OLTL Update Thursday 9/4/08

One Life to Live Update Thursday 9/4/08


Written By Jennifer S.
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita

Proofread by Melanie

Rex and Gigi are at the airport in Texas waiting for the plane to take them back to Llanview. They acknowledge that they must get back to Shane together, and that he is their kid and not only hers. He puts his arm around her and they appear to want everybody to know that they are now a couple. Not far away, in the airport, Antonio, Talia, Cristian and Sarah are ready to head back home. They are satisfied to see the article where Carlo Hesser and Jonas Chamberlain have been “exposed” to have a homosexual affair.

At Nora’s, Clint reads the article and is very happy that Carlo Hesser no longer has power. He reflects that Carlo was a crooked, no good individual who should be overthrown. At that point, Natalie enters and tells her father he has no business judging anybody given his own act of putting Jared up to do this dirty work for him.

Meanwhile, Jared is in the airport, looking at all of the materials Clint has given him and does not look comfortable about what he has just obligated himself to do.

At Llanfair, after Tess has locked Tina and her dog in the room down in the basement, she calls Todd and demands that he gets his butt down there. She has something very important to tell and show him. Tina demands that Tess let her out and asks what her mother would say. Tess smugly replies that her mother wouldn’t say anything because she is not there and will never know. Tina then tells Tess she better let her out of there or she will be sorry that she ever reared her ugly little head. Hearing that, Tess asks Tina if she just heard her call her ugly. Tina protests that Tess is not like the nice and courteous Jessica. Tess smirks. She can hear Tina yelling from inside the locked door.  She remembers that Leo installed a “silencer.” She turns it on and can no longer hear a sound from Tina. She walks away laughing and admitting that that device is great, and she must give Leo a bonus for installing it for her.

John is meeting Blair at the bar. Michael remarks that he is happy that his brother is interested in a real living flesh and blood woman and not merely a pack of X-rays. Michael then asks John if he is still pursuing his “dead lead” with the mysterious woman who stays at Todd Manning’s home. John reveals that he still is.

While the Cherryfield cop is alone in John’s office, he gets on his computer and attempts to match up the DNA evidence to find the woman who is Marty.

At Nora’s home, Natalie informs Nora that her father has a plan to hurt Dorian by using her teenage foster daughter. And she bets that this is the first Nora has heard of it. Nora admits that is true and indicates she does not approve either. Clint asks his daughter how it is that she is so concerned about this girl she barely knows but has no problem with the dastardly things that Jared has done. She replies that she may barely know Langston, but she knows all about what it is like to bond with the family that is right for one, and then be taken from them.

At the airport, Antonio and Cristian observe Rex and Gigi kissing. They go over to confront them, not looking happy. They believe that Rex is cheating on Cristian's cousin and Antonio’s sister, Adriana. Gigi protests that Rex and Adriana are separated. Cristian reminds them that Rex is still legally married to his cousin. They remind Rex, if he and Adriana are really “over,” then she needs to know about this. They suggest that Rex let them call her to let her know. But Rex admonishes them not to do that. They then ask him to give them one good reason why they should not call her and let her know what her “husband” is doing with another woman behind her back.

At the bar, John tells Michael that he does not want to jump into anything with Blair, nor have anybody assuming that there is something going on between them. Michael tells his brother that Blair is a keeper and he’s glad that she is no longer with Todd. When she enters, Michael leaves. He goes and finds Layla and asks her if she is alone or meeting her boyfriend, Vincent. She informs him that she and Vincent are through. He tells her he is sorry to hear that. He informs her that he and Marcie are divorcing. She tells him she is really sorry and was hoping that they would have moved past the situation with Todd’s baby. He tells her it’s not because of that. They are through because Marcie wants to adopt Todd’s grandchild.

Todd goes to meet Tess in the yard. She warns him that they have a “problem.” It’s his sister Tina. Hearing that, he assumes that she is again asking him to let Tina stay at his home, and he tells her it won’t happen. She tells him that Tina is about to uncover their secret. Todd then walks away and tells Tess that it’s not his problem. But she reminds him that it will become his problem if Marty Saybrooke finds out that Todd raped her. Todd is then silent and listening. Tess smirks and tells Todd that she will not tell John nor Marty what he has been up to if he helps her keep the secret from Tina and all others about what she is doing in the basement of Viki’s home.

At the airport, after Rex reveals to Antonio and Cristian that he does not want Adriana finding out from them that he is done with her, they ask him if he plans to lie to her and not admit that he’s with another woman. He replies, "No." He just wants to be the one to tell Adriana and not them. Cristian replies that he does not want his cousin to believe that she is married to a lowlife like him one moment longer than she has to believe she is. He leaves. Alone with Rex, Antonio tells Rex he understands all too well what it’s like to be stuck with the wrong person. He just wants Rex to resolve his situation and stop jerking his sister around. Gigi is standing away from them knowing that they need to talk to Rex alone. When Antonio leaves and Gigi is alone with Rex, she asks what was up with them. Rex replies that the Vega brothers are both very protective of Adriana. Sarah notices Jared and asks what he plans to do. He tells her he is going on a mission for Clint in South America. She coldly tells him that she does not understand why her grandfather would even consider doing business with him after what he has done to their family.

Natalie confronts Clint about being a hypocrite to judge Jared and her and their corrupt behavior when he is putting Jared up to doing this dirty deed involving Langston. He angrily tells her that she must know that Jared scammed, lied, and ruined their company and enabled Dorian to steal it from them. Doesn’t she remember that he passed himself off as Clint’s brother and as her uncle? He protests that his scheme will not hurt Langston. It will just motivate Dorian to give them back their company. And she must remember what her boyfriend did. She then looks at Nora realizing that she has heard nothing about Clint and Jared’s secret scheme, either. She asks her father why, if this plan is so “justified,” is he keeping it a secret from everybody? Clint replies that the fewer people who know about it, the better.

At the bar, Layla asks Michael why he is not considering adopting Starr’s baby with Marcie. He tells her if Todd has his way, as he usually does, then they will lose another baby and it will only break Marcie’s heart. He doesn’t want to go through with that.

Not far away, Blair informs John that Todd appeared at Starr’s birthing class. He was attempting to “make nice” to her, and Starr, and Marcie, and make himself look good to the group. He apologized for all he did. Neither, she nor Marcie bought a word of his speech. But Starr just about did. Hearing that, John tells her that he wants to help her find out what is “up” with Todd. And he has a cop on the case involving the mysterious woman at Todd’s home.

In Marty’s room, Janet reminds her that, maybe, she should use good judgment and know that it could be unrealistic to want to completely trust Todd and help his raise his grandchild. But Marty evidently is not listening.

Todd is talking to Tess about the fact that Tina now knows their secret and has been locked in the room in the basement with her dog. Todd then asks her where he will find Tina. He wants to talk to her.

Tina and the dog are stuck in the locked room. The dog whimpers and attempts to get out. But she tells him that she knows of no-way out.

Tess follows Todd into the house and asks him if he is really sure he wants to talk to her Aunt Tina. She reminds him if he does, then she will be able to tell Tina all about his secret. He admits that he would not want that. She then asks him what he suggests they do about Tina. He tells her that, maybe, she needs to find out what Tina is up to and what she might have on her. Todd appears smug. He gets up to leave and tells Tess she better not mess with him because he can hurt her just as much as she can hurt him. Tess says nothing, realizing he is correct.

Layla notices Michael alone and depressed. She asks him how it is working out for him. Is sitting alone crying in his drink making him feel better? He admits to her, "No." But she realizes that she is doing something similar in regard to being alone. And they agree that a shot of Tequila is better than nothing.

Blair and John talk about what they will do next. She gets up to sing. She asks him if he has any requests.

Clint tells Nora that before she saddles up that “high horse” of hers, she must remember that it is Dorian; the one who is wearing the back hat. And Nora must know that they are only trying to revamp what Dorian has taken from him and his company. Nora reminds him that Langston is a minor. She tells him that she is not going to judge his business decisions. She can stay out of that. It’s not about that. It’s about them. He went out and engineered this whole plan behind her back. He didn’t trust her. It’s not unlike his little private scheme with Lindsay.

At the airport, Sarah tells Jared she used to like him. He adds, "That was when nobody else did." She tells him she may not want to give him another chance. She may feel differently if he does something that could get B.E. back. She smiles and wishes him luck. She returns to Antonio and Talia and asks where Cristian went. Cristian then re-enters and tells the three of them that he is not getting on that flight home with them.

Nora admits to Clint that she would have “advised” him on his plan. He tells her he assumes she would tell him she would have told him not to do it. She replies that she would have argued both sides of it as his friend and attorney. He tells her he knows that she would have disapproved of it, and they would have argued. She tells him he would have done it anyway. She then asks him what is up with his violating a young girl’s confidentiality. He reveals that maybe he does not trust Nora knowing his business. She then concludes that one of them should leave. And this is her house. He then tells her that he has no problem leaving her house, and he gets up to go.

At the airport, Cristian tells Antonio, Talia, and Sarah that he has to stay behind and take a later flight.

Gigi tells Rex that their flight is boarding. He asks her if the famous Morasco is scared. She admits that she does not know how Shane is going to handle their new “decision.” He replies that he is their kid. Both of theirs.

Tess is alone in the house asking herself just what type of leverage she has against Tina. She then recalls that Tina is protective of her dog, and of Sarah. But she then recalls one very weird observation she had of Tina. Tina seemed to know something about the safe in the living room. At that point, Natalie enters the house.

Todd returns from talking to Tess. He goes to see Marty. She tells him that she has given a lot of thought to his suggestion that she helps him raise the baby. And she has made a decision.

At the bar, Blair dedicates her song to “a special friend.” She sings about how it’s hard to trust her heart again. But she believes that things would work if he knew her heart.

At the airport, a guy meets with Cristian about taking another flight. He leads Cristian onto the boarding gate. But at that point, when they are alone and unseen, thugs attack Cristian, chloroform him, and drag him off.

At the bar, Layla tells Michael that there is music playing, and they must dance. He tells her he is not comfortable dancing. He can remove a gall bladder and be comfortable doing any surgery, but he feels awkward dancing. But she tells him she will not take, "no" for an answer.

When John is with Blair, he gets a call from Officer Fish (the guy from Cherryfield, whom he’s asked to uncover the “mysterious woman” at Todd’s home). He tells Blair that they might be able to uncover Todd’s secret.

Right then, there is a computer imagine that looks just like Marty on Fish’s desk.

Marty reminds Todd that she told him she does not know the first thing about raising a child. But she does know that it’s not always perfect. When one is a shrink, they have to take a tough situation and know how to act on it. But when he first presented to her the idea of bringing Starr’s baby into the house, she, kind of, panicked. She believes that it is very impractical. She’s thought of a million reasons why it doesn’t make any sense. Hearing that, Todd drops his head afraid that she is refusing him. But she tells him that she has thrown that out the window and decided, "Who cares?" She concludes that she would be honored to help him raise his daughter’s baby.

Alone in the locked room in the basement with her dog, Tina tells him that they have to stay strong and not panic. And they are going to beat Tess at her own sick game.

Upstairs, Tess gets into the safe and uncovers the jewels that Tina has kept. She smirks, and confirms that Tina has “been naughty.” Natalie enters and gets a call from Jared. He tells her he loves her. She smiles, and tells him she loves him, too. Natalie then enters the room, and wonders what she has just walked into to notice “Jess” in the safe. She asks her “sister” what on earth is going on. 

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