OLTL Update Friday 9/12/08

One Life to Live Update Friday 9/12/08


Written By Jennifer S.
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita

Proofread by Melanie

Rex goes to Rodi’s to find Gigi and Shane in an attempt to talk to Shane. Shane tells Rex it is too late. Rex is not a part of their family. He does not care about Rex. Rex chose to marry somebody else. Whatever he has to say does not matter, and it is too late. Before Rex can tell Shane anything, Shane declares that he wants to change his name to Shane Lovett so he has the same name as his father.

At the hospital, Layla goes to find Michael. She is worried that he might be busy, but he seems very courteous and is not trying to get rid of her. She tells him that she came there to apologize for making trouble with his wife.

At Roxy’s building, Roxy notices Marcie going out the door. Not happily, now that she has separated form Michael. Roxy remarks to Charlie that she knows that Marcie will never be happy until she reconciles with Michael. She can tell that Charlie is lost in thought with something, as he reads some papers.

Clint is on the phone when he approaches Nora at her house.. She tells him she can make him a drink and appears friendly, but it is sarcastic. She tells him they can toast to his ruining the life of an orphaned teenage girl.

After Dorian declares to Langston that she wants to adopt her, Langston asks her foster mother if she had heard her right. Starr enters and asks if she heard it okay. Dorian replies that she only wants to do it if Langston wants it, and if it makes Langston comfortable. Langston admits that this is something she is not used to. Dorian informs her that it is coming straight from her heart.

Todd goes looking for Marty in her room, but he notices she is not in her bed. He cannot find her. He hears her piano playing. He demands that Janet come and tell him what is going on. Not far away, Marty appears. She is out in the hallway, walking. He tells her that she has scared him , and he is worried. He is afraid that she will fall on her ass. He demands, she get back into bed. Hearing that, she concludes that he was not “worried” about her. The reason he has a problem with that is because he did not think she could do this. In response to that, Todd admits she is right. And they smile at each other.

Nora tells Clint that there is no excuse for him attempting to ruin Langston’s life in order to get leverage with Dorian. She tells him that what she really hates about all of this is that it does not seem to bother him at all.

Langston tells Dorian that she has an issue with the fact that Dorian has suddenly decided she wants to adopt her, conveniently after Delphina appears and tells Langston that she has family out there. Dorian admits that that may be true. She wants to establish that Langston is a Cramer woman. Starr hears that and tells Langston that she really believes that this is a good thing. Dorian then asks Langston to let her really adopt her so that they can all be a real family. In response to that, Langston frowns.

At Rodi's, Shane informs Brody that he happens to know how easy it can be for him to have his father’s last name and for Brody to adopt him. He knows that all one needs to do is go to the courthouse and fill out forms. Gigi indicates to Shane, however, that she has a problem with that. Shane asks his mom what is up. Noticing that Rex is still standing there, Shane again asks why he won’t leave and what he has to do with this. Realizing that Rex won’t leave, Shane tells his mom and Brody that he wants to have his father’s name like all kids have. He tells them that he will ask Rex. He then turns to Rex and asks, "If he had a child, would he not want them to have his name." At that point, nobody knows how to answer that question.

At Roxy’s building, Charlie is very tempted to reveal to Roxie some information that directly affects her. He remembers hearing Brody reveal, in an AA meeting that Gigi Morasco’s son is not his, he is Rex’s. He remembers promising Brody that what is said in that meeting stays in that meeting. Roxy then tells Charlie that she knows he might have some unfinished business about Viki. She knows he still loves her. They may be, very much, in the same boat, she tells him. He lost Viki because he had to keep his mouth shut about her asking him to lie to Rex that he is Rex’s father, and she lost her son for that very same reason.

At Rodi’s, Shane firmly tells Rex that he wants him out of their lives. Rex is not his dad. He hates him. And he pushes Rex. At that point, Rex tells Shane he is right. He is not a part of their lives. He apologizes for disrupting their family meeting, and he gets up to leave. Gigi urges Rex not to leave. She tells him that Shane needs to know the truth. He tells her that if he did, then he would hate both of them for lying to him. Maybe Shane is better off believing, that Brody is his "real" dad. Rex gets up to leave. Gigi turns to see Brody and Shane who are both very content to never care about Rex’s “interests” in all of this.

Clint justifies himself to Nora, telling her that he does not intend to in any way hurt Langston Wilde and does not believe that any harm will come to her. She protests to him that he is messing with Dorian and using Langston as a bargaining chip. What if this ridiculous tug of war between him and Dorian is too much for this kid to take? Isn’t she already fragile enough as it is, given her situation? She asks him, what if Dorian hangs Langston out to dry in an attempt to fight for her company? What will he do then? He tells her that maybe this is not the ideal situation, but he has no choice. He must play hardball. He has to do this. At that point, Marko enters and asks Clint just what he “has to do."

After, Langston asks Dorian why is it that she has this “urgency” about adopting her right when she happens to be looking for her biological family. Dorian replies, she wants Langston to be a part of the family. Starr agrees with her aunt. Langston looks skeptical. Starr tells her that she has been alone for a very long time, and if Dorian adopts her, she will never have to be alone again. In response to that, Langston informs them that she does not know what to say except, "Yes."  At that point, Starr and Dorian smile and hug her.

Michael tells Layla that she has absolutely nothing to apologize for. She did not ruin his marriage with Marcie. They have ruined their own marriage. She is blameless. She then tells him that this is not okay. She came there to “make him feel better,” and now, he has ended up making her feel better. She tells him that she has acted before thinking by demanding that he get up and dance with her. She has no regard for the fact that he is not comfortable dancing in public. His wife walks in at that moment and sees them.

In response to that, he smiles and tells her that when he is with her, for the first time in a very long time, he has actually smiled and laughed. She then tells him that in that case, she is really glad that they bumped into each other. She hasn't been able to smile or laugh in a long time, either. She smiles and tells him he is a good dancer and believes he is a nice guy. She hugs him and tells him how glad she is that she came down there. At that moment, Marcie makes her presence known by walking in on them. She does not look happy. Layla leaves. Michael then asks Marcie if she came there to see him. Marcie replies, "No." She came there to meet with Starr’s doctor. She asks him if he plans to join them.

At that moment, Starr and Dorian are welcoming Langston into their family. She tells them how grateful she is, and then she tells Starr that they must go and find Markko to tell him the good news..

Meanwhile, Markko tells Clint and Nora that he couldn’t help overhearing them speaking Langston’s name. He realizes it may be none of his business but is wondering what is up. Clint admits to Markko that he must realize that Dorian stole his (Clint's) business. Markko tells Clint that, yes, he realizes that. He is still wondering, though, why it is that he walked in to hear Clint talking about how he must “use Langston” to get to Dr. Lord. What has Langston got to do with that?

Roxy and Charlie are happily talking and enjoying each other’s company. It is at that moment that Rex enters. Roxie asks her son what is up and why he appears upset. Rex then, sarcastically, tells them that he just walked into his “two favorite people." Nothing special is going on except that his son hates him. Hearing that, Roxy asks him what he means by "his son."  Did Adriana have a baby? Rex replies, "No." Hearing that, Roxy asks if Rex has discovered that Shane is his son. Rex replies, "Yes." He tells his mother that Shane must never find that out. Not ever. Nobody must ever know about it.

After Rex has departed from Rodi’s, Gigi is angry at Brody, realizing he must really be “gloating” over the situation. She asks Brody if he will please leave so she can talk to Shane alone. Brody departs. At that point, Gigi tells her son that they need to have a private discussion about Brody.

Todd admits to Marty that he was afraid if she could walk, she might walk away and leave him. She smiles at him, revealing that she trusts him. She tells him that she wants to “get him on her couch” and find out what makes him tick. She tells him that she no longer feels alone when she is with him. He smiles back at her.

Alone with Shane, Gigi is not certain what to tell her son. He asks her what she wanted to talk to him about, alone, now that “Dad” is gone. She admits to him that it is very difficult and that it is a lot of “adult stuff” that she has to tell him. Hearing that, he asks her if that means it’s about sex. She tells him it is not about sex. It is something that he needs to know. If he knows about sex, then maybe he needs to know that she and Brody are not “together." Hearing that, he tells her he realizes that they do not sleep together. He knows that Brody sleeps on the couch. She then tells Shane that it is more than that. Shane must know that they are never going to be this “family” that he has in his head. He tells her he knows that, and he asks her, "Why not?" She then replies that hopefully, he may be able to understand when he is older. She cannot “be with” Brody just because her son wants that. Shane then asks her if the reason for that is because she wants to be with Rex.

After Roxy hears Rex declare that Shane is his son, she tells him that she thinks she has the right to know what he is going to do since it now affects her grandson. Hearing that, he tells her that he does not trust her, and maybe he is ashamed of himself, for following in her footsteps.

After Markko corners Clint and asks him what he was about to privately tell Nora regarding Langston, Clint tells him he may not have understood him correctly. He does not plan to do anything that could hurt Langston. Markko then asks Clint to clarify that and tells them he is sorry if he overstepped his boundaries. Right then, Markko gets a call from Langston. He leaves so he can talk to her in private. Nora asks Clint how he can live with himself and sleep at night after he just lied to that kid. Just at that moment, they can overhear the “joyous news” that Dorian has agreed to adopt Langston and how happy Markko is for his girlfriend. They do not know what to do, say, or think.

After Marcie has walked in on Michael when he is with Layla, she attempts to not sound angry. When he makes it clear that he wants no part of her appointment with Starr’s Ob-Gyn, their communication breaks down. He leaves. Marcie then goes into the room to meet with Starr’s doctor.

Todd tells Marty that he is happy for her. He wants her to be happy and to be independent. Though, he admits that he is concerned that she is standing and tells her she should be resting. She smiles at him and tells him he must not worry. At that moment, they hear the piano song she taught him, and she asks him to join her. They dance together to the piano duet.

Dorian asks Langston and Starr to sit down with her. She tells them that what they have there is a very solemn oath. She tells them that they will have a “blow out party." She smiles and tells them that “happy days are here again." They surround her and are all happy.

After Clint and Nora overhear Markko being told from Langston that Dorian is going to adopt her, they pretend to be really happy for him and for Langston and reveal nothing to him. He then concludes to them that he realizes that they have justifiable reason to be angry at Dorian for taking over B.E., but now they have proof that Dorian has done something good. He then leaves. Alone with Clint, Nora tells him that he has really gotten himself into something that is not very cool.

Gigi asks Shane why he is so adamant on wanting Brody to be his father. He tells her that after all these years, he wants to make it official.

After, Rex reveals to his mother and to Charlie that he has just found out that he is Shane’s real father. Neither Rex nor Roxy have any way of knowing that this is not the first time Charlie has heard that and he leaves them alone to talk. Roxy then asks Rex when he first found that out. Rex replies that he found out recently. The reason he did not find out until now is because he walked out on Gigi and never even knew she was pregnant all those years ago. He never wants to do that again.

Marcie goes in and talks to Starr’s doctor. She admits that when she had “Tommy,” whom she means is really Sam, she felt completed. Now she believes, she will have another chance. Marcie appears happy as she walks out the door. The doctor can tell that something is up with Marcie, though. The doctor then gets on her phone. She calls Todd and tells him she needs to see him. While he’s happily with Marty, he tells her that “now is not a good time." Remembering that Todd blackmailed her before, she demands that he gets to her office right now. Todd does not reveal to Marty what is going on but tells her he must leave.

At Rodi’s, Gigi is unsuccessful in “communicating” what she intended to Shane. He  asks her if he can be excused so he can leave and play pool. He wants to be able to “beat Dad." At that point, Brody finds Gigi. She tells him that he made a serious mistake to fake the DNA test. How are they going to tell Shane what happened? He tells her he realizes he made a mistake, but she must realize that Shane has a “very strong opinion” that he just expressed regarding loving and recognizing Brody as his father and hating Rex’s guts. Gigi then tells Brody that she is not going to let her son believe the lie any longer.

Rex talks privately to Roxy about how, when, and if he should tell Shane that he is his father. She tells him he must. He tells her that Shane hates him and believes that Brody is his real father, and it is all because he walked out on Gigi many years ago.  Roxy assures her son that that can change in time. He must fight for his son. Rex then reveals to his mother that he may not have realized this until now, but maybe the person he really needs to talk to now is her. He looks very depressed when he tells his mother he does not know what to do with the fact that Shane hates him. Roxy then takes her son into her arms and holds him. She tells him that everything will be okay.

After Nora asks Clint what he plans to do now that Langston’s future is on the line, he reminds her that Nash Brennan was killed and Jessica’s life is ruined because of Dorian. He has lost Buchanan Enterprises and his family is in shreds because of Dorian. Maybe she should tell him again why he should stand there and do nothing. He tells her that when he gets B.E. back, it is then that Dorian and Langston can live happily ever after. She tells him it may not be that simple, and she walks off.

After hearing the “joyous news,” Markko rushes to Dorian’s home to congratulate his girlfriend. He hugs her, Starr and Dorian. They are all elated. Starr gets a call from Marcie confirming that they are still “on “with their plan for Marcie to adopt the baby.

Todd then enters the doctor’s office, and she informs him that he must now know of the decision she has just made. She will not let him take Starr’s baby, and that is final. 

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