OLTL Update Wednesday 9/10/08

One Life to Live Update Wednesday 9/10/08


Written By Jeannie
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita
Proofread by Melanie

Cristian dreams of kissing Sarah. He wakes up still chained to the wall, and Carlos is there.

At the police station, Bo, Antonio, Talia, and John discuss Cris and wonder if Hesser has him.

Jared is in Columbia. The police are speaking Spanish to him. Jared says, "Just get the prisoner in here." Clint calls and tells him to let him know when it’s done. Jared says he found this guy in prison. Is Clint sure he wants to do this to Langston?

Out at the pool, Starr looks at Langston in her bikini and says, why don’t you rub it in. She says Langston gets to wear the bikini and she has to wear a maternity top.

Clint has no problem siccing this guy on Dorian’s foster daughter if it gets Bo back.

Trapped in Tess’s secret room, Natalie realizes "Jessica" is Tess. Tess laughs.

Upstairs in the living room, Tina looks at Viki’s photo and talks to her about Tess and Natalie. She’s afraid for Sarah.

Tess tells Natalie she was tired of being "Jessica" that and pretending she didn’t hate her. Tess says that now that they are alone the real fun can begin.

At Nora’s, Matthew asks Cole about which sneakers to wear on his first day of school.

Langston talks to Starr about what Delphina said about her missing relative. She says she called the Hall of Records in her mom’s hometown, and they’ll take a while to get back to her. Starr asks if she’s sure she wants to do this and wonders why her mom never mentioned the long lost relative. Maybe there’s a reason.

Jared tells Clint that the guy is in maximum security prison for murder. Clint tells him to do what he has to do.

Tess says Jessica ran and hid. Natalie says they never meant to hurt Nash. Tess says they did, and now Natalie is the one who needs help. Natalie asks Tess where she is. Tess explains that she had it built just for her. Tess says she learned form the best, “Thanks mom.” Natalie realizes she’s in the Llanfair basement. Tess says she’s going to settle the score.

Bo believes Hesser has Cris. Sarah is upset. Talia believes he’s in prison.

Still chained to the wall, Cris tells Hesser that Talia hates his guts. He taunts Hesser, but the man just laughs.

Bo calls the embassy. Antonio and John go to investigate. Talia apologizes to Sarah for dragging them into this mess.

Langston wonders if her mom had a brother or a cousin she didn’t like because she was embarrassed. Starr says if she never talked about the relative, it might mean he was really bad. She brings up Adriana’s real father. Starr wants her to be safe. Langston says she loves this family but needs to know if there is someone she is related to. Starr understands. Langston thinks about sending out a blanket letter with a P.O. Box.

The police bring in Montez to see Jared. When Montez asks what he wants, Jared says to get him out of there.

Tess tells Natalie that Jessica would never have gotten real revenge. Natalie tells her that Jared knew something was wrong. Tess admits to causing Viki’s accident and spiking the risotto. She says, "Jessica jumped up and swiped the plates off the table." Natalie says that Jessica will come back and stop her.

Montez asks Jared who he is. Jared says he is here on a family matter. He shows Montez a picture of Langston and explains who she is. Montez says his sister wanted to save the world. They had little in common. He says that he has no interest in Langston.

Langston types the letter. Starr worries about how she looks. She wonders why Langston hasn’t told her about why Cole came by.

Cole says the thing that makes you cool is not trying to be cool. Don’t give a crap about what anyone thinks. Matthew worries about being beat up in high school and getting swirlies. Cole tries to reassure him. Matthew remarks that hooking up with Starr boosted his cool level.

Langston tells Starr what Cole said. Starr worries about what happened with him and Karen. Langston calms her down. She tells her that it only made Cole miss her.

Tess taunts Natalie. Natalie is sure Jessica will help her. She calls to Jessica. Tess says Jessica is gone for good this time. Tess says death by risotto was way too painless for her. She will hurt Natalie and Jared in a more painful way.

Tina cries over Viki’s photo as Clint walks in. He asks, "What’s wrong?" Tina dries her eyes and says, "Everything is great."

Natalie asks what Tess is going to do. Tess smiles and Natalie begs her not to hurt Jared. Tess says that would be way too easy.

Hesser and Cris argue. Cris says he has people in Llanview who care about him. He says he knows Talia is wishing she’d killed him.

Back in Llanview, Talia tells Sarah she wishes she took her father out when she had the chance.

Hesser says Talia would never hurt him.

Talia says she could take him out now and make it look legal.

Cris says people who love him will come for him, but everyone who knows Hesser wants him dead.

Bo and John make plans to rescue Cristian.

Hesser laughs at Cris. Cris says he can run but can’t hide.

Jared tells Montez his sister is dead. Montez shows no emotion when he asks what any of that has to do with him.

Langston tells Starr about Cole’s visit. Starr thinks that Langston looking for her relative, is like how Cole feels about the baby.

Montez asks what the niece can do for him. Jared says he can get him out. He wants him to go to the USA and claim Langston.

Tess says what she has planned for Natalie and Jared is so much worse than murder. They will break each others hearts and every second they will feel the agony of not being with the one they love.

Clint presses Sarah about why she’s crying. Tina makes excuses about missing Viki. Clint asks if something is wrong with Jessica.

Natalie asks what she’s planning. Tess smiles. Natalie calls Tess an angry bitch with an "axe to grind."

Matthew is afraid he shouldn’t have mentioned Starr. Cole tells him its okay. Matthew asks about when they go back to school.

Langston agrees with Starr but says he’s trying to get past it. Maybe he’ll realize he can forgive her.

Cole wonders what it will be like to see Starr again in school. They talk about the first day of school again. Matthew says he wants to be home schooled.

Starr prays every night Cole will forgive her. She worries about seeing Cole again and going back to school pregnant. She worries about being labeled a slut. She brings up Karen’s reaction at the country club the other day.

Montez asks why Jared wants him to do this. Jared says, "Just threaten to take Langston away. That’s all." Montez says he’s sick. Montez says, "No deal."

Tina says Jessica is fine as can be expected. Clint says he’s Jessica’s father and needs to step up. Tina says Jessica is in the shower and Clint waits for her. Tina tries to leave but Clint asks her to stay and catch up. He asks if she’s nervous. He says he saw Cord. Tina sits down. They talk about Sarah. Clint says she’s far better then the schemer who covered for Niki Smith.

Tess tells Natalie she will have to break up with Jared. Natalie says, "Like hell." Tess says she already has; he just doesn’t know it yet.

Bo talks to Antonio and Talia about going after Hesser. Bo tells them to find Cris.

Cris asks what Hesser plans to do with him. Hesser says he just wants to punish him, and his brother, and Sarah for turning Talia against him.

Natalie says Jared won’t believe it. Tess says memories are all she has left of Jared.

Jared tells Montez he knows what its like to be in prison. He says he got out, but Montez is looking at another 40 years.

Langston says she will be by Starr’s side and that’s how she can face going back to school. All the bitches and want-a-be’s will have to deal with her, too.

Cole talks to Matthew about school. He says he won’t let bullies beat him up.

Starr sits down to help Langston with the letters to find her family.

Montez tells Jared just because he’s in prison doesn't mean he can’t reach out and touch him anytime he wants. He has to come up with something big if he wants him to play Uncle.

Sarah looks at a bracelet Cris bought her. Bo assures her Cris is tough and smart and will figure a way to get through it.

Hesser says he’s taking Cris to Columbia to prison. He says he’ll give him a taste of the treatment he will expect. Two men come in and start beating Cris.

Jared tells Montez to take the deal or not. He’s leaving.

Natalie tries to get out. Then sits and cries.

Clint says he’s glad they don’t have to worry that everything she says is a lie. He thinks she’s turning herself around. Tina says she can’t do this but stops when Tess comes in the room. 

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