OLTL Update Wednesday 9/17/08

One Life to Live Update Wednesday 9/17/08


Written By Jeannie
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita

Natalie is awoken with Jared standing on the other side of the glass. He tells her he loves someone else. She’s dreaming. She wakes up and he’s on the TV saying he loves Natalie and will find her no matter what it takes. Tess sympathizes. She tells Jared he’s in denial. She made him breakfast and insists he eats it. She wants to take care of him.

John goes to Blair’s. He tells her Cris Vega is missing.

In Columbia, a guard comes to see Cris. He brings in Ray Montez’s wife. She unbuttons her sweater for a conjugal visit. Cris is confused but she opens his shirt.

John tells her he has to get on a plane so if she doesn’t hear from him she knows why. Blair is surprised he came all the way over to tell her.

Clint talks to Ray about establishing a relationship with Langston. Ray says he sees his sister in Langston. Ray thinks Dorian is trouble. Clint says today we go in for the kill.

Dorian is on the phone (conference call) she tells them to expedite Langston’s adoption. Then she says to find every gory detail on Ray Montez. Langston over hears and comes to stand in front of her. Dorian hangs up. She asks Langston what she was doing outside. Shouldn’t she be on her way to school? Langston asks if she is getting her goons to attack her uncle. Dorian says not goons, her lawyers. She questions Ray’s sudden appearance. They talk about how Ray showing up right now is strange, but Langston thinks its synchronicity. Dorian thinks its disturbing because she is about to be adopted by a wealthy woman.

Ray says Dorian is like a tightly wound spring. Rays says Dorian doesn’t like him and won’t intimidate. Clint says they have to pit Dorian’s affection for Langston against her need for BE. Ray says he has conquered worst. Bo comes in.

Blair tells John goodbye and he promises to call her later. Blair worries about Starr and John assures her she’ll be okay. They kiss. John leaves. Starr comes downstairs. Blair says she looks pretty and Starr says like a pretty big house. They talk. Starr is scared to go back to school.

Tess pulls Jared over to the couch to sit and eat breakfast. Jared says he spent all night on the internet and phone looking for Natalie. Tess says Natalie is street smart. Maybe Jared should take a hint. Natalie doesn’t want to be found. Jared turns away and Tess smiles for the camera. Natalie throws a pillow and screams. “Damn you Tess!”

Cris thinks it’s a joke. Vanessa asks what it’s about. She says it’s been a long time. Cris begs for her help in contacting his family and promises he’ll help her find the real Ray Montez.

Clint introduces Ray as a consultant. Ray leaves. Bo came to see Matthew for the first day of school. Matthew and Nora come in. They talk about Bo’s first day of high school. Clint says Bo actually cried. Bo says he was just apprehensive. They reassure Matthew. Cole comes in and tells Matthew that he has his back. Anyone messes with him has to mess with Cole.

Starr gets ready to go to school. She says Langston will run interference for her. The worst part will be seeing Cole. Starr says she got a text from Cole. She shows Blair. It says, “Good Luck and you’ll always be short man to me.”

Dorian and Langston talk about the picture and Langston’s family. Dorian says she wants to make sure her uncle is for real and not a danger. Langston thinks he is real. Dorian says she will always protect her. Langston says like you protected Adriana from Rex? Then apologies for saying that.

Jared insists Natalie isn’t hiding from him. He thinks something else is going on. Tess says for days after Nash died she talked to him all the time until she finally had to let go. Jared says he will never let her go. Tess says if you love someone set them free. If they come back they’re yours. Jared says that’s a load of crap. He will never let her go. She says what about breakfast and Jared tells her to throw it away and leaves. Natalie has a fit and starts screaming and throwing things. Tess comes down stairs with Jared’s breakfast tray saying here we go, breakfast of losers.

Matthew insists he’ll be fine. They talk about the first day. Cole calls him a wingman. Clint gives him money to buy lunch. Bo walks them out. Nora thanks Clint for being sweet to Matthew. Nora says this is the man she loves. Clint says this is who he still is.

Langston and Dorian talk about Ray. Langston wants to trust him and Dorian says she wants to adopt her and because she loves her. Langston worries Ray will take off if he finds out what she’s doing. Dorian says if he wants to stay in her life that will be fine. Starr comes in and tells them Ray is there. Ray and Langston hug.

Cris talks to Vanessa about finding Ray and helping him get out of there. He asks for a cell phone but she says not so fast. She won’t help unless he helps her.

John gives orders to track Carlo Hesser. Jared comes in and tells John Natalie is missing and might be kidnapped.

Tess gives breakfast to Natalie. She teases Natalie. Natalie says Jared doesn’t believe she ran away. Tess brings up Nash. Natalie yells that Nash is dead because he borrowed money for his vineyard from crooks. Natalie talks to Jessica, trying to get her to come out. Tess wonders why she's bothering; she should just kill her right now.

Natalie tells her she doesn’t mean it. She starts calling for Jessica. Tess says Jessica is gone for good. Natalie insists Jared will never give up. Tess says Jared will move on.

John asks Jared about what happened to Natalie. Jared tries to explain. He shows John the note saying the content is not her. John asks what it means that she couldn’t live with what he was doing. Jared says he went on a business trip but they made up and now she’s gone. John says it’s a Dear John letter, seems pretty clear to him.

Clint and Nora talk as Cole comes back in looking for Matthew’s wallet. Nora asks how Cole is today. She thanks him for taking care of Matthew. Nora says Marty would be proud of him. Cole says he walked out on his pregnant girlfriend. Marty wouldn’t be proud of that. He says the day will be harder on Starr.

Ray gives Langston a heart necklace that belonged to her mother. He says the grandmother gave it to Langston’s mother.

Cris says he will help find Ray. Vanessa says if he doesn’t agree he will be in prison for a very long time.

Ray puts the necklace on Langston. Dorian asks him to explain how he got the necklace. Ray says she left it behind. Langston is thrilled. Ray says she is the living image of her mother. They hug. Blair whispers to Dorian to ask if she’s buying any of this. Dorian shakes her head no.

Matthew hugs Nora and they leave for school.

John doesn’t think this amounts to police business. Jared says read it again. John says it’s not exactly Natalie’s style. He asks if what he did to her family is that behind her. Jared says yes and asks if something happened to Natalie can he live with that?

Natalie and Tess argue. She asks if Tess is taking care of Bree and the baby. Tess says things are going according to plan. Natalie insists Jared won’t give up. Natalie says what if he does believe it, what happens then? Tess smiles.

Nora looks worried when Clint comes in. He asks if mom is having a hard time. She admits she is sad about Matthew growing up so fast and starts to cry.

Blair hurries the kids out to school. Everyone hugs and the kids leave. Ray promises to take Langston to dinner. As she hugs Dorian goodbye she tells her to be nice to Ray. Blair leaves. Dorian tells Ray to cut the crap and tell her what he wants.

Cris says if Vanessa helps him get out he will help her track her husband down. Does she want Antonio’s number? Vanessa says she can track down Antonio. Cris asks her to hurry. She leaves.

John tells Jared he doesn’t know if he can do anything to help at this point but if he gets anything else to give him a call. A patrolman comes up and gives John the file on Carlo Hesser aka Mortimer. Jared says he saw him in the Columbian prison. Jared leaves and Bo comes in. John asks Bo about Natalie. Bo doesn’t know anything. John tells him they have a lead on Cris. In the hall outside Jared calls someone and tells him he has to see him about Natalie.

Tess says Natalie gets to watch Jared fall out of love with her and in love with Tess.

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