OLTL Update Wednesday 9/3/08

One Life to Live Update Wednesday 9/3/08


Written By Jeannie
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita

Proofread by Melanie

Tina finds Jessica and her workman in the basement. She asks what all the stuff is for. Jessica turns and orders the workman out. He leaves and Tina presses Jessica for answers. Jessica says Tina ruined the surprise for her.

Marcie sees Michael at the hospital as she is ready to take childbirth classes with Starr and Blair. They talk about being a family. Marcie sees this baby as her only chance at a child. Mike says he always thought that together they were a family. Marcie wonít change her mind. In childbirth class Blair and Starr listen to the teacher as Todd watches from the door.

Langston asks why Cole showed up when he did, when Starr is usually home. He admits he was hoping to see Starr.

At class they watch slides about the baby. Starr turns and sees Todd.

John talks to Fish about working on enhancing the video of the woman taken from Ramseyís house so he can see who she is.

Marty talks to Janet about her amnesia while she does a crossword puzzle. Janet says how about a four letter word for evil doer and suggests physical therapy. Marty asks about changing diapers, and Janet asks how close have her and Todd gotten.

In the basement Jessica opens the door and tells Tina this room is for her. Tina is confused.  Jessica explains, just saying she was sorry wouldnít have solved her problem. This room in the basement will give them both space. She wants Tina to live down there.

Fish works on the video.

Marty laughs and says sheís not pregnant. She tells her what Todd said about getting Starrís baby. Janet is surprised.

Starr points Todd out to Blair and he walks in and stares at Starr and Blair. The instructor asks if she can help him, and he says ďNo, you may not.Ē

Janet and Marty talk about the baby.

Starr asks why he is there. Todd wants to talk to Starr. Blair says thereís a restraining order against him and tells the teacher to call security. Todd says he just wanted to say his piece.

Cole says he wants to go as far away as possible. Langston talks to him about Starr. She says he still loves her. Langston tells him everything Starr is going through and how everything still reminds her of him. Cole asks Langston if Starr is having second thoughts. Langston says, "No." Cole says he was also feeling guilty for when they were at the country club. He did something dumb. He says his mom would be really disappointed.

Janet says Marty is doing well but still confined to bed. Why does she think Todd asked her to take care of the baby. Marty says itís because she understands what it is like not to have a family. Todd lost his family. So she will do anything she can to help.

Cole tells Langston about seeing Starr at the club and how Karen and the other kids came up and started saying things to her about the pregnancy. Starr says that he had rather been with Karen than her, and he went to Karen and came on to her. Langston hits him and yells at him for being a jerk and hurting Starr like that.

Todd tells Starr heís sorry.

Jessica asks Tina, "Isnít the room beautiful." If she moves down there, sheíll have privacy. Tina asks about the shelves on the door and the glass wall. Tina doesnít get it, and Jessica pretends to be hurt that sheís not appreciating it. Tina says that she has a great idea. Since Jessica likes it so much, why doesnít she move in there?

Jessica says she has Bree. Tina looks into the other room and says itís not fit for anyone to live in. Tina tells her about the secret room that was downstairs that Nikki built and used when she kidnapped Dorian. Tina said there was a glass wall in that room too, so Nikki could watch Dorian suffer. Tina stops for a moment, and then says, "Youíre Tess."

Fish works on the picture. John gives him the x-rays. He says she had a fractured skull and spinal injuries. John says that Michael agreed, and the woman might not remember her old life.

Janet tells Marty that she knows she is grateful to Todd, but donít let that be a reason. She will have her own life to get back to sometime, so why should she get so involved now.

Cole admits he did the wrong thing. Cole says the two minutes he spent with Karen made him feel even lonelier.

Janet says Marty will get her life back. Her recovery is encouraging. She says Ramsey pulled her from the van before it blew up, and she will never forget him. She says she never felt a personal connection with Lee; with Todd it's different.

Blair asks Todd what he is sorry for. The teacher tells the class to take five. Todd says when he lost Samís custody in court today, he realized some things. Starr didnít know the court date was today, and Blair explains she didnít want to upset her. Todd says he blames himself for everything now, not Marcie or Michael. Blair tells Starr that Todd was supposed to go to anger management and cooperate with child services, but he hasnít done either. Blair says, "Whatís new now?"

Janet guesses Marty thinks she found herself a new family.

Todd says he went to see a shrink after he left court, and she helped him understand some things. Todd says Sam is the reason for everything he has done. He realizes a child is not a piece of property but is someone to be loved and appreciated. Maybe the best thing to do, is to save him from him (Todd). He says Starr having a baby is his fault. Marcie would not be his first choice, but Sam turned out okay. Marcie would be an excellent mother to the grandchild.

Marty says Todd is the only family she has. She says when John McBain came after her, Todd protected her. Janet says she hid in the bed when John came in.

Fish hedges about forensic being an art and keeping things under wraps. He asks who this woman could be.

Marty says Toddís ex-wife really hurt him, so Toddís not ready for a relationship. Janet asks what about her. She thinks Todd has a crush on her. Marty says she is grateful. Todd is attractive, and that broken sad thing he does makes her want to reach out. Janet agrees he is a really sexy man. They laugh.

Blair agrees Marcy will be an excellent mother. She asks what Toddís angle is now. He says he lost everything he cared for, including her. Todd says he doesnít care about Blair anymore, but he does care about his kids. He tells Starr if giving the baby to Marcy is the best thing, he wonít fight her on it. He leaves. The room applauds.

Jessica denies being Tess. She says if Tina doesnít want the room she doesnít have to take it. Tina suggests going upstairs and having a little snack. Jessica says no. Tina says you are Tess. Jessica smiles. Tina asks what she is going to do to her.

Jessica says Tina will wish she got her head chopped off back in Mendorra after she sees what Tess will do to her. "Jessica" (Tess) starts yelling that she warned her not to come down in the basement. Tina tries to send her dog for help, but David Vickers just sits there.

John tells Fish itís personal.

Todd comes in to find Marty and Janet laughing. Janet leaves, and Todd talks to Marty about raising Starrís baby. He tells her Starr wants him to have the baby.

Marcy asks what that was really about. Starr thinkís Todd is sincere. Blair doesnít believe him. Starr defends him, but Blair says they will just see. Starr doesnít want to come back to class. The baby kicks, and Starr goes to the bathroom. Marcie asks if Toddís apology is a big lie, and Blair says, "Yes." Marcie asks what he is going to try now.

Todd asks if Marty is going to help him raise the family.

Tina picks up her dog and says they are leaving. Tina says she is not about to let them become victims to a nut job like her. Jessica/Tess moves quickly and locks her in. Tina fights with the door as "Jessica" (Tess) laughs.

Langston says that Cole loves Starr and canít live without her, so whatís the problem. Cole says she already knows what the problem is. She tells him he has to forgive her. Starr walks in.

Marty says she canít get out of bed and never had a baby. Todd says it doesnít matter. She will still be a help.

Langston makes an excuse and leaves. Cole says he came to see Langston and was just leaving. They say, "Bye," and he leaves.

John brings Fish snacks and soda. He asks how long it will take. His phone rings and it is Blair. She invites John to Capricorn. He says he is busy, and she promises him a private performance later. They say, "Goodbye." Fish says, "Tell me you did not just turn down a date." He tells John to go concentrate on the woman on the phone, and let him take care of the one on the screen.

Marty is touched Todd asked her to take care of the baby. They are interrupted when the phone rings, and it is Jessica. She demands he come over now and help her with a little problem. He can hear Tina yelling in the background. 

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