OLTL Update Thursday 8/28/08

One Life to Live Update Thursday 8/28/08


Written By Jennifer S.

While together, Gigi and Rex are living in the present and ready to enter the Bon Jour Cafe. They wonder what they will do now. He informs her that he was having a “dream” where he was at the Bon Jour Café. But that’s not what it was called. Hearing that, she said as long as it served pie, there wouldn’t be much difference.. He informs her that in his “dream”, he saw a lot of different people in a different type of establishment than the Bon Jour Café. He saw a kid who looked like Shane who had behavioral problems. Hearing that, she tells him that “this kid” must have needed a “time out”. Rex then asks Gigi how she raised a kid by herself. He admits that he hasn’t a clue what it’s like to be a dad since he did not have a dad.

When Bo returns to Llanview he goes to the station and touches base with John. John informs him that he is investigating Todd Manning. Hearing that, Bo remarks that John is now “the commish”. But John tells Bo that only he (Bo) is. And he (himself) was only there temporary to warm up the seat.

At Viki’s, Todd informs Tess that his sister Tina remarked that “Jessica’s” behavior is completely unlike the Jessica she knows. And that “Jessica” had a problem with anybody going down into the basement. He tells her that if she really has no secrets, then she won’t mind if he goes down and has a look.

Meanwhile, Tina looks at a news cast from Mendorra about the big “scandal” involving the new monarchy. And sure enough, they show Talia noticing that her husband is having an “affair”. And it’s with non other than her father.

Rex reminds Gigi that even if they do declare their love and the fact that he is Shane’s father, he will have some real shoes to fill, with Lieutenant Brody as his dad. She tells him that that has been her fault. And she is going to let Shane see his real father. They kiss. At that point, they notice Noelle and Mo (looking like themselves in the present) noticing them and telling them they must get a room. Rex observes Mo and tells him that he liked him better when he “had more hair" (when he played his long haired hippy father, Jeremiah)

Meanwhile, Jared, Charlie and Natalie go to Carlotta’s burned down diner and tell her they know how to get her all the compensation for her loss. She tells them that this is only a “place” with “things” that can be replaced. But what Antonio is going through now is far more important.

From Mendorra, reporters and camera people demand to know how it is that Carlo Hesser and Jonas Chamberlain are homosexual. Talia “plays along” and cries about how her father and husband have betrayed her. From behind the scenes, Antonio, Cristian and Sarah watch gleefully, knowing that those two men will no longer have power in Mendorra. Tina watches from the television and covers her eyes. She remarks that that is “Gross”, “too much information”. And she concludes that that must be the reason why Jonas never made a pass at her.

Outside in the other room, Tess warns Todd if he demands that she lets him look in the basement, she can easily go and enlighten Marty that he raped her. He wouldn’t want that. Would he?

At the station, John asks BO if the reason he is not fighting to get his old job back is because of how he got overthrown by Ramsey. Even if he’s dead, there’s some sort of secret that died with Ramsey that nobody can uncover. Bo tells John that is only part of the reason. It’s also in part because of losing Lindsay and also because of his father’s death.

In response to Tess’s “inquiry” about Marty, Todd tells her that he has taken a lot better care of Marty than John McBain has. And they both realize that they are dependent upon the other not to both get into trouble.

At the diner, Jared tells Carlotta that he and his father have an opportunity to restore the place. She tells him that there are many things that she would like to change. But she has not yet gotten enough money from the insurance settlement. Charlie then reminds her that there might be ways around that. Carlotta and Charlie go off together. When Jared and Natalie are alone, he informs her that he had a meeting with her father. And they have a “plan”. He does not tell her what it is in regard to, however.

Meanwhile, Langston and Markko are enjoying being together by the pool. He puts lotion on her. He reminds her that he sees enough rich and snotty people who believe that he is what they scrape off their overpriced sandals. He has to be the cabana boy and pay for his own tuition without a rich family to support him. She makes a joke that he is cabana boy by day and a macho dude by night. He then talks about how all of the rich girls get hot when they see him. Hearing that, she tells him that if he is so great and attracting all of these girls, she does not “need” him for any help with anything. Right at that moment, Madam Delphina enters and tells them she better not be so certain about that.

After Natalie hears that Jared and her father have some sort of “plan” that he won’t tell her, she instantly assumes it must be something unethical and illegal. And she demands to know what it is. He then replies that Clint wants him to go after Dorian’s teenage foster daughter, Langston.

At the Bon Jour Café, Mo and Noelle indicate to Rex that they are very protective of Gigi. They know that he is currently legally married and abandoned Gigi many years ago. They remind him that Gigi has had to raise her child all alone and all. Rex then assures them that he knows that Gigi is the woman he loves and he will be there for her. And, at that point, Mo explains how he inherited this place from his father.

In Mendorra, Talia gets on the set and tells the reporters that her father and husband have done a terrible thing. Her husband would not consummate the marriage. Her father wanted to pull off a scam to have her marry Jonas. And everybody buys the whole thing. Tina watches from the television in Viki’s living room and gleefully says: “You go, girl”.

Todd tells Tess he happens to know that there are very suspicious circumstances involving how Natalie’s brakes failed. He knows that she blames Natalie and Jared for Nash’s death and wants them dead.

After Jared informs Natalie what Clint is putting him up to doing in regard to Langston, she tells him that that is unforgivable. She would like to get into his father’s good graces. But there is no excuse for either he or Clint doing something that would hurt a teenage girl.

At that point, Madam Delphina warns Langston that she might be “in danger” . And she needs money from her and from Markko in order to tell them what is in their future.

Jared tells Natalie that he believes that Clint has every right to do whatever he needs to do in order to defeat Dorian. And he has no business judging Clint for unethical behavior. He has done the same thing, himself. He has perpetrated fraud, ruined Clint’s company and his family and is responsible for the death of Nash. She reminds him that they have dropped the charges against him. And her father has no business asking Jared to be his “task boy” in an event like this. He protests that he does not intend to hurt this girl, Langston. He only wants to use a little threat tactic that might force Dorian’s hand to give Natalie’s father his business back. But she protests that Langston is a 16 year old girl. And she asks him just exactly that her father wants Jared to do to her.

While Madam Delphina finds Langston and Carlos, she (the fortune teller) tells him that she knows what his name was on his birth certificate. He admits that his real name is Geraldo. But he changed it to Markko, after the stunt driver. Langston is then very impressed that this stranger would know his real name. She seems to know that it is both a blessing and a curse.

After Todd tells Tess he knows she wants revenge upon both Jared and Natalie, she asks him why she would not blame them both for what happened to Nash. He reminds her that it may have merely been an accident. She then asks him if his raping Natalie was merely a “mistake” where he said “oops” and slipped. She knows that she can get him in trouble. At that point he pushes her up against the wall and slaps her and asks if Jessica is anywhere in there.

While John and Bo are talking at the station, the Mayor enters and tells John that he better not let “this man" (Bo) in this office. He has disgraced his office. John tells the mayor he better give Bo his job back or else he will get on the news and reveal to everybody what the mayor and Ramsey did to this town.

In Mendorra, Talia tells the reporters and her father and husband that they have hurt her. They snuck around behind her back and did not even “come out”. At that point, they terminate the news coverage so that Tina cannot see it. Yet more reporter ask more questions. And one of the guards “confirms” that he caught Carlo and Jonas together yet had to keep their secret. Everybody believes them. Carlos then tells Talia and her friends that he will have them all locked up for what they did. He demands that the guards come and inflict revenge upon them. But the guards don’t seem to want to obey him. Privately, Carlo ask Talia how she could have done something like this to her father after he made her queen. She replies that she is merely returning a favor. She never wanted to be queen in the first place and begged him not to make her marry Jonas. But he didn’t listen to her. Antonio then tells Carlo it’s over. He is taking Talia back to Llanview. Cristian adds that there is nothing he can do about it. Carlo tells her that he truly loves his daughter and knows that she loves him. At that point, he instructs the guards to have them all arrested.

At the station, John tells the mayor that he must know that he needs Bo back. Bo makes him look good. It’s in his own self interest that Bo gets reinstated. At that point, the mayor begrudgingly agrees to issue a statement to the press now that Lindsay Rappaport is back in jail. But one slip from Bo and he has had it. He leaves. John then tells Bo welcome back and acknowledges him as the commissioner.

At the Bon Jour café, Rex tells Mo and Noelle that he and Gigi plan to get married and he will dedicate his life to making her very happy. At that point, Gigi notices a wedding ring on Noël’s finger. Mo confirms that he asked her to marry him.

At the pool, while with Langston and Markko are at the pool, Delphina tells them that she senses that there is something significant involving a woman with gorgeous dark hair and a gorgeous smile. At that point, Langston assumes that must be her deceased mother. And she asks the fortune teller what her mother intends to tell her. And she sings the song that her mother used to sing to her. Markko recognizes that as the Columbian national anthem. And she seems to know that Langston’s mother left some child behind. It was a sibling to somebody. Langston knows it could not have been a sibling to her mother as she was an only child.

At that point, in the diner, Natalie warns Jared that this plan that Clint wants him to go through with is too dangerous. But he tells her that he knows how to defeat Dorian and it must be done. At that point, they are interrupted by Charlie. He seems like he really wants to be a part of getting the diner back. And he doesn’t seem to want to do any dirty business.

While Todd and Tess struggle, he tells her that he relies on her. She is all he’s got. He needs Jessica. And at that point, Jessica comes out.

Carlotta and Charlie talk about all of his new ideas for remodeling the diner. She seems to really be interested in what he might have in mind.

At the Bon Jour café, Rex admits to Mo that he doesn’t know the first thing about being a dad. Mo then encourages Rex to know that Shane is a great kid. And he will motivate Rex to be a good dad. Noelle and Gigi talk and she gives them some goodies to take home. Rex and Gigi bid farewell to their old friends and leave.

After Todd grab a hold of Tess, she “seems to” turn back into Jessica. She assures him that she is really Jessica. But she is faking. They struggle again. At that point, Natalie and Jared enter and it looks to them as though Todd is hurting “Jessica” and they want to protect her.

When Bo gets his reinstatement into the office, he encourages John to go after Todd Manning with everything he’s got. John asks Bo if he means that even if it involves getting Bo’s niece Jessica involved in it.

After Natalie and Jared leave Todd and Tess alone, she tells him that she does not believe that he could care less about Jessica. He just wants her to go away so that she (Tess) will not spill the beans about his secret involving Marty.

Natalie and Jared enter and Tina tells them that she just saw a fascinating newscast about where her daughter, Cristian and Antonio went. She leaves. Natalie tells Jared, again, that he cannot pull his little stunt involving Langston.

Madam Delphina then informs Langston and Markko that somebody is talking about “this person” right now. She seems interested. But Markko tells her this is a bunch of bull. She has gotten Langston wondering, however. She asks Markko how the fortune teller would know his real name. He tells her he does not buy anything she says.

Natalie demands that Jared gets on the phone to inform Clint that he is not going through with any plan that could hurt Langston. But he tells her that it might be the only way for her to get her dad back. She tells him she does not care of Clint forgives her or not if that is what it takes.

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