OLTL Update Tuesday 9/23/08

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 9/23/08


Written By Jennifer S.
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita

Proofread by Melanie

Gigi and Rex go to pick up Shane at school but are panicked to find out that Brody already came and took him. Gigi demands that the teacher tells her why she let “Mr. Lovett” take Shane without notifying his mom. The teacher replies that she happens to know that Shane is Lieutenant Lovett. Rex demands to know why that would make any difference.

Meanwhile, Shane and Brody are at the courthouse while Brody is filling out papers for Shane to have his last name. At that point, Shane notices that Brody has lost a medal off of his uniform. Brody then appears as though he is having difficulty “keeping it together” when he realizes that Gigi and Rex are probably looking for him and for Shane. He, also, realizes that Shane has some questions that he cannot answer.

Marcie awakens in Gigi’s apartment. She notices that there is blood on her forehead and furniture is thrown and turned over all over the house. She notices that Brody is gone and that she may have been “out” for a while.

At school, Markko and Starr notice that Langston is nowhere to be found. They find it odd that she left without saying anything.

Dorian looks like she is taking Langston to the courthouse to officially adopt her. Langston is putting two and two together. She realizes that Dorian is in a hurry, the same time her uncle has come to town and expressed interest in adopting her.

After Jared catches Tina standing on a chair in the kitchen talking to “somebody,” he asks her what is up. She does not know how to answer that. Natalie and Tess both watch their interaction from the video camera in the locked room. Natalie tells Tess that she knows that Tina will help Jared find her. Tess tells Natalie, she better not count on that. At the same time Tina struggles with how to answer Jared’s question about whom she is talking to, Tess rushes into the kitchen to interrupt them.

Todd and Marty are together. They are kissing and it’s getting more intense. She looks receptive and wants to sleep with him. Though, she wonders why he is hesitating. He somehow knows that it is “not right” to let it happen. She asks him why.

At Shane’s school, Gigi and Rex demand to know why the teacher let Brody take Shane away without telling them. The teacher protests that she doesn’t know what the big deal is. She knows that Brody is a Lieutenant. He was in full uniform. She happens to know that Brody and Gigi live in the same house, and, besides, Lieutenant Lovett is the boy’s father. At that point, Gigi and Rex both protest to her, " No! He is not!"

While in the courtroom waiting for the judge, Shane asks Brody why he wants to take him to the courthouse and change his name without inviting Shane’s mother. He also asks Brody why he cannot call Gigi and ask her for her “input” in the whole situation. Brody does not know how to answer that question and appears intense.

Tess interrupts Tina and Jared by announcing to them that she got a call from Sarah who was worried that she could not find Cristian. She needed to talk to her mom. Tess plays Jessica. She reminds them both that Cristian was “forced” to be somewhere where he does not want to be. Yet, Natalie has gone wherever she has gone voluntarily. So, maybe, Cristian is a “greater priority.” Tina assesses, that is true, but she must go and be with her daughter. Jared tells Tina, he hopes that they will find Cristian very soon. She tells him she hopes he finds the love of his life very soon. Tina leaves. Alone with Jared in the kitchen, Tess plays Jessica, telling him that she has made him some of her famous Téa, rich in vitamins and nutrients. Natalie watches them from the video and urges Jared not to drink any of the Téa. That is how she got stuck in this room. Yet, Jared cannot hear a word she says. He tells “Jessica” that this is “wrong.” He tells her that she should not be comforting him with his grief. Doesn’t she have her own situation in regard to losing Nash? He concludes to her that he has to get out of this house. He is only there to be with Natalie, and now that she is gone, he needs to pack up and move to Angel Square. As Natalie watches from the video camera, she urges Jared to do just that. Tess skillfully plays Jessica and urges Jared not to leave the house.

Todd comes up with “excuses” for why he cannot sleep with Marty. He laughs with her when he “admits” that they “tried” it once in college but she had a problem with his “performance.” He says he does not know what is more of an “issue” for him; the fact that it “happened” or that she no longer remembers it. They are still happily and comfortably interacting. He comes up with another “excuse.” He does not have protection and does not want to get her pregnant.

Markko tells Starr that he has his suspicions about Langston’s Uncle Ray. Starr asks him why he has a problem with her uncle. He seemed nice. He gave Langston a necklace and has the right to see his niece. Langston seems to want to get to know him. Markko tells Starr that he could sense that Dr. Lord was not okay with that. Starr reminds him just how “rational” Dorian is about trusting her foster daughter around anybody. Markko tells Starr that he believes that Dr. Lord has a valid concern about Ray Montez. He can smell a rat also.

At the courthouse, Dorian tells Langston that she must realize that her uncle should not be important in her life. She reveals to Langston that she has her suspicions of him, and Langston wonders what Dorian’s problem is with him.

Not far away in the courtroom the judge examines the papers that Brody has filled out and reveals that there may be a problem. Brody asks, what is up. The judge replies that he cannot go through with this process to change Shane’s name without permission from his mother. He reveals to Brody that he knows that Gigi did not approve of his wanting to change his name to Lovett. Hearing that, Brody knows he cannot argue with what Shane knows he heard.

Gigi and Rex are in the school frantically trying to figure out where Brody may have taken Shane. She tells Rex that she was an idiot to let that man anywhere near her son. She knew that he was “not right.” She gets on the phone to call Brody, but he does not answer. Shane reminds Brody that his phone is buzzing, but Brody tells him it is his boss at the bar. Shane then asks if his name could be Morasco-Lovett or Lovett-Morasco. Brody says that might work. Right then the judge enters.

Langston asks Dorian why she is in such a rush to adopt her. Why is she so threatened by her uncle Ray? Dorian then admits to Langston that she has to stop being so naïve. She informs her that Ray wants to be her legal guardian.

Meanwhile, Marcie gets back on her feet and remembers how Brody went off on her after finding out that Gigi left him for Rex and intends to tell Shane that Rex is his real father. Brody indicated to her that he was very likely to take drastic action and may be violent. He grabbed her when she attempted to call Gigi and snatched the phone out of her hand and she fell and hit her head. She calls Gigi. Gigi asks Marcie what has happened. Marcie tells Gigi that she did not want to freak her out, but there is something “up” with Brody. He came by Gigi’s house when she was not there to pick up papers and Brody was there. Gigi, then, asks Marcie where he went and tells her that he has Shane with him. Marcie admits she is not entirely certain what Brody might have done.

While Brody and Shane are in the empty courtroom, the judge tells them that he cannot change Shane’s name without authorization from Ms. Morasco. He tells them he is fine with the idea, but the boy’s mother must be present. He leaves. Shane then tells Brody that all they gotta do now is get his mom to join them. What is the big deal. At that point, Brody admits to Shane that his mom does not want him to be his dad.

Langston informs Dorian that she was really proud of Starr. Today, she stood up to those kids who were harassing her. She urged them to use condoms so that they don’t wind up like her. Hearing that, Dorian again asks Langston if she would rather be taken away from Starr and all of her family just to live with Ray. Langston tells Dorian that she may have misunderstood her uncle. She does not believe he wants to have any custody battle with Dorian.

Marty admits to Todd that when he said he did not want her to get pregnant, her heart kind of stopped. Hearing that, he asks if that is because she is “afraid” of him. She tells him, "No." He asks if that means that she would want to have a kid with him. She tells him that they are going to have a baby. Starr’s child is due in a few more months, right? She then notices Todd’s blank expression and asks him if it is not really going to happen. They can adopt Starr’s baby, can’t they?

At the high school, Markko and Starr are both a bit concerned about how Langston disappeared without telling them where she went. They talk about how Langston hid from everybody that she lost her parents. Then, she became part of Starr’s family. Now that guy shows up, out of nowhere.

Dorian tells Langston she understands why she would have feelings about Ray. He is the only connection she has to her mother. Langston thinks he is the only person on the planet she knows about who can tell her what it was like to grow up with her mother. He can fill her in on all the history of her family, her birth, and her childhood. Langston concludes that Dorian is going to adopt her. That is what she wants.

Marty asks Todd if Blair or Starr have a problem with the two of them adopting Starr’s baby. He tells her, "No." She asks if John McBain might have anything to do with it. Todd then admits that he feels a bit guilty to be getting everything he wants.

After “Jessica” tells Jared that she wants him to stay in the house after all of the terrible things he has done, she assures him that what happened to Nash was an accident. She tells him that he intended to help Nash by bailing out his vineyard. How was Jared supposed to know what Dorian would do? She tells him that he was a good friend to Nash. To be honest, she could, kind of, use a “friend” right now. Natalie watches in the locked room and screams that Tess does not want a “friend.” She wants to manipulate Jared in order to drive Natalie crazy.

Rex and Gigi rush home and notice Marcie with a big ice pack on her head. Gigi rushes to see that all of the furniture is turned over, and many things are destroyed. Broken glass and booze are spilled on the floor.

Meanwhile, Brody admits to Shane that Gigi is “hung up” on that Balsom guy and wants him to be Shane’s father. Shane listens silently.

Rex demands to know what Brody did to Marcie. She explains that he told her that he would not let the two of them pick up Shane. Only he is Shane’s father. She argued that point. She attempted to call Gigi, and he grabbed the phone out of her hand and grabbed her. She hit her head and that is all she remembers.

Shane protests to Brody that he will not let Rex be his dad, no matter what his mom wants. Brody confirms to Shane that in that case, he won’t let it happen.

Gigi, Rex and Marcie all assess that Brody has completely lost it. He has Shane. They must do something before it’s too late.

Langston tells Dorian that she is fine with the adoption plans. She believes Dorian is overreacting and is a bit paranoid about her uncle. In response to that, Dorian tells her she is worried that he might be able to succeed and take Langston away from her since the judges favor blood family members. Just then, Dorian’s lawyer enters. She is ready to get the ball in motion for the adoption to go through.

While Starr and Markko are talking, the principal reminds them that they both are supposed to be in classes. She tells Starr that she wants to talk to her alone in the office.

Marty tells Todd he must know that he did nothing wrong. When his daughter got pregnant, he offered her a way to raise her child. It wasn’t his fault that it happened. He tells her that he has been a lousy husband and father. She tells him that everybody makes mistakes, and she believes he deserves to be happy. He, then, tells her that he does not want to think of this kid as his grandchild. She asks if it is because he is “too young.” He clarifies, "No." It is because he wants it to be their child and not his “grandchild.”

Rex goes around the house and notices that Brody packed up many of Shane’s things. He tells Gigi and Marcie that he is going to call the cops and report a kidnapping.

In the empty courtroom, Brody tells Shane that “this time” he is going to do things right. Hearing that, Shane asks him when he did things “wrong." Brody assessed that he did what he had to do for the greater good.

While Rex is on the phone, Gigi asks Marcie what she observed with Brody. Marcie admits to Gigi that he seemed very determined to prevent anybody from letting Shane know that Rex was his father.

Shane asks Brody if he believes that his most recent “plan” is for the “greater good.” Brody replies "Yes." They both seem to agree.

While in the locked room, Natalie helplessly watches Tess manipulating Jared into believing that she is Jessica, sincere, and wanting to be his friend. Tess smiles and seems all sweet and gracious telling him that he reminds her, in many ways, of Nash. He seems to trust her, hearing that. She tells him that it is funny. She can feel the baby grow inside her. She can feel her kick. And her baby has no father. She needs somebody who will be there for her. She asks him if he will please stay with her. At that point, Jared agrees. Tess hugs him and tells him he has no idea what this means to her. Natalie watches helpless and furious.

Todd and Marty talk about how this baby will have a whole new life. He will do what is best for all involved.

In the courthouse, Dorian and Langston go in to the courtroom right when Brody and Shane are leaving. Dorian looks at the two of them suspiciously.

In Gigi’s home, Rex goes through the stuff that is thrown all over the house. He picks up the “lock up box.” He can tell, that is where Brody keeps his gun. He asks Gigi if he owns a gun. She does not answer. He then demands that she answers that question.

When Dorian and Langston go before the very same judge that denied Brody his “rights” with Shane unless he had Gigi’s permission, he denies Dorian permanent custody of Langston.

While going down the stairs and out of the courtroom with Brody, Shane remembers "that lady.” Wasn’t she Adriana’s mother? Brody admits that the last thing he wants is to become a subject of gossip for Dorian Lord, given how he met her.

Rex and Gigi confirm that Brody had a gun in the "lock-up box" and took it with him.

In the courthouse, right before they are ready to leave, Brody assures Shane that he has everything all figured out. At that point, a security officer gets off the elevator and instructs the “lieutenant” to stay right there.

Gigi looks at the picture that Brody has in the "lock-up box" where he keeps his gun and admits that she is worried. 

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