OLTL Update Monday 9/8/08

One Life to Live Update Monday 9/8/08


Written By Jennifer S.
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita

Proofread by Melanie

Todd is helping Marty to walk. She falls and he catches her. At that point, she smiles at him revealing that she likes and trusts him, and he kisses her. He then pulls away and says he‘s sorry. Hearing that, she asks him what he is sorry about.

Blair and John are together on the roof talking about how she has had a history of closing Rodi’s. He acknowledges that that may be the reason they relate well together. She tells him she knows how to “get down and dirty.”

Tina is stuck in the sound-proof locked room with her dog. She demands that somebody get her out , but nobody can hear her.

Upstairs, in Viki’s living room, Sarah enters to see “Jessica” and Natalie. She wonders why Natalie is passed out on the couch. She asks if anybody has seen her mother. Tess does not know what to tell her.

At Gigi’s home, Brody reminds Rex that he abandoned Gigi many years ago. He may think that she wanted only him and cared that he was Shane’s real father. But Rex must know that Gigi never made any attempts to find Rex. She probably never wanted him to know that he was her kid’s father in the first place. At that point, Rex punches Brody. Right then, Shane enters and rushes to his “Dad” to make certain he is okay. He lashes out at Rex telling him he hit his dad. He demands that Rex gets out of their home and out of their lives. Rex then protests to Shane that Brody is not his dad. But Shane is convinced that Brody is. He believes that Rex is no longer a part of their lives and they do not need him.

When Sarah notices Natalie passed out on the couch at Viki’s home, she asks “Jessica” what has happened. Tess plays Jessica and explains to Sarah that Natalie has had some really hard times with Jared. She tells her that Natalie “tries” but feels really guilty when she remembers what happened to Nash and that Jared is responsible for it. So she kind of overdid it, got drunk, and passed out tonight. Hearing that, Sarah tells “Jessica” that she cannot imagine what Jessica is going through, but she is concerned about how Natalie looks like something has happened to her. It doesn’t just look like she drank too much.

Downstairs, while Tina is locked in the room with her dog, she attempts to console him. She turns on the television with the remote and sees a surveillance video of Natalie passed out on the couch and notices that Sarah is there. She knows that Tess is up to no good.

Back in Mendorra, Carlo Hesser acknowledges that he has scored a victory. His daughter and her friends mistakenly believe that they have defeated him and won. But they made one mistake. They should have made certain that he was dead, and he acknowledges that he has had his men capture Cristian. Cristian is passed out and chained to the wall.

After Shane lashes out at Rex, Gigi pulls him by his arm and demands that he apologizes to Rex and never talk to him like that. But Shane does not listen to his mom’s instructions. He tells her that he will not apologize. Rex hit his dad. She needs to know that they cannot trust Rex. He won’t listen to her when she defends Rex. Rex then attempts to explain what has happened to Shane, but Shane does not listen. He reminds Rex that he had a chance to get back with Shane’s mom, but he married Adriana. So he better get out of there and leave him and his mother alone.

John talks to Blair on the roof. He tells her that it is really nice to be around somebody who does not expect him to talk about “feelings.” She then observes him and notices that he has a brooding look. She asks him if it’s about work or about family. He tells her that it’s about an unsolved case. He admits to her that she is correct.

Right then, from inside the police station, we see the image of Marty on the forensics computers

After Todd has kissed Marty and then hesitated, he tells her that he was worried that maybe he was going too fast. She tells him that she knows that he was there the night she got raped, but it does not make it his fault. He tells her that she must still know that he is not some “great guy.” He should not have kissed her right now. He has done a lot of bad things in his life. But hearing that she inquires if he is still that guy. Has he not changed over the years? He then asks her if she believes that they could start over.

At Llanfair, Sarah insists that “Jessica” wake Natalie up. But Tess is losing patience and wants Sarah to leave them alone. From the surveillance video, Tina watches and urges her daughter to get away from Tess.

After Shane tells Rex off, Gigi firmly tells him if he does not stop his rudeness, she swears, he will not see the light of day. He does not listen and goes up to his room with a very defiant attitude.

Blair admits to John that she does wish he was not involved in a case that is regarding Todd. She tells him that whomever this woman is and whatever she is doing with Todd, she just wants to get over her ex-husband and move on with her life. He tells her that, not unlike her, he has a past and wants to move on and be part of this town. He then asks her if she is still no longer wearing her wedding ring and if she has any regrets. She tells him, "No." She admits that it’s taken her a lot of time and energy to get over Todd and for her to no longer care what he is doing or who he might be with.

Todd admits to Marty that he wants to get it right with his grandchild and not make the same mistakes that he made parenting Starr, Jack, and Sam. He believes that it might be easier for him to make all these changes if he was not the only one making them. He then asks her if she would consider making them with him.

After Sarah demands that they do something for Natalie, Tess lashes out at her, points her finger at her, and demands that they let Natalie get some rest. Noticing that this behavior is not like Jessica, Sarah asks her what is up. Tess then makes a better attempt to play Jessica and be courteous. She apologizes and explains to Sarah that she is just a little stressed and wants Natalie to just get some rest. Sarah then informs her that she came there to see her mom. She has called and left messages. Up until now, Tina has always called her back and contacted her every day. But now she cannot find her. Tess then explains to Sarah that her mother is, yet again “missing in action.” She’s gone back to the "Big Apple," and probably out shopping. Sarah must realize that it’s, kind of, Tina’s pattern to do disappearing acts and make certain that nobody can find her. Sarah leaves. Tess returns to unconscious Natalie on the couch.

Brody tells Rex that he himself doesn’t have to do anything to poison Shane’s mind against Rex. Rex has already done that all by himself by punching him right in front of Shane. Rex heard for himself that Shane does not care for Rex. He loves Brody and sees only him as his father. Rex then asks Brody what Shane will think, and feel, and do when he finds out that his “precious Dad” faked a DNA test. Brody then asks Rex what kind of person he (Rex) would be if he ruins a little boy’s hopes and dreams of the father who is his hero. Shane has known of Brody as his hero throughout his life, and Rex as a low life idiot who is unfit to be a father and unfit to be around Gigi. At that point, Gigi demands that they both shut up.

Tess goes down to see Tina. She turns on the “sound” to hear her aunt protest that she cannot drug or hurt Natalie. Tess must realize that Natalie is her sister. No matter how angry she is, she cannot go through with this. Hearing that, Tess opens the door and tells Tina that maybe she has a point. She enters and smirks at her.

Todd tells Marty that if they could “start anew,” then maybe all of the things that he did in the past would be done. It would be like they have a blank slate at that point. Then all that happened to both of them in college and her issues with John McBain would never have to be a part of their lives. Hearing that, she smiles and tells Todd that she believes that he has good in him. He saved her life. But he admits to her that “Todd Manning” was cursed from birth. His biological father was evil, and the man who raised him was not much better. He tells her he hates Todd and wants to be rid of him. Hearing that, she asks how he would do that. He replies that first he would get out of this town forever. He asks her to come with him.

When John observes that Blair is silent, he tells her she cannot tell him that she is not wondering what Todd is doing right now. She admits that she has spent a lot of time and energy concerned about Todd. But this time, it’s different. He hurt her kids, and she now does not believe that things could ever be the same. She remembers that before Todd, she had a life, she had a career, and she had some friends. Her life wasn’t great, but she didn’t have Todd messing up her life. She has now learned that it’s okay to have passion as long as one does not lose oneself. It’s all about finding the right person.

Marty asks Todd if he really intends to move away. That would involve leaving his children behind. Hearing that, he smirks. He tells her that the only way he could take them is to steal them, and then they would not be his. Hearing that, she asks him if Starr really is okay with his taking her baby from her. He tells her that she does not want the baby. He informs Marty that this town has caused them both nothing but grief. They must get out of there and start a new life. He knows she wants to get out of there and start a new life. She admits that she does. He then asks her what is stopping her. She asks him that if they leave, how can they get out of town without people knowing. What happens if John McBain finds out and tracks them down?

John tells Blair that many times in his life, he has messed up his personal life. He has made his work his life but that does not mean that he does not want more. Hearing that, Blair sounds very encouraged by him.

Tess surprises Tina by telling her that she will let her out of the locked room in the basement. Tina asks Tess what she wants in return. Tess answers that she wants Tina to “help” her. And secondly, she wants Tina to keep her obnoxious trap shut. Tina then picks up her dog and is ready to follow Tess out the door, but Tess shuts and locks the door on Tina. She then tells her aunt that she does not entirely trust her to come through on her end of the bargain. At that point, Tess shows Tina the jewels. She reminds her that maybe Carlo Hesser, and Cain, and Jonas Chamberlain might want to know about Tina’s little scam. She tells her if she even breathes the word Tess or attempts to refuse to do what Tess wants, she can let Carlo know that she walked off with the jewels. She reminds her that they almost killed Sarah. Were it not for Cristian, her daughter would have died, and they might not give up on what they failed the first time.

Right then, Cristian awakens and struggles to break free from the hand cuffs that Carlo and his men have put him in. Cristian demands to know what they want with him.

After Brody has left Rex and Gigi alone, Rex tells her that he needs to go up and talk to Shane. She reminds him that he must know that at this point, Shane will not listen to a word he says. He reminds her that Brody faked a DNA test. He will continue to fill their kid’s head with more lies. She tells him that as Shane’s mother, she needs to use her judgment in doing what is best for their son. She saw the look on Shane’s face when he heard them trashing Brody. She’s afraid it will destroy him to find out what “his father” did. At that point, Rex concludes to Gigi that he will keep his mouth shut and let her tell Shane whatever she sees fit to tell him.

Tess reminds Tina that she must know that Carlo is not going to give up and take what has happened lying down. He still does not know what happened to the jewels. He might continue to do what he does best, which is torturing people.

Right then, when Carlo has Cristian chained, he reminds him that he knows how to brainwash him and get inside his head. It looks like he has the power to hypnotize Cristian.

Realizing that Tess is correct that she does not want to mess with Carlo Hesser, Tina tells her that they must protect her dog. Tess reminds her that in order to do what they need to do, Tina must put her dog down. They will both need both of their hands to accomplish their mission.

Gigi tells Rex she will walk him out after they have concluded that he needs to back off from Shane for the time being. Before he leaves, she tells him that when all of this is over she will tell him all of the stories about their son. Rex appears very sad and reminds her that not long ago Shane seemed to really like him. He just wishes he knew what has happened. She tells him that she will calm Shane down. She will tell him the truth about Brody. She knows it’s the only way. Things will have to work out eventually.

After John has informed Blair that he is wrapped up in his work without a desire to have a life, she tells him she understands that he is doing what he needs to do.

Marty asks Todd just where they will go. He replies anywhere she wants. He then reminds her that he knows of this great island in the South Pacific. Nobody lives there. They can be there together and build a house anywhere and any way they want. Hearing that, she asks him if it’s really practical for the two of them and the baby to be all alone on a tiny island. He tells her that he realizes that the thought of it may be scary, but refusing to do it could be the weakest decision they could ever make, and he refuses to be weak. He then urges her to please go with him.

After Tina and Tess have left the room together and left the dog behind, he observes the surveillance camera of Tess telling Tina she mustn’t worry about Natalie passed out on the couch upstairs. The dog stares attentively knowing that something is wrong.

Before Rex leaves, he tells her that he will not give up on their son as long as she does not give up on him. He tells her he loves her so much, and he kisses her. She tells him she loves him too. She goes back inside to see Brody and Shane waiting for her to return. Brody then informs her that Shane has an apology for her. Shane apologizes. She tells him that an apology will not cut it. He tells her that he is not very concerned about that. He has something else to tell her. He hates Rex Balsam and does not care if he ever sees his ugly face again. He then goes upstairs.

Tess brings Natalie down to the locked room. Tina tells her she cannot do that to her sister. Tess reminds Tina that she knows that Tina needs to redeem herself for her daughter. She won’t prevent her from seeing Sarah if she wants. And she (Tess) needs to atone to her own daughter. After what Natalie did, she is doing this for Bree.

Blair and John go to his bedroom together.

Todd tells Marty that it might be better for her to go away than to live the rest of her life in fear. He then asks her what she says. She tells him, "Yes."

Right then, while John is “off work” the surveillance camera keeps showing the photo of Marty that John is unable to see. 

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