OLTL Update Monday 9/15/08

One Life to Live Update Monday 9/15/08


Written By Jennifer S.
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita

Proofread by Melanie

Langston tells Starr that the more and more she thinks about this, she believes it will be totally cool to be Dorian Lord’s daughter.

Starr’s doctor calls Todd to her office and informs him that she has changed her mind. She cannot go through with what he wants. She is not going to help him double-cross Marcie and prevent her from adopting the baby. She will not let him destroy all of these lives.

Starr and Langston talk happily about how they will live together as a family and be best friends until they grow old. Right then, Dorian is asking caterers to get food and festivities ready so that she can adopt Langston. Blair tells her that maybe she is putting the "cart before the horse." Blair tells her that there is no guarantee that the courts will rule in her favor.

After Jared has gotten back from Columbia, South America, and after successfully completing his mission to find Langston’s uncle, he brings him over to see Clint. The guy introduces himself as Ray Montez and asks Clint if he can have the money after doing what Clint wants him to do.

While Cristian is in captivity, in the same prison where Ray has been, his captors tell him that he is Ray Montez although he protests that he is Cristian Vega. It looks like after Ray has been released, “somebody” is replacing him with Cristian.

Sarah goes to see Tina and tells her mother that she wants to be with her. She does not want to be alone with Cristian missing. She tells her mother she is going to stay at Llanfair, assuming there could not be a problem. But Tina remembers that there will be a problem with Sarah staying there, given the “secrets” and the threats Tess made to her.

Right then, Tess comes to see Natalie. She offers “hospitality,” by reminding Natalie that she has a change of clothes that she could change into. She has some food for her. But Natalie does not trust her and is afraid it must be arsenic stew. Tess then eats the food that she is about to give to Natalie to prove to her that it is not poisonous. She asks Natalie why she’d try to kill her when torturing her would be so much more fun. Natalie tells Tess that sooner or later, people will wonder where she is, and they will find her. Tess asks her just whom she is talking about. Viki is in Africa. Clint is not concerned about her. She has nobody who cares about her. Natalie reminds Tess that Jared loves her and will rescue her from this place.

Clint gives Ray the instructions for how he can get the money and be able to live in the free world. Ray asks Clint why he wants him to go find his niece and just what would be “in it” for Clint. Clint replies that that is his business.

Blair tells Dorian that she wants to be a part of the festivity but is a bit concerned that it may not happen the way Dorian wants. All of the festivities and flowers are set up. Everybody is wearing their best clothing. Markko comes to see Langston with a present. Marcie then arrives. She tells Starr that maybe she shouldn’t be there if it’s a “family only party." But Starr tells her that she wants her there. She reminds Marcie that she is her baby’s mother. Marcie smiles.

Starr’s doctor reminds Todd that Starr has the legal right to give her baby up for adoption. He tells her he is not concerned about “laws” and reminds her of her own “issues” involving her son. He asks her if her son is still stealing to buy drugs and if she is still covering for him. Hearing that, she admits that she has a problem on her hands if Todd ever reveals what she has done for her son.

Starr reminds her mom that she is starting school the next morning. Everybody will be staring at her and noticing that she is pregnant. Blair then tells her daughter that maybe she should do what her Aunt Dorian does. She tells everybody that she is a Cramer woman, and nobody messes with her. Jack then enters with Sam. They are both wearing suits and ties. Addie is dressed up. She gives Langston a gift and reminds her that she will be her aunt from now on. Dorian corners Marcie and asks her if she has a list of pediatricians for Starr’s baby. Markko gives Dorian a present. It’s a photo of Dorian and Langston.

Clint briefs Ray Montez by showing him a picture of Langston and Dorian. He instructs Nigel to take Mr. Montez to the room, to shower and change, and look presentable. Alone with Clint, Jared asks him if he really does not have a problem putting Langston in the hands of her uncle who happens to be a convicted murderer. Clint tells him he does not. He explains that if all goes as planned, after Dorian loses her company, Langston will be back with her as her “consolation prize.” He asks Jared why it is that he had no “conscience” when he defrauded Clint’s company.

While Tess has Natalie in the locked room, she tells her with a smile that she may call Jared whenever she wants and tell him everything.

Dorian asks to talk to Markko alone. She goes out on the patio with him and thanks him for the picture of herself and Langston. She reminds him that she is a trained physician. She tells him if he does anything to hurt her little girl, she will take out a very sharp instrument and take his heart out. Hearing that, Markko calmly confirms to her that he’s “got it.”

Blair asks Jack and Sam to go off so that she can talk to Addie alone.

Markko asks Langston if she has been listening to Madam Delphina. He advises her that he does not approve of her listening to the fortune teller nor believes that she should go seeking her biological family when her family is right there.

While Jared and Clint are talking, Nigel announces that he’s gotten soap, towels, and clothes for their “guest” to change into. Jared then asks them if they want this man in their home. Clint reminds him that Mr. Mendez is no thief and has no incentive to steal anything from their bathroom. In response to that, Jared admits he may not be a thief but he's a convicted murderer. He reminds Clint that Natalie thinks what he has just done is unforgivable. Does he want to lose his daughter over that? He hopes that Clint’s plan works so that he can get Cramer Enterprises back from Dorian Lord. He hopes that it’s worth all of that for Clint.

While Cristian is in prison and attempts to make a call on his cell phone, the captors smash his phone. He tries to physically attack them. They pull a gun on him and tell him that he will not be making any more calls for a long, long time.

Sarah asks her mother why she does not want her living there. Tina makes excuses. First she tells her that maybe Cristian won’t be comfortable with it, then she reminds her that there are still “issues” between Natalie and Jessica. Hearing that, Sarah tells her mother that she finds it very odd that Jessica would invite both Natalie and Jared to live in her home after what they did to Nash. She does not blame Jessica for being furious. If it were her, she’d be out for blood. Hearing that, Tina appears worried knowing that Tess might be very capable of murder.

In the room downstairs, Natalie demands that Tess tell her what she (Tess) plans to do to Jared. Tess replies that Natalie has not been listening to her. It is not what Tess will be doing to Jared. It’s what Natalie will be doing to Jared, she tells her.

In Starr’s doctor's office, he observes a photo of her son. He asks her where he got the money to afford the expensive watch he is wearing. What did he steal? He remarks that her son is attractive and asks what he will look like in jail clothes. He then remarks to her that kids never turn out the way we want. She then asks him how he can be so heartless and asks him what he believes he will be accomplishing by telling Starr that her baby died.

At Dorian’s, Starr talks to Jack who notices his sister is going to have a baby. She tells him, "Yes. That is true, but the baby will not be living with them. Marcie will be it’s mom." He then happily tells her that a friend of his has become an uncle. He asks her if he will be one, too. She is not certain what to say in response to that.

At Clint’s, Ray enters in his suit and asks Clint what they need to do in order to get the deal started. Clint tells him there is no time like the present.

While Cristian is in captivity, he remembers Sarah needing him to rescue her and prevent her from going over the waterfall at the mercy of Carlo Hesser. He made certain that he could save her, but now he is helpless to do anything.

At that point, Sarah talks to her mother about how she believes that Cristian is the right guy for her. She has to find him and make certain that he is okay. Tina tells her daughter that she really understands and wants to help her find Cristian.

Natalie tells Tess there is no way she will do what she wants in regard to Jared. Tess tells her she knows what to do. She reads Natalie the letter that she claims will have Jared believing that Natalie wrote to him, and where she tells him that they must break up. In the letter, Natalie tells Jared that she cannot hurt her family after all they have done for her. Natalie does not know what to do.

Todd tells Starr’s doctor that she is going to tell Starr, Marcie, and everybody involved that she did everything she could but could not save the baby, and it’s dead. Starr's doctor tells him, "No." She will not do that. He tells her she will do it. He demands that she does what he wants.

At the house, Marcie tells Starr that she is a really good big sister to her two little brothers. She tells Starr that everybody makes mistakes. She knows that Starr’s child will be very honored to know that Starr is its biological mom. Starr tells Marcie the baby will be so fortunate to have her as the mom who raises it. They smile. Not far away, Langston and Markko talk happily about her being adopted by Dorian and her family. He tells her that she need not care about any of her biological family when she has Dorian’s family. At that point, Dorian asks her to come and cut the cake.

Clint asks Nigel if the chauffeur is ready for Mr. Montez. Nigel tells him, "yes." He then instructs Ray to stick to the script and say everything that Clint wants him to say when he meets Langston. Ray then asks him what is up with this Dorian Lord, who is his niece’s foster mother. Clint tells Ray he will handle all of that, and he reminds Ray that he must know what is in it for himself and all Clint can do for him if he is successful. Ray leaves with Nigel. Alone with Jared, Clint tells him he “did good.” Jared is not happy, yet, Clint reminds Jared that he has almost paid off his debt and Clint might be able to forgive him if he can pull this off successfully.

Tess shows Natalie the letter that she is going to have Jared believe that Natalie wrote to him. Natalie reads it and does not know what to do.

Dorian calls everyone to make an announcement. She tells everybody that something could be said about whether people choose their families. Clearly, she and Langston did not choose each other; they found each other. She found a wonderful young woman who needed a family and deserved the best, and Langston found a woman who wanted to meddle in her life. She will continue to do that because she loves Langston more than anything. She tells Langston she will not try to prevent her form finding her biological family. She tells her that all strong women make their own decisions, and she will always be there for Langston. She announces in front of Blair, Starr, Addie, Marcie, Jack, and Sam that it is with great pride that she announces to all of them, her daughter Langston. She and Langston hug and everybody claps. Right then, Starr has Jack feel her belly. Then she puts Marcie’s hand on her belly to feel the baby. Marcie is delighted when she can feel the baby moving.

Todd tells the doctor that Starr, Marcie, and the family will all be convinced that the baby is dead and won’t ask any questions. She reminds him that people always want to see and touch still births. It won’t be that simple. He tells her that she will find a way to figure it out. She tells him that what he is asking her to do is not only immoral, it’s illegal. She tells him she happens to know that he attempted to keep his son Jack away from his family. She knows that Todd is not fit to be around a child.

While Sarah is talking to Tina in Llanfair, Jared enters the house looking for Natalie. Sarah asks Jared if he saw Cristian when he was at the airport. That is the last place where she saw him. They inform Jared that Cristian had gone missing, right after he got back from Mendorra, with Antonio, Talia, and herself. They are afraid that Carlo Hesser has got him.

Tess shows Natalie the letter that she is going to send to Jared. Realizing she is helpless to do anything, Natalie furiously tells Tess to "go to hell." Tess reminds her that she already lives in hell after what Natalie and Jared did to her, and now that is where Natalie and Jared are both going to go. She leaves. Natalie looks at the video of Viki’s kitchen, and she cries very intensely.

After finding out from Sarah and Tina that Cristian has gone missing, he tells them that is odd. Natalie has also gone missing. He cannot reach her on her phone nor find her. He asks them if they have seen her. Tina knows she better inform him that she has not.

Right then, Natalie watches their conversation from the video camera. At that point, Tess enters, playing Jessica, and politely tells Jared that she’s happy to see him, and Natalie gave her a letter to give to him.

Todd explains to Starr’s doctor that while he’s lost everybody except Starr’s baby, he and his new friend will raise it. Nobody will ever know except for himself, her, and Marty. That way the kid stays in the family.

Starr talks to her family about her baby and tells them she bets it’s a girl. At that point, Dorian proposes a toast to the Cramer family.

Clint looks at the picture of his deceased father. He pledges to Asa that he will recover the Buchanan legacy.

Right while everybody is celebrating Langston’s adoption, Addie informs them that she saw a man enter the house who has asked to see them. Noticing the strange man, Dorian tells him they are in the middle of a family celebration. Ray walks into the room and informs her that he is family. He is Ray Montez, uncle of Langston.

While Cristian is in captivity, the captors invite a woman into his cell. He stares at her as if he knows her.

At Viki’s home, Jared reads the letter that Tess gave him from "Natalie." He informs Sarah and Tina that Natalie has broken it off with him. She is doing it for all the people that they have hurt. She has left and gone away and asks him not to try to find her and to please understand. Natalie watches helplessly from the video camera. Tess acts all gracious by telling Jared, she is so sorry. Natalie watches, cries, and tells Jared she loves him and cannot lose him. 

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