OLTL Update Thursday 9/25/08

One Life to Live Update Thursday 9/25/08


Written By Jennifer S.
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita

John goes to the prison in South America and asks the guard if he’s seen “this man” and shows a picture of Carlo Hesser. The guard tells John he won’t answer any questions and he cannot give John access without permission from the warden. At that point, John pulls out a picture of Cristian Vega. Again, the guard does not answer if he’s seen him either. At that point, they observe Ray’s wife enter without being questioned. Not knowing who she is nor that she is going in to talk to Cristian, John asks if she can enter without permission from anybody to see a prisoner.

In the courtroom, the judge rules that Ray Montez will be Langston Wilde’s legal guardian. At that point, Dorian, Markko, Starr and all of Langston’s family and friends stand up and protest that it cannot happen. The judge tells them he is not “insensitive” to what they are feeling. He appreciates the “placement” that Dr. Lord provided for Miss Wilde. Dorian protests that it was not a “placement”. Her home is Langston’s home. He tells them that they are all welcome to be a par of her life when she is living with her new guardian. But nobody is ok with that except for Ray.

While Bo is talking to Rex, Gigi and Marcie, and unsuccessful in finding Shane or Brody, he declares that it may be time to issue an Amber Alert. Hearing that, Rex panics, afraid that that could mean something fatal. Bo informs him that Shane is a minor and he’s been missing for 24 hours.

While Brody is sleeping, Shane notices that his gun is exposed. He pulls it out and looks at it with curiosity. At that point, Brody awakens and goes off on him.

John protests to the guard outside of Cristian’s cell that he needs some answers. But the guard will not cooperate.

Ray Montez’s wife goes to Cristian’s cell and tells him he must help her with finding her husband before she will help him get released form prison. He protests that they will kill him. She tells him that she is concerned about her husband’s safety.

Dorian’s lawyer tells the judge that she respectfully requests that Dr. Lord gets to have longer time to let Langston live in her home. But he protests that Dorian’s “guardianship” has only been legally declared as temporary foster care. Dorian protests that they are releasing Langston into the “guardianship” of a murderer. Is that ok? Blair protests that the court needs to realize that this girl has a home and a family and this is not going to work for anybody. Langston then asks the judge what will happen to her. Is she “forced” to live with her uncle until she is 18 years old? The judge replies yes. Ray speaks up by telling Langston that she will come to love the home that he will be able to provide for her. He will take her to live with him in South America.

Antonio is in his home talking to Talia and his mother about missing Cristian. At that point, Layla and Sarah return form the grocery store with ingredients to make authentic Mexican food. But Carlotta shows them the ropes about all of the ingredients that they are lacking.

Rex and Gigi talk to Bo in his office about where Brody might be. He asks them if they have any recent photos of Shane. Rex shows Bo a small snapshot of his son.

While they are at the campsite, Shane picks up Brody’s gun while Brody is sleeping. Brody goes off on him and loses control. He tells him he must know that a gun is a lethal weapon. Shane seems afraid and apologizes. Brody tells Shane he does not want anything to happen to him. He grabs a hold of him and tells him that whenever anybody has a gun in their possession, they must be focused and aware of everything they do. And whenever somebody makes a mistake, it could be fatal.

Bo makes a call and puts an APB on Shane and Brody. He tells Rex and Gigi that they getting ready to do an Amber Alert. He then asks them what they know about Brody and family, friends or hang-outs that he might have. Gigi tells Bo that Brody does not have any family in the area. He might have some friends in the bars. But she doesn’t know much about his personal life.

Brody points his gun and becomes very intense when he talks to Shane. Shane asks him about his experiences in the war and if he’s ever shot anybody. Brody cannot answer that.

In the courtroom, after the judge has ruled in Ray Montez’s favor so that he can get custody of Langston, Ray protests that he realizes that Dr. Lord provided a good temporary home for Langston. But he believes that Langston can adapt to her new home. Langston then stands up and tells the judge that she would prefer that people all stop talking about her in third person as if she is not there. Dorian protests that it is an outrage that anybody would want for Langston to be taken away from the family and friends she has and the surroundings she’s known all her life and then taken to South America. Is that not illegal trafficking? Ray protests that Langston will live with him in Columbia, South America. That is the land of his heritage and it should be hers’ also. She makes it clear that she does not want that and neither does anybody else.

At the station, Rex calls Layla, realizing that she and Adriana and Dorian “investigated” Brody’s family in Michigan. He realizes that they know more about Brody than Gigi does. Layla informs Res that Brody has a mother and a sister, Nadine. But the sister had the mistaken idea that he was dead for many years. At that point, Rex tells Gigi that they are going to find Brody and Shane. At that point, Bo enters and admits that he really doesn’t know what to do now. Brody has some sort of “secretive” records that he (Bo) cannot touch. And he does not know whether it has anything to do with the reason why Brody took her son or not.

At the “campsite”, Shane asks Brody to tell him about his history in the army. Brody talks about how he first got shipped off and all of his assignments throughout the years.. Shane asks him if he ever killed somebody. Brody then asks Shane if he knows about the word “cavalier”. Shane says he thinks he’s heard that word. Brody then explains to him that in the military, people cannot be rude nor disrespectful with issues such as death. That is what is called “cavalier”. It's where the military “cavalry” got its name. He then answers Shane’s question that yes he did kill somebody. More than one person. That’s what he was trained to do. And he admits o Shane that when somebody kills another person, they kill a part of themselves. And, he shares with him that you don’t find that out until it’s too late.

At Antonio’s apartment, Sarah and Layla ask Carlotta why she never taught her sons her secret recipe. Carlotta admits to them that it was Cristian who added something to her secret. They are fascinated to hear that. She tells them how Cristian had a secret ingredient which he never told her. And she will let him tell Sarah when he comes home. Watching them, Talia tells Antonio that maybe she should have listened to her father., Carlo and take his threats seriously. He asks her why she would say that. She tells him if she had just not defied her father, then Cristian would not be in danger.

Cristian tells Ray’s wife that he will help her find her husband. She can trust him.

When John is outside the prison cell, the warden assesses that Lieutenant McBain is a long way from home. And he tells him that he has never seen Carlo Hesser. But at that point, Ray’s wife rushes out and John turns to ask her what she knows.

Bo admits to Rex and Gigi that Brody has some ‘secrets” that the navy cannot disclose. She tells him that even if Brody’s records are sealed, they need to find some things out. But he tells them without “cause”, they cannot investigate Brody. They don’t know what to suspect from him. But they have a photo of Brody and another guy. So maybe they should find him.

While at the campsite, Brody “drills” Shane about what must be done if somebody finds a gun laying around. Shane does not know how to answer that. He seems like he wants to prevent Shane from being careless if he comes in contact with a gun.

The warden asks Ray’s wife if she has something for him. It looks like she knows how to “strike a deal” with him. Cristian watches, not happily and wonders what is going on.

At the custody hearing, Dorian asks the judge if she can speak. She tells him that it is reprehensible enough for a man who has never met her daughter before in his life. But to let him take her to another country is unconscionable. The judge tells Dorian that she is trying his patience. She then reminds the judge that this man spent the last several years in his life in prison for murder. She tells him that she knows she has many faults. She is controlling and manipulative and by no means a saint. Her girls could attest to all of the things she is capable of doing that annoy and anger them. But they all know that she loves them. Langston changed her hair because of her. Her niece, Starr went through a terrible crises for which she might not have survived, were it not for Langston. That young man over there is Markko, Langston’s boyfriend. He has been a wonderful to Langston. And Langston is a survivor after losing her parents. She asks him if he has a conscience. The judge replies that many things in life are “unfair”. But he’s made his decision. At that point, Dorian lashes out at him and tells him he is a worthless, miserable son of a bitch. And at that point, Blair rushes up to prevent Dorian from saying and doing something she might regret.

At Antonio’s apartment, while Talia and Antonio watch his mother with Sarah and Layla, he tells her that they must forget about Carlo. But she tells him that she was supposed to lock him up so that he cannot endanger anybody ever again. That is why she chose law enforcement. He tells her that there is no way she can blame herself for anything that her father did. She is in no way like him.

John tells the guard at the South American prison that he knows that he is kind of in Carlo Hesser’s “pocket”. And he tells him that he can maybe “help” him get out from under that man if he can help him gain access to the jail cell that they previously haven’t let John enter.

Ray Montez’s wife tells the prison warden that she wants to strike a deal with him. He asks her if she wants to free a dangerous criminal and reminds her that that is a crime.

In the courtroom, Markko points his finger at Ray Montez and tells him if he really cared about Langston, he would never do this. Dorian cannot restrain herself from telling the judge if he does not reconsider his decision, she will decimate his career and his life just like she did with the Buchanans.

At the station, Bo tracks down a sailor named Les Granger who was a fellow SEAL and served with Brody. And as soon as Les hears that Bo is a police commissioner, he tells him he may stop right now. There is no way he’s going to “rat out” a fellow SEAL. And by saying that, he has revealed to Bo that he knows that Brody has gotten himself in trouble.

Brody shows Shane “the ropes” about aiming and shooting. Shane looks impressed and interested.

Antonio, Carlotta, Sarah, Talia and Layla all gather around the table to eat their meal. He says grace and asks God to protect his brother and bring him home safely.

After John manages to persuade the guard to lead him to “the man in question”, the guard seems as though he assumes that Montez (who is really Cristian Vega) is in a certain cell. But when they get there, nobody is there. They only see a “uniform” that says Montez. It looks like they have either found the wrong cell or Cristian has already left.

Dorian causes a scene in the courtroom. She tells the judge she will bring him down. She will ruin him. He then tells her that she is in contempt of court. His ruling still stands. Langston will be adopted by her uncle. He tells Dorian he has given her a lot of rope. And she’s hung herself. At that point, he tells her that she is going to spend some time behind bars. Guards put her in handcuffs and remind her that she can either make this “hard” or easy.

Bo tells Brody’s friend, Les, that he is with Rex Balsam and Gigi Morasco. Hearing that, Les informs Bo that he has heard Brody talk all about Gigi. And he’s heard of Rex. Hearing that from Bo’s speaker phone, Gigi informs Les that she is very worried that Brody has lost it. He has her son and she’s terribly worried that her son could be in danger. Hearing that, Les admits that he never before knew that there was a kid involved and he is now reconsidering keeping Brody’s secret. He informs them that “something happened” in Iraq. There was an “incident”.

Right then, we see Brody showing Shane all about aiming a gun.

Les then informs Bo, Gigi and Rex that there was a kid in Iraq. And Brody shot and killed him. Hearing that, Gigi cries in horror and fear.

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