OLTL Update Wednesday 8/27/08

One Life to Live Update Wednesday 8/27/08


Written By Jeannie
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita

In Mendorra Cristian wakes Sarah up. Then they go to get Antonio and Talia out of bed. Cris says everything is set. Carlo and Jonas are knocked out. Someone knocks on the door asking for “your highness”.

Bo visits Lindsay in jail.

In Texas, Gigi comes into the room and Rex grabs her and hugs her. He asks if everything they said to each other was real.

In Llanview, Brody and Shane have breakfast. Shane gives him a “My Life” scrapbook.

John is in his office reading the file on the mystery woman Todd is hiding.

Todd goes to visit Jessica. Tina answers the door and Todd barges in. He walks past Tina without acknowledging her.

Jessica comes into John’s office. She wants to talk about the woman at Todd’s house.

Todd goes through the house calling for Jessica. Tina says she’s out and asks doesn’t Todd have anything else to say to her since they are brother and sister. Tina says Jessica hates her. Tina asks if Jessica was a brat before this because didn’t remember her being this nasty.

Jessica tells John the woman at Todd’s was a figment of his imagination. John wonders why she has to convince him of it.

Shane put together a scrapbook of his life that Brody wasn’t there for while he grew up. They look through the photos.

Gigi asks Rex what they are going to do now. She says it’s complicated. He’s still married to Adriana. He says he should have said he loved her sooner. Gigi says she gave him the chance. He asks if she couldn’t have found a better time then at his wedding. Rex has to figure out how to tell Adriana and together they have to tell Shane.

Lindsay is shocked to see Bo. They talk about her pleading guilty. He says he came to thank her.

Brody and Shane look at the photos. Shane remarks he looks like Brody. Brody says he looks like Gigi. Shane says that’s what the DNA test was for.

Gigi is worried about rushing into telling Shane. Gigi explains she was afraid to hunt Rex down and tell him about Shane in case he wouldn’t want them. Rex doesn’t want to lose one more day of being Shane’s father. He talks about what he could do with Shane before school starts. He tells her to go “call our son”.

Brody says the DNA test was because his name isn’t on the birth certificate. Gigi calls Shane. He’s excited. She says she’ll be home as soon as she can get a flight. Brody gets on the phone. She tells him she’s in Texas and found Rex.

In Mendorra, the general knocks on the bedroom door and calls for his highness. Talia says to come in. Jonas is in bed with her. Talia says he’s exhausted because they had an active night. She tells the man that they preformed their marital duties and can officially be crowned king and queen. Antonio, Cris and Sarah are hiding. Talia asks what was so important that he had to interrupt. The world press is protesting the media blackout. Talia says they have to get out there and tell the press that they got it on. The General says he can’t find Carlos. Talia says he got up early and went hunting. She orders him to let the press into the palace and get out. He leaves and Antonio, Cris and Sarah come out. Sarah takes her into the other room to dress. Cris says time for phase two.

Back at Llanfair, Tina says Jessica is bossy and nasty. Todd and Tina talk about Jessica. Todd wants to know what else Jessica has done.

Jessica talks to John about Todd. She says she doesn’t want to see Todd punished for the man he used to be. John wants to ask her a few questions.

Todd says Jessica has to sort it all out and heal. Tina wants to help but Todd says she’s nothing but trouble. Tina says she’s grown up and is here to spend time with Sarah and her family. Sarah is going to call Vikki to tell her how nasty Jessica has been but Todd stops her. Tina is suspicious.

Gigi demands to know why Brody said they slept together. Brody says Rex was messing her up. He wants Shane protected. He wants to fight for her and Shane and doesn’t want Rex ruining it. Shane comes in the room and Brody says he’ll talk to her when she gets back. They hang up and Gigi is worried about telling Shane. Rex asks if she’s saying they shouldn’t tell Shane he’s the boy’s father.

Gigi says she means they shouldn’t ever tell Shane. She’s always wanted to tell him since Rex came back into her life. They talk about Shane growing up with the idea Brody, the hero, was his father. Gigi says she put everything on the line when she stood up at her wedding and she wishes they were together when Brody showed up but they weren’t. Rex says Brody will understand. Gigi asks if Shane will understand or will he hate her.

Brody and Shane decide to keep the DNA test as a surprise. Shane has more photos for his scrapbook. Shane asks Brody about his life.

Lindsay asks why he wants to thank her. Bo says it made him realize he’s lived his life in a reaction to his father. He’s done everything to be the opposite of Asa. When he asked her to marry him, he went too far. He asked her to marry him because he cared so much about her but if he over looked the problems so he could think he had control. She apologizes for hurting him. He says he ran away and found himself.

Talia goes out to face the crowd. Antonio goes out behind her. Cris asks Sarah if she’s up for what they have to do now. Sarah smiles. She’s up for it if he is.

Tina and Todd talk about Jessica. She tells him the dog wanted to go down to the basement and Jessica went ballistic. Todd wants to know what’s in the basement.

John asks Jessica about the baby. He saw her car outside when she left. She says she took a cab. Jessica talks to John about Natalie. She says Natalie blames herself for Nash’s death and she might be getting reckless. John asks what that means. Jessica starts to look at the mystery woman folder and John takes it away. Jessica leaves.

Todd presses Tina for what else Jessica said. Tina says nothing much. He tells her not to bother Vikki. Tina turns on the TV and then takes the jewels out of the safe and looks at them.

Talia speaks to the crowd. Antonio is in the crowd. She says the purpose of their union was to produce an heir and Mendorra will not be disappointed. She says Jonas was boar hunting with Carlos. They ask if Carlos was a criminal. She says she feels blessed that Carlos and Jonas are so close. She takes them on a tour, ignoring questions. Antonio is in the crowd following.

Tina sees it on TV.

Todd is in the hall when Jessica comes in. She tells him she went to see John and covered for Todd. Todd asks if it’s because she’s Tess now. He calls her an idiot for going to John. He asks if Jessica was in there anywhere. He remarks Jessica wouldn’t like what he’s doing with Marty.

John calls someone.

Lindsay asks about Bo finding himself. He says he went back to his roots and settled something for himself. He says he wouldn’t have done it if not for her. He’s not sure he can ever forgive her but knows she did it for love. Even if it was misguided. She says maybe when she gets out- Bo says good luck.

Brody talks to Shane about his life. Shane thinks his being a Navy Seal was awesome and he wants to hear about it. Brody says maybe later. Shane shows him a photo of the two of them.

Rex thinks Shane will understand. They will explain it to him together. Gigi says they have to find the best way and the right time. They kiss.

John asks someone when the 3-D reconstruction is ready. It will be easier to find the woman when they have it.

Brody and Shane look at photos and there is a knock at the door.

Gigi and Rex decide not to take it too far just yet. They wonder how they would have handled it all if they had stayed together.

Brody has the DNA test. He hands it to Shane. Positive DNA match. Brody says now no one can take Shane away from him.

Talia gives the tour. They come to the royal bed chamber and she opens the doors. The press leans in, snapping photos. Everyone gasps to find Carlo and Jonas in bed together in a lover’s embrace. The cameras flash. Antonio looks on from the back of the crowd.

Jessica tells Todd John won’t find out anything from her. Todd ask if she’s Tess or what she’s hiding in the basement.

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