OLTL Update Tuesday 9/16/08

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 9/16/08


Written By Jennifer S.
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita

Proofread by Melanie

At the prison where Cristian is kept, his guard comes and informs him that he has a visitor. Cristian asks who could be visiting him. Nobody knows where he is except for Hesser. The guard informs him that it’s his wife. He then brings in a strange woman and she asks whom the hell this (Cristian) is.

At the station, John informs Bo that he has not found Cristian and has no clue where he is. But he shows him a CD and informs him that he “might have found a break.”

After the woman asks who Cristian is, the guard tells her it’s her husband, Ray Montez.

Right then, the real Ray Montez enters Dorian’s home, unexpected and uninvited and asks to see Langston. He announces that he is her deceased mother’s brother. He has missed her. He can see that she is beautiful just like his sister, her mother. He appears courteous, sincere and eloquent. He tells Langston it’s a pleasure to finally meet her. He hugs her. Everybody stands and watches speechless.

Clint talks to the picture of deceased Asa. He tells his father that very soon he will get their company back from Dorian Lord. If he has to use and make Jared Banks uncomfortable in helping him, he feels no remorse after what Jared has done to his company and to their family. At that point, Nigel enters and informs Clint that he cannot go through with helping him use Jared and making him his whipping boy.

Meanwhile, Tess presents Jared with the letter that she wants him to believe Natalie wrote to him, informing him that Natalie is leaving him and has gone away. Natalie observes the conversation from the video camera in the locked room and yells at Jared, urging him to see that he must know that she would never leave him. She loves him. And if he looks in “Jessica’s” eyes, he will see that she is not Jessica. She is Tess. Yet she knows she cannot be heard by anybody. At that point, Tina speaks up and tells Jared she does not believe that Natalie would write him such a letter nor want to leave him. She tells Jared she knows that Natalie loves him. Natalie hears that and encourages Tina to tell them the truth. But Tess plays Jessica by acting courteous and apologetic to Jared. She tells him she feels terrible that her sister would make a decision like that and she wishes there was something she could do. Natalie again watches and urges Jared not to listen to Tess and to realize that she loves him and would not do what Tess wants him to believe she has done.

Nigel tells Clint that he went too far by bringing this terrible Ray Montez into their lives. It is not cool, and he cannot remain silent any longer. He also tells Clint that he cannot blame Jared for the scam without realizing that there is somebody else who helped him. He then reveals to Clint that he kept the secret for Jared and is as much to blame as Jared is.

At Dorian’s house, Ray talks to Langston. He tells her that he wants her to live with him. Hearing that, Dorian tells him no way. She is Dorian’s mother and her family is Langston’s family.

Natalie watches the video of Tess playing Jessica, urging Tina and Sarah to go to the station to ask Bo to find Cristian. And after they are “out of her hair,” she is able to talk to Jared alone. As soon as they are alone, Jared tells Tess he bets that Tina is right. He seems to know that this letter from Natalie is a fake. Natalie watches and urges Jared to know that Tess is scamming him. But Tess plays the courteous and sincere Jessica, telling Jared that he must know that Natalie felt really guilty and could not go through with continuing to see him. He tells “Jessica” that he knows that Natalie does not give up without a fight. That is why he called her Sparky. He realizes that it’s not impossible that Natalie could leave him. But she would discuss it with him first. She wouldn’t just disappear and leave a letter for somebody else to give to him.

After the guards put Ray’s wife in the prison cell to talk to Cristian, he tells her that he has no clue where her husband is. But he knows that Carlo Hesser might very well be behind what has happened to him.

Dorian tells Ray Montez that she does not trust him. He comes out of nowhere so suddenly and unexpectedly. Addie remarks that she can see that he does look like Langston. And Langston does not want her uncle to leave without at least hearing him out. Dorian and Blair ask Shawn to come and remove Ray from their home. But he asks them to wait. And he shows Langston the picture he has of her and her mother when she was a child. In response to that, Dorian declares that anybody could “manufacture” a picture like that. But Langston reveals that she remembers seeing this picture in her mother’s attic. Dorian tells them all that they do not know whom this man really is. And she asks Ray why it is that he’s waited all these years before contacting Langston.

Cristian talks to Ray’s wife in his prison cell. He tells her that maybe she can contact his brother who is a cop in Llanview, Pennsylvania. He might be able to find Ray. And he also needs for people to know where he is. He urges her to try to help him.

Bo talks to John in his office when Sarah enters. He informs her that they have searched for Cristian. And it looks like he has been kidnapped. But he doesn’t know much more.

Ray informs Langston that he and her mother had an argument many years ago. She did not want her to marry Langston’s father. But she moved to America before they had a chance to reconcile their differences. So he and his sister, Langston’s mother lost their connection. He should have written to her. But he knew how proud she was. He never before knew that he had a niece.

Nigel gives Clint his letter of resignation. He informs him that he has been carrying it around for months. He tells him he regrets letting him down. And he will be out of the house within 24 hours. Clint then asks Nigel how Jared worked him. Did he blackmail Nigel? Nigel then explains that when he found out that David Vickers what Asa’s real son, he knew that revealing that to the family would not go over well. And then, Mr. Banks appeared out of nowhere. He wanted everybody to believe that he was Asa’s rightful heir. Nigel thought that Jared was a better candidate. But now with all that has happened with their losing their company and the death of Mr. Brennan, he now knows that he did a terrible thing to help Jared scam the family. So he will clean out all of his personal belongings and be out of the house by nightfall.

Ray informs Dorian and her family that he could not find Langston nor had any way of knowing that she existed until he read some articles about Dorian and found out that she was Langston’s foster mother. Dorian tells Langston she mustn’t believe a word this man says. He is a con man and only after money. But Ray protests that Dorian cannot vilify him for wanting to see his own niece. How can she accuse him of these things?

Tess plays Jessica to Jared and tells him that she is really sorry for what happened and all. But Natalie did tell her that she had to leave him. Yet, he does not buy that. Natalie watches their conversation and urges Jared not to believe a word Tess tells him.

Dorian assesses to Ray that he’s come a long way to see Langston so suddenly. And she asks him just what he wants.

After Cristian asks Ray’s wife if she could go to Llanview, find Antonio and Bo and tell them that he is stuck there, she tells him, "No." He cannot even help her find her husband, and he wants a favor from her.

Natalie watches Jared reading the letter where she talks the way he knows she would never talk. He tells “Jessica” that he knows that somebody put her up to writing the letter in order to scam him into believing Natalie wrote it when she did not. Hearing that, Natalie urges him to know that is true. And that person was Tess, she tells him. But Jared does not connect that it was Tess. Instead he tells “Jessica” that he bets it was their father. But Tess protests that it is not like their father to encourage Natalie to leave town. Jared tells her he believes that Clint wanted to break them up and run Natalie out of town. Clint has obviously concluded that it’s alright to scam Jared the way Jared has scammed him. But at that point, Tess reveals to Jared that it was not Clint. It was herself. Hearing that, Natalie asks Tess if she is ready to come clean.

Tina talks to Bo, telling him that he is the best looking officer in the town. He tells her she knows how to charm him. She urges him to help Sarah find Cristian and to, maybe, do “something else”.

Jared assesses to “Jessica” that he knows there has got to be a better explanation to why this letter was written. Tess then tells Jared that she is very sorry but she did hear Natalie telling her that she had to leave Jared and could never forgive him for what he did.

Ray tells Langston that he deeply regrets not being there for her throughout her life or when her parents died. But he is there now and so grateful to have a chance to be in her life. She then asks him to sit and talk to her. She asks him how old her mother was when she died. They speak in Spanish. He tells her that her mother ran away with Langston’s father. He seems to know all of the accurate details about Langston’s family.

Cristian tells Ray’s wife that he knows that if she contacts his brother Antonio, he can help her find Ray. He urges her to please call his brother. He’s a detective with the Llanview police department.

Sarah seems to have a premonition of what might have happened to Cristian. She sits silently while Tina talks to Bo and John about Jessica’s “issues.” She tells them that after Jessica has lost her husband and he’s lost the vineyard, and she’s now pregnant with all of those hormones, she can see that Jessica is “not herself.” She attempts to be careful in not revealing to them what she knows. But Bo, kind of, has a hunch of exactly what Tina is talking about.

Jared tells “Jessica” that he does not believe that it’s Natalie’s style to suddenly disappear and leave the letter. Tess attempts to convince him of what she wants him to believe happened. But Natalie watches and urges Jared to know that he is correct that she would never write the letter.

After Tina reveals to Bo that she can see that Jessica is “not herself,” he tells her that he happens to know that Viki has had a history of DID, and the same might be happening to Jessica. In response to that, Tina tells him that it is difficult for her to know exactly what might be happening to her niece. Bo then tells Tina that he is concerned. Jessica has a daughter and another baby on the way. He doesn’t want anything to happen to those kids. At that point, Tina is very tempted to reveal to Bo what has really happened to Jessica. But she then remembers, Tess threatening to tell Carlo Hesser where she is and that she’s stolen the jewels and reminding Tina that he might come after Sarah and kill her. And at that point, Tina knows she better not tell Bo of Tess’s secret.

Clint admits to Nigel that he never found out how Natalie or Jared could have ever found out that David Vickers was Asa’s son before anybody else could. Nigel then explains that Mr. Banks and Miss Natalie may have done the wrong thing. They did not mean to hurt anybody. He realizes, however, that they went too far. He has betrayed their trust. So that is why he is leaving his employment forever. Clint seems, however, as though he is not angry at Nigel nor ready to let him go.

Langston talks to Ray in Spanish. Dorian admits she knows some Spanish but they were talking too fast for her. Langston then informs her that they were just talking about her mother. Dorian then concludes to Langston that tomorrow is her first day of her new school year. So her uncle will have to let her get to sleep so she can get up early the next morning. Shawn is then ready to escort Ray out the door. But Langston asks her uncle where he is staying tonight. When he does not answer, she asks Dorian if he could stay in one of their many guest rooms. Ray then tells his niece he appreciates her invitation but knows it would not be appropriate for Dr. Lord and her family to have a strange man staying in their home. He tells them that he is very grateful that they have taken such good care of his beloved beautiful niece. Dorian tells him she appreciates his stopping by. She seems to be much less hostile and defensive. Ray appears to be a real charmer. Langston smiles at her uncle and reveals that she does want to develop a relationship with him.

Clint tells Nigel that he wants to forgive him and give him another chance. Nigel asks Clint if he is really certain. He promises not to let him down. Clint tells Nigel he knows he won’t, because from this day forward, Nigel will give him the same loyalty that he gave to his father. Whatever Nigel knows, Clint must know.

Ray’s wife asks Cristian if he is really telling her the truth that he is not a prisoner and he did not do anything to hide her husband. He tells her he is. He was kidnapped. He needs her help. And if she just makes one phone call, she will find out that he is telling the truth about everything. She does not seem to believe him and calls for the guard. He urges her not to. All he needs is to make one phone call.

Bo tells Sarah he will do everything he can to find Cristian. And he asks Tina to keep him informed if she knows anything about Jess. Tina tells him, "Of course." She and Sarah leave. John then asks Bo if he really believes that Tina is not keeping any secrets for Jessica.

Meanwhile, Tess comes on to Jared and looks to be successfully convincing him that Natalie has dumped him. Natalie watches furiously and throws a pillow at the video screen.

Meanwhile, we see Langston and her friends and family proposing a toast to Dorian adopting her.

Ray’s wife leaves Cristian stuck in the jail cell.

Sarah and Tina remain at the station while Tina can tell that her daughter is distraught not to be able to help Cristian. She knows that, maybe, Jessica is  less important to her than her own daughter.

At that point, John shows Bo a video of somebody they should know.

Natalie watches Tess coming on to Jared and his failure to see that she is Tess and not Jessica.

Dorian can sense that there is something “incomplete” about Langston. She is torn between Dorian’s family and her uncle. 

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