OLTL Update Wednesday 9/24/08

One Life to Live Update Wednesday 9/24/08


Written By Jeannie
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita

At soccer practice Markko and Cole talk about Starr and what happened at the assembly.

Blair arrives at school to find out the principal is kicking Star out of school.

In the dining room at the Palace, Dallas talks to Bo. They are both staying at the Palace. Clint comes in. Dallas leaves. Bo and Clint sit down and talk about BE and Clint’s plan to take the company back from Dorian.

In court, Dorian is shocked to learn an injunction has been filed to stop the adoption.

At home, Gigi is frightened that Brody has Shane and has a gun.

In the courthouse hall, a security guard stops Brody and Shane for not going through the metal detectors. He orders them to go back through the metal detectors. Brody holds the gun behind his back.

Bo asks if Clint’s plan will put him behind bars. Clint says his plan is just unorthodox. Bo asks about Ray Montez. Clint says he is the key to get the company back from Dorian.

In court, Ray says he wants custody of Langston. Dorian questions the fact that he is really the uncle, but his lawyer has documentation. Dorian is slipped a note from her investigator and then she stands up and says Ray is a murder. Ray’s lawyer gives his release from prison. Dorian whispers something to her investigator and he leaves. Ray says he wasn’t aware of his sister’s death but came as soon as he could. Dorian says she’s the legal guardian. The judge says that’s the reason they’re there. Ray takes the stand as Dorian reassures Langston.

Markko keeps trying to reach Langston. Markko asks if it was hard watching the kids tease Starr. Cole says she was incredible when she stood up to the crowd.

Blair questions the principal. She tells Blair it would be in everyone’s best interest if Starr is tutored at home. Blair asks if the woman has something against mothers.

Charlie is on the phone at the boarding house regarding business. Mike comes in. They talk about Charlie rebuilding the diner. Charlie says he’s sorry about Mike and Marcie getting separated. Mike says him and Marcie don’t have a chance.

Rex questions Marcie on what Brody said to her. Gigi is blaming herself for keeping the lie going. Rex calls the police again he tells them Brody is armed and dangerous.

At the courthouse, Brody says they’re leaving and the guard escorts them out. Shane asks where they are going and Brody says it’s a surprise.

Charlie talks to Mike about not giving up on the woman you love. Mike says Todd will never let Marcie keep Starr’s baby. He can’t go through that with Marcie again. Charlie asks if he can imagine going through the rest of his life without her.

Rex tries to comfort Gigi.

Bo talks to Clint about what he’s doing to get BE back. Bo says if they put a plaid shirt and pair of cowboy boots on Clint he would be Pa. Rex calls. He tells Bo what happened with Shane and Brody. Bo says he’ll be right there and leaves.

Dallas sends Clint an espresso. Clint gets up and joins her. Dallas asks about Nora and him. Clint says they agreed to disagree. He tries to explain there are desperate times. Dallas says she understands.

Ray tells the judge about his relationship with his sister, Langston’s mother. He says that he sees how to repair the damage of the past. It is a privilege to preserve the family connections. He appreciates what Dorian has done but he can give Langston a good home, an education and family history. The judge invites Dorian up to the stand.

The principal tells Blair about the assembly. Starr defends herself. Blair defends her. She asks the principal what she thinks she protecting the other students from, she says she’s lying to them.

Cole talks to Markko about Starr and the baby. Cole worries that if Marcie takes his baby he’ll have to see her everyday and know she has his kid.

Blair tells the principal that she’s crazy if she think’s she’s sending Starr home.

Dorian talks about getting guardianship of Langston. Langston smiles as Dorian talks. She says she brought Langston into a happy and loving household with cousins and aunts. She questions Ray’s intentions stating that he was estranged from his sister for 20 years.

Clint talks to Dallas about taking BE back. Dallas says sometimes you have to get your hands dirty when you’re cleaning up a mess.

Bo arrives at Gigi’s and sees what Brody did to the room and to Marcie. Marcie tells him what happened. Rex says they think Brody has a gun. Gigi and Marcie go upstairs to see whatever else is missing. Bo and Rex talk about Brody. Bo says war changes a man.

Brody and Shane are on Llantano Mountain. Brody says he’s going to teach Shane about survival.

The judge thanks everyone for their statements and Langston asks to say something.

She tells about what happened when she lost her parents and then Ray came into her life. She says she wants to hear more about her mother and their family. She wants to get to know Ray better but the person who became a huge part of her life is Dorian and she wants to live with her. She wants Dorian to be her mother. The judge thanks her and says he’s going to his chambers to make a decision. Dorian hugs Langston.

Blair blasts the principal about sending Starr home. Cole walks up and defends Starr. Saying if they kick out Starr they have to kick him out too. Cole and Markko threaten to quit soccer. The principal asks if the boys are threatening her.

Bo orders the police to look for Shane and Brody. Bo questions Gigi about where they might be.

Shane is excited to find out how a Navy Seal survives in the wild. Brody says he had a bit of a disagreement with Gigi and they need to cool off a bit so they’re going to camp out tonight. He talks about surviving in the wilderness. He says they are on a mission.

Bo gets a call and says someone saw Brody at the courthouse. Bo tells Marcie to get her head injury checked out. Marcie reassures Gigi and then leaves.

Brody changes into fatigues. He says the only easy day was yesterday. He tells Shane that when you’re in a war that any day may be your last.

Bo shows up at the courthouse and talks to the security officer. He tells them what happened with Brody.

On Llantano Mountain, Shane talks to Brody about being a hero. Brody says the ones who died, his friends, are the heroes. Shane says he’ll always be a hero. Shane wants to call his mother and Brody pretends to leave Gigi a message.

Charlie and Mike talk about Marcie. Charlie says he’s not giving up on Vikki. Charlie tries to tell him he can do something with Marcie. Mike says its ongoing misery. Marcie walks in and Mike wants to check her head wound.

The principal calls the boys out on their behavior. Blair tells the principal that all of Starr’s family owns magazines and newspapers and how would she like the headlines to say how the School hates mothers. Blair says she fully expects the school to support and protect Starr. The principal agrees and walks away.

Dallas and Clint talk when the manager comes up to talk to Dallas. Clint steps away and calls Ray. He says it better go their way or Ray should get ready to go back to prison.

Dallas tells Clint they are going to throw her out.

Dorian talks to her Lawyer. They worry about what the judge will do. The judge comes back.

Rex and Bo question the guard.

Shane is happy about camping out with Brody and talks about telling his friends at school.

Mike makes Marcie promise to get checked out if her headache comes back. Mike gives Marcie her mail and she leaves. Charlie tells Mike the two of them are still in love and not to be a jerk. He should hold onto his love.

Clint wants to call Renee. Dallas stops him and says a pipe burst and they can’t accommodate her anymore. Clint offers to let her stay with them. He thinks Nora will be fine with it.

The judge starts to give his verdict but Blair, Markko and Starr walk in. the judge continues. He says placement with a relative is always more desirable. He rules that Langston is placed in custody of Ray Montez.

Bo calms Rex and Gigi down. Gigi is yelling and crying.

Shane asks Brody what’s next and Brody is staring into space as he pulls out a gun.

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