OLTL Update Friday 10/3/08

One Life to Live Update Friday 10/3/08


Written By Jennifer S.
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita

Marty is sitting in the dark in Todd’s living room, surfing online and coming across the newspaper article of when she was raped. She thoroughly reads the newspaper report about the rape. And when Todd returns to see her, he is spooked. She tells him what she is reading and tells him she demands and explanation. He demands to know what she is doing there and tells her he doesn’t want her coming down the stairs by herself. She could have fallen and hurt herself and nobody’d be there for her.

John returns to the police station. Antonio and Sarah welcome him back. But she needs to know what he has found out about Cristian. John informs her that he went looking for Cristian but did not find him. And all he knows is that Cristian was put in prison to “replace” a guy named Ray Montez who has apparently been taken out of the prison.

At that point, Ray Montez is hiding in Clint’s home and attempting to make himself scarce after Cole has caught him and Clint talking about the “very important issue”.

AT THAT POINT, there’s an interruption with the Special Report.

When Rex is in his hospital room, unconscious and his life is hanging in the balance, Adriana appears out of nowhere. She informs him that Addie and Layla contacted her and told her where he was. Right as he’s awakened, after asking, in his dream to be connected to Gigi and Shane, Adriana is the first person he sees. She leans over him and tells him that she took the first plane out there when she found out he might die. She could not bear the thought that he might love Gigi and not her. She cries and tells him that she would die if anything happened to him. At that time, Rex is barely awakening and not able to respond.

At Todd’s home, Marty looks at the article of herself and picture of the “group” of guys who gang-raped her (which he was one of). They look at the picture of 4 guys. And she tells Todd that she remembers his telling her that there were only 3. She then asks about the 4th guy (himself). She asks just who that one was. He does not want to tell her the details. But she has more questions.

At Nora’s home, Dallas and Clint are acting really friendly toward one another. Nora makes it clear that she is not ok with having come home from a flight only to see them together. He tells her that Dallas is not going to “move in”. She is just a friend and needed a place to stay. But Nora is clearly angry. He asks her if she wants him to throw Dallas out on the street. She then tells him that Dallas could have stayed at any 5 star hotel she wanted. And she obviously would have if it were not for “obvious circumstances”. Clint asks Nora if she still believes what she previously told him; that this is still his house. She tells him of course it is. But she is clearly not ok with him, not only for the fact that Dallas is staying with him. She is not going to forgive Clint for the dirty business he’s done involving Langston.

Starr, Langston, Cole and Markko go to see Dorian before her arraignment hearing and fill her in on the details of what they have heard. Cole tells her that he witnessed, first-hand, a meeting between Clint and Ray Montez. And they all bet that Clint is behind Ray coming to take Langston away from Dorian. She tells Cole that she is very grateful for his coming forward and telling her. Starr admits that she is also very grateful for Cole helping her aunt and her best friend, in spite of circumstances. At that point, the judge enters and asks Dorian if she can come up with one remotely good reason for why he should let her out of jail after her reprehensible behavior in his courtroom the other day.

At the hospital, after Adriana suddenly appears, Bo takes Gigi aside and tells her he understands how she feels. But Adriana is still Rex’s wife, he reminds her. She responds by telling him that’s true in name only. Gigi reminds Bo that Adriana is the reason that Brody came to town in the first place and got misled. And she is the reason why Rex is lying in the ICU. At that point, Adriana and Layla come out and announce that Rex has awoken. Bo then tells them that he will inform the others and he leaves. Adriana attempts to talk to Gigi. But Gigi clearly does not want to talk to her nor want her to be there.

At the station, John informs Antonio and Sarah that when he went to find Cristian, he ran into Carlo Hesser. And he knows that Hesser is behind what happened to Cristian and the fact that he was thrown into prison to swap the identity with Ray Montez. And he tells them hopefully, since Cristian is out of prison, he will be in contact with them soon.

Right then, Cristian is with Ray’s wife. They are in a darkened room where she lights candles. She remarks to him that he is judging her. She asks him if he thinks she is some sort of ditzy chick. He tells her he could care less who she is. All he wants is to get out of there and get back to his home. He tells her he does not want her to be lighting candles. There’s a blackout. She tells him that he needs to know that Ray wants to kill her. And he would kill Cristian or anybody else who got in his way. Cristian asks her why he should protect her from this guy if she has nothing to offer her. Again, it seems as though neither of them trust the other. She tells him that she can’t just let him get on the phone to “call his people” as he keeps telling her he wants to do. Now that Ray is out of prison, he knows how to make connections and he can get them both killed. Cristian then asks Ray’s wife just where she wants him to “drop her off”.

In the courtroom, after the judge asks Dorian what she has to say for herself, she stands up and speaks. At this point, she appears unusually calm, confident and in control of herself. She tells him that yesterday, she acted to protect the life and the safety of this young lady, Langston. She became a mother lion fighting to protect her child. And she realizes that her behavior was unacceptable. But she hopes that the judge can understand and forgive her. He then concludes that he will. But she must accept his decision as final that she is losing custody of Langston. He then instructs his bailiffs to remove Dorian’s handcuffs. They uncuff her. She hugs Langston and they cry. Ray is not far away. They turn to glare at him. And everybody seems to know that it is “not natural” for Dorian to appear as calm as she is under the present circumstances.

Roxy comes out of Rex’s hospital room with Bo and the doctor. Adriana informs him that she is Rex’s wife. Not knowing her, he addresses her as “Miss…”. She clarifies that her name is Mrs. Balsam. When they are alone, Adriana tells Bo he is more than welcome to go in and see Rex. And so is Roxy. But Gigi is not going anywhere near him. Bo asks if that is fair. Adriana replies that what is “not fair” is that Rex is lying in that hospital room fighting for his life because Gigi’s psycho boyfriend shot him.

Nora asks Clint if he really went through with is plan in using Langston to get to Dorian. Clint smugly replies that he is very happy that Ray Montez successfully followed through on the plan he asked him to partake for him. And Dorian lost custody of her daughter. It was great watching Dorian go off the wall and get thrown in jail after the judge held her in contempt of court. And that, he says, was the cherry on the top of the sundae. He does not seem apologetic nor wanting to justify himself to Nora. She tells him she is not concerned about his issues with Dorian. But the fact that he had to bring an innocent young girl into it and ruin her life. That is not ok. She tells him that he has sunk to an all time low. Clint then concludes to Nora that all Dorian has to do is give him back his company. And she will be able to get Langston back. Ray will go back to South America. And everybody will be happy. She asks him what he thinks will happen if Dorian ever finds out that he “masterminded” this plan with Ray. Clint replies that Dorian might already know. Cole might be telling her all about right now as they speak. Hearing that, Nora is shocked to learn that Cole now knows what Clint schemed with Ray Montez.

In the courtroom, everybody is in awe of how calm and rational Dorian has behaved after all that has happened to her. The reason is obviously due to the fact that she now has the goods on Ray and on Clint. She tells the teenagers they mustn’t worry about her. She doesn’t want them to miss any school because of her. And she graciously faces Ray to tell him that she accepts that he now has custody of Langston. Ray obviously does not buy her “sincerity”

At the hospital, after Adrian tells Gigi it’s her fault that her (Gigi’s) “psycho boyfriend” shot Rex, Gigi lashes back and says that the person who is the psycho is the one who schemed and lied and went behind Rex’s back and bribed Brody to come to town to take Gigi away from Rex.. Bo then tries to intervene. He tells Adriana she must trust him. He tells her this is in no way Gigi’s fault. She must know that Brody is a very troubled young man. Adriana reminds him that Brody shot her husband. Right then, the doctor comes out and tells them he has “good news”. Rex has been stabilized. He is not completely out of the woods yet.. And he wants to keep him under the ventilator. IN the meantime, it’s ok if “certain people” see him. At that point, Adriana announces that since she is Rex’s wife, she gets to decide who can and cannot see Rex. Roxy asks her if she is on Adrian’s guest list. Adrian tells Roxy of course. But Gigi will not go near Rex. Layla then attempts to take Adriana aside and encourage her to see reason. Adriana tells Gigi this is all her fault. Gigi tells Adriana that Rex loves her. And Adriana cannot keep them apart forever.

Marty keeps asking Todd more questions about the night she was raped by the fraternity brothers. She still has questions about the “4th guy” who was unidentified in the picture (who is himself). He tells her that that guy did not “participate”. Knowing that if she looks for him, she will find out whom he is, he evades the question. And he tells her that everything that happened was all in the past. He asks her to “let it go” and realize that she is not “That person” anymore. And he closes the laptop computer.

Cristian concludes that Ray Montez’s wife, Vanessa, is jerking him around. He does not trust her and is going to get out of the place where they are staying. But then she reminds him that he does not have many choices. She asks how far he’s going to get when there is no power, lights and no way to travel anywhere. She admits to him that she is scared and needs his help. He asks her more questions about Ray.

At the station, John, Antonio an Sarah search to find information about Ray Montez. John informs them that it sounds like Ray is a convicted murderer.

At the courthouse, after Dorian has gotten released from prison, she acts all gracious to Ray and publicly tells everybody that she is completely ok with the fact that Langston is going to be living with him in South America. She hugs Langston and when nobody else is within and ear’s shot, she tells her foster daughter she will see her back home in a few hours. Langston warns her foster mother to “be careful”. Dorian tells Langston not to worry. The others leave Dorian and Ray alone in the room. He then demands to know what she is “up to” knowing that it’s not natural for her to be so calm and gracious when only a day ago, she was furious. She smugly tells Ray that she “has the goods” on him and he’s messed with the wrong person.

Cristian tells Vanessa that he knows she is not telling him the truth.

Meanwhile, when Ray is alone in the courtroom, he gets in his cell to call Clint and warn him that Dr. Lord is “onto” them. From Clint’s home, he assures Ray he need not worry. He (himself) will take care of Dorian. At that point, Dorian walks into the room and tells Clint not if she takes care of him first.

Right at that point, Antonio and Sarah search Ray Montez on the internet. And they discover that Ray had a hearing in family court just yesterday. And he’s right in Llanview right now. Outside in the main room, Cole can tell that John has some “secret case” that he is not telling anybody about.

After Marty probes Todd about the rape, he reminds her that he thought that they agreed not to go back in the past. He thought they wanted to look forward to the future.. He tells her that he knows how it is so difficult to let the past go. He knows all too well that when one to too full of anger from remembering thee past, no matter how great your life is, you cannot enjoy it. And he asks her if she really wants to relive so much pain. He thought she was just staring to get better and want to have a good life in the future. But at that point, Marty does not say anything. She holds the computer mouse in her hand and pushes the button to view the “whole story” about the rape.

At the hospital, Adriana tells Gigi that she is Rex’s wife and calls the shots. Nobody sees Rex unless she grants them permission. She tells Gigi she demands she and her son get out of there. Bo tries to get Adriana not to do that. But she does not listen. Gigi walks away but tells Adriana she is desperate, weak and petty. She gets ready to walk out but realizes that she cannot leave Rex.

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