OLTL Update Tuesday 9/30/08

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 9/30/08


Written By Jennifer S.
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita

Cole rushes to Dorian’s house after he’s witnessed the “startling” revelation that Clint is “doing business” with Ray Montez. He informs Starr, Langston and Markko that this uncle of Langston’s didn’t just come out of nowhere. And he’s put two and two together when Clint revealed to him that he has to take back his company from Dorian Lord. And maybe this is how Clint plans to do it. He tells them that he knows that Clint and Ray are keeping a secret and he knows what that is. When he inquired what they are up to, Clint indirectly threatened to kick him out of his father’s house. But, he tells them, he is not as worried about that as he is about helping Langston to not have to be taken against her will to live with Ray in Columbia, South America. He, then concludes that Langston might never have to befall this fate if they have “the goods” on Ray.

Meanwhile, Dorian is stuck in jail screaming that guards get her some water. Nobody pays any attention to her except to inform her that she has a visitor. It’s the whom she’s asked Addie to contact on her behalf. This has represented RJ Gannon and many other people who have needed “special legal services”.

At the hospital, when Gigi and Bo are very worried about Rex, she notices that Shane has disappeared. And she instantly assumes that Brody came and took him. But Bo reminds her that Brody is locked up and could not have. He tells her that Shane might have just “wandered off”.

Meanwhile, we see Shane finding his way into the jail where they’ve taken Brody. He asks an attendant if he can help him find Lieutenant Lovett. The man asks Shane why he is there by himself and where his parents are.

Natalie watches Tess on the video talking to her infant daughter, Bree. She begins to feel sensitivity for her “sister” and it appears the real Jessica may be coming back when she talks to Bree about how she loves her father and wants to be the perfect mom for her even after he is gone. And right at that time, Jared enters to overhear Tess talking about Natalie as though she is not far away. At that point, he gets a clue and seems to know that “Jessica” might have some secret in regard to Natalie.

After Langston hears what Cole overheard from Clint and Ray Montez, she asks what more he heard. He reveals to them that Clint did not want him to overhear their conversation. When he found out that Cole did, Clint tried to “relate” to Cole the fact that they have both lost their fathers and that Cole would not want somebody taking away what his father died so that he could have. And he also alluded to the fact that Cole does not want to lose his child so that he should understand Ray’s “motives”. And Cole tells the others that it’s entirely possible that Ray is not even really Langston’s uncle.

Tess talks privately to her infant daughter Bree. But she sounds like the real Jessica, all maternal and sweet when she is observed and overhead by Jared. Natalie watches them and urges Jared to know that she is scamming him. But Natalie is helpless to convince Jared of anything. He cannot see nor hear nor know where she is.

At the hospital, Gigi notices that Shane has wandered off. Bo tells her he will go and help her look for him. But she tells him no. She won’t let him get involved in this.

Meanwhile, Shane goes to the jail to find Brody. Brody is locked up and distraught. He sees the vision of the young boy whom he was ordered to kill. And he cries when he sees Shane. He tells him how sorry he is. But Shane calls to Brody and tells him he’s not in the war anymore. It’s him. Shane. He’s come to visit him and everything is ok.

At the hospital, Bo tells Gigi that he knows how to find missing kids. He might be able to help her. And since Rex is laid up and Shane is his son, Bo tells her it’s the least that he (himself) can do for them.

Jared goes to find “Jessica”. She asks him why he is still there. And she indicates that it pisses her off that Natalie is gone. She has to take of the entire house and Bree without any help from Natalie. She is careful to “play Jessica” and convince Jared that she is really “disappointed” in her sister for bailing on her family and on him. She tells him that Natalie has a “great guy” and she just throws him away and leaves town. Natalie helplessly watches and urges Jared so see through Tess’s façade. Jared then protests to “Jessica” that maybe Natalie left because she got tired of hearing “Jessica” whining and guilt tripping and blaming her for Nash’s death 24/7. But Tess continues to work on Jared to convince him that Natalie has hurt him and her and everybody.

Cole tells Langston, Starr and Markko that he bets that Clint has a little “deal” going on with Ray to take Langston away from Dorian and it’s related to the fact that Dorian took his company from him. And he bets that the judge or somebody in the courthouse is in the Buchanan’s pocket. And that is how Ray won custody of Langston.

Dorian’s goes to see her in the jail cell. He is a friend of RJ Gannon’s whom she has called to help her way he has helped RJ. He plays the “ethical” and tells her about the judge holding her in contempt of court and discusses how he can represent her in regard to that. But she tells him that she is not as concerned about that as she is about the ‘issue” involving this guy who is about to take her daughter from her. She wants him to “fix it” for her. Even if it involves illegal business.

Bo and Gigi rush to find Shane.

Shane has already found his way to the jail where Brody is. Brody freaks when he sees him. He still remembers the boy in Iraq. But Shane tells him it’s not that boy. It’s him. It’s Shane. His son. Hearing that, Brody screams at Shane that he is not his son.

Natalie watches the video where Tess plays Jessica and asks Jared why, if Natalie loved him, did she not ask him to “run away” with her. He still does not buy that Natalie dumped nor betrayed him. But Tess tells him that she does not believed that he deserves what Natalie has done to him. She explains to him that Natalie is “complicated”. She was raised by Roxy. She has never had a roll model. And she has never learned to care about another person. Hearing that, Jared angrily tells her that she better watch her damn mouth in what she says about Natalie. Natalie stands up, smiles and says right on. Jared tells “Jessica” it’s one thing for her to be upset about the loss of Nash and blame him for that. But he will not listen to her trash Natalie in his presence. Natalie smiles knowing that Jared really loves and respects her.

After Cole reveals to Langston that he bets that Clint has some sort of “plan”. Markko then encourages her to find out what is going on so that Dorian will not lose custody of her. She tells them she appreciates their help and encouragement. But the court has awarded her uncle Ray legal custody of her. He has the legal right to take her to South America.

Dorian tells the lawyer that her major concern for which she needs his help is that there is this “evil man”. He is scamming about being her foster daughter’s uncle. But she does not buy that. And he intends to take Langston to Columbia, South America. The lawyer still does not understand just how she needs his help.

Starr tells Langston that she believes what the guys are saying. She can find out what type of dirt is on Clint Buchanan. She bets they are right that Clint and Ray are pulling some stunt with Dorian. And if they find out what is going on, then they can prevent Ray from taking her away.

Bo goes to the police station and tells the cops they better help him find Shane. But they tell him that if he’s gone to find his “dad” and Brody has legal custody of him, then Brody is not breaking the law.

Gigi prays alone not only to find her son but for Rex to get through his surgery.

When Shane goes to find Brody, Brody demands he goes away. And at that point, Bo finds Shane. He calls Gigi to inform her. She says thank God and asks Bo where he found him. Bo replies that he went to the jail to find Brody. She asks Bo if Brody hurt him. Bo replies no. But Brody appeared very upset. He asks Gigi if she wants him to take Shane home. She tells him maybe not now. She doesn’t want her son to see the house the way Brody left it when he got into his confrontation with Marcie. When Bo gets off the phone, Shane demands to know what is going to happen to his dad. Bo tells him he is not entirely certain but he will be ok. And Shane needs to come with him to be with his mom. Gigi needs him. Shane goes with Bo.

Tess attempts to play Jessica. She apologizes to Jared if she said something she should not have said about Natalie. But she is upset and stressed and wishes that Natalie had not just bailed. He then apologizes to her for yelling at her. Hearing that, Natalie protest to Jared not to apologize to Tess. Tess then plays Jessica and acts gracious to Jared. She tells him that she knows how devastated he is to be without Natalie. She is very upset also to be alone. And she “sets the stage” for the two of them finding “comfort” with each other. Natalie watches helplessly and does not know what to do.

Starr, Langston, Markko and Cole all rush to the jail and demand that the guards let them see Dorian Lord. But they cannot.

The guard goes down and tells Dorian’s lawyer that visiting hours are over. But Dorian urges them to let them talk longer . She protests to him that her foster daughter is going to be taken from her and forced to live with a criminal. But, he again, asks Dorian what she expects him to do. Langston’s uncle got legal custody. She still has not revealed to him just what she wants.

From the television at Llanfair, Tess and Jared and Natalie all hear the news report about the shooting on Llantano Mountain. They first name Lieutenant Brody Lovett. And then when they hear Rex Balsam’s name, Natalie freaks to learn that her brother has been shot.

At the court, Cole tells the guard at the jail that his name is Cole Thornhart. His foster mother, Nora Hanen is the DA. And he informs him that he is really good friends with Detective John McBain. The guard tells Cole that he (himself) is very “attached” to his job. And he’s not about to break any rules for a bunch of rich kids. And whatever the four of them want and need will have to wait until tomorrow. Markko and Langston know that they better leave together as this might be her last night to spend with her friends. When Cole and Starr are alone, she tells him that what he did was really amazing. She knows he really cares about Langston. He tells her he not only did it for Langston. He did it for her.

After Tess and Jared hear that Rex has been rushed in for surgery and is in critical condition, he tells her that he must contact Natalie to tell her what happened to her brother.

Tess knows that Natalie is desperate so she goes down to see her. Natalie cries and urges Tess to let her get out of the room to see Rex. She will do anything. He could be dying. But Tess has no sensitivity and turns off the “sound” so she cannot hear Natalie. Tess then tells Natalie that after the tragic news about what has happened to Rex won’t everybody be ashamed and disgusted in her to do nothing when the brother she grew up with whom she “loves” could be dying. But that is who Natalie is. All she cares about is herself. That’s what everybody will realize about her. And Tess walks away in smug satisfaction.

Bo informs Gigi that Brody is in really bad shape. And he bets that he said something to Shane about not being his real father. Bo departs. Alone with Shane, Gigi can see that her son is very non-responsive to her. He turns to her and asks her what she wants.

Langston and Markko return home. He tells her he believes they are onto something about Ray Montez and Clint Buchanan. But she doesn’t want to do anything without talking to Dorian first. She then observes a picture of herself and Dorian.

In Dorian’s jail cell, she protests to the lawyer that that evil criminal is going to take her daughter away from her and from all of her friends. And she doesn’t know what he will do to Langston. He then tells her that the guards are demanding that he gets out of there. He knows how she feels about “the kid”. And if she feels the same way tomorrow, she may call her sister to contact him. And he leaves.

Cole, Starr, Langston and Markko all gather in Dorian’s living room and declare a bond.

Jared finds out, on the phone that Rex might not make it. Tess hugs him. He tells her that he will go to the hospital. Maybe Roxy will be there and know how to get a hold of Natalie. He leaves. Tess gloats that Rex might not make it. Natalie is horrified that there is nothing she can do.

Brody sits alone in his jail cell and is haunted by the boy whom he shot.

After Bo takes Shane to the hospital to find Gigi, Shane tells her that he went to see his dad. Why does nobody care about him? She then informs her son that his dad has serious problems. He shot Rex. Shane protests that that was an accident. She then informs him that Brody lost it earlier today. He got drunk and destroyed furniture. He hurt Marcie. He went off the wall. He then asks her why she is saying all of these terrible things about his dad. And why is it that all she cares about is Rex? She then informs her son that she is telling him the truth for the first time. And she finally reveals to Shane that Brody is not his father.

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