OLTL Update Tuesday 9/2/08

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 9/2/08


Written By   Jennifer S.
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita
Proofread by Melanie

While Tess is having her “private consultation” with her crooked contractor, discussing her “private plan,” Bo enters. She is caught off-guard not expecting a visit from her uncle and former police commissioner. After talking to John and hearing his concern that “Jessica” might be involved in some sort of “crooked operation” and in cahoots with Todd, Bo comes to find out what is going on with his niece. She greets him happily and graciously, playing Jessica and revealing no signs of “Tess." Bo notices this strange man alone with her in the living room and all of his equipment including cables and wires. He asks her what is going on. She doesn’t seem to know how to answer that. Not far away, in Viki’s home, Tina and her dog are wondering what “Jessica’s” big secret is.

Blair goes to the station to talk to John.

After Todd returns form his unsuccessful custody hearing for Sam, where the judge has ruled in Blair’s favor and told him there’s no way he will get custody of his child, Marty asks him how it went. He informs her that it did not go in his favor. But there is one “positive” outcome that happened. He has persuaded Starr not to give her child up for adoption. Hearing that, Marty asks if that means that Starr will raise the baby. Todd tells her, "No." In response to that, Marty asks if Starr is not giving her baby up for adoption nor raising it herself, then who will? Todd replies, that he will. He informs her that he has convinced his daughter that her baby is a Manning and will be raised as a Manning.

Meanwhile, Starr is at the Ob-Gyn clinic looking at brochures about different options for pregnancy. She is ready to meet with Marcie.

While Tina is in the kitchen at Viki's home, with her dog and trying to find out what Jessica’s big secret is, Roxy walks in unexpectedly. She notices Tina’s dog. Tina asks whom she is. Roxy informs Tina that she is a "close personal friend” of the family.

At the station, John asks Blair if she wants to go and grab some lunch. She tells him that she would like to but has to meet Starr at the hospital. She tells him that she knows that he wants to hear all about what is going on. She will tell him but must now get back to work, and she leaves. Alone in his office, John resumes his “work."

Todd smiles when he informs Marty that he will adopt Starr’s baby. She wonders why he is so happy. She knows he must not be too thrilled with having to lose his own children. First he loses Starr and Jack, and then he gets denied custody of Sam. But he tells her that things are all right, and he feels like celebrating. She asks him how both Starr and Blair are with his “plan” to raise Starr’s baby. He tells her that nobody needs to worry about that. He tells Marty that they have all come to realize that Marcie McBain would be the “mother from hell.”

Marcie enters the hospital and runs into Michael. She tells her husband that she has some mail for him at their apartment. He tells her, "That’s great." He is not certain where he would stay long term. They both attempt to be cordial and not argue but agree that they are not getting back together. At that point, Starr enters and tells Michael that she is glad he is there. She wants to talk to him and to Marcie. Michael looks at her and reveals that he is uncomfortable.

Meanwhile, Langston is in the living room, online, looking at a website about genealogy. At that point, Cole enters. Assuming he is there to see Starr, she informs him that Starr is not there. He then informs her that he is actually there for her.

After Bo notices the mysterious cable that “Jessica” has her contractor working with, she attempts to explain to him what is going on. She knows she cannot answer his questions, so she asks the contractor to let her talk to her uncle alone. She tells Bo she wants to catch up with him and find out all about his recent trip and what he has been doing recently. But he tells her that he would rather find out what she has been up to recently.

After Roxy finds out that Tina is Sarah’s mom, she tells her that she thinks that Sarah is really amazing to have gotten Snoop Dog at Rex’s party. She gives Tina a manicure and talks about her son’s bachelor party. She admits that she did not raise her kids the way a responsible mother would have, and she has not done too many good things in her life. Hearing that, Tina asks Roxy why she was so hard on herself. She tells Roxy that she seems like a delightful woman. Roxy then admits to Tina that she pulled a really nasty scam on Tina’s sister, Viki. She kept Natalie away from Viki for years and passed her off as her own daughter. She also manipulated many men to marry her. Hearing that, Tina does not judge Roxy harshly. She admits that she has used and scammed many men, also, and she has kidnapped a baby and kept it from his rightful family. She tells Roxy she can top what Roxy says she’s done that is bad. Roxy then admits to Tina that she has been a terrible mother.

John is busy investigating Todd’s little secret and whom this mysterious woman might be whom he is hiding in his home.

Todd talks to Marty, knowing she will buy into anything and everything he says. He informs her that Marcie McBain kidnapped his child, Sam. She will not get custody of him any more than Todd will. She held a gun on Todd’s sister. She got into lots of trouble, and now she wants to adopt Starr’s baby. He happens to know that that cannot happen. Hearing that, Marty asks him why anybody would even consider such a “terrible person” as this Marcie McBain character as a fit parent for Starr’s child. He informs Marty that the social worker told Todd’s lawyer that she believes that Sam is permanently damaged after what Marcie did. But hearing that, Marty can tell that Todd may not be telling the truth and that his story may not sound credible nor consistent.

At Viki’s, Bo informs Jessica that John McBain informed him that she had a scare about her pregnancy when he found her at Todd’s home. Hearing that, she tells him that he need not be worried. She was overreacting. She wishes that everybody would not fuss over her. She makes an effort to be the “polite" "Jessica”, but tells Bo that she wishes that John McBain would stop meddling in her affairs. Bo then asks his niece if John is incorrect with his suspicions that she might have a little secret going on with Todd Manning.

Right then, John is looking at surveillance photos of Todd’s home.

Todd discusses with Marty that he has had to convince many people who doubted and suspected him. He has finally convinced his daughter that he can provide a home for her unborn baby.

After Michael meets with Marcie and Starr at the hospital, he tells them that he still is not on board with their plan for he and Marcie to adopt Starr’s baby.

Starr goes to the coffee shop and meets her mother. Blair asks her daughter what happened to her meeting with Marcie. Starr tells her mother that she ran into Dr. McBain at the hospital and “kind of” told him that she wanted him to be there with her and Marcie when the baby was born. And he did not go for that. Blair tells Starr that she knows that she can work things out. But Starr tells her mother that she really believes that it’s a disgrace that she is pregnant at 16 and under the present circumstances. She wishes that Marcie and Michael could just have the baby instead of her. That way they would not be at odds nor separated. She’s afraid that everybody will see her as the “negative example,” as the teenage girl who got pregnant, and whose boyfriend left her.

Cole talks to Langston about what he’s going to do now that he has lost both of his parents and his baby and now Starr. She tells him that she does not judge him harshly and encourages her to get back with Starr. But he indicates that Starr may not understand his situation since she has a family. Langston, on the other hand, has something in common with him with two deceased parents. And she might be the only person who will understand his situation.

Roxy cries when she talks to Tina. Tina encourages her to believe it cannot be as bad as she thinks. But Roxy tells her that she lied to Rex throughout her entire life. Recently she had him falsely believing that a man was not his real father. Rex got really attached to this one guy and wanted him to be his father. She believes that the truth is so overrated, and she’s afraid if she tells Rex the truth and not what he wants to hear, he will never get over it. Hearing that, Tina tells Roxy she is not alone. At least Roxy wants to get involved in her son’s life. Tina has abandoned both of her kids. She came back not long ago. Thank God that Sarah is finally talking to her. But she still hasn’t a clue where her son is. At least Roxy knows where her children are. Roxy then asks Tina why she is doing this. Tina asks her what she means. Roxy replies that Tina is making her feel better by beating herself up.

After Bo inquires to “Jessica” if she is guilty of what John might be suspicious of, she tells him that she resents John judging her. He asks her if, maybe, she is keeping a secret for her Uncle Todd. She attempts to play "Jessica,”  but she tells Bo that she is pregnant and raising a two-year-old. The last thing she has any interest in is participating in one of Todd’s ridiculous schemes. She indicates that he wishes that all of them would stop doing what nosy, suspicious cops do. Bo can see that she is not like the Jessica he knows.

Cole and Langston talk about how the two of them have more in common than either of them have with Starr.

Blair tells Starr that she and Cole may be temporarily broken up. Many couples do. Cole might be mad at her because she’s giving up the baby. But she believes that once the baby is born, Cole might realize that Starr is doing what is best for it.

At the hospital, Michael asks Marcie if the only way their marriage can have meaning is if they have a baby. Of all of the babies in the universe whom they could adopt, it has to be the grandchild of Todd Manning. Marcie then reminds her husband that there is no other baby in the universe whom she can adopt. But he reminds her what Todd will do in order to prevent them from believing they have a "snowball’s chance in hell" of adopting Starr’s baby.

Meanwhile, Todd tells Marty that he believes that he has his plan covered. But hearing that, she seems to have her doubts. He smiles and tells her that he has never had to take care of a baby by himself. He realizes he may not be able to take care of this one without help from somebody. But now he realizes that she is the perfect person to help him raise Starr’s baby. Hearing that, Marty asks him how he thinks she could help him with a baby when she can barely stand up. Todd seems to be confident that she is a woman with the “right equipment” and all that it takes to raise a baby. He tells her that he, and she, and the little baby could be a little family. Hearing that, she laughs. He tells her that he is not proposing marriage to her or anything, but he believes that the two of them could “give it a whirl." She tells him she hasn’t the first clue about how to be a parent. He tells her that he knows that they are both smart people and can figure it out. He then leaves her room. Alone, she admits that she has doubts.

After Cole reveals to Langston that he is done with Starr and feels closer to her, she angrily tells him that she does not want to encourage him to break up with Starr. Starr needs him.

Blair accompanies Starr to her birthing class. The instructor greets Starr and asks her how her boyfriend is. Starr then, awkwardly, answers that there is no boyfriend. Blair then tells the instructor that she is Starr’s mother and is going to be her coach in the class.

Marcie and Michael then debate the whole situation about what it would be like if they raised Starr’s baby. Marcie tells Michael she has to get going and join Starr and Blair at the birthing class.

Bo leaves the house after talking to “Jessica." He tells her that he misses Nash, too. He will be there for her, but he hopes that she will not let Todd Manning talk her into anything that is not in her best interest. She continues to make nice and play Jessica. But as soon as Bo is out the door, she rolls her eyes and admits that she is so tired of family. Right then, her contractor enters and is ready to resume business with her. Tina and Roxy are in the other room developing a friendship. Tess then leads the contractor into the basement. He neglects to close the door and Tina’s dog follows them.

John calls the Cherryville cop, whom Talia worked with, who seems to want to do whatever he is asked to do. He asks the guy if he can help him with the surveillance photos he has of Todd’s new place.

Marty is alone in her bedroom, not knowing what to do with Todd’s plan for the two of them to raise Starr’s baby together.

Cole and Langston talk about the situation but disagree with what he should do in regards to Starr’s plan to give the baby to Marcie and Michael.

Right then, the birthing class takes place. Starr sits with the group surrounded by Blair and Marcie. Todd appears outside the door and looks at them through the window. He observes them coldly.

At Viki’s home, Tina realizes that her dog is missing and goes after him. She then notices that the door to the basement is open. Unknown to Tess or to Leo (the crooked contractor), the dog has wandered down into the basement. Tina goes and finds him and overhears their conversation. She knows they have some sort of secret and asks them, What is up?" They cannot answer that question. 

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