OLTL Update Friday 8/29/08

One Life to Live Update Friday 8/29/08


Written By Jennifer S.

Blair is getting ready to go to trial to fight Todd for custody of Sam. Dorian encourages her to know that she has nothing to worry about. His home is with her. And who is the only person who can say differently? Todd. And who would listen to a word he says?

While Todd is with Marty, he is able to notice that she is concerned about something. She asks him what if his niece informs John McBain that she is there?

At the station, John has asked Bo if he is ready and willing to do his job even if it might involve getting his niece, Jessica in trouble. Hearing that, Bo asks John what his niece might have to do with whether he does his job. John admits that he believes that Jessica could know more than she is saying about the woman whom they believe could be hiding at Todd’s home.

At that point, Tina is in the house wondering what Jessica’s big secret is involving the locked basement.

John tells Bo that he knows that Jessica knows some secret that Todd is keeping.

While Tess is ready to meet with the contractor whom she is paying to “remodel” the basement, Tina catches her and asks if she needs anything.

In the other room, Natalie tells Jared that he better call Clint and tell him he will not go through with helping him “disarm” Dorian by doing something that could hurt Langston. But he tells her it’s too late. Clint has already booked his flight for him and has committed Jared to go on his mission. She is infuriated to learn that it has already been planned without anybody so much as giving her a heads up and asks him why he would go to Columbia, South America in order to screw up some young girl’s life. Hearing that, he asks her why she is being so “holier than thou” At that point, they are overheard by Jessica, Tina and the contractor in the other room. The contractor asks if this is a bad time and if he should leave. Jessica tells him no. She announces that she might want to see what “the love birds” are up to. While Natalie reminds Jared that they are both responsible for what happened to Nash, “Jessica” enters, making certain not to reveal that she is Tess.

In response to John’s telling Bo that he believes that Jessica is keeping a secret for Todd, Bo responds that he realizes that his niece might have a “soft spot” for Todd and feel sorry for the guy since he lost his family. He also remarks that he finds it more that a bit odd that Jessica would be inviting Natalie and Jared of all people to move in with her back to Viki’s home after all that has happened. But he knows, beyond any doubt that his niece is no criminal. And, Bo reminds John, anybody can see that Todd Manning is a master manipulator with getting what he wants. He may be “playing” Jessica and she might be falling for it. Bo reflects that grief can make people do many things. But, he realizes, it does not change who one is. He tells John that maybe since Todd has lost his wife and kids, and Viki is away, Todd might be “clinging” to the one person who does not see him as the devil incarnate.

Awaiting the custody hearing, Blair tells Dorian that she knows that Sam recognizes her as his mom. And the judge will have to see that. Dorian asks her if she really believes that she will be able to have the judge grant her guardianship of Sam. She also inquires if her niece is ok with having Margaret Cochran’s child in her home. Blair tells her aunt of course. Hearing that, Dorian concludes that Blair is meant to be a mom to Sam just like she is meant to be a mom to Langston.

After Marty inquires to Todd if he believes it’s possible that his niece will let John know that she is there, he assures her that “Jessica” would never do that. She is Marty’s friend. Marty then tells Todd that she wants to get stronger and be able to return to society. He smiles at her and sounds like he wants to encourage her to do that.

Alone with Sam, Dorian tells him that a family is made up of people who choose to love you. She tells the toddler that Blair chose to love him the same way that she chose to love Langston. She smiles and confirms to him that now Langston is a Cramer through and through. At that point, Langston enters and tells Dorian that she is not a Cramer. She is still a Wilde.

When Blair enters the courtroom, she asks the child service case worker if there is going to be any doubt that she should have custody of Sam. Nobody could believe that Todd is fit to have custody of him. Hearing that, the case worker tells Blair that this is not about Blair nor about Todd. This is about what is in Sam’s best interest. In response to that, Blair tells her that anybody should be able to see that it is not in Sam’s best interest to live with Todd.

Meanwhile, Todd informs Marty that he has to leave and get to court. She asks him what is going on. He informs her that he has to go to court so that he can get custody of his child. He doesn’t seem really worried about the outcome, however. Maybe having Sam living with him would only open the door to having people more likely to find Marty there.

Tess enters to talk to Natalie and Jared after overhearing their heated argument. She carefully plays Jessica and asks her sister what is up. Natalie informs her that their father has put Jared up to going on a “business trip” to South America that obviously involves some dirty business. Hearing that, “Jessica” asks if that means that Clint finally trusts Jared again. Natalie replies that it’s a “test” and she is completely against it. Tess then tells them if they want her opinion, she thinks Jared should go.

John informs Bo that when he went to Todd’s home, Jessica was there. The two of them made it clear that they had some sort of secret. And in an attempt to distract the cops and stall them in an attempt to prevent them from finding something in a locked bedroom at Todd’s home, both Todd and Jessica conveniently drew attention to Jessica having contractions. Hearing that, Bo tells John that he could not imagine his niece faking pregnancy contractions in order to help Todd break the law. John tells Bo he doesn’t want to believe it either. But it was a little “too coincidental” that Todd knew when it would happen. And Jessica joked about it as if it was not really happening.

After Natalie informs “Jessica” that she will not accept the fact that Clint is sending Jared on a mission in South America, she tells her sister that she doesn’t see what is wrong with it. But Natalie is not only angry at Jared for wanting to “stoop so low” in a desperate attempt to get back into Clint’s good graces. She cannot believe that Jessica, of all people would approve of Jared doing something like that. At that point, Tina enters and asks “Jessica” what the contractor is doing down in the basement and why the door remains locked.. Tess eyes her coldly.

After Langston walks in to hear Dorian telling Sam that she (Langston) is a Cramer, and hearing Langston’s response that she is a Wilde, Dorian tells her foster daughter that they found and chose each other. And that means more to her than biology. But Langston tells Dorian that blood lineage and DNA do mean something. Dorian tells Langston that she realizes that and does admire her parents and what they did in their lives. But she tells her that she will always have a family with Dorian’s family regardless.

Todd enters the courtroom and demands that his lawyer does whatever he needs to do so that Todd can get his kid back.

In response to Tina’s question of why the contractor is doing “work” in the basement with the door locked, Jessica tells her that he is remodeling. And the door is locked for safety. She does not want Bree wandering down there. And, she adds with a sarcastic tone, something could happen to Tina’s “beloved little puppy”. Natalie then informs her sister and aunt that she and Jared were having a discussion. Jared tells Natalie that he wishes she would support him in what he intends to do. She tells him that she is completely against it and will not be ok with it.

Langston tells Dorian that her parents always told her that she had no “extended family” They wee both only children and both of their parents were dead. But she got this premonition that there might be somebody else out there. And she got that from a “funky source”. And that was Madam Delphina. She asks Dorian if she knows anything about that.

At the station, a guy comes to get a signature from John. It involves the death of Ramsey.

At the court hearing, Blair’s lawyer tells the court that Sam has come to know the home that Blair and her family are providing for him as his own. He is happy and growing and developing and sleeping well. Even though this may not be a “traditional” family, she believes that Ms. Cramer has proven that she is a better parent than many blood families are. Todd raises objections. His lawyer asks him to shut up. But he protests that the court must realize that Blair is only a temporary guardian. At that point, the judge reveals what his verdict might very well be by telling Todd he is hardly fit to judge anybody’s worthiness as a parent. And if he cares about Sam, he will listen to what they are about to reveal about Blair’s parenting skills.

After Langston reveals to Dorian that her fortune teller told her that there might be more extended family out there, Dorian tells Langston that Delphina is very good. But she doesn’t know everything. She encourages Langston to know that she and Blair and Starr and Cassie and Adriana are all her family. Hearing that, Langston smiles.

In the courtroom, the judge seems to know all of Todd’s recent crimes. He reminds Todd’s lawyer that Todd transported his infant child without a safety seat and had an accident. The lawyer protests that his client is getting counseling and attending traffic safety classes. The judge also reminds him that Todd Manning endangered his own daughter and several other teenagers, the lawyer protests that his client was merely concerned about his daughter’s safety when she ran away form home with her boyfriend. But the judge tells the lawyer that Todd has not changed any of his behaviors. He must attend anger management. He is not going anywhere near the child until some major changes occur and that is not any time soon. He tells the court that they are adjourned. Todd then gets up and informs his lawyer that he is fired. Blair’s lawyer congratulates her. Blair then addresses Todd and tells him she is sorry. He reminds her that he has now taken all of his kids away form him. He asks her if that makes her feel “warm and tingly”. She then asks him what has happened to him.

Natalie goes with Jared to the airport. He asks her what he has to say or do in order to make this ok for her. She tells him short of canceling it, nothing. But she kisses him goodbye. She admits that she loves him and he is a part of her now. She admits that she could not take it if something were to happen to him. But he tells her that he cannot let things go on like this. Nash is dead because of him. He is very fortunate not to have gone to jail for that. So now he must make things right. Dorian Lord stole her family’s business from them. He feels very much responsible for that. And if he can help her dad get back what he lost, it might be worth something.

Alone in the house, Jessica makes certain that the contractor sneaks around and locks the door so that nobody can notice what he is doing. She reminds him that she is certain that he has no ethics. He need not be concerned about the fact that she is keeping secrets, hiding and spying upon her family. It’s none of his business. He better shut up and get back to work. At that point, she leads him into the other room where there is a safe. But Tina follows and spies upon them. And when she sees him reaching into the safe, she gasps that he cannot go in there. That’s where the jewels are kept.

In response to Todd telling Blair that she has taken everything and everybody from him, she tells him she does not want to do this. She asks if he thinks she wants to raise one more child? It’s a big responsible for her. She has her doubts and realizes she is by no means a perfect parent. But she must do something for Sam and for her other kids until he gets his act together. She also informs him that she took Starr to get an ultrasound the other day. She knows that their daughter is 16 and completely not ready to raise a child. But none of it would have happened if he had not been so selfish and stubborn and insistent on having everything his way without regard to anybody or anything else. She tells Todd that he is not going to get his family back by pulling any scheme like he’s always done before. He needs to get his act together. And then maybe some day, he can get his kids back. Hearing that, Todd walks out the door angrily.

At the airport, when Jared is ready to go, he tells Natalie he hopes that she never forgets him. She tells him that she not going anywhere. She is with him for better or for worse. If he leaves her, she is going with him. But she is serious. She does not want him to do anything that will hurt Langston or himself. He tells her he’s got it. And he kisses her goodbye.

At that house, after Tina has walks in and exclaimed that she does not want Jessica or the contractor reaching into the safe where she’s stashed the jewels, she knows that Jessica will ask her what her issue is with that. She does not know how to answer that.. Tess then closes the door so that she can talk privately to the contractor. They arrange for him to complete the work in the timeframe and under the circumstances that she wants. At that point, out of the blue, Bo enters, greets Jessica and asks her what is going on. Right away, he knows it is not like his niece to be too distracted to welcome him home after he’s been away and missed by everybody. And she does not know what to say to her uncle.

At the station, John goes through the things that the guy brought to him that belonged to Ramsey. He notices that Ramsey had a security camera. And he asks forensics to investigate it.

Todd returns from his court hearing and informs Marty that he lost. She tells him she is so sorry. But he is not upset. He smiles and tells her that one good thing came of all of this. Starr has decided that she will not give up her baby. Hearing that, Marty asks if that means that Starr is going to raise the baby. Todd tells her no. He smiles and beams and obviously has a plan. She asks if Starr is not going to give the baby up for adoption and not going to raise it herself, then who will? IN response to that, Todd tells her: “yours truly”.

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