OLTL Update Monday 9/29/08

One Life to Live Update Monday 9/29/08


Written By Jennifer S.
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita

After Brody has taken Shane to Llantano Mountain State Park to show him the ways of a soldier, cops surround him and demand he drops his weapon. Bo, Rex and Gigi are nearby making certain that nothing happens to Shane. But Shane does not want anybody to hurt his dad and doesn’t care about anybody except for him. When Bo demands that Brody drops his weapon, Brody has the flashback of the boy whom he shot lying in the ground. And he freaks.

Dorian is in jail after the judge holds her in contempt for her outburst when he gave Langston’s uncle full custody of her. She demands that guards let her out. A guard comes to inform her that she has a “visitor” She hopes that it’s somebody who can let her out. But she appears “disappointed” when she notices that it’s her sister, Addie. Addie observes Dorian and tells her disappointed sister that she is sorry. IT is only herself.

At Dorian’s home. Langston cries with Starr , Blair and Markko about having to be forced to leave them, be shipped to South America and never see them again.

Meanwhile, Clint invites Ray Montez to his home and wants to celebrate and congratulate him for a “job well done”. But unknown to both of them, they are seen by Cole who is able to see that they are up to something. They can see that he is not happy.

When Addie comes to visit Dorian in prison, she informs her sister that she heard that she was thrown in jail after the judge held her in contempt of court. Dorian intensely informs her sister that the judge ordered that Langston is taken form her and her family, and given to her uncle who lives in South America. And they will never see Langston again.

Michael goes to his old apartment and sees Marcie. He knows that something major has happened involving Gigi and Shane. And that Marcie might have been hurt. But she does not want him to worry.

At Llantano Mountain, after Brody fires shots, Gigi and Rex are thrown to the ground. Gigi gets up and notices blood all over her clothing. She knows that she has not been hurt. But she turns to see that Rex has been shot and she panics.

After Michael asks Marcie what happened involving Brody, she tells him that Brody went a little off the wall after finding out that Gigi is going to get rid of him and wants Rex in her life as her partner and as Shane’s father. But she knows that Gigi and Rex will be ok. BO has their backs. He asks her if she is ok. She assures him she is fine. He notices that she suffered a cut on her head. He looks at the bandage. And, again, he reveals that he still has feelings and a protective nature toward his wife.

Gigi freaks when she sees that Rex has been injured. It also looks like Brody has been hit. Yet all Shane seems to care about is Brody.

At the jail, Dorian assumes that Addie is only there to lecture and judge her for her “off the wall” behavior. She protests to Addie that she could not sit and take what happened to her and to Langston. What was she supposed to do? Addie tells her sister she knows that. Dorian then asks her why she is there. Addie informs Dorian she is there to tell her that if she was in the same situation, she would have done the “same damn thing herself”

While Langston has been struck with the agonizing blow that she must leave her family and friends, Starr, Blair and Markko tell her she mustn’t give up.


While Michael is with Marcie, he is very protective and attentive to her regarding the cut on her head. He informs her that he had a talk with Charlie who informed him to never give up on her the way Charlie is still not ready to give up on Viki. And they both seem to not want to admit to their feelings for each other and would rather talk about Charlie’s personal situation.

When both Rex and Brody are on the ground bleeding, Bo and Gigi struggle to take care of Rex. Bo is very worried. Gigi cries. He admits that Rex will either bleed to death or die of shock. He struggles to get Rex on his feet. He tells Rex he will get to the hospital if he has to carry him himself. Yet, Shane demands that they take care of his dad. He informs the others that Brody is not a criminal. He served as a war hero and Navy SEAL Yet nobody listens.

Marcie and Michael are together. He treats the cut on her head and looks at her adoringly. She takes his hand. They are ready to move toward each other. But his pager interrupts him. He then informs her that he has to get to the hospital and he goes out the door. She looks like she misses him hope, for the first time, that they might have a chance.

In Dorian’s jail cell, after Addie admits to her sister that she is on her side and wants to help her prevent Ray from getting custody of Langston and taking her away, Dorian tells Addie hat since she is locked up, she needs Addie’s help. Addie tells her sister that Dorian has fought to take care of her throughout her life. So now it is her turn to fight for Dorian. She tells her sister that she will fight for Langston. Dorian looks into Addie’s eyes and knows that she can count on her sister to take care of their family when she is helpless to do anything.

Markko tells Langston and Starr that he knows that something very strange has happened that caused this guy to appear out of nowhere and want custody of her. It was not her fault, as she tells them she is afraid it is, that she was looking for her family.

Cole confronts Clint about what happened to Langston. Clint tells Cole that he must realize that Clint has some real “issues” involving Dorian. She took away his company. And he tells Cole that he must understand. He asks Cole if he does not love his deceased father. Cole admits that he does. Clint asks Cole if he would not fight and stop at nothing to protect something that his father died and entrusted him to protect, as he is doing with Asa’s legacy. He tells Cole that the two of them may not be all that different. Cole tells Clint he does not know about that. But he does know that Langston is his friend. He knows that a terrible crisis has happened where some guy she does not even know wants to take her away, against her will to South America. And he is going to protect Dr. Lord from losing her daughter. He’s going to go and tell her what he overheard Clint and Ray talking about. In response to that, Clint tells Cole if he were Cole, he would not do that.

Rex and Brody are both taken to the hospital. Gigi and Bo are worried about Rex. But Shane only cares about Brody. The doctors tell Gigi that they must make certain that they do everything they can to give Rex a chance. And they use terms that she cannot understand. She then asks Bo what they were talking about. He admits to her that they used terms that he heard, when he fought in Viet Nam that indicates that Rex may or may not live.

Marcie is alone in the apartment after Michael has left. And she is trying to remember what he taught her when they were together, about surgery. She can sense that her friend, Rex, might be in danger.

Bo and Gigi are in the waiting room both incapable of being with Rex. She demands to know why they won’t tell them anything about Rex. He tells her she must have faith and know that Balsam is strong and will pull through. But Shane tells his mother that he is worried that his dad is injured. They’ve taken him to jail. And nobody cares what happens to Brody. At that point, Gigi reveals to her son that she has lost her patience. She demands that she shuts up and stops expressing his concern about Brody. She only cares about Rex. But Shane tells her that he can see that she does not care about his dad. He walks off. Gigi goes after her son and tells him that she does care about his father. Bo finds Gigi and tells her she mustn’t give up on Rex. At that point, Michael comes out and admits to them that he will not lie to them. Rex is “really bad”. He informs them that Rex has lost a tremendous about of blood in his abdomen. He might lose his spleen. And blood has been taken from his brain. They will have to do some major surgery. Gigi sobs and asks if they will save Rex. He tells her that the doctor who will perform the surgery is the best. He will do the best he can. And that is all he can tell them.

Addie gets ready to leave after talking to Dorian. She informs her sister that there has been another “crises”. Rex Balsam has been shot. Dorian admits that she does care about Rex. Her daughter still loves him. Addie asks what is wrong with that judge to take Langston away from Dorian. Dorian then cries and asks why it is that both Adriana and Langston need her. And she cannot be there for either one of them.

Langston tells Starr and Markko that maybe she must give up. They encourage her not to. But she asks what they can do, short of a miracle.

Cole asks Clint why he should not tell Dr. Lord what he overheard. Clint asks Cole if he has not been good to Cole. Has he not given him everything needed? He tells Cole that he is a bright young man with a bright future ahead of him. And maybe the Buchanans can be there for him. He tells Cole that he really values loyalty. And he hopes that Cole can understand what he is saying.

Marcie is alone in the house, running her hands over the crib for Starr’s baby. She sings and holds the pillow, worried about what has happened to Starr’s family and to Rex. She is an excellent singer. And she reveals that she is not over Michael.

Langston cries as she takes a photo of Starr and Markko on her cell phone. She knows she cannot lose them.

Cole is alone in Clint’s house wondering if he should be “loyal” to Clint’s family or protect his friend, Langston. Clint is alone in the living room looking at the photo of his father. Cole goes out the door.

Marcie sings and holds the teddy bear.

The doctors rush to take Rex in for surgery. Gigi and Bo are worried what will happen to him.

Marcie then stops singing and tells the “baby” that it will be just the two of them. They will be a family.

Gigi talks to an unconscious Rex telling him that they did not go this far just so that she could lose him. They have a future together. And he better hear her and fight to get back to her.

Markko and Starr gather around Langston. He gives her back her cell phone and tells her she does not need the picture. She has the “real” them. She is not going to lose them. They are not letting go. Right then, the doorbell rings. Starr runs to get it. It’s Cole.

Clint meets with Ray Montez. He informs him that Ray has full legal custody of Langston. He is going to be taking that girl with him back to Columbia. And there is nothing anybody can do to stop him. He can sense that maybe Ray is “chickening out” or that he might hear “objections” from somebody.

Cole enters Dorian’s home and informs Langston, Cole and Markko that he just overheard that Clint Buchanan had a “plan” with Langston’s uncle to take her away form Dr. Lord.

Addie observes Dorian in her jail cell. She can see that her sister is emotionally devastated. She relives the traumas that she suffered in her life. And she declares: “if it hurts, it can heal.

Brody is alone in his jail cell. He is traumatized. And he has a vision of the young boy whom he shot. He sees the boy pulling a trigger at him. And he freaks.

At the hospital, while Gigi and Bo talk about the fate of Rex, she notices that Shane has left. And she frantically goes looking for him.

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