. And she kisses him.

Right then, when John is alone in his room after being very careful not to reveal a word of his investigation about Marty to her son, he pulls out the case files and the picture of her. And it looks like he has a plan.

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