OLTL Update Thursday 9/11/08

One Life to Live Update Thursday 9/11/08


Written By Jennifer S.
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita

Proofread by Melanie

Dorian returns home and informs Starr and Langston that she has been out shopping for the most exquisite back-to-school clothes. She can tell that the two teenagers have something else on their minds. She is able to see that they are on the internet in search of Langston’s biological family.

Meanwhile, Jared goes to visit Langston’s Hispanic uncle who is in prison.

Not far away, Carlo Hesser is wearing a disguise with a “hair wig” and glasses. He informs the wardens that he has found somebody who is a dangerous criminal. At that point, they drag an unseen person into the prison cell. They remove the “bag” from his head to reveal that he is Cristian Vega.

At the police station, Bo can tell that Sarah is ready to stop at nothing in order to find Cristian. He tells her that she must be careful and realize that she is not helping him if she puts herself in danger.

At Viki’s, while Tina is alone in the room, Clint enters. She admits to him that she is worried that her daughter is in danger. She has “concerns” about Jessica. She is not certain whether she should tell her ex-brother-in-law just what is “up” with his daughter. At that moment, Tess walks in. Tina knows she better not uncover her secret to Clint because Tess “has the goods” on her. From inside the locked room in the basement, Natalie views and hears their conversation from the surveillance camera. Clint asks Tina why she was “so upset” before “Jessica” entered. Clint has no clue that his daughter is not really Jessica. Tina then replies to Clint that she has been concerned with all that Jessica has been through recently. Natalie watches them and urges her dad to “save” her. At that point, Tina tells Clint and “Jessica” that she will leave the two of them to talk. Before she leaves, she tells Clint that she did want to tell him some things about Natalie and Jessica.

At the station, Rex enters when he hears that Cristian has been missing. Bo tells him he does not want him interfering, but Rex follows Sarah outside and has a “private conversation” with her. Bo again tells Rex that he is afraid that Sarah will get into trouble in her attempt to find Cristian. Bo can tell that something is “up” with Rex, so he asks him to sit down and share with him. Rex replies that he has something going on. His son hates his guts.

At Rodi’s, Gigi returns to face Brody and her employer at the bar. The boss informs her that since she has been gone for this long without telling anybody, she is fired.

At Dorian’s, Dorian tells Starr and Langston that she is aware that Langston wants to find her biological family. She thought that, maybe, they could postpone it for a while because she is going to have fashion designers and hair dressers coming by. Starr then approaches her aunt to remind her that she may not have a great “fashion” plan for her while pregnant. Dorian informs Starr that she did not forget her and has some maternity clothes. While the two girls look through the shopping bags, Dorian observes the different names of family members that Langston has uncovered from her online search.

At that moment, Jared informs Langston’s uncle, who is in prison, that if he can “do something” for Jared, Jared can get him released from the joint. The uncle informs Jared that he has his own plan for getting his freedom. Again, not far away, there is money being exchanged. Carlos Hesser pays some people to imprison Cristian. Cristian is unconscious and unable to move. Carlo informs the others, “This prisoner has had his last day of freedom."

Bo asks Rex if it is really true that when he was down in Texas, that he found out that Shane was his son. Rex then explains that Gigi revealed it to him for the first time when they were in this “dream” together. Bo then asks Rex how he feels about knowing that Shane is his son. Rex replies that he really likes Shane. He is smart,  funny, and nice. He realizes he cannot be “credited” for that. All he gave was his DNA, but throughout all these years, Gigi raised her son all by herself and never revealed to anybody that Rex was Shane’s father. Hearing that, Bo recalls that there is another guy whom Shane calls "dad." Rex explains that throughout Shane’s life, Gigi has had Shane believing that his father was a dedicated war hero. They believed all these years that his real father died, and then he appeared out of nowhere at Rex’s wedding and he is now living with Gigi and Shane.

At Rodi’s, Brody protests to their employer that he must reconsider firing Gigi. He must give her another chance. The boss grudgingly agrees. He tosses her her apron. At that point, she tells Brody she is grateful to him, but it still does not “change” anything.

Jared tells Langston’s uncle that he can rot away in prison for the rest of his life, or he can do what Jared asks and be a free man.

Again, not far away, in another cell, Carlo Hesser “introduces” Cristian to the prison guards. He tells them that Cristian is a murderer. It looks like they are going to torture Cristian.

At Viki’s, Tina sounds like she is about to “spill the beans” to Clint about Natalie and Jessica. Tess knows she better not let her do that. From the locked room in the basement, Natalie watches their conversation and urges Tina to inform Clint about what has happened. At that point, Tess plays Jessica and tells her father about the loss of Nash. She admits that she had a confrontation with Natalie and that she did not give her sister a chance. Now, things are “worse than ever." Hearing that, Tina asks Jessica to tell her father everything that happened. She then tells Clint that she really wanted to resolve her differences with her sister. She just could not accept her being in that house around Bree, so she “snapped.” Hearing that, Clint assumes she could not have done anything that could not be justified for doing. Tina then urges “Jessica” to tell her father the rest.

At the prison in South America, Jared tells Langston’s uncle that he will take care of all of his expenses and introduce him to his niece.

Langston is busy with Dorian and Starr trying on new clothes for school. Dorian buys a baby suit for Starr’s baby. Seeing that, Starr tells her aunt that she believes Marcie should have that, since she will be adopting the baby. Dorian then reveals that she hopes that Starr changes her mind and raises her baby with them in her house as a Cramer. Starr then tells her aunt she needs to accept the decision she has made. Dorian tells her she does. Starr replies, "Thank you." She then asks her aunt if she is really busy running her new company. Dorian replies that as the “boss” she can set her own schedule. She wanted to “pamper her girls.”

Starr then reminds Dorian that she is not really respecting Langston’s right to have her "comfort zone" regarding the fact that she has another biological family. Starr also informs Dorian that if they let Langston look through all the names she finds on line and she finds nobody, then she will always know that they are her only family. She will realize she is a Cramer woman. At that point, Langston comes out wearing an “outfit” that Dorian bought for her. She looks very “preppy” and not the way she would choose to dress. Dorian concludes that Langston will always be a Cramer woman.

At Rodi’s, Gigi tells Brody that she would like for him to be there when they tell Shane the truth. He asks her why, if he is going to be thrown out of their lives. She reminds him that he faked the DNA test. She reminds him that if he is not there when she tells Shane the truth, Shane will say that there is scientific proof that Brody is his real father. How can she prove that that is not true if Brody is not there.

At the station, after hearing about Rex’s situation, Bo asks Rex how it is that Shane would believe that Brody is his real father. Rex replies that Brody faked a DNA test.  Shane completely buys that. He hates Rex, and he won’t listen to anybody telling him anything. Bo then asks Rex if he can find any “dirt” on Brody. Rex replies, "Not really." Aside from a few bar fights, Brody is pretty clean. Rex also reminds Bo that he was just as incapable of realizing that Charlie is not his real father as Shane is that Brody is not his real father. Rex surmises, he is getting the idea that maybe the best thing he can do for Shane is to bow out of his life before he has damaged him more than he has already been damaged with this whole situation.

After Gigi tells Brody that he has to “help” her with Shane, he reminds her that when she and Rex were both missing in action, nowhere to be found or contacted, he felt he had no choice except to consider that they may never come back. He had to fake DNA so that he could get legal custody of Shane instead of having him shipped off to some foster home. She tells him she realizes he has a point but does not know exactly how to explain to Brody what all happened when she and Rex were both gone.

Bo asks Rex if it damaged him more to find out that Charlie was not his real father or that he’d been lied to. He tells Bo that even if he never tells Shane the truth, he might find it out on his own. It might damage Shane more to find out that he has been living a lie. Bo then tells Rex that he is a grown man and can make his own decision. Rex decides that he knows it is not a good thing that Shane is living a lie.

Sarah goes to find her mother at Viki’s and informs her, and Clint, and “Jessica” that Cristian is missing. She is concerned that Carlo Hesser has got him. Hearing that, Tess sounds very worried, reminding her father about everything Carlo Hesser has done to hurt many families. Natalie listens from the video.

At the prison, Carlo has his men manhandle the “violent offender” who is Cristian. Hearing that he is a murderer, they are ready to hurt him. They drag him off to prison, and he cannot break free. In the other room, Jared appears and stares at Carlo. Even with the hair and glasses, Jared stares at him like he has seen this man somewhere before. Jared then asks the warden where this man came from. The warden introduces Carlo by another name. Jared shakes Carlo's hand. The warden then asks Jared if he was able to “reach an agreement” with Langston’s uncle. Jared replies, "Yes." In the other room, Carlo gets on his PDA and finds the picture of Jared from the Sun.

After hearing that Cristian is in the hands of Carlo, Clint tells Sarah, Tina, and “Jessica” that he doubts that Carlo would have any reason to come back to Llanview. He notices some “inconsistencies” when he remembers that “Jessica” did not let Tina finish telling him “the whole story” about Jessica and Natalie. He asks them just what the “whole story” is.

Bo tells Rex that he has been afraid that he would be a lousy dad, so he avoided finding out that he was Matthew’s rightful father. He does not advise that Rex do that with Shane. He reminds Rex that if he “does the right thing,” it won’t be easy. Shane will be very angry at both Rex and at his mother. He warns Rex that the days of being able to do whatever he wants and suiting himself may be over. He will have to be there for Shane and make him aware that he will be with him for the long haul. He knows that only too well.

At Rodi’s, Gigi tells Brody she is sorry if it “hurts his feelings,” but she cannot keep lying. She came to the realization that she has always loved Rex. Hearing that, he tells her that that is just great. It’s a good thing that he got shipped off to combat and had Shane believing he was dead. What would have happened if they’d gotten married and had more kids? Then, out of nowhere, Rex shows up? She admits that it is not a good situation. Right then, Shane enters and tells them he knows they have been talking about him. Haven’t they?

Dorian shows Starr and Langston all of the clothes and the plans she has for them. Langston tells her foster mother that she did not have to buy her all these clothes. Dorian tells her she wanted to. She does things like that for “her girls." Dorian can then see that Langston has something going on. She then asks her what the matter is. Langston tells her that by calling her “one of her girls,” it makes her feel very special. Some crazy psychic tells her about her long lost family, and to think that she may have family out there who has abandoned her. Yet, Dorian, Starr, and their entire family have accepted her as one of theirs. Dorian hugs her.

Meanwhile, Langston’s uncle is ready to go back to Llanview with Jared, and he asks him the “very weird name” of his niece whom he has never met. Jared replies, her name is Langston.

Clint asks Tina to “finish” what she was about to tell him in regards to Jessica and Natalie. Tina looks at Tess and then at Sarah, and remembers Tess’s threat. She lies about what she was about to tell Clint. She tells him that Natalie has stepped out of line with “Jessica.” Clint then concludes that he will go and “have a little talk” with Natalie. At that point, Tess hugs Tina and acts like Jessica, telling her aunt she is so happy she is back. Clint hugs “Jessica” and tells her he loves her. When Tess is alone in the room, she faces the surveillance camera where she knows Natalie can see her. She smirks and tells her that she “has everything under control.” Natalie looks at her, horrified.

Jared arranges to get Langston’s uncle released from prison and warns him that if he “tries anything funny,” he can get shipped right back there. The guards then leave with Langston’s uncle and get ready to send him to Llanview. When Jared is alone, he gets on his phone to inform Clint that he has successfully accomplished his mission.

Dorian tells Langston that she will help her with whatever she wants and needs in finding her biological family. She is not merely doing it for Langston, she is doing it for herself. She tells Langston she no longer wants to be her foster mother. Hearing that, Langston assumes that Dorian wants to end their relationship, but Dorian informs Langston that she wants to do her the honor of letting her adopt her.

At the prison, the guards are about to “eliminate” the identity of Cristian Vega.

Rex goes to Rodi’s. Shane notices him and demands to know what he is doing there. Hearing that, Gigi instructs him not to be rude. He tells Rex that he, his mom, and dad were having a family meeting. In response to that, Rex tells them, good, that is why he came there. 

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