OLTL Update Friday 9/19/08

One Life to Live Update Friday 9/19/08


Written By Jennifer S.
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita

Proofread by Melanie

John is on a flight to Mendorra to find Cristian. He calls Bo and leaves a message informing him that he thinks he knows where to find Cristian. He also asks if Bo could possibly help him get back the files on Todd Manning’s secret woman that the mayor has confiscated from him. He informs him that the mayor may be keeping a secret from them.

Todd enters the room where Marty is sleeping and remembers playing the piano and enjoying being with her. He tells her he will be back soon and sweet dreams.

At Rex’s home, Gigi informs him that she realizes that it may not, initially, be a good thing for Shane to hear from them that Rex is his real father, given the situation. She tells him that she just talked to Marcie who has convinced her that they have to let him know and must realize that in time, they will all be a family. Hearing that, Rex asks Gigi if she told Brody. She replies that she did. He asks how that went. She admits that Brody did not take it well.

Right then, Brody has just turned over Gigi’s couch, destroyed many things after having a tantrum, and is now drinking hard liquor.

Tess finds Tina’s dog snooping around and goes off on him. At first, Tina tells Tess that she will not put up with her hostile behavior. She can let everybody know that Jessica has turned into Tess. Then Tess reminds Tina, in a sarcastic manner, that Carlo can come after Sarah when he finds out that her mother stole the jewels. At that point, Tina realizes that maybe she should not argue with Tess. Tess reminds Tina that she must talk to Jared and convince him to give up on Natalie.

Natalie watches, helplessly from the video screen. When Tina is alone with her dog, she tells him that they will find a way to prevent Tess from being so mean. At that point, Tina finds a key on the floor. Jared then enters and asks her if she has seen any sign of Natalie. Tina replies, "No." She has not heard from Natalie. She tells him she is sorry. She informs him that Sarah was really missing Natalie. Yet, nobody can find her. He tells her that he wonders why John McBain and the cops could not do anything to find her. It makes no sense. He just talked to Rex and then to Roxy, and neither have heard anything from Natalie.

He does not believe that Natalie would leave town without contacting anybody. He admits that the only person who “says” they have been in contact with Natalie is Jessica. In fact, Jessica was the “last person” to see Natalie. He informs Tina that Jessica informed him that Natalie left town because she felt guilty for what she did to Jessica. He does not buy it, though. Tina can see that Jared does not believe the letter that Natalie "allegedly" wrote was for real, or does he?

At that point, in the basement, Natalie is having a meltdown. She is extremely upset about all that is happening, and she is helpless to do anything about it. She throws things, bangs on the door, and attempts to bust it down so that she can escape. When she hears Tina confirm to Jared that she can see he does not buy what Jessica has told him about Natalie leaving him, she watches and calms down a bit.

While Marty sleeps, Todd goes up and plays the piano part he played with her.

Meanwhile, John is on his flight.

Rex and Gigi talk about how they are going to get Shane to “come around.” He tells her that Shane must realize that Brody is trash to have falsified a DNA test, and so should she. She tells him that regardless of what they think of Brody, she believes he had his reasons for doing what he did. He wanted to be there for Shane in case anything happened to her or to Rex. At that point, Rex informs Gigi that he has another concern. He just got off the phone with Adriana. She informed him that she knew that Brody was his son for a long time before telling him, and Gigi knew that she knew. Gigi replied that she knows all about that, and yet, she never told him.

At that point, Marcie comes by Gigi’s home. Only Brody is there. He looks at her in a threatening manner and tells her that she is the one who ruined everything for him by encouraging Gigi to dump him.

Rex asks if Gigi really kept quiet and never told anybody that Adriana knew the truth about Shane. She admits that Adriana and her mom having all that money might have had something to do with it. She tells him she was afraid. All she and Shane had was each other, so she didn’t question it when Brody suddenly came back. He tells her, okay, but he should have known. Adriana went off the wall. She even brought Brody a toothbrush that was Rex’s. Gigi tells him she knows. Adriana told Gigi that she could do whatever she wanted with it. She must have secretly given it to Brody so that he could pass it off as his own.

Hearing that, he tells her that if he had known that Adriana would have gone that far, he would have never married her. He then admits to her that in the phone conversation with Adriana, he told her they were through. He is ready to divorce her, but she is not ready to accept that. Gigi then assesses that the whole reason why Adrian went off the deep end was because she loved Rex and could not live without him. She admits that she maybe understands that. She tells Rex that if she knew that he was the one for her and that he loved her as much as she loved him, she might have informed him a long time ago that he was her son’s father. At that point, they affirm that they were meant to be. They kiss.

Right then, Roxy demands that Rex let her in the door. She tells Rex that he has to help her find Natalie. She is very worried that her daughter, his sister, has left without a trace. When she sees Gigi, she gets completely distracted. She then tells her from the moment she saw Shane, she knew that he was blood. She tells her that she doesn’t want to be called Grandma or Nana, but maybe, Roxy will do. At that point, Rex asks his mother if she has also not seen Natalie.

At that point, Natalie is watching Jared talking to Tina in the kitchen about how he does not believe that Natalie would leave him and send him a letter. Knowing that she is alone with him and Tess cannot overhear (so she assumes), Tina listens to Jared and does not argue with him. He tells her that Rex believes that Natalie dumped him. Jessica is telling him that, but his father does not buy that for a minute and tells him he cannot give up on Natalie. Hearing that, Tina confirms to Jared that his father is right.

Todd enters his office and notices Tess in his chair. She tells him that she has written her own front page of the Sun. There is a big split heart with Natalie’s and Jared’s pictures. She writes that Natalie left town and decided that she cannot go through with seeing Jared again or anybody else after all she has done. Tess confirms that Natalie has split town. Nobody has seen or heard from her. Todd knows that something is up. He asks Tess what she did with Natalie.

At Rex’s, he tells Roxy that he is not going to go and help her find Natalie. He tells his mother that Natty is a big girl and doesn’t need anybody trying to track her down. He has no problem with her dumping Jared, but Roxy tells her son that she knows something is wrong. Natalie would not give up on a love like Jared. Hearing that, Gigi adds her “two cents” in by telling Roxy that maybe Natalie is “Temporarily” gone not realizing what she had. At that point Roxy acknowledges that Gigi waited 10 years to get back with her son Rex and assesses that Natalie will contact them in her own good time. He doesn’t believe that she and Jared have anything special nor that he would be the reason that she would come back. At that point, Gigi asks Roxy if she would please do her a favor and not tell anybody about Shane. Roxy promises to keep quiet. At that point, Rex realizes that they better tell Shane ASAP before he finds out by another source.

Brody confronts Marcie. He tells her that he knew that she was “the enemy.” She and her friend Rex turned Gigi against him. She tells him she does not know what he is talking about. She just came by to see Gigi and pick up her mail for her while she was out. He intensely looks at Marcie and points his finger at her, telling her she better get it through her head that Gigi and Shane need him. He is Shane’s father. And nobody better ever dispute that.

Tess tells Todd that Natalie felt bad for what happened to Nash. She took the two children’s father from them. She guesses that Natalie “moved on to greener pastures.” Todd tells Tess he knows better. He knows about her little “secret” in the basement.

Tina tells Jared that he must not give up on Natalie. Natalie watches from the video as Tina tells him that she believes that the two of them will find their way back to each other, regardless of “whomever” is trying to tear them apart. Hearing that, Jared asks Tina just what she means or what she might know yet is not telling him.

After hearing Tess talk about how Nash’s death is the reason Natalie left, Todd tells her that nobody has more motive than herself to want to send Natalie away for that very reason. In response to that, Tess asks Todd why he cares. She reminds Todd that he doesn’t even like Natalie. She assesses that she’s sure that Natalie is fine. Todd then asks Tess just what was down in the basement that Tina informed him that she did not want Tina’s dog to find. Tess knows she cannot answer that. She reminds Todd that he has to stop asking her so many questions or else she will have to start asking him some questions about Marty Saybrooke.

Marty is sleeping and dreaming about John appearing by her bed. He is playing her song on the piano that she and Todd played. She notices John’s jealous and threatening attitude about her involvement with Todd. She protests to him that Todd has been good to her and asks him what his problem is with Todd.

Meanwhile, as John is on his flight, he envisions Marty sitting by him. He asks her if she has gotten “misguided” with Todd. She sits by him and confirms that she does not care for Todd and wishes she could find her way back to him instead. She asks him about his similarly “misguided” association with Blair. He asks her what she is doing there, but she reminds him that this is his dream. Maybe he should ask himself instead of her, just why it is that she is appearing.

Tess reminds Todd that John and the cops and Blair and others are all curious about finding out all about this ‘mystery woman” whom he is hiding in his home. Yet, they have no clue that it is the woman he raped any more than Marty remembers that this guy who she sees as her knight in shining armor was her rapist. He then warns Tess if she breathes one word about Marty, he will rip her head off. In response to that, Tess smiles and confirms to Todd that she knows what is going on. He is really falling for Marty. Isn’t he? He does not respond to that.

Rex warns Gigi that telling Shane that he is Shane’s father might be a major step and something they cannot enter into lightly. She tells him she realizes that. He then reminds her that maybe Shane has the idea that she and Brody might get back together. She tells him that she has set Shane straight that there is no hope for herself and Brody, ever. She tells him that they have waited for too long. He agrees that he cannot wait much longer. She reminds him that they were just kids back then and had no clue what they were doing. He tells her that he may not have known how to treat her. She tells him he treated her fine except for the “running away” part. He tells her that what he remembers is that she made him feel better than he has ever felt. She still does. She tells him that she does not know what the outcome of telling Shane would be, but maybe they should take a breath and contemplate for a while.

Marcie attempts to “reason” with Brody by telling him that, maybe, he and Gigi can “reconcile,” and let bygones be bygones. He smashes a glass against the wall. She tells him that maybe she should call Gigi, but he warns her she better not do that.

Rex and Gigi are happily together, realizing that Shane does not need them to pick him up from school for hours. They kiss and realize they were meant to be.

In Viki’s kitchen, Tina tells Jared that certain people were meant to be. At that point, Roxy enters and tells Jared that she knows her daughter better than anybody on the entire planet even if she has no clue how to be the right type of mother to her. She tells him that Natalie has done this before. She knows that Natalie has a habit of leaving and making everybody believe she is gone for good. Natalie has left her and told her she would never forgive her mother. Roxy worried, just like Jared is now, that she will never see Natalie again, but Natalie always comes back. Jared must “take heart” and know that she will come back to him. Right then, Natalie watches from the video camera knowing that maybe the right thing could happen after all.

Tess tells Todd she knows that he is falling for Marty. She knows she hit a nerve. Todd has a new girlfriend. She bets he believes that if the woman he raped “likes” him, then he might not be such a bad guy, after all. She laughs and scoffs and tells him she knows that is the reason he fell in love with Marty.

While Natalie watches Tina and Roxy giving Jared a “pep talk” to never give up on her, she urges him to know they are right. She will never leave him. Roxy tells Jared she knows the perfect hair style for him. She smiles and tells Tina she owes her a free makeover for encouraging Natalie to find her way back to her man. She addresses Tina’s dog, telling him she can give him free highlights so he will end up looking like her. She tells them she has to go to work and departs. At that point, Jared notices Tina’s dog sniffing at the basement door. He attempts to find out what is going on. Natalie watches and screams at them to go down and rescue her, but the door is locked. He then asks Tina if he should take the dog outside. She tells him, "No." She might have a key to the basement and encourages him to give it a try. At that point, Natalie urges them to get down there and rescue her.

Tess taunts Todd that he has a crush on Marty. He tells her that Marty is sick and an invalid, and she needs him. What should he do? Throw her out on the street? Tess admits that, maybe, Marty has nobody, except that John McBain is still in love with her and might want to know that she is still alive. She has a son, Cole, who believes he has lost his mother, and who just happens to be the father of Todd’s daughter’s baby. She tells Todd that Marty may believe that Todd has something to “offer” her, but she believes that it’s what she has to “offer” him that is really the “intrigue” for Todd. She taunts Todd about how he needs this “adulation” from believing that Marty sees “the raper” as the one she likes. She knows that Todd’s head is all messed up. He’s terribly insecure after losing his family. She knows about his little “fetish” with Marty. Todd demands she get out of his office and leave him alone. She leaves but tells him she might be forced to tell his little girlfriend all about whom he really is.

Marty sleeps in her bed and continues to dream about John. She hears the piano song that she and Todd played together. John asks her if she remembers the “song from her past.” She sits next to him and replies that something comes from deep inside. He then asks her if something else comes from “deep inside.” At that point, they are ready to kiss, and she awakens.

John is on his flight seeing Marty. He tells her he is not certain why he is dreaming about her. She tells him that sometimes you have to close your eyes in order to see what is really right. She tells him she has to go right now. He asks her where. She shows him the notes that he has written, and the case he must solve. Yet, it looks like John is not (as least consciously) connecting how she is related to that.

Rex and Gigi are ready to sleep together.

Right then, Brody angrily grabs a hold of Marcie. She asks him to let go of her, and she falls to the floor.

Rex and Gigi are distracted in the heated moment. They undress and sleep together while romantic music plays.

After Brody notices Marcie passed out on the floor, he takes her pulse and wonders what to do next.

Todd returns to Marty. She admits to him that she had a “dream” about John McBain. He asks her why she’d be dreaming about him again. Hearing that, she admits she does not know and asks him if he might know.

After Tina has encouraged Jared not to give up on Natalie and he goes out the door, Tess appears. She seems to know that something has gone on behind her back. She demands that Tina tell her what the hell has just happened.

Rex and Gigi are going at it and completely distracted.

Brody is alone in the house with Marcie on the floor. He opens a box and pulls out a gun. He declares that he cannot let them take it away from him, and he goes up the stairs looking like he has “plans” with the gun. 

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