OLTL Update Monday 9/22/08

One Life to Live Update Monday 9/22/08


Written By Jennifer S.
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita

Proofread by Melanie

Rex and Gigi sleep together and confirm that Shane is their son.

At that point, while Marcie is passed out on the floor, Brody confirms that nobody is going to take Gigi or Shane away from him.

Tina has finally found the key that Tess dropped that opens the basement door and gives it to Jared. He goes down with Tina’s dog after he senses that the dog is “onto” something. Yet, he has no clue that Natalie is not far away in the locked room. He cannot hear or see her. She urges him to find her when she sees him on the video screen. When he gets to the food shelf that Tess just closed upon Natalie, nobody can see her, nor know that she is there. The dog sniffs around. She hears and sees them and urges them to find her.

Rex tells Gigi that from now on, the two of them make their own luck together. She tells him that she has wondered what might have become of them throughout the years. Now that they are finally together after all this time, she cannot help but wonder about “the future.”

Brody goes to the bathroom and pours water over his face. He attempts to calm down, assuring Shane that everything will be all right. Shane is not there. Yet, he has a flashback of all the times that Shane called him dad.

Jared and the dog are in the room of the basement, outside of where Tess has locked Natalie. Natalie pounds on the glass urging them to find her. At that point, Tina knows she better guard the door when she sees Tess. Tess demands she moves away from the door. Tina does not want Tess to know that Jared has gone down there and is looking for Natalie. Tess warns Tina that if she does not move, she will call her uncle Bo and report the missing jewels.

Brody again envisions being father and son with Shane.

Gigi and Rex talk about the scenario where the two of them are reunited and confronting the mistakes of their past and the fear of the unknown in their future. She tells him she imagines being with him and finding out that Shane was his son.

Brody then remembers hearing Gigi telling him he needs to know that he is not Shane’s father and he better get that through his head. At that point, he knows he better “do something.”

Rex admits to Gigi that he has had fantasies in his head. She admits that she has too. Even through she forgot all about him throughout the last 10 years, she always hoped that maybe one day, he would come and find Shane and her. He tells her that he has envisioned the three of them on the beach. Even though he knows she may not be great at helping his son with his homework, as he was never a great student, he believes he could “fake” it. He tells her that the best of their son is all her. She tells him that she knows that the Balsom genes are all in Shane.

He admits that he has so much to make up for. Shane will now know that he is there; he will be there for his son. Yet, he admits that it might be easier said than done. He is not exactly the best role model for anybody. She tells him, she knows he will be a great dad. He then tells her he knows that Roxy, his sick family, and his estranged dad, whom he doesn’t even know the real identity of, it might not be a great example for Shane. He then concludes to her that he doesn’t even care who his real father is. His family is with her and Shane.

Just then, Brody remembers hearing Gigi declaring to him that he better get out of her house by the time she gets back. She and Rex are going to pick Shane up at school today and tell him the truth, once and for all. The three of them then will be a family. At that point, Brody is distraught. He points and aims the gun at the mirror and is ready to shoot, but then he decides he will not end his life. He has another plan.

In the basement of Viki’s home, Natalie hears Jared conclude to the dog that there is nothing down there. The dog continues to sniff the food shelf that is blocking the window of the place where Natalie is stuck. She is hopeful that they will find her. At that point, Tess enters and catches them.

Marty tells Todd that she had a dream about John McBain. She concludes that in her dream John believed he cared about her. She sensed, in her dream, that being with John would have some healing affect. Though, she admits to Todd, she realizes that he told her something different. At that point, Todd concludes that he has no control over whether she runs into John or meets him. He tells her if she wants to see John McBain, that is her choice.

Rex and Gigi are ready to get dressed and pick Shane up at school. He tells her that he has a lot of work to do in the way of making himself presentable when he takes on the father role with his son.

At that point, Brody undresses and gets in the shower. Rex showers. Gigi is ready to join him. Brody is alone in the shower. Rex and Gigi make love in the shower. Brody is distraught as the water beats down upon him.

In response to Todd’s “conclusion” that Marty may see John McBain if she wants to, she can sense that he has his doubts about her. She asks him why he would encourage her to see John if he is so bad. She, also, reminds Todd that they danced, played the piano, and had such a good time last night. What has happened? Right then, Todd remembers Tess threatening to tell Marty the whole truth about him if he “investigated” what she was up to regarding Natalie and Jared.

Tess is careful to “play Jessica” when Jared enters the basement and only sees the food shelf that is blocking the window of the room where Natalie is. Seeing nothing, he is not certain why the dog is sniffing and sensing something. Tess politely tells him that there is nothing to look for. He tells her that he is still looking for Natalie and is still determined to find her. Hearing that, Tess tells him he must know that he sure as hell is not going to find her sister in the basement; now, is he? At that point, she picks up the dog and convinces Jared to return upstairs. Seeing that, Natalie furiously throws things at the video screen. As a result, she can no longer see what is going on. Upstairs, as soon as Jared is gone, Tess tells Tina she has crossed the line and is going to pay for what she did.

Rex and Gigi brush their wet hair and get ready to dress and discuss their future with Shane. He tells her that he wants to, some day, tell Shane about what happened between them many years ago, leading up to when he got conceived. He realizes they will have to get to the part where he must admit to Shane that he walked out. He then assesses that he is in all ways the equivalent of a deadbeat dad, and Shane has every reason to hate him.

At that point, Brody gets dressed in his officer’s uniform, looking like he has a plan.

In response to Rex assessing that he believes Shane has good reason to blame him for many things, Gigi tells him, he must know that just as much blame can be assigned to her. She has lied to Shane and to him for many years. She tells him if he really loves his son, then he must know that Shane will come to understand. She tells him that she sees so much of Shane in Rex and so much of Rex in Shane. Rex must know that also.

When Shane is in school, he is “acting out” by showing his classmates a picture he has drawn of the U.S. The teacher is ready to confront him, but at that point, Brody enters the classroom with his uniform. The teacher asks if she can “help him.” Shane sees him and calls him dad.

Rex and Gigi eat fruit by the bed. He tells her that Shane has come to recognize Brody as his real father. He has seen him as a war hero. Gigi tells Rex that it is he (himself) and not Brody who is the “real deal.”

When Shane’s classmates observe Brody with his uniform, they are in awe of his many decorations.

Natalie struggles to fix the remote so that she can continue to view the video camera in the locked room. She is able to see Tess and Tina in the kitchen. Tess tells Tina that she can make an “accident” happen to her dog just like what happened to Natalie if Tina tells Jared anything.

Marty admits to Todd that she would like to trust him. Though, he is afraid that, maybe, it won’t happen. He turns his back on her and tells her he is sure she will learn to trust somebody else. She demands that he turns around and look at her. She reminds him that she has no memory of anything in her life before she had the accident. All she knows is, him. Does he really believe that she can go out in the world, remembering nothing and take care of herself without him? He admits that maybe that could not happen so easily.

At that point, she gets out of bed and staggers toward him. She tells him that he and Janet are the only two people she can trust. He gives her his phone to make any call she wants, but she tells him she does not want that. She asks him what he wants. He replies that he wants her to be with him. He only wants it if she wants it. He does not want it if she believes she has no choice. She tells him that she does not feel as though she is imprisoned. He asks her how she feels. She replies that she is happy and looks forward to seeing him come through that door. She doesn’t want or need to be with anybody except for him. At that point, he faces her.

Tess holds Tina’s dog and smirks. Tina demands that she give back her dog. Tess asks her to say, "Please.” Tina says please. Tess gives her back her dog and returns downstairs. Tina then holds her dog and asks if he is all right. Right then, Tess goes down to see Natalie. Natalie demands to know what she wants. Tess tells Natalie that she wants to write a television show. Should it be about a sister or a bachelorette from hell? Natalie must know that Jared has given up on her, Tess tells her. Natalie reminds Tess that she (Tess) is “slipping.” Jared almost found her this time and “next time” he will succeed. Tess tells her there will not be a “next time.” Natalie reminds Tess that not only does Jared want to find her and help her, but Tina does also. In response to that, Tess asks Natalie just whom she thinks brought her down to the basement after she passed out. She reminds Natalie that she (herself) is in her third trimester. So that means Tina must have helped Tess carry Natalie down to the basement and lock her in the room. Tess then concludes to Natalie, that she must know that nobody cares about her.

Gigi tells Rex that they will have the family that they have always dreamed of.

After Brody appears in Shane’s classroom, the teachers tells him that school is not over. He apologizes and tells her that Shane has a dental appointment. Hearing that, the teacher tells him that she was informed that Ms. Morasco was going to pick him up.

Rex and Gigi are getting ready to pick up Shane together.

Brody replies, to Shane’s teacher, that Ms. Morasco asked him to pick Shane up. It was last minute. She had things to do.

Rex asks Gigi what Shane will do when he finds out that she no longer wants Brody in either of their lives. She replies that Marcie encouraged her to know that only good things can happen when she returns to the man she loves and admits that she cannot keep living a lie with somebody she does not love.

After the teacher raises objections for Brody picking up Shane when she was not forewarned that he would be, Shane asks her why there is a problem with his dad picking him up instead of his mom. She replies that the school has rules. She tells them that she must get on the phone and confirm that his mom knows that Brody will be taking him from school.

Marty wants to assure Todd that she trusts him and wants him to trust her. He tells her that he has his concerns. He realizes that it may be a lot to ask of her to help him raise his grandchild.

Right when Tess informs Natalie that Tina helped her lock Natalie in the room, Natalie turns on the video. At that point, Tina talks to Natalie knowing that Natalie can see her from the kitchen. Tina faces the video camera and tells Natalie she is so sorry and hopes Natalie can forgive her, but Tess has threatened her daughter and her dog. Hearing that, Natalie demands that Tess tell her what she has on Tina.

Marty tells Todd that having him, this house, and the baby in her life is all real to her. It is all her life. At that point, he kisses her.

Tina addresses Natalie from the video camera, telling her that she wishes she could save her from that blond psychopath (Tess) downstairs. She offers Natalie her sincere apology but regrets that she may not be able to help her. At that point, Tina is startled when Jared enters. He grabs a hold of her and asks her whom she is talking to.

Brody manages to take Shane out of school. He takes him to the courthouse and fills out papers. Shane tells Brody that he knows his mom did not want Brody to pick him up, but he is completely okay with it. Brody tells him that they are going to draw up papers to legally change Shane’s name from Shane Morasco to Shane Lovett. Shane tells Brody that that is totally cool. He thinks that the name Lovett is great. He “loves it,” he tells Brody. They laugh. He hugs Brody, and Brody tells him they will never be separated again. 

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