OLTL Update Thursday 10/2/08

One Life to Live Update Thursday 10/2/08


Written By Jennifer S.
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita

John is on a flight back to Llanview after trying unsuccessfully to find Cristian Vega in the South American prison. And right then, he runs into a guy named Pete whom he knows.

Right then, Marty is in her bed. And she is having a dream where she relives the rape. She awakens and calls to Todd. And we can only guess what she might have concluded about him now that she awakens and recalls.

Right then, Todd goes to Viki’s home and appears when Tess does not know he’s come. He tells her that he knows that she is not the “proper mother” to Bree.

At the hospital, Gigi and Shane join Roxy, Bo, Charlie, Marcie, Michael, Layla and Jared who are praying for Rex. She announces to them all that Rex took a bullet in order to save her son’s life and may be dying because of it.

And at that moment, it looks like Rex has “lost” on the game show called: “Are you fit to be Shane Morasco’s father” hosted by Colin McIver. He incorrectly guessed that Bo Buchanan is his real father.

At the hospital, Roxy acknowledges that Shane is her grandson. And she wants to take him down to the cafeteria and get some chocolate milk. But Bo asks her if he can talk to Shane about what happened while he still remembers it.

Marcie asks Layla if she’s been able to get a hold of Adriana. Layla replies that she has left a dozen messages for Adriana. But she has not responded.

In the OR, the medical team is trying and failing to save Rex.

And on the game show, Colin McIver announces that Rex has guessed incorrectly that the man (out of 8 possibilities) who is his real dad is Bo Buchanan. Rex says he realizes that Bo may not be his biological father. But he is a father to him in every way that matters to him.

Meanwhile, Bo talks to Shane alone about a father and son bond. He tells him that he found his son Matthew, not long ago. It took a while for the two of them to form a bond. It’s never easy.

On the game show, Rex expresses to everybody that Bo is like a father to him. He is the perfect role model. He loves and respects Bo more than whoever his biological father might be.

At the hospital, Bo informs Shane that it took a while for Matthew to get used to him as his father and might have very possibly had the same questions and issues about Bo as what Shane is now having in regard to Rex.

After Todd appears in the bedroom to ask Tess what is going on, she asks him why he is concerned about her business when he has enough going on in his own life. And she tells him she has things to do. But he knows that something is going on in the basement.

On the flight back, John’s acquaintance, Pete tells John that he knows that something is “eating” at John. And it may be more than just another “case’ or something to do with work.

Marty realizes that Todd is not in the house. She calls for Janet but gets no answer. So she struggles to get out of bed, using her cane.

Todd tells Tess that he’d be happy to leave the house and leave her alone if she tells him what happened to Natalie. She then reminds him that she could tell John McBain that he’s hiding Marty. She can tell Marty that he raped her. Todd does not want to mess with her. And she observes Todd, knowing that he is not ready to gloat. She remarks to him that she’s seeing maybe he has a conscience and a case of the guilts over what he did to Marty all those years ago as well as what he is doing now.

Right then, Marty is rushing to walk down the stairs of Todd’s home.

At the hospital, Gigi tells Marcie that she does not know what she will do if Rex dies. Marcie tells Gigi she mustn’t give up,. Gigi tells Marcie that maybe if she had not lied to her son for all these years, none of this would have happened. And she’s afraid that her son will hate her for the rest of her life.

Right then, Bo talks to Shane in the other room about Bo's) relationship with Rex.

On the game show, Colin shows the audience the great father and son bond between Shane and Brody. Rex observes not knowing what he can say or do. But he admits that he hasn’t a clue whom his biological father is.

At the hospital, Shane informs Bo that he recognizes Brody as his real father. He is a Navy SEAL. And he doesn’t know what is so special about Rex Balsam. Bo then tells Shane that he realizes that Rex is not exactly the “soldier” type. But when he noticed Rex throwing himself over Shane and his mom in order to save their lives, it blew his mind to see that. He tells Shane he believes that if they gave medals of courage to civilians, Rex would have gotten one when he did that.

On the game show, Rex tells Colin and the audience that he has done some sleazy dishonorable things in his life. But he has changed and reformed his ways. And a major part of what inspired him was his relationship with Bo. Bo is like a father to him. He never before in his life had a father. He wishes he had a father figure when he was Shane’s age. He turns to face Shane and Brody who are “featured in the spotlight”. He tells Shane that he knows what it’s like to grow up without a father and knows that Shane has had that in his life up until now. And he respects Shane’s feelings toward Brody.

At the hospital, Jared tells the others that he has to go and find Natalie. Roxy then remarks to him that she cannot understand why nobody has seen or heard from her daughter. Jared agrees that he does not have a clue and must get to the bottom of what is going on in why Natalie is nowhere to be found.

In the OR, the doctors are not going to give up on saving Rex. And they get his heart going again so that he is not dead.

On the game show, Colin tells Rex that the “voters” have determined that he has not quite yet officially “lost” the game. He then asks Rex if he is willing to leave Gigi behind in order to have Shane as his son. Shane is his to take home but only if he leaves Gigi behind. Rex looks at Gigi sitting in the audience and admits that he cannot choose between them.

Gigi and Marcie are in the hallway talking about how Rex might only have one of them loving him. She knows that Shane does not care for Rex.

Bo and Shane talk about Rex. And for the first time, Shane is listening to somebody speaking well of Rex. At that point Michael gets off the elevator to announce that they have been fighting to keep Rex alive. He has “a chance”. They are doing everything they can. But they might still lose him. At that point, Gigi cries.

On the plane, Pete tells John that he has some clues about this mysterious woman whom Todd Manning might be keeping in his home. John tells him that he believes that when Ramsey was killed, Todd somehow removed the woman and took her to his new place. But he realizes that his theory is all speculation. He got a search warrant to search Todd’s home but came up with nothing. Pete then remarks to John that he knows that he is John McBain. He only plays to win and will not give up until he finds what he needs to know. And he encourages John not to give up on solving his case.

Right the, Marty manages to walk down the stairs and out the door. She breathes the air. Nobody else is in the house. She then turns to walk back up the stairs. But before she climbs, she notices a laptop that looks to be of interest to her.

Tess reminds Todd that Marty can find out really easily that he raped her. He then reminds her that Nash did not love her. He only loved Jessica. He tells Tess that she will lose. Nobody cares about her. Jessica will come back. She will lose her grip. Hearing that, Tess protests firmly that she will not lose her grip and Jessica will not come back. At that point, they are interrupted by Jared. Seeing him, they know they better “keep their secret” from him.

At the hospital, Michael tells Rex’s family and friends that he is out of surgery, heavily sedated. Immediate family can go and see him. But it must be very limited. At that point, Roxy stands up knowing she is the only “immediate family” to her son.. But she hesitates and admits to Charlie that she’s afraid she will get germs or be very careless as she has been with Rex throughout his life. But he encourages her to know that she is his mom and should be proud of that. Realizing that Rex has one more family member, Gigi tells Shane that she would like him to go in and visit his “father”. But he does not have to if he is uncomfortable.

Roxy enters and jokes with her unconscious son about all of her silly memories. She tells him that he’s always been a feisty kid. She knows hat the doctors will bring him back. And she can see that Gigi and Shane really need him and he can’t dismiss that.

On the game show, Colin tells Rex that he must choose between Gigi and Shane. He cannot have both of them. Rex protests that he cannot choose. But Colin shows Rex a “video” of what his life will be like if he does not choose. And we notice the life support system in his hospital room.

When Jared enters Viki’s house and asks “Jessica” and Todd what they are up to, she informs him that Todd “hired” her to take care of his house. But she “couldn’t handle it” very upset about losing Nash. Hearing that, Jared asks Todd if he fired Jessica because she lost her husband. At that point, Todd leaves. Tess assures Jared it didn’t matter. IT was a “creepy job” that she didn’t like anyway. And she has to concentrate more on her own family.

At that point, Marty gets on the computer to search information about herself and Llanview. And again, she relives the rape. She becomes horrified.

Roxy comes out of Rex’s room and makes light of how her son looks like a robot. She tells Shane it’s his turn next. She “warns” him that his dad looks really weird with all the tubes and wires hooked up to him. But she wants to make light of all of it. Gigi then leads Shane into the room. Alone with the others, Roxy admits that she is scared and only making light of the situation for her “grandson”. At that point, Layla and Marcie find it very odd that Adriana is nowhere to be found. And they also wonder where Natalie is.

Bo goes in to talk to Rex telling him how proud he is of him for putting his life on the line to save the woman he loves and his son. He then tells him that he is going to give him an order. Rex is going to put himself back together. He’s going to return to his family and all the people who love him. And he better do it or Bo will never forgive him.

Right then, on the game show, we wee Rex unconscious in the ICU and his “life line” from the video screen. Colin remarks that he needs Rex to make a decision. He can have his son but only if he gives up his sexual desires for Gigi and his pattern of promiscuity and irresponsible behaviors throughout his life.

Jared goes to the house again to ask “Jessica” more about Natalie. She tells him that she realizes that he “wishes” that he could trust and believe in Natalie. But she knows her sister better than he does. She knows that when Natalie chooses to leave, she is gone.

Right then, Marty looks at the newspaper article about when she was raped. She reads that the defense attorney wanted to discredit her.

On the flight, Pete tells John what he suggests he does about his case. He tells John he knows he is just like his old man; stubborn. He asks John what reason Ramsey might have had for having this dangerously ill invalid woman in his home. And then, just what is it that Todd Manning would want with this very same woman. John then closes his eyes and remembers the van going over the cliff that killed Marty. Pete then asks John if he has “any ideas”. John opens his eyes and reveals that he does have the perfect idea.

Jared tells “Jessica” that he does not believe that Natalie would fail to go and see her brother. Maybe Jessica) should go and see Rex and pay her respects to the family in Natalie’s absence. She tells him she can’t just take off and get to the hospital this time of night. She has to stay with Bree. It’s late and she’s all alone in the house. But she will definitely get there tomorrow. Jared then goes out the door. Alone in the room, Tess admits how annoyed she is by Jared’s “persistence”.

Marty reads through the lengthy article about when she was raped. And she doesn’t quite get to the part of just whom the “accused rapist” was. Right then, Todd enters and asks her what she is doing.

At the hospital, Roxy tells Bo that she noticed that Gigi is in the cafeteria distraught and afraid that she will lose Rex.

At the end of the game show, Colin announces that it’s over. And it’s fine with him that Rex has given up on both Gigi and Shane. But Rex protests that it’s not over. He’s still there. He is not dead. He cannot choose between them. They both need him. He screams that he does not care what anybody says or what the “rules” say. The room is dark. The video is blank. He’s all alone in the studio hall. Rex emotionally calls to Gigi and Shane and to himself to awaken. And at that point, he opens his eyes in his hospital bed. But the person he sees is not the one he wants to see. It’s Adriana standing over his hospital bed.

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