OLTL Update Friday 9/26/08

One Life to Live Update Friday 9/26/08


Written By Jennifer S.
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita

At the South American prison, John demands that the guard tells him what happened to Cristian Vega. The guard seems to know whom John is talking about but he knows that Cristian has been known as Montez. And he admits that he hasn’t a clue what happened to either one of them. They cannot find either one of them.

At the courthouse, after the judge has denied Dorian custody of Langston and thrown in jail, Blair talks to the teenagers. They are all ready to “go to war”. But she warns them that they will only make things worse and wind up like Dorian if they don’t use their heads. At that point, Ray Montez enters. Langston turns to see him and tells him she wants to know one thing. Why did he do this? He does not know how to answer.

Bo talks to Brody’s fellow SEAL, Wes, on the phone. Rex and Gigi overhear when Wes confesses to them that he and Brody were together and Brody is responsible for the death of a 10 year old boy.

Right then, Brody and Shane are in the woods. Brody has his gun and shows Shane “the ropes” about firing when in combat. And right then, he has a flashback of a situation when he was in Iraq. And he sees the face of the boy whom he wound up shooting. Noticing that Brody is distracted, Shane asks him what is wrong.

Todd notices a picture of Marty and John and he tears it up. Janet sees him and asks if something is wrong. She can tell that he is not happy and possibly worried about something. He asks her if she has seen Marty. She informs him that she is upstairs reading Dr. Spock. He asks her if she’s seen that having a kid makes Marty happy. Janet replies that it does. And she can see that it makes Todd happy also. She tells him that it’s really amazing that Todd’s daughter would trust him completely with her baby. IT must be a huge decision for her. Todd does not know how to respond to that.

At the courthouse, Ray Montez tells Langston, Starr, Cole, Markko and Blair that he is going to “take Langston home”. But she tells him that all of these people are her family. They saved her life. He tells her that “their” home is in Columbia, South America. Langston tells him that is his home. But he tells her that his home will be her home. At that point, Blair approaches him and tells him that Langston is part of her family. She tells him that Dorian, herself and Starr have all gotten to know all about Langston. She asks if he has. He admits that he has never had a chance to get to know his niece. Blair then suggests that he gets to know his niece before deciding what is best for her. Starr then comes forward and tells Ray that none of this even makes any sense. She asks him just where he came from anyway.

Right then, Clint is on his cell calling Ray to see “how it went”. But at that point, he is interrupted by Dallas. She has been out shopping. He admits that he is happy to have her there. She tells him that is sweet. But he must know that this is Nora’s house and she doubts that Nora is ok with her boyfriend having her (Dallas) in her home.

When Wes talks to Bo, Rex and Gigi, he asks Bo if he’s ever been through a war. Bo admits yes. He was in Viet Nam. Wes concludes to Bo, that in that case, he must know what it’s like to have your buddies killed right in front of you, watching arms and legs getting blown off, living and fighting in unspeakable conditions. Wes tells Bo that he and Brody and their team almost died. IT was a miracle that they survived. All they had to do was get through 7 days. Gigi listens and cries. Rex holds her. Wes relives the situation and reports to Bo that as the days went on, Brody completely lost it and was never the same again.

Right then, after Shane asks Brody how he got distracted, Brody knows he better not admit to Shane that he killed a child. He then tells Shane that he must know how dangerous a pistol is. Shane must know of the care you must use when you use it. He will show Shane how to use a pistol. He has to. But Shane must tell him if he gets scared. Shane tells Brody that he is not afraid. He needs to learn how to use it. IF his “dad” does not show him, then who will? Shane then demands that Brody lets him hold the gun. Brody puts it in his hands. And at that point, Brody has a horrifying moment remembering what happened when he was in Iraq.

At the courthouse, Ray explains to Langston and her “family” that the reason he found Langston was because of his sister. He loved her. And he wants to raise her daughter. Langston tells him that she is love with Markko. Starr is her best friend. Cole is her friend. Dorian is her mom. Blair is a second mother to her. Ray needs to know that this is where she belongs. He cannot drag her all the way to South America and take her away from the people she loves.

Nigel enters the living room. Clint asks him to go and make up a room for Dallas. She tells him she really appreciates that. He assures her that she is part of the family. Asa would have wanted her there was much as he did. They remember that this was once Asa’s home. But it’s now Nora’s,

Bo talks to Wes on the phone. Wes gives him some “tips”. At that point, cops come and tell Bo that they might have spotted Brody and Shane. Rex and Gigi rush to go with him. But he tells them that they need to stay behind. They won’t do what he asks however.

At the camp, Brody shows Shane how to aim a gun. Shane tells him that he knows what he needs to do. Brody asks him if he is sure. Shane tells him he is ready. Brody then tells him what he needs to do. And at that point Brody relives seeing the young boy holding the gun before Brody shot him.

At the courthouse, while Ray is attempting to “explain” his motives to Langston, he is interrupted by a phone call. He knows he must not be overheard when he talks to Clint. He informs him that the judge ruled in his favor. Dorian Lord was furious, went off on the judge and got thrown in jail. Hearing that, Clint tells Ray what he would not have given to be able to see that. And he laughs with satisfaction. But it looks like Ray might be hesitating to do what Clint wants. Clint tells Ray he needs for Dorian to see him “drag the girl away’. IT will make her desperate enough to “renegotiate” with him. Ray then returns to the courtroom and tells Langston that he wants her to go and gather her things. And she must know that all of this will work out for the best.

At the prison, John demands that the guard tells him what happened to Cristian. The guard tells him he honestly does not know. But John corners him and pulls a gun on him. He protests that he is telling the truth. At that point, the warden pulls a gun on John and demands that he lets him go. He tells John he needs to know why he is still there.

Todd shows Janet a picture of Starr. She tells him that his daughter is lovely. She informs him that she has a daughter too. He asks her if she sees her daughter. She tells him not any more. She has been “estranged” from her family. And she tells Todd he is a very lucky man to have his family nearby. And he must pray to God that it stays that way. Todd then looks at her as though guilt is taking over him.

Rex and Gigi are in the car following Bo to find Shane and Brody. She is very worried that something will happen to Shane. He drives and tells her she must know that Bo and his team will not let anything happen to him. She tells him that it’s her fault that all of this happened. She lied to her son throughout his life. She was so afraid of Shane hating her that she let a man she hated live in the house with her and play daddy to Shane. She used Brody and she’s responsible for Brody losing it. He tells her no. It was Brody’s fault that this happened.. And nobody could have seen this coming on. He tells her that she is strong. And that is what Shane needs right now.

Brody is showing Shane how to aim and fire. And he has a “flashback’ of being in combat with Iraqi’s. And he remembers firing a shot at the boy. Shane can, right then, tell that his “dad” is lost in thought and very upset about something. He asks him what is up. Brody then runs up and hugs Shane. He looks like he is crying when he tells him he is so sorry. He won’t let anything happen to him. Shane seems not to know what he is talking about. He tells Brody that he is a hero. But Brody protests, emotionally, that he is not a hero. And right then, before he can tell Shane anything more, Bo and the cops show up, pull a gun on him and demand that he lets the boy go. Rex and Gigi are right behind Bo. Shane tells Bo that they cannot pull guns on his dad. Rex and his mom want to take Brody away form his dad, he tells Bo. Bo and the cops demand that Brody puts his gun down. Brody sobs and tells them they must know that he would never hurt Shane. Bo tells him in that case, he must put the gun down. And he tells him this is an order and addresses him as a Lieutenant.

Clint finishes his phone conversation with Ray Montez before Dallas enters the room. She tells him she could not help overhearing the “tail end” of his conversation. He tells her that he was just talking to an “associate”. She knows that he is determined to win B.E. back at any cost. But he has still not let on to her just what he is about to do. But he invites Ray to the house.

Markko and Cole talk about how they cannot give up and let Ray Montez take Langston from them. But they do not know how they can stop it. Starr is with Langston. Blair returns and tells them she just went to see Dorian. She assures them that she won’t let Dorian stay in jail any longer. She’ll be out soon.. She asks Markko to take Langston home while she goes and takes care of business. Cole and Starr are alone in the room. She asks him if he is “really ok” with all of this. He replies that all of them are his friends. And he’s there for all of them.

A cop calls and confirms that there is a “hostage situation” on Llantano Mountain. And a child is involved. While he’s distracted, Blair goes and comes on to a cop and asks him what she needs to do in order to get his “cooperation”. She tells him that Dorian Lord is her aunt. She is down in the jail cell. And she demands that they let Dorian out. He tells her that her aunt is in contempt of court. Blair protests that the judge took Dorian’s daughter from her. Blair asks if she can talk to John McBain. He might be able to help her. But the cop informs her that John is out of the country. Hearing that, Blair remarks that John’s “timing sucks”.

In the South American prison, the warden holds the gun on John and tells him he needs to stop questioning how it “does not add up” that Cristian Vega has been assuming the identity of Ray Montez. But John is determined to get to the bottom of this.

Langston tells her friends that she is afraid that she will now lose everything she has all over again. Markko asks Cole and Starr if they can give him and Langston a minute. Alone with Cole, Starr tells him that this may sound really selfish. But she was thinking to herself that if that man takes Langston to Columbia, then Langston will not be there when Starr’s baby is born. Hearing that, he tells her that he will be there for her. It’s his baby too. He won’t let her be alone. She then tells him she wants to thank him for everything. She tells him he has always been her friend. He tells her that she has always been his. But he walks out the door not ready to continue the conversation.

Janet notices a picture of Viki and tells Todd she did not know that Victoria Lord is his sister. She asks him why his sister has not “Been there” to visit. Todd replies that Viki is in Africa for a fund raiser. But she might be back soon. Her daughter, Jessica has been through some hard times. Janet then remarks to Todd that he has surprised her. He asks her how so. She replies that when she first met him, she did not take him for a “family man’.

Bo and the cops pull their guns on Brody. But Shane defends his “dad”. Bo demands Brody drop the gun. And he instructs Shane to run to his mother. Shane does not want to do what Bo asks. Rex and Gigi take him to the car. But he tells them he does not want to leave his dad. Bo then tells Brody that he understands how the war can mess people up. He was there too. But Brody must realize that he is not there anymore. He made it home ok. He reminds Brody that he is in Llanview. Not in Iraq. He is safe. Nobody is going to blow him away. If he puts the gun down, then everybody will be safe. And it will all be over. Brody then falls to the ground and cries and tells them “he was only a kid”. And he relives the situation where he “had to follow orders”.

Janet tells Todd that she will go and serve Marty her Téa. And then she will turn in. He tells her that’s fine. She then remarks to Todd that she can see that Marty is very grateful to have a chance to raise this baby with him. And she knows that Marty really cares about him. At that point, Todd pulls out a picture of Jessica.

At the South American prison, John tells the warden that he is a cop. And all the people in the police department will wonder where he is. The warden tells John he is a trespasser.

Clint tells Dallas that he has a “delicate matter” on his hands. Ray comes by to talk to him. She tells him that they may talk privately and she won’t ask any questions. Right when Clint assumes that he and Ray are having a private conversation, he shakes Ray’s hand and praises him for a “job well done’. And little do either of them know that Cole is watching them together and has seen what just happened.

Blair tells Starr that they will do everything they can to prevent Dorian from losing Langston. Starr tells her mom she is worried that if they do not succeed, she does not know how Langston is going to handle losing another parent.

In the other room, Markko tells Langston that he knows this may seem like a bad dream to her. But she must know that none of them will let them take her away. She cries. He holds her and tells her he won’t let anybody take her away from him.

Bo and the cops demands that Brody drops his weapon. But he cannot. He remembers what happened to the boy. And he feels as though he “cannot surrender”.

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