OLTL Update Tuesday 9/9/08

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 9/9/08


Written By Jennifer S.
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita

Proofread by Melanie

Blair awakens in John’s bed and notices he is on the phone making calls and ready to go back to work. He tells her that he will not go back until he hears from Fish (the officer who is investigating the “woman” in Todd’s home for John). He returns to bed with Blair and declares that she is more important to him than burying himself in work.

Marty awakens in her bed. She is happy to see Todd by her bedside.

Bo is setting up his old office and back to his position of police commissioner. Antonio and Talia come and welcome him back. He asks them what is up and reminds them that it’s been difficult for him to be the commissioner when Llanview has lost two of it’s “finest” while they were both missing in action. He then asks them what is up with Carlotta’s diner suddenly burned down and then the two of them had to rush to Mendorra. He tells them he has time to hear all about it. Antonio attempts to explain to Bo that it was about this thing that Ramsey was involved in before he got killed. And he reminds BO that he is kind of “related by marriage” to the fake crowned princess of Mendorra.

Tina is at Viki’s home attempting to get back into the safe and uncover the jewels. Tess catches her and reminds her that Jessica may have been too stupid to see through her scam but she is not. She warns Tina that if she does not want to get found out and have Carlos Hesser come after her, she better “cooperate” with Tess’s plan for Natalie. Tina then asks Tess what she plans to do with Natalie.

Right then, Natalie awakens and is startled when she finds herself in the locked room. She realizes she ahs no clue how she into to the room in the basement. Right then, Jared is trying and failing to get a hold of her. Her phone is nowhere to be found so she cannot get his call. She gets up and looks around the room and attempts to unlock the door. She realizes she hasn’t a clue where she is.

Marty tells Todd that what they talked about, the previous day was all a fantasy. The two of them and a baby on a deserted island is impractical. He then tells her that maybe a place in California would be more practical. She then asks him if he is certain that Starr is ok with his taking her baby so far away. He tells her that his daughter is concerned about the baby’s welfare. But she is ok with that. She tells him that she realizes that having a child is a big responsibility. It will be a lifetime commitment. And the two of them don’t really know what they have. She tells him that it’s a tempting offer. But when there is a child involved, it will be a lot more difficult than either of them realize. She reminds him that he will be leaving an entire lifetime behind including kids, a marriage and many other things.

John and Blair lie in bed and he tells her he did not plan on doing anything except sleeping the day away. She reminds hit that people may see him as closed off to the world. And she does not mean that in a bad way. It’s ok to protect himself. But she wants to know more about him. She tells him when she is with him, she does not worry about the future nor is she concerned about he past. She just enjoys now. And she hopes that it lasts a long time. At that point they get closer. But the phone rings and distracts him. He gets it. Fish returns his call and informs him that he has been at the library. He found a faster software program than the one they were using. He admits that he has not yet checked the “status”. But they could have a picture of his “mystery woman” right then as they speak. And right in the other room, there is a clear and vivid picture of Marty on the computer screen.

Tess and Tina go outside. Tina asks her niece if she has really thought this thing through. Hearing that, Tess tells her that is amazing coming from her of all people. Tina then reminds Tess that Jessica loves Natalie. She is her twin sister. Tess reminds Tina that she did not even know that until Natalie was 17. Tina reminds Tess that Natalie could die if she’s stuck in that room.

Right then, when Natalie struggles to get out of that room, she recalls that the last thing she remembers before passing out was having Téa with Jessica. She realizes that Jessica has not behaved like Tess and it does not yet dawn on her that she would drug her. She wonders what the hell could have happened.

After Fish informs John that there “might” be a clear discovery of that mystery woman, John instructs him to stay there until he gets to the station. John then informs Blair that he is sorry but he has to go. She tells him that she does not expect him to talk to her about his cases especially if it involves Todd. But if there is a woman whom Todd is holding prisoner in his home, she does not know how lucky she is to have John as a guardian angel.

At the station, the mayor enters and demands that Fish lets him in the locked room where the computer has identified Marty. He reminds Fish that he knows that he (Fish) does not work for Llanview. What is a Cherryville cop doing performing this work for McBain without the Mayor’s permission? He then talks privately to the “acting” commissioner and tells him he is fired for allowing John to do this investigation without telling him. And he demands that they find somebody to unlock the door right now.

Todd gives Marty a piano book. She is fascinated when he informs her that she used to play and teach piano. She asks him how he’d know that. He informs her that she used to teach his niece, Jessica.

Tina asks Tess why she wants Natalie dead. Tess informs her that Natalie and Jared murdered her husband. If it were not for all of their lies and how they pushed Nash, he would still be alive. Tina then asks Tess what about her lies. Tess tells Tina that she (Tina) is a fine one to point fingers about lies. Tina then asks what Viki would do when she finds out what Tess is ready to do to Natalie. She tells Tess that she (herself) may not be the sharpest tool in the shed. But she won’t let her niece die. Tess reminds Tina that she doesn’t even know Natalie and asks why she would care. Tina then decides that she is going to call her old friend, Bo Buchanan.

Bo is talking to Antonio and Talia about their “adventures” in Mendorra. Finding out that Carlo Hesser is Talia's real father, he acknowledges to her that he would never judge her for whom her father is as he has found out that his own father is by no means something he wants to be judged for. He tells Antonio and Talia that he is ready to have them both back on the force with him. Right then, Sarah enters and tells her uncle she is very worried that something has just happened to Cristian.

When John gets to the police station and finds Fish, Fish informs him that they have a problem. The mayor does not want them to have anything to do with this investigation and he cannot get into that room.

Todd tells Marty that he found her the piano book because he believes that if she sat down by a piano, she might be able to re-learn. He looks around the room and pulls out a keyboard form underneath the bed. He puts it up to her food tray. She looks excited. He tells her that Janet could always say that it is occupational therapy. He asks her how it feels. She tells him it feels weird. He then plugs it in and she plays music.

While Tina gets on the phone to call Bo, Tess reminds her aunt that Bo is a police commissioner. He might want to know that she committed fraud, stole the jewels and almost got many people killed from aiding and abetting her. She reminds Tina that when Bo finds that out, Tina could be sent off to prison surrounded by a bunch of horny women. SO if Tina does not want Carlo Hesser, Jonas Chamberlain, Cain Rogan and all of the people of Mendorra to find out what she did and also, she reminds her, “poor little Sarah” won’t have a mommy, then maybe Tina should not do what she is planning to do.

Sarah informs Bo, Talia and Antonio that she is very worried. Nobody has heard a word from Cristian. They all admit that they have not seen or heard from him since he left. She then demands to know where he could be.

After Tina realizes what Tess could do, she puts down the phone and decides not to call Bo after all. She asks Tess what she plans to do to Natalie. Tess replies that when she’s done with Natalie, she will beg her to put her out of her misery.

Natalie scrounges to get out of the room. She rushes to find another door. There is a bathroom. And right on top of the toilet, she discovers a gift-wrapped present that has her name on it.

Jared again calls and gets Natalie’s voicemail. He tells her that he has called and gotten her answering machine many times. He realizes she may be screening her calls because she’s angry at him for going on the mission for Clint. But he is done with it. He is hoping that she will at least talk to him about it and see if they can work things out. And he just wishes that she would call him back. She has no way to do that, however when she is locked in the room without her phone. Natalie opens the present and notices the scrapbook that has all the pictures of newspaper articles of herself and her family after it was first discovered that she was Viki’s daughter and Jessica’s sister.

Tina concludes to Tess that she is going to make Natalie and Jared suffer. Tess smirks and confirms yes. After what they did to her and to Nash, she is going to make them pay.

Natalie looks through the scrapbook and notices a newspaper clipping of Jared being discovered part of the family and of B.E.

Jared leaves more messages for Natalie urging her to call him back and telling her that he loves her. He then remembers when he left her at the airport, and “jokingly” telling her that she better not go away, give him a taste of his own medicine or cheat on him.

John enters his office and notices the mayor at his desk. He demands to know what he is doing there. The mayor reminds John that this is not “his office”. This is the office owned by the tax payers of Llanview. John reminds the mayor that he does not answer to him. He answers only to commissioner Buchanan. Fish then urges the mayor to please tell him he did not erase the “work” that Fish just did. But the Mayor informs him that he did. Everything is erased and destroyed. And now John will never have a clue whom the woman is that is hiding in Todd’s home..

Blair is alone in John’s apartment while he is gone.

Todd is with Marty in her room encouraging her to play the piano. He admits he does not know much. She is able to play chopsticks. She asks him to play something. He tells her he cannot play anything. But she is guiding his fingers.

In Bo’s office, he tells Talia and Antonio that he wants them to go off and attempt to find Cristian. Alone in the office with Bo, Sarah tells her uncle she is very worried. He assures his niece that they will do everything in order to bring Cristian back safe.

Tess tells Tina that she will go and “check on” Natalie. Tina tells Tess that she will come with her. But Tess tells her aunt that she and her nasty little dog have to stay out of there. She does not need her air headed aunt getting in the way. This is between her and her sister.

Natalie is stuck in the room looking at all of the “entries” in the scrap book. They go from happy photos of herself, Jared, Jessica and the family. Then she discovers a heart with a bow and arrow that says Natalie + Jared. And then she sees the photos of bloody murdered Nash. At that point, he knows that whomever left this “gift” for her is angry and wants revenge. And at that point, she sees her “sister” standing outside the window with her fake smile. And she knows that she is now dealing with Tess.

Marty is attempting to show Todd how to play the piano. She plays the song and has him accompany her.

Blair gets out of the shower at John’s home. She appears a bit bewildered while he is gone not knowing if she should stay or go. She opens John’s bedside drawer and notices a picture of John and Marty..

At the police station, Talia tells Sarah that they will FAX APBs about how to find Cristian. But Sarah is very worried. Inside Bo’s office, Bo and Antonio are wondering what to do in order to find Cristian. John enters and asks them what is wrong. Bo informs John that Cristian Vega is missing.

Alone in Viki's living room, Tina finds a picture of her sister and tells her how sorry she is for what has happened to Natalie. She knows that if it were not for her stealing the jewels, Tess would not “have the goods” on her. So now she must choose between saving Viki’s daughter and saving her own daughter. She concludes that she has been a worthless sister to Viki.

Tess goes down to find Natalie in the locked room. At first she cannot hear Natalie scream and demand that she lets her out of there. But she turns on the sound system to near Natalie ask her what has happened. Tess smirks at her and reveals to Natalie that she is not her sister Jessica. She has no interest in helping her. She is Tess. 

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