OLTL Update Thursday 9/18/08

One Life to Live Update Thursday 9/18/08


Written By Jennifer S.
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita

Proofread by Melanie

It’s the first day of school at Llanview high. Matthew is with Cole who wants to help him get acclimated as a freshman. He introduces him to Markko. It looks like Cole might want to “avoid” something.

Not far away, Starr and Langston are wondering what to do. Langston informs Starr that she just notified Cole, Markko, and Matthew. They both realize that Starr and Cole will run into each other sooner or later. Langston tells Starr she can “run an interference” so that Starr does not have to be seen by Cole. Starr tells her that’s all right. If Langston can get used to her “new family,” then she can deal with “old friends.”

Right then, Dorian asks Ray Montez to have a private conversation with her. She asks him to get real and tell her the real reason why he is there. Whatever he is being “paid” to see Langston, she can top it.

Brody is sleeping on Gigi’s couch, and Shane comes in to talk to him. Brody is struck by impulses and attacks Shane, probably believing he is an “enemy” that would ambush him while he was in the war. Just then, Gigi enters and screams at Brody to leave her son alone.

While they are having a meeting at the high school, in the auditorium, Markko shares with Cole that it is very weird what has just happened in Langston’s life. A strange guy came out of nowhere to Dorian’s house, right in the middle of Langston’s adoption celebration. He claimed to be her uncle, and strangely enough, he was from Columbia, South America.

Meanwhile, Ray tells Dorian that he cannot believe that she does not understand what it would be like for somebody to be determined to stop at nothing to find their long lost family member.

At the auditorium, the speaker tells the high school students that it is always important for all people to choose a “role model.” At that moment, she notices that Starr and Langston are “sneaking off,” and she demands to know where they are going. Now that all eyes are on them, and the fact that Starr is pregnant is clear to see, a boy speaks up to publicly humiliate Starr Manning. Cole stares at him and looks like he might physically attack him.

After Gigi finds out what Brody did, she knows she must “act calm.” She tells him he may take Shane to school and “pretend” that he is her son’s father, but he needs to know that he is not. Shane still completely trusts Brody and believes he is his real father.

Tess goes to see Natalie in the locked room and tells her that she must know that Jared will dump her and sleep with Tess. At that point, Natalie confidently tells Tess, "That will never happen." She laughs in Tess’s face in a way that could even intimidate Tess.

Meanwhile, Jared is trying frantically to find Natalie. He goes to Rex’s home and asks Rex if he has seen his sister. Rex replies that he hopes and believes that his sister has come to her senses and dumped him. He is a no good scam artist, and Rex does not want Jared anywhere near his family or friends.

Tess confirms to Natalie that even if Jared does not care for her, Natalie should know that he might very well fall for Jessica. She has successfully fooled everybody into believing that she is Jessica.

Jared protests to Rex that he is worried that nobody has seen or heard from Natalie. Rex asks him how he knows. Jared then shows Rex the letter. Rex reads it and tells Jared that it is pretty clear that all of the despicable things he has done has come back to bite him in the ass. Natalie has gotten wise and dumped him. Jared protests to Rex that he must know that his sister would not just send a letter and disappear. It is not like her to not contact Rex, Viki, Jessica, any of her family, or friends.

Natalie tells Tess that she believes Tess’s plan will “never fly.”  She reminds Tess that Jared was suspicious of her from the moment she asked them to move into the house. Tess reminds Natalie that she is the pregnant widow. She can manipulate Jared into “liking” her and forgetting all about Natalie. He will dump her just like Cristian, John, and all the other men that Natalie mistakenly thought cared for her.

Ray asks Dorian how she and Langston have come to know one another. She answers that Langston was her niece’s best friend. Langston spent a lot of time at their home, and she was able to find out that Langston was hiding the secret that her own parents were killed. Hearing that, he asks her why she would want to take Langston from her family. Dorian tells him he must get one thing straight. Langston is her family. Ray replies, "Not in any way that matters."

The boys taunt Starr and Cole for their “accident” that got her pregnant and call Langston "Little Orphan Annie." Cole and Markko are ready to physically attack them. The teacher breaks them up. At that point, Matthew approaches Starr and Langston and tells them that this is not the type of situation anybody would look forward to when returning to school.

Marcie goes to visit Gigi. Shane gets the door. She asks him if he is excited about starting school in a new place. Shane replies that his father is taking him to school. Hearing that, Marcie asks him if Rex is going to pick him up. Shane then makes it clear to Marcie that Brody is his real father. When they are alone, Gigi informs Marcie that that is the new “problem” they have on their hands.

While Rex is telling Jared that he needs to realize that Natalie has smartened up and gotten rid of him, Jared tells Rex he is a fine one to talk. His own wife is estranged, and he is hitting on Gigi. At that moment, Rex is interrupted by a phone call from Adriana.

Marcie asks Gigi if she has finally let Rex know that Shane is his, and told him she loves him. Gigi confirms, "Yes." Marcie then asks her why in the hell Brody is still living there. Gigi replies that when she was away and could not be contacted, Brody falsified DNA to make it seem as though he was Shane’s real father. Shane completely buys it, loves Brody, and never wants to see Rex again. Hearing that, Marcie concludes that it sounds like a big mess, but she knows that it will pass.

Adriana tells Rex that she has been thinking about them for a long time. What she has concluded would be best for the two of them is to go away together. Hearing that, he knows they have conflicting interests. She clarifies that it is not a honeymoon she has in mind. They could sleep in separate rooms. They just need to get away from everything and find out how to get past their negative history. He tells her he cannot do what she wants. He wants a divorce.

Natalie confidently tells Tess that she will not be able to go through with seducing Jared. She almost gets through to her that she knows that both Tess and the real Jessica are haunted by Nash’s memory. He will motivate her to let Jessica out. Hearing that, Tess goes off on Natalie revealing that she may be afraid. She tells Natalie that if Jessica was going to come out, she would have by now, so Natalie better realize that it won’t happen.

At the high school rally, some kids are “masquerading” as Starr and Cole. A girl puts a basketball under her shirt. A boy plays Cole. Everybody laughs. At that point, Starr grabs the microphone and tells them she has something to say to them. She admits that she does not have a basketball under her shirt, and she really is pregnant. If they don’t want to end up as she has, then they better use a condom.

Ray tells Dorian what it is that he wants. She then intensely asks him just what it is that he needs. He then replies that he believes that it is now time for him to take over the raising of his niece.

Tess tells Natalie that after Jared goes for a while longer without seeing her, he will forget all about her. He will say, “Natalie who?” She will be nothing more than a bad memory to him.

Starr announces to the students at the auditorium that if they don’t use protection, they will wind up like her. She asks if they want to keep laughing. Do they want to come up and feel her belly and find out that it really did happen? At that point, everybody is silent. She then asks why they no longer want to laugh at the pregnant girl. Don’t they think it is funny? She tells them they will all look like her if they don’t use protection. She could advise them not to have sex, but they won’t listen. At that point, the principal looks as though she does not appreciate Starr announcing to the school what she has on her mind.

Adriana asks Rex if he does not want to save their marriage. He replies that they never had a marriage. It was over before it started. It was all based upon lies. She secretly brought Brody to town and bribed him. She admits that it was a terrible thing that she did. She would like to get past that. He tells her they have no chance of getting anything back. She asks him if that is because of Gigi. He tells her that it is because she has gone too far with the lies. Did she know from the start that he was Shane’s real father yet kept it from everybody? She cannot answer that.

Marcie tries to encourage Gigi to know that Shane will come around. He loves her and will be able to love Rex. He used to think the world of Rex. Gigi responds to that by telling her that was before “St. Brody” came to town. Marcie tells her that she needs to realize that after all these years, she is back with the guy she loves. She is not alone. Rex will be there for her and for Shane. Gigi tells Marcie she really appreciates her encouragement and that Marcie is her best friend. She hugs Marcie. At that point, Brody enters. Marcie sees that as a cue to go out the door.

At that point, Brody appears very confident that he is part of her family, but she tells him that she wants him to pack up all of his things and move out of her home. She concludes that she is going to tell Shane the truth about Rex being his real father. In time, everybody will come together, and her life will have all the value that she has always wanted. He asks her if she really wants to hook up with the guy who ditched her,  abandoned her, and whom Shane has clearly indicated he hates. She replies that it is her life. She knows what she has to do. He tells her that she is making a big mistake. He attempts to stop her from going out the door and reminds her that Rex already left her. He has left his own wife not long ago. How can she count on Rex for anything? What makes her think that Rex won’t bail on her again? She, again, demands that Brody gets packing.

Jared goes and talks to Charlie about what he is going to do given that Natalie has been missing in action for a long time.

Tess concludes to Natalie that since she is pregnant and alone, Jared is responsible for her husband’s death, who better than Jared to be her birthing coach?

After Ray Montez tells Dorian that he is going to adopt Langston, she angrily tells him that she knows he is a blood sucking low life who is only after money. She is not going to let him take her daughter from her loving home. He then tells her that he knows the laws in this country, and he has rights to his niece no matter what she says.

On the phone, Rex asks Adriana just what she did in order to help Brody falsify the DNA that made Shane believe he was his father. He tells her he doesn’t want to know any more. All he wants to do is draw up divorce papers. He will send them to her. They can both call their lawyers, and they will be done. She asks if they cannot work on their marriage. He tells her it is too late. It won’t happen. He is in love with somebody else. She tells him she knows he will change his mind. He is not certain of what he wants right now. At that moment, Gigi enters. Rex opens his door to see her. He responds to Adriana’s comment that he has never been “so certain” in his life of what he really wants.

At the high school, the principal tells Starr that she does not appreciate Starr turning the assembly into her “soap box.” Starr reminds the principal that she has a message to tell all of the kids that might hit home for them. The principal tells her she does not want her giving anybody any message unless it is positive. Starr protests that maybe she can get through to other girls before it happens to them. The principal then concludes to Starr that she might have a future on the debate team, but her future in this high school may not be good.

Dorian confronts Ray about Langston. She reminds him that last night he saw the strong, beautiful, and wonderful young woman whom Langston has become, and nobody is going to take that away from her. Ray concludes to Dorian that she will be hearing from him. He goes out the door. Dorian then frantically gets on her phone. She calls and asks the lawyers to do whatever they need to do in order to “step up” the adoption proceedings. She tells them, more importantly, to get any and all dirt they can find on Ray Montez.

Rex tells Adriana they are over and terminates the conversation, but she is not going to accept that. When he sees Gigi, he reminds her that he has been thinking of her. Right then, Brody gets a call. He does not recognize who is calling him. Adriana angrily tells him that he has failed to do what she paid him to do. Their plan did not work. She warns him that it is only going to blow up in his face.

Rex and Gigi are happily together.

Adriana reminds Brody that everything that has happened is all on him. He has ruined Shane’s life. He is not going to get Gigi, nor have anything in his life. Shane is going to find out the truth sooner or later, and Brody will be left with nothing.

Gigi then tells Rex that she has concluded that the lies stop today. She wants them to tell Shane the truth today.

At that point, Brody flies into a rage. He tears down all of the books and photos and throws the furniture in Gigi’s home after Adriana has reminded him that it is all over for him.

After Jared goes and talks to Charlie who tells him he mustn’t give up on Natalie, Roxy tells Jared he should listen to his dad. Charlie tells Jared he needs to go and find Natalie, and never give up on her.

Natalie tells Tess that she knows she could never go through with seducing Jared. Tess admits that it may gross her out, but she has slept with him before. She knows which buttons to push. Natalie warns Tess not to lay a hand on Jared. Tess tells Natalie she will lay much more than “a hand” on him. She walks out the door. At this point, she closes not only the glass window, but she pulls a big book shelf over the window so that Natalie cannot see anything from the locked room. 

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