OLTL Update Friday 9/5/08

One Life to Live Update Friday 9/5/08


Written By Jennifer S.
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita

Proofread by Melanie

While Tess believes she is alone in Viki’s home, she recalls that Tina had a “secret” in the safe hidden behind a picture on the wall. She then opens it and discovers the jewels. Unknown to her, Natalie enters. Natalie finds it odd that “Jessica” would be snooping inside a safe. She asks her sister what is up. Tess instantly knows she must “play Jessica.” She cordially explains to Natalie that she was looking around for some sort of homeowner’s insurance policy that their mother has. But Natalie knows that that is not what “Jessica” has uncovered. She notices the jewels, and asks where they came from. “Jessica” tells her that they have something to do with their Aunt Tina.

At the Llanview Airport, Antonio, Talia, and Sarah observe a newspaper headline questioning 'Who Now Has the Crown Jewels of Mendorra.' Sarah remarks, if she never hears the word Mendorra nor sees another crown, that will be soon enough. Cristian has taken another flight and has not joined them.

Not far away, Gigi admits to Rex that she does not know what to do now that she has declared that Rex is the right man for her, and she’s done with Brody. What will they tell Shane after he’s met and bonded with his “father” having believed all his life that Brody was a hero?

At the bar, Blair and John talk. He tells her he notices that his brother is having a bad time with his recent separation. But unknown to them, Michael is enjoying himself dancing with Layla.

Sarah, Talia, and Antonio return home to their apartment. Sarah reaches in the refrigerator and pulls them out some beers. She then reflects to them that she was just remembering how this all happened. That creep knocked her out and all. But now they are home and all is well.

When Natalie notices that “Jessica” has jewels in her hand, she remarks that it’s odd that she heard her say something about an insurance policy. These are jewels worth a fortune. Natalie then questions how the jewels could have gotten to Viki's home. Didn’t Cain steal and pocket them? She then concludes that she must call the police. But Tess knows she must not let her do that.

At the bar, Marcie walks in and notices Michael dancing happily with Layla. John and Blair notice her and do not want her to jump to conclusions.

Todd is with Marty, very happy that she has agreed to help him raise Starr’s baby.

At the airport, Rex answers Gigi’s inquiry about what they tell Shane. He suggests they just tell him the truth. The reason why Rex has not known that he’s existed until now is because he had no way of knowing that Gigi was pregnant all those years ago. He is Shane’s father and Gigi’s man, nonetheless. But she is not entirely okay with that and believes it is not that simple. She asks what they should do with Brody. Rex replies that they send Brody packing. She does not love Brody, and he needs to realize that. But Gigi tells Rex it is not that simple. Brody has been holding down the fort and taking care of Shane while she’s been gone. She can’t just throw him out. And Shane loves and believes that Brody is his father. What is she going to do in regard to that? And she expresses that she blames herself, not Brody or anybody else for the fact that Shane has never known that Rex was his father.

At that point, before they can continue their discussion, Brody and Shane appear to welcome Gigi back. She rushes to hug her son and knows she better put on a “united front” when he sees her, in regard to Brody. Shane makes it clear to his mom that he recognizes Brody as his father and ignores Rex. He wants to get going with his mom and merely says, “See ya, Rex.” But Gigi instructs him not to be rude. He needs to talk to Rex. But Shane informs his mom that he and his dad have a “really big surprise” for him. Hearing that, she asks him to go and get her some chips while she talks to the two men alone. Brody asks Gigi what is going on. Rex asks Brody to let him talk to Gigi alone.

At the bar, Blair attempts to “intervene” when Marcie walks in and notices Michael happily dancing with Layla. She takes Marcie aside to get a drink. Layla tells Michael that she better leave, although he may not want that. John observes and says nothing. Michael tells his brother to “shut up.”

After Talia returns to her apartment, she tells Antonio and Sarah that she feels responsible for all that her father did. But they assure her that she had no control over it. Her father is a maniac and nobody is holding it against her for what he did. She reminds her, she had to accept the same things about Tina. Talia then tells them that she is very grateful to have them there for her.

Todd attempts to get Marty to get out of bed, stand, and walk. She seems encouraged and smiles.

After Natalie tells “Jessica” that they must call the police and report the stolen jewels, “Jessica” finds excuses for not doing so. She tells her that they do not know the whole story. She tells her that they must give “Auntie Tina” the benefit of the doubt. Natalie then asks just where their aunt is. “Jessica” replies that she is “sleeping” and they cannot wake her. She manages to distract Natalie from the whole situation by acting like she’s going to pass out from her pregnancy. Natalie leaves the room to get her sister something to drink. When Tess is alone, she puts the jewels back in the safe and pulls out a “tool” that will get her leverage against her Aunt Tina.

When Gigi returns home to Shane, Rex comes with her. Shane demands to know why Rex is there. She does not know how to explain that. He tells her that he and his dad need to have her back with them. He even reveals that DNA has somehow “proven” that Brody is his father. He happens to know that that makes it undisputed proof, and that nobody can argue with that. Hearing that, Rex and Gigi wonder just who would have “presented” that (inaccurate) DNA proof to Shane.

At Viki’s home, Natalie gets a call from Jared and turns her back on Tess. Noticing that Natalie is distracted, Tess pulls out a “vial” and pours something into Natalie’s coffee without her knowing.

At the bar, Marcie tells Blair that she is very concerned that Michael would be dancing in a bar with Layla. Blair tells her that there is nothing to worry about. She was equally suspicious when she walked into Todd’s home and noticed a nightgown for another woman. Though, she knows that Todd is not “with” anybody else. Marcie should know that  Michael is not going to replace her with anybody else, either. At that point, Blair reveals to Marcie that she and John are seeing each other.

At that point, Todd is helping Marty to walk. She seems very encouraged to be with him and that he can help her get rehabilitated.

At Gigi’s, Shane informs her that when she was away, Brody explained to him that it is very important for them all to prove that Brody is his biological father. Brody informed Shane that without such “proof,” Shane would not be able to live with his “real family.” He’d be put in a foster home. In response to that, Gigi tries to contain her anger so that Shane does not know what has just happened. She tells him, he must go out to the car and get his video games. He argues. She has to get him out of the room so that he cannot hear the conversation where she and Rex confront Brody about knowingly falsifying a DNA test, and lying to Shane that he is Shane’s father.

When Shane is gone, Brody protests to Gigi and to Rex that when she was gone, he had no clue where she was nor any way to contact her. Shane was worried also. So he had to find a way to make certain that if worse came to worse, and he had to raise Shane without her, that he would not lose their son. Hearing that, Rex rips into Brody by telling him there is no excuse for his little scam. He doesn’t care about Shane. He does not trust Brody with anything. Brody then confronts Rex about how would he have any justification to judge him. He reminds Rex that he abandoned a pregnant teenage girl. He himself was there for Gigi when Rex left her. At that point, Gigi asks both men to calm down.

After Tess has put the “drug” in Natalie’s coffee, she acts all friendly, playing "Jessica," asking her about her relationship with Jared and encouraging her to drink her coffee. Natalie shares with her sister how grateful she is that Jessica has forgiven her and Jared and asked them to live in their mother’s home. She tells “Jessica” she is very happy to have her sister back. She tells “Jessica” that she was very afraid she was going to lose her. Tess tells Natalie she has nothing to worry about and encourages Natalie to finish her coffee.

Talia returns to Antonio after showering. She tells him she is so glad to be with him in their bedroom alone and have some privacy. She asks him if he has talked to his mom or Jamie. He tells her, "Yes." Jamie drew her a picture. And he talks about how she has different recipes than his mom’s. She tells him that her adoptive father showed her how to cook many things. She saw only him as her father and certainly never considered Carlo Hesser to be a father to her. They move closer and sleep together.

Todd helps Marty to her feet. He encourages her to walk. He catches her when she falls. She is very encouraged to be with him.

At the bar, Michael attempts to explain to Marcie what she just walked in on. He was by himself at the bar. Layla saw him and demanded he dance with her. But she protests that she is still his wife, and it looks like he is wasting no time about moving on. She walks into a bar only days after they’ve separated and he has already “started dating.” He protests that he is not dating anybody. She tells him that she wishes that they didn’t have to have this issue coming between them. She wishes that the baby they had a chance to adopt did not have to be Todd Mannings’ grandchild. She cannot control that. He tells her that he has so much stress on the job as a doctor, and he cannot risk the consequences of what will happen if they adopt Starr’s baby. Hearing that, she tells him that she and Blair accompanied Starr to her birthing class. Starr has a lot of obstacles to overcome, but she is not afraid to try. So maybe they should not either.

Not far away, Blair and John observe Marcie and Michael. He tells her that they still love each other but cannot make it work. She tells him that maybe they need to try harder and have faith that they can get back what they had.

Not far away, Dallas talks to Clint after he has moved out of Nora’s home. She tells him that, maybe, he and Nora can agree to disagree. But he tells her that Nora is just too opinionated. There are no gray areas for Nora, and he must admit that she is right. Hearing that, Dallas encourages Clint not to feel as though he has gone too far with Dorian Lord. When he is doing battle with somebody like her and it’s for his company, he might have to resort to extremes. He reveals to her that his daughter is in love with this “con man.” He is putting Jared “up to the test” with something he has just done. He hopes he has not gone too far. Hearing that, she seems interested in hearing just what Clint put Jared up to doing. He does not want to share.

While Tess is with Natalie, Natalie grows tired and wants to fall asleep. Tess encourages her to take nap on the couch.

Rex and Brody argue about who should be Shane’s rightful father. Rex tells Brody he must realize that Gigi does not love him. He is not Shane’s real father. He pulled off a scam. But Brody tells Rex that if he cares about Shane at all, he (Rex) will do what is best for him and get out of there and let him be with his “rightful father.” Rex replies that he is not going anywhere. Gigi listens to them silently; not knowing what to say.

While Antonio and Talia are in bed together, he talks about his fear of losing her. She tells him not to worry. They kiss.

At Viki’s, Natalie falls asleep on the couch. Tess leans over her. Natalie mumbles that she “didn’t want to” do something. She then turns to “Jessica” and awakens. And at that point, she has a very blurry vision. When Tess knows she has put Natalie in a helpless position, she smirks. Natalie then falls over on the couch. At that point, Sarah enters. Tess is not okay to have her noticing that Natalie has passed out on the couch.

At Gigi's, she tells Brody that she did the right thing to admit to Rex that he is their son’s father. He then lashes out at Rex and asks him where he was throughout the last ten years when she had to raise their son all alone working underpaying jobs to provide for him without any help. He then adds to Rex that he might want to consider why it was throughout that time knowing full well that Rex was her son’s father, Gigi never made any efforts to find him. It may have been because she knew that he was unworthy and it was just as well that Rex never sees her again nor knows that they have a son. At that point, Rex punches Brody. He falls to the floor. Shane comes running and angrily demands to know why Rex “hit his dad.” Rex replies to Shane that he must now know that Brody is not his dad.

At the bar, Marcie tells Blair and John that she has to leave. She appreciates their help, but she is not comfortable staying there. Alone with John, Blair concludes that they need to keep things “as simple as they can.”

Right then, we see the video image of the “mysterious woman” at the police station resembling the image of Marty.

And when Marty is with Todd, he can tell that she might want him to make the first move. So he moves towards her and kisses her. 

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