OLTL Update Wednesday 10/1/08

One Life to Live Update Wednesday 10/1/08


Written By Jeannie
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita

In the operating room doctors work to save Rex. His BP is falling. We see Rex’s ghost watching the operation.

Bo comes back to the hospital and asks about Rex. The nurse says the bullet did a lot of damage.

Shane refuses to believe Brody isn’t his father. Gigi tells him it’s Rex. Shane says she’s lying and that Brody warned him she would do this to him. Gigi keeps telling him the truth.

In the operating room Rex’s ghost is yelling as Mike operates. Rex realizes he’s on the operating table. He hears Gigi’s voice telling him to hang on because they have son to raise. Then Rex is suddenly in a game show about being Shane’s father. Rex is confused as the MC asks it he wants to be Shane’s father. There’s an audience who are clapping.

Natalie goes through the TV channels looking for people. Jessica comes in and Natalie begs to go see Rex. Jessica says yes.

Roxy walks into the Hospital crying for Rex. Bo tells her what happened. Bo thinks Brody has post traumatic stress. He tells her that Rex is a hero.

Colin MacGyver is the MC at the game show. Rex says Colin is dead so Colin asks what that says about Rex. He introduces Brody.

Shane tells Gigi that Brody said Gigi would wreck the family over Rex. Gigi tells Shane the whole story from the beginning. Gigi admits she probably would have married Brody back then. Shane asks why would he want a jerk like Rex for a dad.

At the game show Brody comes out. The MC shows him the prize; Shane Morasco. Rex asks what happens if he loses and they show him the hospital monitor.

In the operating room Rex fights for his life.

Gigi continues to tell Shane why and how things happened. She tells him there were no cell phones or email back then and she couldn’t contact Rex. Shane says she’s lying.

At the game show the MC cuts to commercial. Rex asks what if he loses and Brody puts an arm around Shane.

Colin starts the game show. They sit Rex in a chair and ask him about Shane’s evil comic book character. The answer is Evelyn Evil. Rex gets it right.

In the operating room Rex’s BP gets better.

Gigi keeps trying to explain why she lied about Shane’s father while Shane slams the locker doors. Shane brings up the fact that Brody came back to them. Gigi explains Adriana did that.

Shane tells Gigi that DNA tests don’t lie.

At the game show, Colin asks which woman Rex loves. Rex just stares

Layla tries to call Adriana and leaves a message to call immediately. Marcie walks up and asks about Rex.

Bo is sitting with Roxy and trying to comfort her.

Charlie and Jared wait off to the side worrying about Rex.

From the secret room, Natalie begs Tess to let her go to Rex. Tess says yes, teasing her. Natalie agrees to trade Jared for Rex. If Tess will let her go to the hospital Natalie will give up Jared.

Roxy wonders where Natalie is. Jared says she’ll be here.

Charlie and Jared talk about Natalie. Charlie asks about Jessica and Jared says there’s something not right there.

Tess tells Natalie she wants her to suffer and watch Rex bleed to death so she’ll understand losing someone you love.

Rex is given another question in the game show. They ask about when Gigi stood up in church.

Rex starts failing in the operating room.

Next question is about why Rex kept Tommy’s parentage a secret. Rex argues that it was for the right reason. Mike is a better father.

Gigi tells Shane that Brody cheated on the DNA test. Shane argues that Brody needs them right now. Gigi says Rex could die but Shane doesn’t care.

Colin asks Rex if Brody is a better father.

In the hospital waiting room Roxy is upset and Marcie comforts her. Mike comes out to talk to everyone.

Colin tells Rex he is dying. They bring out Jen Rappaport. Rex asks if he’s dead too. Jen gets to ask the next question bringing up how Rex slept with her and her mother. Lindsay comes down. Rex asks for a lifeline. Colin says its time for a commercial.

Mike tells everyone Rex lost a lot of blood. He’s hanging in there but has a good fight ahead of him. Mike leaves. Roxy stops Mike and says if he lets anything happen to Rex she’ll come after him. Mike says Rex is one of the best friends he has next to Marcie so he’ll do everything he can.

Layla leaves another message for Adriana.

Jared says if Natalie finds out about Rex she’ll come.

Tess teases Natalie and then starts to leave. Natalie says she loved Nash and feels terrible about what happened. They are nothing alike. She says Jared won’t give up on her. She says when this is over where will Tess be? She’ll be all alone. They won’t let her raise Bree.

At the game show, Rex says he loved both Lindsay and Jen. The crowd yells that this wouldn’t make him a good dad. Rex tries to leave but the MC says you can’t be Shane’s dad if you walk out when the going gets tough.

Gigi tries to explain she’s not trying to take Brody away. Rex risked his life to save Shane. Gigi says I’m doing this for you, Shane and Shane says no, she’s doing it for herself.

Rex takes his seat at the game show. They ask about when he left Gigi when she was pregnant. They bring up when he scammed Jessica. The sign flashes “hanging by a thread”.

In the Operating room Rex’s BP starts to drop. They are losing him.

They give Rex another question. What is Roxy’s porcupine’s name?

Rex says Morris. He’s right.

They give him the next question. He has to get this right or it’s all over.

Shane says he wants Brody to be his father. Gigi tells him she’s his mother and she’s looking out for him. She doesn’t want him to hate himself 20 years from now if he walks out on Rex, his father and the man who saved his life.

They show Rex eight faces. Bo, Charlie, RJ, David Vickers Mitch Laurence Snoop dog, Kane Rogan and Jackie McDonald.

Charlie talks to Bo. Bo asks why Charlie lied to Rex about being his dad. Bo said it made Rex happy to have him as a dad. Charlie says he is lucky to have Bo in his corner.

Gigi asks Shane to go see Rex after surgery.

Game show, they ask who Rex’s biological father is from the eight men.

Natalie yells at Tess. Tess screams at her that Nash is dead and she’s rubbing it in her face. Tess says its fun to watch her suffer. She got to say goodbye to Nash but Natalie will never say goodbye to Jared. Tess turns off the TV and tells Natalie Sweet dreams.

The doctors fight to save Rex.

Layla begs Adriana to call her and saying it’s an emergency.

Roxy asks everyone to form a circle and pray.

Rex looks at the faces of the eight men and tells them he doesn’t know who the father is. He wants to call his mother.

Roxy and the group are praying. Gigi and Shane come out. Rex is thinking about everything. The doctor’s start shouting that they are losing Rex.

Colin calls Roxy. Roxy recognizes Colin and knows the game show. He asks who the father is.

Roxy says not David Vickers, your dad is… and the phone goes dead and times up. Colin asks him who’s his daddy.

The doctors fight to save Rex.

Gigi and Shane join the prayer circle.

Rex wants to know why he needs to know who his father is. Colin says he has to award the title to the remaining champion. Rex gives his final answer as Bo but Colin says he’s wrong. They say Brody can be the father and Rex is flat lined.

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